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Golf Strike Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock All Courses and Dominate Your Rivals

From renowned sports games provider Miniclip comes yet another competitive multiplayer game set on the fairways as Golf Strike pits you against 5 other players from around the world in a quick and fun game of golf. Bowling King, Golf Battle and Mini Football are among Miniclip’s most popular titles that we have played and enjoyed. With over 2 billion downloads accumulated across all its apps from the Google Play Store alone, and with several titles making it to top 10 lists of mobile games in different countries, you can almost be certain that Golf Strike will be another sports title worth peeking into even if you are not a golf enthusiast.

Golf Strike takes all the fun elements of real golf and mixes everything into a faster and much simpler sport. Strategy, timing, and precision still play a vital role, but learning the rules, the strategies, and the skills have been made a lot easier to pick up for players who are totally clueless about the rules and gameplay of golf.

While learning all the basics of Golf Strike is relatively easy for everyone, competing against real players is expectedly challenging especially without much practice and dedication. Although luck can be a factor to consider in the outcome of a match or a tournament, Golf Strike is a type of game where your performance is largely a product of your strategic skills and level of precision.

Whether you are just starting out in the game or have played deep enough into it, our detailed Golf Strike guide has loads of tips, tricks and strategies you need to unlock all courses and dominate your rivals.

1. Familiarize Yourself With Golf Terms And Concepts

In case you have not played actual golf or any golf game before, you need to at least understand the basic rules and mechanics of the game to have an edge on Golf Strike as well as any other virtual golf game, if any, that you will play onwards. Beyond the objective of the game, which is to sink the golf ball into the hole at the end of the course in the fewest number of strokes possible, there are plenty of terms you should know and understand by heart.

For starters, a par refers to the supposed number of strokes needed to bank the golf ball into the hole. A par-3 course, for example, means that you should be able to clear the play with only 3 strokes. The number of pars may vary from one hole to the next, depending on the length or difficulty level of the golf course. Points are determined based on how much below or above par your performance is and there are terms attributable to some of it as well.

golf strike concept

Finishing a hole with a score of 1 lower than par is a birdie so if you finished a par-3 course with only 2 strokes, that is a birdie. Securing a score of 2 below par is called an eagle and 3 below par is a double eagle. On the other end, a bogey means scoring 1 above par while a double bogey and triple bogey means scoring 2 and 3 above par, respectively. A hole-in-one or ace, refers to striking the ball all the way into the hole from the teeing area or starting point of the course.

From the tee box, the first stroke a golfer makes is called a drive, usually the longest and supposedly most powerful shot on the fairway. The smoother area around the hole is called a green and any stroke performed within it is called a putt, and the golf club for the job is the putter.

Golf courses are not just fairways and greens as there are also hazards around and within each course. Strokes that wind up getting a ball into a hazard adds a stroke, effectively impairing the golfer’s score. There may be sandy areas called bunkers or even water hazards and then there are roughs typically surrounding the golf course.

2. Master All The Basics

The gameplay and control mechanics in Golf Strike is actually as easy as it comes but still requires timing and precision, as well as a lot of practice, to master. By default, you will find yourself aiming towards a feasible spot to target on the course, regardless of whether you are going for a drive or a putt. Although this can be adjusted once you are experienced enough, it is advisable to stick with the recommended shot for beginners.

The only 2 things left for you to focus on would be the power of your shot and your aim. Tapping and pulling down on your screen adjusts how much power is invested in a shot and once you have pulled down enough, a tick mark will start moving across the shot bar. You have to time the release of your hold with the tick mark at the dead center of shot bar to perform a straight stroke. The more power you use, the faster the marker moves, making it more challenging to land a precise shot.

golf strike basics

Timing itself can take a lot of practice but there is a common trick to it. The idea is to start counting every time the tick mark is at the dead center of the shot bar and imagine releasing your hold at every count, much like tapping to the beat of some good music. Once you are confident enough with your rhythm or pattern, release the hold and make the shot.

If you did not get it right the first time or the first couple of times, chances are that you released the hold later than you should. Regardless of the outcome, you can easily make adjustments as to how to count off, like starting to count before the mark is at the center if your release is later than it should be.

3. Consider The First Matches As Practice Sessions

The road towards mastering any game does not come short and easy as experience and repetition matters to hone your skills with each stroke. Expectedly, other players you will face off against may also spend as much time, or perhaps even more, engaging in matches to improve their swings. With this, you have to establish a mindset that it will take a lot of patience and hard work to be able to earn a top rank in a tournament and score more wins across other challenges.

To be honest, one important point to consider when playing golf, either in real life or virtually, is to have fun and always keep your composure. Even professional players have bad strokes or a bad day full of it, so be ready to makes lots of your own especially if you are just starting out. As simple as the controls and gameplay mechanics of Golf Strike seems, it can still be a challenge to maintain focus all the time, especially when some of your strokes lead to an outcome that strays from the planned or expected result.

golf strike rookie course

Given that there are no practice modes available in Golf Strike, your only option to hone your skills and up your timing and precision levels is through playing the normal game modes. Tournament mode, which is a 6-player challenge, is available immediately. Once you reach account level 2, you can duel against another player and lucky shot unlocks at account level 3.

