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Path Painter Guide (Voodoo): Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Beat Every Challenge and Unlock All Skins

As hyper-casual games continue to be a highly popular genre in the mobile gaming industry, it can be expected that numerous new titles will pop up on both the App Store and Google Play from time to time. While not all these games will make notable accomplishments for the duration of their existence, developers and publishers who specialize in the genre are more often than not expected to bring new and unique titles to the table for fans of the genre to play and enjoy.

Voodoo is a leading provider of hyper-casual games and you can expect them to keep on publishing new titles every once in a while. With over 70 apps under their portfolio, the rate of its growth can only be matched by each individual game’s accomplishments in the mobile gaming market. We have covered several of Voodoo’s most popular releases like Uphill Run, Crazy Kick!, and Swing Rider just to name a few. If you loved one, two, or many of Voodoo’s games then chances are that you will also be thrilled about their latest offering on iOS, which is Path Painter.

Path Painter is a unique brainteaser game that requires timing, precision, and patience to conquer each masterfully designed level. You basically control when each of the path painters or runners in the obstacle will start running and as they follow their designated path, they paint the tracks they pass. The goal of the game is to fully paint the entirety of the course and hitting an obstacle or having any of the runners hit one another leads to a failure.

Like the rest of Voodoo’s published games, Path Painter is very easy to pick up and play and requires minimal learning. As such, there are no tutorials included as there is no need for one. A simple tap of each runner is all you need to do to and painting the whole course before hitting anything is the entirety of the game’s mechanics. While it does sound pretty simple and easy, some levels can be quite challenging especially as more runners become involved and as the obstacles become more intertwined.

If you find yourself stuck on a particular level, looking for faster ways to earn more diamonds to unlock skins, then check out our Path Painter beginner’s guide. Our tips, cheats and strategies are here to help you complete each level and unlock all available skins in the game!

1. Timing And Patience Are Your Top Weapons

Path Painter is a puzzle game that challenges your wits, yet does not impose a timer of sorts to pour on some pressure on you as you play. As such, there hardly is any need to hurry through any level and you can take as much time as you need to look at the obstacle in its entirety before tapping on a runner to paint a path. Knowing for instance that each runner will follow a specified path leads to determining how many path painters will there be on a particular level even before starting to play it. Beyond that, you can identify some points where paths intersect one another to give you an early idea of what to keep an eye on as far as timing goes later on.

path painter timing and patience

Without any need to rush into completing a level, you can exercise utmost patience and do your best to get the timing right and prevent the runner from hitting an obstacle or any of the other runners in the level. As there may be surprising variations within some puzzles such as runners with different speeds and alternating locations where multiple runners will start from, patiently waiting for openings after every tap will help you finish puzzles on your first go. Do not push to finish any puzzle quickly as there are no extra rewards for doing so. Attempts to succeed fast in any puzzle will just put you at risk of hitting obstacles or having the runners run into one another. Restarting a level may be unavoidable at times but as it takes more time to do so over and over again, exercising caution is an important habit to have and practice right from the start. Like in any other puzzle game that has no time element, taking things slow, especially for beginners, is always the best way to go.

2. Counting Off Inside Your Head Can Greatly Help You

As a puzzle game that relies heavily on timing and precision, you will need all the help you can get to time your moves right as well as start the runner going as precisely as you can. For the most part, what you should naturally focus on as you attempt to complete each puzzle are the gaps or openings that obstacles and runners leave as they routinely proceed to move through a totally consistent path. Keep in mind as well that as runners and obstacles are constantly moving, you have to set your timing a bit more advanced to exactly have the current runner pass through the gap once it becomes available. It may be a bit tricky on the first few times, especially if you have not played any game loosely similar in terms of timing mechanics but with a bit of practice and repetition, you will get the hang of it.

path painter tricks

To help you get the timing right, counting off in your head each time a gap becomes available while you simulate tapping on the screen with each count, will be a very helpful habit to make for starters. The same trick is very handy when it comes to timing and rhythm-based games. Although you may still encounter misses with the help of this method, being fully conscious of when you actually made a tap will help you adjust easily to get it right on your succeeding attempt.

