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Idle Firefighter Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Managing the Best Fire Station

Kolibri Games started being active in the mobile gaming industry back in 2016, focusing on hyper-casual idle clicker mobile titles within the simulation genre. Idle Miner Tycoon and Idle Factory Tycoon are among the company’s most successful games, with Idle Miner Tycoon raking in well over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone.

Idle Firefighter Tycoon is Kolibri Games’ latest idle clicker sim game for Android and iOS platforms and, as the title suggests, is a fire station management simulation simplified and made fun for players of all ages to enjoy. It is comparable to business simulation games where every bit of work you do earns you profits and profits can be invested in business process improvements and business expansion. You can continue to earn profits regardless of what you do, just like in any idle clicker game, but more profits are naturally realized the more actively involved you are running your fire station business.

idle firefighter tycoon strategies

Idle Firefighter Tycoon is perfectly designed for people who have very little free time on their hands to spend on games and need quick enjoyment and thrills right from the get-go. There is a tutorial at the start of your dive that runs for a minute, giving you a tour across the different departments within your newly-opened fire station and its specific functions.

You can very much play and enjoy Idle Firefighter Tycoon without any guides or help on how to do so. However, if you are raring to expand your business venture fast and want to become the best Firefighter Tycoon there is, then we have got you covered. Our Idle Firefighter Tycoon guide has all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to manage the best fire station!

1. Keep The Profit Multiplier Active

Business are always primarily about profits and even in this case where the purpose of your business enterprise is to help save people and burning establishments, sustaining and improving on the services that your venture provides requires continuous profits. Despite paying wages to the growing number of employees in your care, your expenses in running your fire station will never be greater than the profits you earn. In this sense, your will always gain income regularly and will always have more and more money in your hands over time.

Despite the guaranteed continuous stream of profits, an opportunity to double all income you earn is not something you should pass on, especially if you want to invest in more upgrades fast and grow your firefighter company twice as fast. Idle Firefighter Tycoon makes it easy enough for you to continuously earn twice as much earnings through its Ad Boost feature.

boosting profits in idle firefighter tycoon

As video ads are almost always expected to come bundled with free games, most especially hyper-casual ones, their existence should no longer be a surprise to more experienced mobile gamers. For beginners, however, it is important to understand that these video ads exist within games to ensure that the game will always be available for everyone to play and enjoy for free. While it is true that free games can earn profits through micro transactions, the same cannot guarantee any income at all such as in the case of Idle Firefighter Tycoon, where you can fully enjoy the game and make progress without spending real money.

There are no video ads in Idle Fighter Tycoon that will play on its own and, instead, there are opportunities for you to obtain boosts in your progress at the simple cost of playing some 15 to 30-second video ads. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of them but the most important one to consider is the profit multiplier that you can access through its banner at the bottom of your screen.

When you click on the ad boost, a small window will pop up presenting you with an opportunity to boost your cash income by 2x for 15 minutes if you click on the “Watch Video” button. You can even store as much as 2 hours-worth of income boost, which requires watching through 8 15 to 30-second video ads that would take up a maximum of 4 minutes.

Making sure that the profit multiplier is always active will tremendously boost your profitability. This is even more important considering that your fire station will continue to earn profits even if you are offline and away from the game. Offline earnings can also only accumulate to a maximum of 2 hours. IF ever you will take a long break from the game, make the most of your time away from your firefighter business by ensuring that profits you earn for the next 2 hours are boosted by the profit multiplier.

2. Balance Upgrade Across All Sections

Profitability is largely, if not entirely, dependent on the efficiency of your business process. Although managing a fire station is more on providing good and reliable service, the processes within the company follow a production line that must constantly be looked into for improvements.

Idle Firefighter Tycoon sets you up to manage a fire station composed of different sections, each with its own unique function and tons of upgrades to invest in. Of course, every bit of investment matters and you will continue to have increased profits regardless of how you go about each upgrade. Efficiency, however, dictates the use of strategic planning as far as upgrades go, ensuring that you get the most out of every penny invested.

To make it easier, Idle Firefighter Tycoon comes with a tool that helps you manage your growing business to its full capacity and this is through the statistics data you can view in real-time. The bar icon at the upper right side of the screen takes you to the statistics page. This is where real-time information about your business can be seen. The income and expenses can be seen at the top page, indicating your net profit earnings. As this will always stay positive, your interest should be focused more on how to increase the net profits and the other information below can help you maximize productivity and profits.

The incidents waiting are beyond your control but in Idle Firefighter Tycoon, you can always expect a fire incident to take place regularly. These numbers are expectedly expected to grow over time if not tended to, which means that a high number here may mean you need to work on improving the lobby and have enough people to handle calls.

idle firefighter tycoon upgrades

Tied up to that is the incident processing phase. You may have enough employees to handle calls but the tools they have may not be sufficient to handle the calls fast enough to readily be able to raise a dispatch. Higher numbers in this stage simply means that you need to speed up the processing time of handling incidents through upgrades within the lobby.

