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Golf Battle Ultimate Guide: 12 Tips, Cheats, & Tricks to Win Matches and Earn More Rewards

As an Android pioneer with hundreds of games developed and published since its inception 2001, has continued to attract and retain millions of satisfied players across a variety of gaming platforms. With numerous successful hits like 8 Ball Pool and that spawned more than a hundred million installs on Android alone, aims to ceaselessly captivate the hearts of regular and new players with Golf Battle, its recently released game for both Android and iOS. With the overabundance of golf games on the mobile gaming market alone, you might wonder what makes golf battle different from it all.

Since most golf games have a typically slow pace of gameplay especially as players take turns, Golf Battle does it differently by providing several quick play modes and tosses in simultaneous multiplayer battles which adds more fun and excitement. There is no need to worry about tricky controls because Golf Battle is very easy to learn and whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer; you can enjoy this game a lot especially when playing with your friends.

Golf Battle actually takes place with you competing against 5 other players online on randomly selected mini golf courses across different areas. With your money (and bit of pride) on the line, you must launch the ball and lead it to the hole with as few shot as you can in Classic Mode, or within the shortest possible time in Rush Mode. With each win you can earn more coins and treasure chests that may contain new golf clubs, golf balls, coins, and even gems. Level up and be worthy to compete on more challenging stages that offer better rewards.

There’s not much tutorial needed in Golf Battle as all you will ever need to do is aim, swipe and hold, and release. As there is very little actual golf knowledge required to play and enjoy the game, what you would instead rather have to perform better at every match in the game is patience, tolerance of pressure, and just a little science. Whether you are struggling to move up from a 5th or sixth spot in every match or whether you have won a few rounds but still looking for ways to improve on your game, our Golf Battle tips, cheats and strategies will definitely be able to help you and put you on your way towards being a top-tier contender or perhaps even a placer on the leaderboards.

1. Power Isn’t Everything

Even with just your basic golf club, Golf Battle gives you so much freedom as far as the power and potential distance your golf ball can travel through the golf course is concerned. There is a pretty wide range given within which you can stretch each shot as you hold and aim your strike. While in real golf, power matters a lot most especially on the first shot, in Golf Battle, stretching your shots all the way to the red zone will more likely lead you to trouble than win you the game. It may take a lot of time and practice for you to be able to more properly gauge the strength of each stroke but for starters, try not to use maximum power and instead start with a little lower power level and try to gauge how much you need to adjust it later under similar situations.

Although you may encounter instances where there’s a clearly visible path towards the hole, using too much power on the shot could make it run through and bounce off the hole instead. On certain occasions, it may even send you off to a farther spot than before you made a shot and in a lot of situation, can also take your shout off bounds. This most especially applies to courses with unavoidable humps and curving walls, and gaps with narrow bridges you need to go through to reach the hole. On your first rounds in the game, aim to utilize the right amount of power just to get through instead of aiming towards reaching the farthest and later on attempt for longer reach when you have practiced enough and are more confident in getting your golf ball close to the spot you have in mind.

2. The Fastest Doesn’t Always Win The Race

golf battle tips

Take it from “The Tortoise and The Hare” fable. Well, that’s probably not the best analogy to lay out a tip but in a sense, being fast does often lead to carelessness and recklessness. The point is that while you really need to aim and strike fast in Golf Battle, you should only go as fast as you can handle it and while you are still getting used to determining the gap between your projected shot and the actual results, it is advisable to take extra care, even if you lose out on some matches on your initial games.

When playing in Rush Mode, the goal is to be the first to make to each hole. As it is, you will most likely be inclined or pressured to start ahead of the pack or chase whoever leads ahead of you. Keep in mind that trying to go as fast as other players, who may have played the game several days ahead of you, can easily lead to disaster. As a concrete example, you can be the fastest player easily from the first shot onwards, but if you do lead your ball off bounds or into a bad enough spot, you can very easily drop down in rank or even worse, unable to finish the course instantly sending you down to the bottom of the rankings.

