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Age of Myth Genesis Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Empire and Strengthen Your Army Fast

Age of Myth Genesis is Supernova Game’s latest title on both Android and iOS platforms and is a base-building strategy game that offers fast-paced city growth and development and real-time multiplayer battles. Packed with tons of upgrades to customize your city’s growth and various troops that opens near-limitless strategic options, Age of Myth puts your multi-tasking, management, and strategic skills to the ultimate test.

Beyond establishing your city as a powerful landmark in an otherwise hazardous locale, aligning yourself with like-minded lords is a necessity borne of intent to rise to power quickly and survive the treacherous challenges that lie beyond your city’ walls. If you enjoy city-building strategy games that offer a wide variety of customization options and strategic plays, then be sure to give Age of Myth Genesis a try!

As overwhelming as Age of Myth Genesis’ interface and overall appearance may seem, it is actually much easier to pick up and play than most strategy games within the genre. While it offers plenty of tasks to tend to, as much as any other base-building game, the persistent in-game quest guide and the auto-move feature that brings you to where you need to be makes everything as newbie-friendly as any game can be.

While the base-building and maintenance tasks are but basic necessities to growing your empire, strategizing around production and warfare and allocating resources across both can be a tricky challenge. If you feel that you are not progressing fast enough in the game and would want some ideas on how to be fully efficient in managing your city and organizing your armies, then read our Age of Myth Genesis beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help you to grow your city and strengthen your army fast!

1. Follow The Recommended Quest

With all the things you need to attend to relative to your city management tasks, identifying priorities can be a tedious endeavor. As some upgrades require the fulfillment of certain requisites on top of the constant need for sufficient construction materials or training needs, having to identify the requirements for each construction or upgrade or even determining which one to prioritize can be an overwhelming scenario for beginners.

age of myth genesis quests

The recommended quest you will see at the bottom left side of the screen should be your primary guide in determining what to do next as you continue to grow and develop your city. Remember as well that completing the task at hand rewards you with various resources to aid you in your progress. Constructing buildings and upgrading them early on will be fast as the last 6 minutes of waiting time can be disregarded with a click of a button. Although there are speed ups that can be used to shorten the production time, saving them for more important scenarios should be done.

It will naturally happen that the current quest in line involves constructing or upgrading a building while your default and time-limited extra builder may be busy with other current projects. In such cases, you can look further into all recommended quests through the “Quest” icon at the bottom of the screen and navigate through each category to engage in other activities while waiting for construction to finish. Tasks here are categorized under Arms Quest, Construction Quest, and Other Quest. Although you will more likely always be stuck with construction quests due to waiting times and queue limitations, you can always hop onto deliverables in the other 2 categories here. BE sure to claim rewards for every objective met as securing the needed resources will always be better acquired earlier than later.

Beyond the suggested quest and the other such quests to find within the quest icon, be sure to also look into the Chapter Quests icon at the lower left side of the screen just above the suggested quest line. In here, you can proceed to accomplish a set of quests to obtain gems, xp cards, and boosters. Keep in mind that quests you see on one area or window coincides with the others for the most part.

In a way, while recommended quests follow a certain pattern for easy progression, you can always deviate from it through the quest icon and chapter quests and earn rewards just the same. What matters is that you should do more as you manage your city so for the most part, there should hardly be any idle time for you while you are online and playing the game.

2. Multitask As Much As Possible

Despite variations that come with every title belonging to the base-building strategy game genre, a lot of its similarities center on the core concepts that every player needs to understand to play the game well. As these games, much like Age of Myth Genesis, is designed to be highly competitive, each player is expected to do well in 3 things: speedy and efficient production, strategic approach to combat, and collaborative competence with fellow alliance members. While the latter 2 may be partly dependent on situational conditions, being efficient in growing and managing your city is entirely dependent on your ability to multitask.

age of myth genesis multitasking

To be sure that everything is productive like a well-oiled machine, make it a habit to tap on your assistant’s icon at the lower left side of the screen. You will see the active or productive structures and units against the total number for each type and quickly be able to move to any of them that is idle. While you normally only have one builder, a second one can be activated for the next 24 hours by using a golden hammer.