The incidents, after being processed, will now be assigned to available crews and the crews’ availability can be seen through the number of people in the waiting room. Well, to some extent, it may seem positive that none of your firefighting staff are idle if the waiting room is empty.

However, it may also mean that there are bottlenecks in the other sections of your business that hamper the deployment of crews to handle emergencies. A high number in this phase means that you have to speed up the turnover of employees between handling an incident and becoming available again to take on a new assignment. This encompasses improvements on the garage, the equipment room, the kitchen, and even the bathroom.

The final stage in handling fire emergencies leads to resolving incidents. This is where your crews are actually deployed to wherever there is fire and ends when a fire truck leaves the garage. There are many factors that can influence how speedily you can deploy firefighters and while the availability of fire trucks is the most obvious indicator, most other sections of the fire station can impact this as well.

For starters, you may notice early on that the busiest room in your building is the equipment room. Firefighters dress up here, which means that all your crew will go here before and after deployment to change outfits. This essentially makes it important to ensure that there are enough lockers for everyone as well as improving those lockers to boost the speed at which every person gets to dress up or dress down faster.

After tending to fire emergencies, firefighters will either head on to the kitchen to eat or use the bathroom for other needs. In this case, keeping a balanced set of upgrade on both is important and by balanced, we mean ensuring that there are no waiting people on either due to the lack of tables or cubicles in the kitchen or bathroom, respectively.

Although the statistics provided are a great way for you to keep track of bottlenecks and discover ways to improve on them, you can often see some evident signs of what you need to spend more investments on by browsing through your fire station. Keep in mind that on top of upgrades, some rooms can also be expanded to cater to more items and upgrades.

3. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

The profit stream in Idle Firefighter Tycoon, much like in any idle clicker business simulation game, can be a sight too pleasing to the eyes in that you would want to keep rolling in money and see your cash grow and grow. While actually saving some cash or similar currency is a natural thing to do in almost all other game genres, what is ideal in idle clicker games is to actually hold as little idle cash as possible.

idle firefighter tycoon idle cash

Every bit of investment you make in Idle Firefighter Tycoon contributes to an increase in profits, even if indirectly. Some upgrades speed up processes and this, in turn, leads to more turnovers that ultimately leads to higher income. As earnings are continuously gained, having an upgrade on any item within any section of your fire station means higher profits moving forward, in contrast with keeping cash idle and not having increased profits more often.

4. Prioritize The Cheapest Upgrades If You Can

With more and more items unlocked within each section, it can become confusing as to which upgrades you should prioritize over others. In relation to the above strategy, one way to get more out of the investments you make is to consider spending your cash first on the cheapest upgrades.

Naturally, you would still want to check on the statistics and determine which section or sections require the most investments. Keeping everything one equal grounds, however, going for cheaper investment options will yield more results for you and your thriving business.

prioritizing the cheapest upgrades in idle firefighter tycoon

On the other hand, instances that yield you huge amounts of cash such as logging back in after a long break or entertaining the VIP client is an opportunity for you to be able to afford the most expensive upgrades. For the most part, similar upgrades yield the same results regardless of the cost, which is why you have to be careful when spending big on any improvement. Section expansions, for one, are unique upgrades in their own way and are definitely worth every penny you put into them.

Note that expansions level up a section of your fire station and unlocks additional upgradable items to further boost that section’s performance. If an expansion becomes affordable, then you should not hesitate to invest in it. Expansions take time to complete and higher level expansions take much longer periods to finish.

In the event that you need the expansion immediately, do not hesitate to watch some video ads and trim down as much as 30 minutes off the completion time. If bed time or a long break from the game is imminent, though, you can afford not to take advantage of the ad boost.

5. Tend To The VIP Incident As Often As You Can

A common feature among idle clicker games is the presence of VIPs that are comparable to special customers or clients who pay more than the usual ones. In the case of Idle Firefighter Tycoon, an opportunity to help the city’s mayor can come often.

As much as you will always be earning profits and can continue to rake even bigger profits over time, an opportunity to obtain a huge lump of cash is hard to ignore. Regardless of how good business is doing, you will always have plenty of upgrades and expansions to invest in and every bit of opportunity to earn extra cash should be a welcomed one.

idle firefighter tycoon vip incident

Though the VIP incident or the mayor will not appear anywhere near your fire station himself, you will notice the VIP cash icon at the upper right side of your screen. You will need to play a 15 to 30-second video ad for you to claim the rewards. Again, it is totally okay to ignore this and continue on with whatever you are doing but if you want maximum efficiency, or are just watching idly until you can afford another upgrade,

Another reason to appreciate the VIP incident is that the sum of cash awarded to you for playing a video ad has a tendency to grow in amount the farther you have progressed in your venture. There will hardly be an incident wherein the rewarded cash becomes insignificant as what you will receive almost always guarantees sufficient for at least an upgrade cost.

6. Progress Through Fire Emergencies For Valuable Rewards

Tending to your firefighter business can offer a lot of excitement on its own but will sooner or later grow and become a bit too repetitive. Once you have invested in 150 different upgrades, 30 of which are upgrades on the garage, you will be able to unlock the fire emergency and add more challenges to your daily routine.

