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Tsuki’s Odyssey Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Live a Relaxing Life

What’s an odyssey to you?

Is it a journey away from home? Is it the road to self-discovery or meditation? How about a little vacation in the countryside to get away from the buzz and bustle of city life? Whatever an odyssey might be to you, Tsuki’s got one of his own.

Meet Tsuki. Just like you and me, he’s a city-slicker busybody with a tendency to work a little too hard. He just wants to do a good job. But his hectic lifestyle led him to leaving the city to settle down in the serene, green plains of Mushroom Village.

Finally away from skyscrapers and highways, this rabbit gets to rest now as a simple carrot farmer/fisherman (or is it fisherbunny?) while reconnecting with old friends. Is this the start of his true journey through life? Only we’ll know for sure as we walk alongside him in Tsuki’s Odyssey.

tsuki's odyssey guide

Created by Hyperbeard Games, the folks behind the popular Adorable Home, Cat Spa, the Kleptocats series, and Kiki’s Vacation, Tsuki’s Odyssey is a relaxed game that doesn’t demand too much from its players. As Tsuki, your goal now is to relax in Mushroom Village while tending to your carrot farm. But alas, it appears that his home had been broken into! With his house now devoid of furniture, it’s time to spruce up and bounce back from this crisis.

Before we jump into this guide, do know first that Tsuki’s Odyssey is a slow game. We don’t mean this negatively in the slightest, it’s actually a great change of pace in today’s modern-day gaming landscape. It’s slow in the sense that you take your time through playing the game as you go.

There is no way to rush through the game or fast-forward time in it, but you can get through with patience and diligence. That said, our Tsuki’s Odyssey beginner’s guide will be much different from the other game guides we have here on LevelWinner since it will mostly tackle what you can do with your time while you play this game.

tsuki's odyssey house

Did you start your odyssey here, too, but don’t know where to go or what to do? Give our Tsuki’s Odyssey guide a read below!

NOTE: While we are aware that Tsuki’s Odyssey has adorable characters and a simple playstyle, this game is not at all for children below the age of 13. It may contain themes and language inappropriate for such individuals, so please play this game at your discretion.

1. Play This Game While Doing Other Things

tsuki's odyssey tea time
Tea for you and me time.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Tsuki’s Odyssey is a slow game. With each real-time day that passes, your progress in the game moves forward (more on this soon). You’ll meet new people along the way and you’ll be making some interesting memories together with the things you have.

But to pass the time, especially because your carrot farm is essential to your earnings (if you aren’t fishing), here are a few ideas that could help you get by while playing this game:

  • Having a meal
  • Reading a book
  • Doing the laundry
  • Taking a break from studying or working
  • On a commute
  • Baking something or boiling water

Remember that what you do with your time is on you, but know that with each day you login, Mushroom Village changes. There’s always something new the next day.

2. Login Everyday To Improve The Village

tsuki's odyssey newspaper
You tell ’em, Moca!

In our previous item, we mentioned how a real-time day slowly improves the village. This means that new villagers and old friends make their presence known to Tsuki. Sometimes, they even open up businesses. These locations open up interesting scenarios. You might even learn new things about Tsuki’s neighbors.

Personal connections aside, each day brings new items for sale in Yori’s store, Dawn’s home improvement shack, and Daisy’s flower shop. Additionally, you can also gain new fishing bounties at the community board if you’ve unlocked those already. More carrots to be had! We’ll talk about those very soon.

As you login everyday, there is something you will want to keep using that the game gave you early on: the Punch Card.

3. Don’t Miss Out On The Punch Card

tsuki's odyssey punch card
Oh boy, can’t wait for tomorrow!

The Punch Card acts as the game’s daily login system. That said, Tsuki gains new things every day like gacha tickets and carrots.

The prizes alternate each weekday up to Saturday between either the gacha tickets or carrots but what you get on a Sunday is extra special: random furniture. The furniture you receive might even be something that Yori’s doesn’t sell. Do know that if you miss a day, there is no way you can go back. Try to make it a point to login to this game everyday to bring your house closer to looking cuter.

But is the Punch Card really the best way you can earn your carrots? Nope! In the next few items, we will tackle how you can earn and why you should keep your carrot upkeep high.

4. Prioritize Earning Carrots Above Everything Else

tsuki's odyssey carrot seeds
If carrots are to bills, then are carrot seeds to spare change?

