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Cat Spa Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Grow a Thriving Business

HyperBeard is a Mexican game developer known for its uber adorable games. They are actually the studio that brought us the Adorable Home and KleptoCats and franchises and now they are back with a new mobile title.

The new game  is called Cat Spa and it’s a super cute management simulation title where players get to experience being in charge of a health spa for adorable yet stressed animals. As you fire up the game, a quick tutorial walks you through the basics of Cat Spa and then you can get to play.

You get started in Cat Spa by acquiring some furniture and then hiring a few employees so you can get the business off the ground. As you slowly but surely begin to make progress, you’ll be able to expand your center and add other facilities, as well.

cat spa gameplay

Cat Spa is a casual game that doesn’t really require intense commitment from your behalf. Simply play whenever you feel like you might be in need of a hefty dose of cuteness. The overall experience is quite relaxing and not overly competitive, so if you’re looking for something a bit more intense, this might not be the game for you.

While Cat Spa isn’t a super complex game, some players might find they aren’t making progress as fast as they’d like. If that’s the case for you, then you might want to check out our brand new Cat Spa beginner’s guide which includes a series of helpful tips and tricks which, once implemented, will allow you to make headway lot faster in the game.

1. Follow Your Assistant’s Advice Until It Runs Out

Each Cat Spa gets an assistant. You can find yours in the upper left side of the display. Tap on them to read their suggestions. Your assistant’s input is extremely helpful whenever you find yourself unsure of what to do next. Especially at first, when you’re just starting to find your way around the game, relying on your assistant for guidance is highly recommended.

following the assistant's advice in cat spa

They will suggest the most important tasks that need to get done around your spa, and reward you richly for completing those tasks. For every quest you finish, the assistant will award you with gifts consisting of Apples – which is the monetary currency in Cat Spa. These can be used to purchase new furniture, learn new massaging techniques, craft wigs and more. For example, to decorate the shop with Cat Balloons you’ll have to spend 7000 Apples.

The assistant won’t be around forever, but while they are available, they can help you figure how things work in Cat Spa in exchange for cash, so that you can put together enough funds to being upgrading the place. Whenever you can’t find an item needed for one of the tasks, tap on the red text and the game will show you exactly where you need to go and what you need to get.

2. Focus On Increasing Your Spa’s Rating

Rating is a very important concept in Cat Spa, as it’s closely interlinked with your ability to grow your business. If you are going to run a successful operation, you’ll need to fully furnish your parlor, but aside from Apples, you’ll also need to have a certain spa rating whenever you’re looking to get new furniture in. For instance, to purchase and install a High Quality Bed your parlor need to have a 280 rating. You’ll also be required to pay 90,000 Apples to get it delivered to your location.

cat spa rating points

How do you get rating points? You can get a handful of these points simply by purchasing furniture around your location. Furniture comes in many favors and the more expensive a piece the more rating points it will add to your business. In the massage parlor, a higher-end Jeju Window can cost up to 1,830,000 Apples and will bring in 25 rating points, while a more modest Orange box in the relaxation area can be yours for just 16,000 Apples and add only 7 points to your total rating count.

Buying the more generous items in terms of rating will cost you a lot of cash, so making efforts to acquire as many Apples as possible should be chief among your priorities in this game. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely solely on buying furniture in order to boost your spa rating.

Complete The Daily Goals

cat spa daily goals

There’s actually a better way to increase this rating and this is by completing the Daily Goals.  In the upper right corner of the display, tap on the Task pad icon and complete at least three of the goals listed in order to unlock a gift that consists of rating points. This way you get to grab quite a few in one go, while also being awarded extra cash. Each task in the list is rewarded with a sum of Apples. For example, “A game with Gamma Uta” gets you 7000 extra Apples.

Unlock Achievements

cat spa achievements

Keep an eye on the Achievements tab in Daily Goals to see if anything new is available to redeem. Achievements yield various rewards, so make sure you spot and pursue those that will allow you to increase your spa’s rating. Try to prioritize them, whenever possible. If you can’t complete them super quickly, just keep playing and eventually they will get unlocked. To give an example, receiving 15 new customers to your shop gets you 40 rating points.