The Fire Emergency game mode can be accessed through the fire icon at the lower right side of the screen. Each day, 10 challenges await you one after another and you have to beat the first one to be able to unlock the next. Each stage grows in difficulty as you progress but the rewards you earn out of each accomplishment can help you beat the next challenge.

idle firefighter tycoon fire emergency

Idle Firefighter Tycoon will start you off with 1 team captain at the start of your business venture. For the Fire emergencies, you will have to utilize your team captains and take the best from among them to put out fire across the city.

Although the first challenge will only require 1 team captain to dispatch, the chest you obtain after conquering the first stage will net you more manager cards. Soon, you will have more team captains, some of which have more capacity than others as far as putting down fire is concerned. Additionally, beating different stages of the Fire Emergency will eventually grant you more team captains than what you need to assign to different sections of your fire station.

earning rewards in idle firefighter tycoon

In Fire Emergencies, the mechanics are simple enough in that you only need to have more power than what the challenge presents. Stages or challenges that require higher power will almost always have more slots available for you to dispatch team captains. Ultimately, if the total power of team captains you deploy is even just slightly higher than the power level of the fire to beat, then it is a guaranteed success.

The catch is that the chests you earn as rewards take time to unlock and the only way to reduce the waiting time is to spend gems. You can stack up to 4 chests at a time but early on, you will really need the contents of the chest to be able to beat the subsequent challenges.

7. Put The Right People In The Right Places

Going back again to the team captain feature of Idle Firefighter Tycoon, you will start off with a free one after reaching an early milestone relative to upgrades. Like all other team captains, you can assign a the first one to any section within the fire station except the waiting room. Team captains come with different rarities and abilities and in addition to the shop, the Fire Emergency game mode serves as your main source of team captains.

After clicking on any section of your fire station, you can tap on the “Captain” tab and assign a captain to head that section. Doing so will grant additional bonuses that ultimately leads to higher efficiency as far as that section is concerned. While most team captains you acquire will have a more generic ability that can apply to any section of your fire station, some actually have abilities designed for specific sections. You can determine this through the icon within the team captain’s portrait.

idle firefighter tycoon medical garage

Although there are many different team captains to collect and utilize, securing extra copies of team captain cards from chests serves a higher purpose. Additional team captain cards need to be collected as well to level up team captain and there is no need to manually upgrade as reaching the required number of cards will automatically enhance the team captain in question.

Be sure to check the roster of assigned team captains across all sections of your business as securing new team captains should prompt you to check if he or she is more suitable to be assigned to any section.

8. Be Ready To Manage Multiple Fire Stations Once You Earn A Million

Considering the number of upgrades you need to purchase and the presumption of limited periods of time within which you can personally manage your virtual enterprise, the road towards fully upgrading every section of your fire station in Idle City seems like a long one. Beyond that, having 1 million cash laying around will take some time to accomplish but knowing that reaching that milestone and finally unlocking Capital City can motivate you to strive for it.

Idle Firefighter Tycoon apparently will not end you unique business venture after your stint at Idle City. If you click on the location pin icon at the lower right side of the screen you will see Capital City as an unlockable location as well as future expansion plans following succeeding updates. You need to be able to reach having 1 million cash to be able to unlock it and once you do, you should be ready for more multitasking and management as you will then tend to 2 fire stations in 2 different cities.

Capitol City is a bigger city with bigger challenges. Your new fire station in this city will start fresh, just like when you started your tycoon career back at Idle City. The fire station itself is bigger and the expansions it holds are much larger than your previous fire station.

managing multiple fire stations in idle firefighter tycoon

You can freely switch between fire stations through the fire stations page you can access by tapping the location pin icon. Note that cash, ad boosts and upgrades are independent from one fire station to the next and, if any, only the team captains can be transferred from one fire station to the next.

One unique feature of the fire station in Capital City is that once you have 250 thousand cash, you can unlock the ambulance section with its own garage and medical equipment section. You will need another set of drivers to handle the ambulances and the crews for this service is also separate from the crew that are assigned to fire trucks.

With a new city to tend to, all strategies you learned and implemented on your previous fire station can still be applied to the new one. With higher income generation capacity and more needs, it is best to prioritize managing your new station and consider deploying the better set of team captains here as well.

idle firefighter tycoon tricks

Keep in mind as well that transferring from one fire station to another works a lot like going offline on one of them. This means that the fire station you are currently not tending to earns idle cash while you are away from it. As such, you can still continue to stack ad boosts on both cities and also take advantage of the 2x income multiplier that you can earn when you visit the other fire station again.

In the case of taking really long breaks from the game, especially those longer than 2 hours, the first things to do after hopping back in is to claim idle rewards from both fire stations and, of course, going for the additional income you can earn through playing a short video ad.

Hopefully, more features will be added in the game through future updates. For now, this covers all the tips and strategies we have for Idle Firefighter Tycoon. We certainly hope that you easily picked up a bunch of tips and strategies we discussed in this guide. If you chanced upon some unique tips, tricks or strategies in Idle Firefighter Tycoon, feel free to share them with us through the comments!