3. Use A Bit Of Angle Estimation And Trajectory Projection

We are not going to be all-out science-y here and make geometrical computations just to try and improve our game. Rather, what we need to look into, as far as performance improvement is concerned, is just using a bit of common knowledge and imagination when looking at the walls surrounding each mini golf course. At first, you may not be that conscious about it yet but after a few plays, you will realize that the walls are actually designed in such a way that optimum shots are already being prescribed by how the walls are laid out. Expectedly, you won’t be able to perfectly estimate and project how the shots go through a series of bounces but with enough practice and a bit of trial and error, you can improve on this and use it to your advantage on your subsequent matches.

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Aside from walls, slopes also serve as an impediment on one hand and a booster on another. While we mentioned that it is best to use less power on your initial plays, you need to make sure that a shot passing through a high slope will successfully make it to the top and have enough momentum to roll down afterwards. It is easy to imagine making a shot over the slope and straight through the hole but while all that is indeed possible, you should leave it as an imagination at first and save the attempts for later when you are more comfortable with the golf club you are using and most, if not all, the shots that you make.

4. Short, Simple, Straight Shots Can Win In Rush Mode

Golf Battle’s Rush Mode is perhaps what sets it apart from other golf games in the market as golf races that actually consider making fast shots consecutively with a lot of precision in mind is a definitely new and exciting experience especially when you are simultaneously playing with 5 other people. As you will see a lot of your opponents launch powerful shots at the start of each round here to get their balls as far off the start as possible, don’t be readily influenced by any of them. You can get away with making shorter but more precise shots, less mistakes, and win rounds in this game mode.

For starters, having quicker and shorter shots means being able to strike again sooner and once your ball halts to a stop you can quickly make another short and straight shot. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always be taking short shots and if it’s clearly evident that there’s a straight open path ahead, with walls predictably resulting in a safe bounce, then go for a more powerful shot. In some way, it’s not just about always making shorter shots and using less power in contrast with what you may be inclined to go for but rather, it’s knowing when you should do so that matters in each situation you are in.

5. You Can Still Take A Bit Of Time

In Golf Battle’s Classic Mode there isn’t as much time pressure to race against everyone to get your ball into the hole but rather, what matters is making as few shots as possible to sink your golf ball into the hole and clear the course. A countdown will still occur at some point in each stage, but again, making it to hole ahead of the others mean nothing if it takes you twice as many swings to get it, just like in real golf.

You can spend a little bit of time to look around and aim better in Classic Mode to make sure you get to a better spot. If you can, try to look at the end of each course and establish how to get through the entire course more efficiently before making your first shot as well as the subsequent ones, if your ball strays a bit far off from your target. It is always better to take a bit more time here than rush into a shot and make careless mistakes. Just remember that opponents who seem to be in so much of a rush here can and will actually make mistakes somewhere along the way.
Additionally, don’t get lured into speeding your pace up just because everyone around you is a little farther ahead. As one of the games main obstacles here is actually how you deal with pressure, be sure to always keep yourself relaxed and focused on the task at hand.

6. Watch And Learn And Learn To Ignore

When you are introduced to a new course you haven’t played in, make some effort in observing how the first swinger goes about his or her shot. You may not have to see the entirety of it but at least it should give you an idea of how to go about the first shot as well as subsequent ones on specific areas within the golf course. You may not have to do this all the time and instead just spend time on it on your first few games. Later on you may adopt what you feel works well in specific courses and areas and perhaps you can even develop a better shot and approach later on in the game.

It is always likely to happen that while some people you are playing with are exceptionally good, there will always be others who may perform not as remarkably and instead serve only as mere distractions. As you play and at the same time see everyone else’s golf balls travel through the golf course, try to ignore others and focus on your own ball and the course ahead of you.

7. Add Your Facebook Friends To Earn Free Gifts

What actually makes Golf Battle more fun is being able to play it with your Facebook Friends. On top of that though, you can earn gems by simply signing in on the game with your Facebook account. You can claim 1,000 coins for each invited friend who plays the game after you and you can send and receive coins from one another daily as well. As coins are necessary for you to continuously compete in games, you shouldn’t let any opportunity to earn them pass.