Get Employees Talking In The Break Room

cat spa break room

Another way to get rating points in this game is to get your employees talking in the break room. This is a space where your staff goes to retire and relax a little bit before going back to their shifts. Once in the break room, allow your cats to rest for a bit but keep an eye on them. Small message bubbles might pop up after a while, and if you spot one, go ahead and tap on them quickly to get a bunch of extra rating points.

It’s an easy way to raise your spa’s rating, so whenever you have employees in the break room, make sure you take advantage of the situation. The only minor problem is that you’ll have to wait a while until your cats get comfy and ready to chat. You’ll also have to keep an eye on the break room, instead of focusing on the other stuff that needs to get done in your spa.

3. Do Your Best To Attract Customers To Your Business

To start making dough in Cat Spa you need to woe customers to your establishment. In order to do so, locate the Promote button in the lower right side of the display and start tapping it. Perform a session of 10 taps and customers will start pouring in.

how to attract customers in cat spa

You’ll need to do this constantly if you want to ensure a constant flux of animals arriving at your spa. If you forget, your establishment will be pretty empty and so profit flow will be limited. Given how much you have to rely on Apples to be able to grow your business, you better not forget to perform sessions of promotion so that you can draw customers in. The only time you should abstain from using the Promote button is when your staff is overworked and due for a break.

An interesting trick we’ve noticed is that performing a series of 10-tap sessions will usually end up attracting the “Human-faced Bird” to your shop. This is a special type of character in Cat Spa who doesn’t need to be serviced by your staff. Instead, you can use them to your advantage.

The bird is willing to perform a song alongside its companion Fan Cat and the performance has the effect of attracting a large flock of customers to the shop. You need to have at least 30 Spa rating points in order to start receiving this special visitor.

4. Install The Counter Quickly

Building a counter in your shop should be among your main priorities. Get started with the Wooden Counter and then work your way up to the more advanced versions like the Highest-grade Counter. The counter is important because it allows you to accumulate Apples as the customers leave tips on their way out.

The entry-level Wooden Counter allows you to store 5,000 Apples, but the Highest-grade Counter can stash up to 150,000. The amount you receive can always be doubled, if you are willing to watch an ad, and we recommend that you do so. Securing a decent budget is crucial to expanding your business, so make sure you do everything in your power to collect as many Apples as possible. 

installing the counter in cat spa

The main method for obtaining Apples is to give massages (and later haircuts) to your customers. There are various treatments you can perform on the animals that visit your establishment and these need to be gradually unlocked. More advanced procedures like “Goodbye Dead Skin”, for instance, cost more. The service price for this one is 1350 Apples, which is significantly more expensive than the standard “Grapefruit Oil” massages that only costs 270 Apples.

The more your staff performs a certain procedure, the better at it it will get. Once the necessary Skill level is reached, you’ll be able to raise the price of the treatment, and so contribute to increasingly profits significantly. The trick is to make sure you perform as many procedures as possible. As we already explained above, the trick is to you develop a habit of using the “Promote” button frequently. Ensuring your staff is always on the clock will allow your employees to perfect their techniques until procedures can be rated higher and cost more.

Additionally, you can earn extra Apples simply by buying new furniture. It’s true that you have to spend Apples on each purchase, but at the same time you will also be gaining some. Upgrading the shop’s Fluffy Breads to High Quality Bed will raise the service fee from 50 Apples to 70 Apples. So customers being serviced on the more luxurious beds will pay more and even leave larger tips.

buying new furniture in cat spa

Apples can also be obtained from unlocking certain achievements. Visit the Achievements tab and check to see what’s available. For example, giving breaks to employees 20 times is rewarded with 13,000 Apples.

If you find that you still need more Apples, go ahead and visit the shop by tapping on the “+” button next to the Apple counter. Here you can redeem a free Apple reward each day or you can watch ads in exchange for extra fruit. You only get 5 ads each day, so make sure you don’t waste them.