3. Pay Attention To Potential Collision Areas

Expectedly, the increasing challenge that Path Painter offers will take into account crossing more and more paths as you progress through higher levels. Although the objective of painting all paths stays the same, the overlapping of certain path sections over one another can be overwhelming at first glance.

path painter collision areas

As you take a good look at the entire path puzzle before you start to play a new level, segregate paths based on the cycle that each of the path painters have. You will notice that despite potentially having numerous intersections, not all paths on the level will have an impact on every runner. Take time to analyze each path carefully and do not let intersections confuse you beforehand. In most cases, puzzles are a lot easier than they appear to be and as you segregate each level into the paths that make them up, you will notice that you need to only keep an eye out on a few intersections.

Not all intersections, therefore, will be a constant collision spot for all runners. In most cases, being able to activate two runners and not having them run into each other will only have you worry about the third runner’s collision with either one of them. This same concept works for the most part regardless of how many runners there are in the level. As a general strategy, break down the entire level into its more basic form, which is a singular path, and try to take them on two at a time. There will certainly be exemptions to this general rule, but levels that sport multiple paths crossing one another’s path in various sections are not that common in the game.

4. Keep Tabs On Who Goes First

Another key element you need to take a note of in Path Painter is identifying which runner will start off first. While it is easy for levels with only one or a couple of runners, some levels may become a little more confusing especially if several runners will be taking on the same path. More so, when there are numbers indicating how many runners will run through the same path, it makes it easy to assume that they will run after one another although they actually won’t do so in other levels.

path painter hints


Actually being able to know this only whne you start playing a level leaves a good chance that you might have to repeat that level. If you are lucky, you may still be able to complete a level on your first go, but in any case, taking note of who goes first should be a habit to keep to raise your chances of finishing a level at least on your next attempt.

5. Rushing Into Some Levels Work Too

how to rush levels in path painter

While we mentioned earlier that patience and timing are important in Path Painter, it is also helpful to know the sequence by which the path painters will run. As it is a huge challenge to complete all levels on your first attempt to do so, you can have the path painters run one after another as soon as you can just to see who runs ahead of who. In some cases, you will be surprised to find that actually doing a rush move especially in the more complex stages can work spectacularly.

6. Watch Ads For Extra Keys

Ads are practically an integral part of free-to-play mobile games, especially if the game does not reply on in-app purchases of any sort other than a small fee for the removal of the ads. In any case, if you still find yourself somewhat annoyed or displeased with ads popping up in-between your runs, keep in mind that these are necessary to keep the game up and available for everyone to play for free.

how to get extra key in path painter

While countless free apps may barrage you with ads given the usual justification, some actually leave you a choice to play the contained ads in exchange for some items, boosts, or such other rewards to help you progress faster in the game. This same reward method is consistent with Voodoo’s games and can reap you a lot of benefits in Path Painter.

For starters, gem bonus stages will offer you a a 5x gem multiplier bonus if you watch a 15 to 30-second video ad at the end of the level. You can also skip a level after failing to complete it if you watch an ad although we would recommend giving it a couple more tries especially after reading our guide. It leaves you with a much better sense of accomplishment to successfully beat all stages without any skips. For the most important perk, watching an ad after consuming 3 keys to open chests that contain gems and a special reward will grant you 3 more keys. If you still missed obtaining the best reward after consuming 6 keys, you can watch another ad for another set of keys to open all chests.

7. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

As it may happen that seeing video ads in-between levels may cause you to lose your momentum, feel free to play the game after turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data. Keep in mind, though, that doing so will prevent you from enjoying all the perks attached to watching those video ads.

For best results, consider 2 different types of runs as you play the game. If you wish to progress through levels faster, then proceed to play offline as it will be faster to progress that way, provided that you do not need the skip button to do so. If you want to unlock all skins for your path painters, then playing online and watching video ads will be the faster way of earning gems and unlocking the various available skins via the treasure chests and shop purchases.

And this completes our Path Painter beginner’s guide. We hope that our collection of tips and tricks will help you on your quest to finish all levels in the game and unlock all the available skins for your path painters. If you have played a while and discovered some tips in addition to what we mentioned in the article, be sure to share them with us in the comment area!


Friday 1st of November 2019

Sometimes, in levels with black holes, the runner doesn't fall but decided to come back hitting other runners or obstacles. Can someone tells me me why does that happen?


Sunday 27th of October 2019

How many levels are in path painter? I’m on level 150 and it won’t go any further?