Once you have built a library, you can initiate researches to improve the performance of your city and your army. This can also serve as a reminder to deploy your armies to gather resources or hunt and kill monsters. The productivity of your barracks can also be seen here so you will know if either of them are idle and not training any troops. Beyond the usual structures and units that can be monitored through your assistant, be sure to also check the blacksmith as you may have the necessary materials to craft equipment for your lord.

For the most part, you should always keep each structure and unit productive whenever you are online. It may be a little overwhelming for starters, especially for players who are totally new to base-building strategy games. Over time, and with the guidance of your assistant, you can multitask with much ease and continue to grow and develop your city at a much faster rate.

3. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

As guilds, alliances, factions, or similarly-themed player groups have long since become an integral part of practically every multiplayer online game, it is no longer a question if you should join one or not. While some RPGs and other online games may make it fairly viable for players who choose not to be a member of any such groups, the same choice simply cannot be made in base-building strategy games like Age of Myth Genesis.

age of myth genesis alliance

If you are totally new to the genre, a quick exploration of the map beyond your city should already give you a good idea why you need to associate yourself with an alliance as soon as possible. As all players around you are considered enemies, finding allies to fight with and to watch your back is essential not just for your city and army’s growth, but for your survival.

Joining an alliance in Age of Myth Genesis offers plenty of benefits and hardly any drawbacks. Although you may be required to make donations and contribute to the growth of your alliance, its impact on you and every other member will eventually outweigh everyone’s individual contribution. One of the more significant and basic perks you receive for joining an alliance comes with the assistance you can get from each member that cuts down construction, upgrade, or research time.

Be sure to return the same favor to each member in need of assistance by tapping on the “Alliance Help” tab and the “Help All” button within the Alliance page or simply tap on the icon above the alliance camp whenever you see it.

4. Spend Your Boosters And Buffs Wisely

By completing quests and accomplishing daily missions as well as event objectives, you can earn various rewards that can further your progress in Age of Myth Genesis. The more common item you will start having a lot of early on are boosters that cut down waiting time on the completion of construction, training, or research. As you will also have a plethora of the basic resources you need to upgrade buildings and train troops at the early part of your game, the constant impediment towards growth will be the waiting time associated with your structures’ production times.

how to spend boosters and buffs in age of myth genesis

As boosters are fairly limited and valuable and considering that construction and research times will grow longer the further you progress, saving them up would be a typical choice. On the other hand, you would also want to progress much faster on your initial hours in the game as you should take advantage of the initial 3-day peace shield that keeps your city protected from attacks. In any case, using boosters should be strategically implemented and should work hand in hand with your playing time as well as the waiting time of similar structures you are waiting on.

Suppose you have 2 hours to play the game, a completion countdown of 10 minutes on construction should not immediately induce you to speed it up. As the end waiting time for that is only 4 minutes since the last 6 can be sped up for free, there are plenty of other things you can do to wait for that 4 minutes productively. If you have 2 available construction queues available because of the golden hammer, speeding up one construction will not always be wise as some of the structures you need to upgrade are dependent on others, especially the castle.

If you can afford to, should instead focus on using boosters on the upgrade of the castle as everything else practically depends on its upgrade level. If you are about to leave the game, you should not bother to use boosters unless the next structure to upgrade holds a much longer waiting time.

For the most part, city buffs are much more challenging to acquire outside of spending diamonds at the shop. If you happen to chance upon some of these buffs, be sure to use them on occasions where you could spend a lot more time in the game. This especially applies to buffs that increase productivity of structures that generate resources or boosts that increase gathering. Be sure to only consume these rare items when you are ready to commit to making the most out of them as each one is expensive.

5. Allocate Lord Skills Strategically

Every bit of activity you engage in as you play Age of Myth Genesis earns you experience points that eventually lead to levelling up your lord. With every new level you reach, you earn lord skill points that can be allocated between war and development. Each one as well has branching progression lines which makes decision points even more challenging as you go but before you do allocate points after the initial requirements within the tutorial, make sure you think it through and assess your priorities based on your needs and play style.

age of myth genesis lord skills

To head over to your lord’s skill tree, tap on the “Lord Info” icon at the bottom right side of the screen. From there, you can access the Lord Skills window through the button at the right most side and an indicator will appear whenever you have unallocated skill points. It will definitely be difficult to focus exclusively on one side of the lord skills and if you still have no idea which one to prioritize at the early part of the game, feel free to distribute points equally across both war and development.