5. Get More Staff On Board

Every business requires qualified staff to run its operations, and Cat Spa is no different. In the beginning, you’ll have to get a handful of masseuses on board, and later on hairdressers. You can do so from the relaxation area, in the area dedicated to hiring new talent. You require something called Churu to hire and train your employees. This is a secondary resource that you can earn in exchange for providing spa services (giving massages, and haircuts), besides Apples.

cat spa employees

Each day you can collect 30 free Churus by visiting the hiring area in the break room, so make sure you remember to do so. Most workers require 30 Churus to join your business. Once on board, you should look to invest in developing their skills by paying for training sessions. Training increases the employee’s service efficiency, as well as service tip, but it costs additional Churu. Collecting Churu is a rather slow process, so make sure new customers are always visiting your shop and doing procedures.

cat spa staff treatment

It’s important not to overwork your primary employees, give them time to rest and recharge. They are cats after all. Players are required to manually put the workers into rest mode in the break room. Of course, the space needs to be furnished and decorated as well so that your animals can unwind and relax in a peaceful environment. Some employees need hours to fully recharge, but fortunately you don’t have to wait that long to get them working again. Tap on your cats while they are busy resting and watch the ad to speed things up with 2 hours. For extremely tired employees, you might need to watch two ads in order to get them back in the game.

cat spa apples

There’s another type of specialized employees you can hire who can help you get more resources onboard, such as Apples. Tap on the Employee icon in the lower left part of the display and select the Apple tab to see the special staff. For example, Pang helps visitors pay and picks Apples and Churu up from the floor. Whenever you have enough resources, go ahead and give these Employees a raise to improve their stats. Special staff like this can get very expensive, so make sure you have the Apples to spare before paying their fee. For example, you will need to spend 60,000 to hire Mei the cleaner.

6. Don’t Neglect The Hair Salon Part Of Your Spa

Once you’ve added the hair salon part of your shop, things will start getting more complex. You’ll have to be more vigilant, so that customers looking to get their hair done won’t be left waiting. For starters, you’ll need to hire a whole new set of employees – the hairdressers. Next, always keep an eye on the arrow pointing left whenever you’re giving massages. If you notice a pair of scissors appear on the top of the arrow, it means a customer is waiting to be services in the hair salon. Don’t let them wait too long, or else they will get angry and leave your shop without leaving any Apples of Churu behind.

cat spa hair salon

You should also focus your energies on buying new furniture for this new part of your businesses, as well. When you have enough Apples, make sure you also add a Wig kiosk where you can sell extra items like wigs to your visitors.

Animals coming in to do their hair at your spa will shed Apples, Churu AND Wool after completing the treatment. Wool is the resource needed to produce Wigs, although the initial two models don’t require it. But as you will be looking to make more expensive models, you’ll have to start paying attention to your Wool production and make sure you always have some to spare. Players can get extra Wool by unlocking select Achievements.

7. Quickly Get Rid Of Misbehaving Customers

Standard customers are always welcome in your shop, and so are the special ones like Gamma Uto and others. But from time to time your spa might receive the visit of a mischievous customer such as the Prince Giraffe. He will just walk in and nonchalantly select a comfy mat or bed and start sleeping, thus making it impossible for you to use that spot to service a customer.

how to get rid of misbehaving customers in cat spa

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get rid of these unwelcomed guests. Whenever you’ve spotted one, start tapping on them and that will kick them out of the shop. Always pay attention to what’s happening in your shop, or else you risk having these misbehaving customers wreak havoc around your business.   

8. Get To Know Your Customers

You can unlock new customers by learning new service recipes and simply making progress in the game. Once you’ve added a new type of animal to the roaster, go ahead and check the Dictionary.

cat spa customer preferences

You can find it by tapping on the three-dot menu in the top right of the display and then on Dictionary. Here you can learn about their particular preferences, so you can be prepared for when they actually walk into the shop.

With this last tip we wrap up our beginner’s guide for Cat Spa. Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few tricks and strategies from what we shared with you in this article. If you’ve been playing Cat Spa for a while and you’ve managed to identify some tips that we haven’t included in this article do not hesitate to share your experiences with us by leaving a message below!