You may want to focus on honing your skills in the 6-player matches first. Keep in mind that entry to any match costs coins and there is never any guarantee that you will get your coins back. Just the same, try your best even in the supposed practice matches and take note of every shot you take, keeping tabs on perfect shots as well as the ones that missed the spot drastically.

4. Always Be Mindful Of The Wind

While perfectly executing every stroke with the right amount of power and an absolutely straight aim can take hours of practice to execute without fail, Golf Strike chips in another common element in golf that impacts gameplay. Winds have varying strengths and can come from any direction, the force of which will affect the golf ball during flight.

Taking note of the wind’s strength and direction should form part of your habit early on as no amount of shot power or precision can nullify its effect. Before playing on a course, you can click on the details through its “Tour preview” button at the lower right side of the page. This will reveal the strength and direction of the wind on the specific course. If the arrow is pointing north, for example, you may want to reduce the power of each stroke, as the wind will carry the golf ball further north.

golf strike wind effect

The thing is, winds hardly point towards an easy enough direction for anyone to consistently make the same adjustments across different courses. Instead, it takes yet another stretch of practices, observation, analysis, and adjustments to be able to accurately project the outcome of each stroke.

Beyond direction, the wind’s varying levels of strength can also be a challenge to work with so having your own set of mental computations and estimates will be your best tools to work around the wind element in Golf Strike.

5. Play Less Aggressively Early On

As we mentioned earlier, one of the features that come with Golf Strike to make it easier for newbies is that your shot will always be directed towards a viable spot by default. It certainly is not the optimum setting for more experienced and aggressive players but it is nonetheless acceptable. Longer shots require strokes of higher precision and power and some shots may even be of equal distance but comes with some risks such as bunkers and water hazards nearby or even roughs along the way.

golf strike strategies

If you are itching to deviate from the recommended shot target, you can do so once you have consistently aligned the projected outcome with the resulting one. Once you start changing your shot angles and distances, you may also want to consider small deviations first, slowly going into more aggressive changes later on.

As each course has its own unique terrain and layout, you should also consider going back to your roots on a new and unfamiliar course. Keep in mind that just because you perform well in one course does not mean you can easily adapt to the next one.

6. Avoid All Distractions

Another unique trait to consider in Golf Strike is that all players play simultaneously in each game. Most especially in a 6-player match, it can be a bit distracting at times, especially when you are about to take a shot and see a lot of movements on the screen. To some extent, players who deviate from the recommended shot range and spot may also trigger some doubts as to whether you ought to do the same.

golf strike distractions

Regardless of the possible ways other players can distract you from unleashing a perfectly-timed stroke, having enough focus and discipline early on will subsequently help you against it. Play as if you are playing alone minding only each shot you take and planning on the next move or moves as you go along.

At some point when most players are within the green, a countdown timer will appear, again pouring extra pressure on you to make a quick shot. If you are the behind most or even all players at this point in time, the pressure of not finishing the round before the timer runs out can become increasingly burdensome. Just the same, you should learn not to break you focus and proceed to play as if it is only you playing golf.

7. Learn From Your Opponents

As much as playing against 5 other people can be a learning opportunity at every turn, it becomes fairly easy to observe your opponent’s strategy and skills on a 1v1 match. Unlike the basic game mode where all 5 players take strokes consecutively along with you, you and your opponent will take turns in a duel.

It seems that there are instances where bots are set up against you instead of real players. There are some very easy shots that low level bots can fail at while there are some tremendously difficult shots that higher level bots can accomplish. In any case, you can be certain that someone not playing on a guest account is a real person, and this is where the challenge is undetermined unless you start the duel and watch your opponent go.

The usual pairing will be between players of similar ranks and you will always face off against players of varying skill levels and expertise. Regardless of how you opponent performs, the more challenging task before you in a 1v1 duel is to maintain focus when it is your turn to play and at the same time try to learn as much as you can from your opponent during his or her turn.

learning from opponents in golf strike

Trying to make pointers off of a superior opponent’s choices of play and level of precision and aggressiveness can be very rewarding. It is not that you will readily attempt to mimic whatever they do during the match but rather incorporate some of their tactics to your own based on how confident you are to do so. Just because some players you face off against are less experienced or skilled as you are does not necessarily mean that you can learn nothing from them.

Learning and gaining knowledge on how to improve your performance in subsequent games are not entirely dependent on knowing what to do and how to do things better. It also involves knowing what not to do. If you followed the earlier tips on playing less aggressively and begin to have some inclinations on pushing for longer and riskier strokes, you may want to reconsider after seeing some players make mistakes resulting from overly aggressive attempts.

8. Upgrade Your Golf Clubs Selectively

One factor that further adds excitement in playing Golf Strike comes with the tons of customizations you can have, which extends from the set of golf clubs, the golf balls that you actually use, and even the trails that the golf ball makes with each shot. Trails can be changed at no cost and the golf balls other than the default ones are basically consumable.