Keep in mind that both will help you throughout the course of the game and you will eventually be able to unlock all the perks. It simply is a matter of prioritizing between each choice depending on whether you would want to strengthen your army more or be able to produce and sustain more of them through increasing productivity of your structures. In any case, skill point allocations can be reset but at the cost of 1,000 diamonds, it is an instance you should not want to happen.

6. Make The Most Out Of Time-Limited Events

Each quest you accomplish and every enemy on the map you defeat earns you immediate rewards. While there are plenty more rewards that you receive through daily rewards from the city hall, cargos that constantly gets delivered near your castle wall, and loitering citizens within your city, there are numerous other extra rewards you can gain from various time-limited events in Age of Myth.

age of myth genesis events
Once each structure or unit is busy and you have a few seconds or minutes to spare, be sure to click on the Event icon on the lower left side of the screen just above your assistant. There will be a list of ongoing events with brief descriptions and a timer that indicates how long each event will last. You can click on each one to view more details as to how to earn extra rewards. The five-day event that starts running once you play the game is one to keep an eye on. You can get plenty of valuable resources from it based on how actively you play for the first five days. Be sure to aim for getting the most out of this event as every bit of reward you can claim from it will greatly boost your progress in the game.

7. Check Your Inventory For Useful Items

age of myth genesis inventory

As you engage in various activities and earn rewards from various events and quests, the items you earn will wind up in your inventory which you can access through the “Pack” icon at the bottom of the screen. While these may generally be basic resources, boosters, and buffs; some rewards come in the form of packages that need to be used to obtain the end rewards. Be sure to check the items in your inventory especially the uncommon ones as some of these may not have been touched on during the tutorial and may present a feature you may otherwise have not known about. Likewise, be careful not to use resource crates more than what you need as keeping these resources in crates within your inventory will render them safe from plundering in the event that you are attacked by other players.

8. Prepare Well Before You Launch An Attack

Launching an attack against another player is perhaps the most thrilling part of Age of Myth Genesis much like in any other base-building strategy game. While it may seem that an attack ends simply enough with injured troops on both sides of the parties involves and some loots for the winner, it actually opens up a chain of events that should keep you on your toes moving forward. As such, careful and strategic preparation is always a must before launching an attack.

age of myth genesis battle tips

For starters, keep in mind that once you initiate an attack, or even scout an enemy city, your peace shield will go down, consequently leaving you vulnerable to attacks from every enemy around you. IF you still have a lot of hours on your peace shield and feel that you can still better prepare within that duration of time, then you should consider halting the attack.

When your peace shield is down or about to go down, you should always expect the worst and make sure to prevent any of your resources from being plundered. Always check your depot to make sure that your current stock of food, wood, stone, and iron are within what can be protected by it. If you can, push to have a castle wall upgraded to level 10 and recruit a colossus before your piece shields go down.

Once you are ready to attack another city, make it a point to scout first before launching an attack. Although you can clearly see a city’s level outside of it, which can be a good indicator of its overall strength, it may still happen that a lower level city will possess an army stronger than yours.

In any case, another key importance that alliances bring is having a much safer location to warp to before you start to engage in battles. With some coordination among the alliance’s members, each one can teleport their city to a common area to collectively gain a better defense against enemy players. Additionally, having fellow alliance members as your next-door neighbors also means that you have some people to watch your city whenever you go offline. On the offensive side, alliance members with cities situated in close proximity to one another will have an easier time to coordinate and launch team attacks against other cities.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for our Age of Myth Genesis beginner’s guide. While there are still plenty of things to learn about this game, some are best left for your own exploration and discovery. We hope that the tips and strategies we shared have given you good insights on how to get a head start as far as growth and progress of your city and troops are concerned. If you have discovered other tips or strategies for the game, then feel free to share let us know in the comments below!