8. Continuously Unlock Chests

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Every time you win in a match, you earn treasure chest which contain golf clubs, golf balls, coins, and even gems. As you still need to unlock it though, make sure that you always have something that is being unlocked. The better the chest the better the rewards you get but it takes a lot more time to be unlocked. Depending on how much and how often you play, choose to open a chest that you can come back to later so you can claim your rewards and proceed to unlock the next one. Though you can spend gems to rush this, you may want to save those gems for other items.

Once all four slots are full winning a game will no longer earn you additional chests, so it’s either you rush into unlocking one or proceed to playing for coins and experience. Keep in mind though that even if you don’t earn chests because your slots are full, the experience you gain can earn you gems every time you level your account up.

9. Level Up To Unlock More Stages

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With each game you play, you will earn experience points that will eventually level your account up. The better you perform at each match the more experience points you are rewarded with. Reaching a certain level unlocks new stages or areas in both the Classic and Rush Mode so be sure to check it out once it becomes available. Keep in mind that the fee you need to pay in order to participate in playing at higher level locations are much bigger so, in effect, it’s a bigger risk for better rewards. The next available stage do indeed present more challenges and are much more difficult to compete in so don’t feel bad for losing in new areas and feel free to play and earn from the earlier stages to ensure that you never run out of coins.

10. Customize Golf Clubs When You Can

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Leveling up your golf club requires you to acquire duplicate cards of the ones you already have. Upgrading your golf club may result in an increased Power, which boosts the distance your shot can travel; Accuracy, which is an important factor to keep you ball from straying off its supposed linear path; and lastly, Guideline, which traces a path from your ball to its target. As all these are useful, it’s advisable to use your golf clubs with better stats later on in the game but be sure to remember that your shots may become a little different than before every time your golf club’s power is ranked up. You will need to spend coins with each upgrade but you will also earn gems for doing so.

11. Claim Free Rewards

You can earn 100 coins every hour in Golf Battle and you can also earn additional rewards each day by watching a few short video ads. Be sure to take advantage of free rewards as this will help you in competing more often as well as progress through the game faster.

12. Lucky Shot And First Try Cheat

The Lucky Shot is a game mode in Golf Battle where you can make 1 attempt per day to earn great rewards and playing again after each free daily tries requires spending real money. As this game mode is actually available when you first play the game, what you can do is try and get a good reward here right after the tutorial and clear the game’s data if you fail to do so. It may be somewhat tedious as you will go through the tutorial again before running another attempt. However, the champion chest offered here can earn you rewards that will be a little more difficult to acquire in other ways other than grinding for 390 gems and buying it at the shop.

That pretty much covers everything we know on how to help you get started in Golf Battle with a bit of an edge over other players. If you follow our Golf Battle guide and practice a bit, you can easily rake up winnings and experience. We hope it has been an enjoyable read for you guys and if ever there are more Golf Battle tips, cheats, or strategies you would like to add to our list, we very much welcome what you want to share with us so don’t hesitate to talk to us through the comment section below!


Monday 30th of January 2023

Is the par of each hole posted anywhere? Presumably the holes aren't all par 3.


Tuesday 27th of December 2022

How do i change my score from just adding up to saying birdie and eagle. My sons does it and mine doesn’t


Tuesday 15th of November 2022

I really enjoy the game. How do I get advanced premium clubs? I never seem to get the cards I want. I mainly play Mayan Jungle.

Sarge,(x Australian defence force)

Friday 15th of July 2022

Dear all,I'm new to this game,loving it,but I just reached level6,purchased a platinum chest,it showed my card,and content inside,went to click on it to receive them,it's gone can't find where the content goes,can anyone help me


Friday 27th of May 2022

How do you make purchases through this game what credit card do you use… I use American Express and it did not go through, thank you so much!