Money makes the world go round. In Mushroom Village’s case, it’s carrots.

That’s right, carrots. Bright-orange, root veggies that are good for your eyes. These are the currency of Mushroom Village and, thankfully for Tsuki, they grow in his farm. Aside from getting these from your farm, you may also get them by completing Punch Card attendance, selling items or fish, or completing Fish Bounties. You may also get these from speaking to anyone working for the Candiru Corporation. We’ll tackle all these items in this guide as we go.

(Fun Fact: While carrots are good for your eyes in general, did you know that they were once the subject of British propaganda in World War 2 where they are said to help you see in the dark?)

5. Tend To Your Carrot Farm

tsuki's odyssey carrot farm
The fruits of your labor… Or should we say vegetables?

Tsuki’s purpose of settling down in Mushroom Village is to become a carrot farmer. Luckily, he does have a carrot farm there. But the carrots don’t come to you as you wish them to.

Carrots take roughly 2 hours to grow. When they’re ripe for harvesting, you will yield a total of 250 carrots every time. Harvesting these carrots diligently is one of the many keys to wealth in this game. While push notifications are available for this game when your carrots are ready, there is also the option of setting a personal alarm for it. This is ideal if you’re serious about making tons of carrots within the day.

To augment this, you may also speak to the kind salespersons who visit you (or the villages) every now and then.

6. Talk To Candiru Corp. Representatives For More Carrots

tsuki's odyssey draper
If only this worked in the real world…

With each day you play the game, you will notice some people showing up at your doorstep. These are members of the Candiru Corporation.

This company gives away carrots to anyone who views their advertising campaigns. After listening to a sales pitch (or watching an ad, in this case), you will be rewarded with the carrots they promised. Alongside your primary means of earning carrots, this will significantly boost your earnings within a day.

There are three Candiru Corporation salespersons who you can find in Mushroom Village: Draper, Olson, and Camille. Below, you will see how you can find them and earn your carrots:

  • Draper -This Shiba Inu shows up at your doorstep during the morning up to the early evening. He gives you 250 carrots after you listen to his sales pitch.
  • Olson – A bear who shows up at your house during the night and the wee hours of the morning. She also gives you 250 carrots after you listen to her sales pitch.
tsuki's odyssey camille
Look closely.
  • Camille – A stealthy chameleon who hides themselves anywhere and everywhere in Mushroom Village. After spotting them, they give you 300 carrots after listening to their sales pitch. If you’d like to know where they can be found, here are some possible locations:

Tsuki’s House – Can be found in the leaves of the tree house or on the ground.

Carrot Farm – On the ground

Town Hall – Clinging to the Bulletin Board or on the roof.

Yori’s Store – Lounging in the grass or sticking to the wall of the second floor.

Mermaid Coast – Snorkeling or sitting at the porch of the lighthouse.

Chi or Moca’s House – Standing on the rooftop.

Dawn’s Shop – Standing on the rooftop.

Rosemary’s Flower Shop – Under the store sign.

Momo’s Tea Shop – On the roof, standing behind the sign.Bobo’s Ramen Cart – On the roof, standing next to the sign.

Be sure to keep a lookout for these three every time you log on. The carrots they give could greatly contribute to funding the restoration of your home!

You know what else could help you regain your lost furniture? Fishing!

7. Fish For Carrots

tsuki's odyssey fishing
While bringing friends closer to you is nice, we don’t think it’s by being reeled in with a fishing line.

Fishing is Tsuki’s secondary means of earning carrots. There are three fishing locations in Mushroom Village:

  • Mermaid Coast – The first fishing spot. You can usually find Chi or Moca swimming here. Occasionally, Yori and Pipi are seen fishing at the pier.
  • Dawn’s Shop – You may cast your line at the river next to Dawn’s shop. Be careful, she swims here, too, so watch that hook!
  • Rosemary’s Flower Shop – Next to Rosemary’s business is a pond. This is where you fish.
tsuki's odyssey yori fish
A good haul!