As far as the golf balls are concerned, it is best to save them for important matches later on. Special golf balls come with added perks such as increased power, spins, and even wind resistance. It may not have as much impact, though, if you are still a beginner learning the ropes. In this sense, the best option is to keep hoarding them from reward chests as they come and save them for when you need to be more competitive.

upgrading clubs in golf strike

The golf clubs are the main performance boosters for you as each new one, in comparison with the starter clubs, have increased stats. You will have a set of 6 different golf clubs to use for different purposes and one of the short-term goals you have early on is to at least be rid of the starting set of golf clubs.

As you reach higher account levels and unlock more courses, you can begin to collect treasure chests that contain the other golf clubs among other rewards. Beyond unlocking each type of golf club, you will also need to collect additional copies of each one to upgrade them. You can see the new stats the golf club you have even before you choose to enhance them. This will also cost you coin and both card and coin costs will increase with the golf club’s level.

At some point, you will have more golf clubs for each type to upgrade and with the limitations set on your resources, you will need to begin being more selective with each upgrade. Be sure to let the new stats serve as your guide in choosing between golf clubs of the same type. Some golf clubs that you unlock earlier may prove to be a better choice than newer ones if they have been upgraded enough.

9. Play The Lucky Shot Daily

In addition to the 6-player main game mode and the 1v1 duel mode in Golf Strike, A third game mode called Lucky Shot becomes available once you reach account level 3. Lucky Shot is the quickest game to finish as you will only have 1 free shot daily to make.

golf strike lucky shot

This is perhaps the game mode where you would want to bank a hole-in-one the most as the rewards for doing so can tremendously help you progress through your game. As you only have 1 stroke in this game mode, you have to be very prepared before engaging it once it becomes available.

A hole-in-one is worth 400 gems, and given that gems is a premium currency that is difficult to earn anywhere else, winning it will certainly make your day. Even if you missed banking an ace, there are consolation prizes depending on how close or far you are from the hole. Chests that contain cards and large sums of coins are the lesser rewards in this case, which are still worth every effort in trying to get.

10. Accomplish Daily Challenges

Every game you engage in earns you rewards and the best ones come from actually winning some matches. As you earn experience points and reach new levels as well, more rewards will be provided to you. Golf Strike lets you feel progression with practically every game you engage in and if the instant rewards from each game you play seems not enough, there are actually more to earn from daily challenges and daily offers.

Under the daily deals of the shop, you can earn free coins every hour and more cons, as well as a chest and some gems, from watching 15 to 30-second video ads. You will see a notification icon on the main screen whenever there are unclaimed rewards, so be sure to keep an eye on its icon above the screen.

golf strike daily challenges

Once you reach account level 3, you will be able to take on daily challenges. Daily challenges can be accessed through the chest icon at the top of your screen and once you click on it, you will be taken to a page where 4 objective are listed. Daily challenge tasks all relate to the usual activities you engage in and should be accomplished without breaking a sweat. Coins or gems and 10 challenge points are earned from completing objectives. Securing a full amount of 40 challenge coins will unlock a special reward, which is a chest that contains various cards and coins to help you become stronger.

We are looking forward to seeing more features and events take place in the game but, for now, this is where we wrap up our Golf Strike guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will prove useful in your matches moving forward and that you enjoyed going through them as well. If you have played Golf strike enough to stumble upon unique tips, tricks, or strategies you wish to share, along with your personal experiences in the game, we will appreciate hearing from you about it down on our comment area!


Sunday 16th of October 2022

They are cheats and manipulate the game for certain players to win even if hit the perfect shot they place it into the sand or water plusshort shoot the perfect hit thieving cheats who takes the fun out game don’t waste your time or money I am convinced that almost golf game is the same

Ken Magill

Wednesday 25th of May 2022

To many games get thrown out after putting in your coins and after starting a game. Also to many Computer players. How can you have A -1 or not get your last shot. Other than these two aspects the game is fun. However because of these two problems I’m considering removing the game.


Saturday 8th of January 2022

I’ve just played an opponent for the umpteenth time and I’m sure the have cheats as I won the game only for them to be awarded it. They need to be kicked out


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

I've noticed certain players have gold frames, some even have jewels in the frames. Mine is just a plain old wooden one. How do you get these gold frames?


Wednesday 19th of October 2022

@Dana B, they still. Cheat

Dana B

Sunday 5th of June 2022

@Rob, look at the info when you join a tournament, it explains .


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

@Rob, play and win tournaments for a fancy frame!


Sunday 5th of December 2021

I’ve played in many tournaments and duel game matches and the game cuts off ! I lose coins and balls I’ve “paid” for! I just lost 15,000 coins for incompleted play. I have 5g full bars. This is the only app that does this WHY

Dana B

Sunday 5th of June 2022

@Dana, it happens to me me all the time! It’s so frustrating & there is NO customer service to relay this to to get your coins etc back. I get knocked out of tournaments and have to rejoin or I’m playing my best game and get k Ickes out! It’s NOT MY INTERNET EITHER