Fish in this game appear at varying times. You may experiment yourself or try visiting the Tsuki’s Odyssey wiki for its fishing page. If you want to experiment for yourself, then here are a few hints:

  • While common fish appear in all areas at all hours, there are certain fish that only appear during specific hours of the day. Try fishing at 3 or 4 in the morning or right before you go to bed!
  • After catching 10 fish or so from a single spot, your chance at getting more fish will drastically decrease in speed. Just like in real life, overfishing is a thing here. You may wait for the body of water to replenish its fish by waiting for 2 hours to pass or you can go to another fishing spot and resume your fishing there instead.
tsuki's odyssey fish bounties completed
The other road to wealth!
  • You may sell these fish at Yori’s for half the price or you can complete fish bounties that are posted daily on the Bulletin Board next to the Town Hall. Ideally, if you’re trying to complete fish bounties, it’s wise to keep at least one fish each in your bag, so if you’re in need of carrots and need to sell fish at Yori’s, keep this in mind.

8. Try The Gashapon In The Town Hall

tsuki's odyssey gashapon
Isn’t it cute?

A Gashapon (or Gachapon) Machine is a vending machine that produces little capsule toys. You probably might have seen these in malls. This is also where the term “gacha” originated from.

Next to Benny’s desk in the town hall, there is a Gashapon Machine that you can spend your gacha tickets on. This is where you get toys that can be put up for display in your home.

Collecting any of these toys from AnimaRanger Z and Feesh will allow you to sell them (if you have too many of them). As you keep using your gacha tickets for the machine you may notice that some capsules are blue while some are yellow. The yellow capsules are alternate figurines that are much more rare than whatever’s inside the blue ones. If you aren’t out to collect any of these, selling them at Yori’s may get you a good sum of carrots from time to time.

While collecting toys, fishing, and earning carrots is a great way to find your way through Tsuki’s Odyssey, there are some hidden depths within each resident, especially our titular rabbit. You can discover these by buying anything that Pipi sells.

9. Buy Pipi’s Items For Parsnap Events And More

tsuki's odyssey pipi bag
More space, more fish to store… er—we mean things! More things to store!

Pipi, Yori’s daughter, sells an interesting collection of items on the second floor of their store.

Ranging from snacks to useful items like glue, Pipi sells a wide range of items that will gain you some interesting Parsnap entries. In case you haven’t noticed, Parsnap is the in-universe equivalent to Instagram. Using these different little trinkets could trigger special events like Tsuki learning how to play the ukulele, working out or doing yoga, etc. His neighbors aren’t the only ones who use this media!

Aside from all these little things, she also sells utility items such as bigger backpacks. Never pass up on an offer like this because you’ll never know when you might need the extra space in your bag.

Aside from learning about the people of Mushroom Village by browsing Parsnap, why not try talking to them personally?

10. Visit Other People From Time To Time

tsuki's odyssey bobo's ramen
Why would you say no to free ramen?

They say the best way to learn about a person is to speak to them. The same goes for Tsuki and his neighbors.

The more you speak to everyone in Mushroom Village, the closer you become to them and they might be open to more dialogue options. That is, of course, until you pester them. This is a special system that causes the villagers to get annoyed when you speak to them way too much (but it can be turned off in the options menu).

Naturally, pestering them means they have nothing left to talk about. But after building relationships with them in line with improving the village as a whole, you might come across some special events.

For example, having Momo open up her teahouse will have her compete in business with Bobo who runs a ramen cart next to her. While Bobo looks like he means well as a friend, Momo sees him as loud and obnoxious. Or how when Moca wins a bonsai contest and gets obsessive with his tree, it’s scary that he almost exhibits Yandere*-like tendencies towards it. You’ll never know what you’ll find out about your neighbors next. Moca will then later on try to make his own mixtape.

Sometimes there could be things you can do to trigger special dialogue options. Benny, for instance, occasionally leaves his pens on the table in his office at the Town Hall. If you happen to tap these pens when they are present, Tsuki can steal them. As mean as it seems (Benny was the person who gave you your bed), doesn’t it make you curious to see how he would react if he found out that his pens go missing?

There are tons of possibilities when you speak to any of the villagers or tap at random things in the environment, so don’t be shy and start looking around!

(*Yandere – This is a character trait exhibited in some anime and manga. It is where the character is obsessive enough with their love interest that they would go as far as hurting or even killing their competition if there is any.)

There you have it, folks, our beginner’s guide to Tsuki’s Odyssey. It’s a relaxed game with secrets hidden everywhere and each day is a new day. What you do in Mushroom Village will be remembered by its residents and you, as Tsuki, should spruce up your house while you wind down. Don’t forget your tea!

If you think we might have missed anything, be sure to leave your tips at the comment section below!