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Another Eden Best Heroes Tier List: Our Top Picks for the Best Attackers and Support Characters

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space has definitely captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide and continues to be among the top-grossing games in several countries. With its immersive narrative, engaging content, and huge roster of memorable characters to collect, Another Eden has grown to secure fans and followers within a relatively short period of time since its release at the start of the year.

If you have just started playing Another Eden and want a quick breeze through the basics to jumpstart your game, read our Another Eden beginner’s guide to help you earn more Chrono Stones and progress faster in the game. Beyond that, we also have an advanced guide that contains tips and strategies to help you defeat each boss in the story mode.

For now, we will be focusing our discussion on our top picks for who we consider are the best heroes in the game. For the most part of the early chapters in the story, you can pass through with a good mix of the heroes who join your ranks as you progress through the game, with some grinding on some parts. As you earn more chances to secure additional heroes, our tier list can serve as a guide on the ones whom you should invest on.

While heroes in Another Eden each perform their role in the team, team synergy works a little differently than in most games. Given that there are no specific classes to properly categorize heroes under, the choice in assembling a team is largely based on the skill sets they have as well as the elements they are attuned to.

Although rarity impacts a hero’s overall strength, keep in mind that lumping together 5-star heroes across all battles may not always work well. For the most part, no same hero or team will prove to be the best across all challenges in Another Eden. Just the same, we will provide you with our list of the best ones in our opinion. Just to consider as well the roles each hero is best suitable for, we will be grouping our list of picks between the best attackers and best support characters.

Top 5 Best Attackers

another eden best attackers

Suzette [Element: Wind / Attack Type: Piercing]

Suzette may not be the top damage-dealer in Another Eden but she sports a good mix of single target and AoE damage skills that can be useful in a variety of scenarios. Dark Thrust is an AoE piercing attack that also inflicts poison on all enemies. Demonic Thrust deals more damage and does the same, and is likewise great for controlling mobs. Dragon Assault is another notable wind elemental AoE piercing attack skill which hits each enemies 2x and contributes a little more to filling up the team’s Another Force meter.

Suzette’s biggest contribution to any team she’s a part of lies in her Valor Chant as it boosts the power and intelligence of the whole team by 30%. While her damage-dealing skills may not be that great against boss battles, Suzette’s Valor Chant is great to have in any scenario.

Mighty (Another Style) [Element: Water / Attack Type: Blunt]

While we love the original version of Mighty and his more dominant sleep-inducing abilities, Mighty (AS) is still has a bit of that and a complex but great damage-dealing potential. His unique self-buffing skill, Meditation, puts him to sleep for 1 turn but replenishes his HP and MP and boosts his intelligence by 50% for the next 3 turns. While it is hard and risky to pull of as he will need to wake up on his own, the 50% INT buff can tremendously amplify his damage-dealing capabilities. Hypnoblizzard is one of Mighty’s superb damage-dealing skills as it launches 3-5 water elemental attacks on random enemies. This means that against mobs it can strike anyone and deal huge damage against fire elemental enemies, but at the same time be threatening against single enemies like bosses.

Mighty also has a support skill, Aqua Wall, which grants a 15% physical resistance to his team as well as an additional 50% fire elemental resistance which makes him an excellent member to have especially against fire-based enemies and bosses.

Azami [Element: Wind / Attack Type: Slash]

While there may be numerous heroes that inflict a lot of wind-based damage, none are as effective as Azami as she sports a lot of skills that reduces her enemies’ wind resistance by certain percentages. Additionally, Azami also has skills that deal multiple attacks, which is good to have if you want to build up Another Force faster. Beyond Azami’s damage-dealing capabilities, her Valor Chant is very useful against int-based enemies as it reduces their intelligence by up to 25%. Even with relatively low defense stats and devoid of any AoE attacks, Azami is great to have against bosses, especially earth element-based ones.

Ewan [Element: Fire / Attack Type: Blunt]

Ewan’s strength does not lie exclusively on the potency of his fire and blunt attacks. What makes him a top-tier damage-dealer are skills that make him stronger for his next attack. Though almost all his attacks target only one enemy, his AoE attack, Shock Flame comes with a stun effect that can be useful against mobs. Flame Break also works well in combination with most of his attacks as it reduces fire resistance of an enemy by 25% for 3 turns. Like Suzette, Ewan’s Valor Chant works the same way and boosts the team’s power and intelligence by 30%.

Suzette (Another Style) [Element: Wind / Attack Type: Piercing]

As one of, if not, the best burst damage-dealers in Another Eden, Suzette (AS) possesses a good mix of potent skills. While most skills target only one enemy, she has Jet Black Thrust, which is an AoE attack that inflicts poison on all enemies and she also has Soul Shoot which can recover some of her P while dealing medium damage. Her specialty lies with her unique Spirit Petal mechanic that boosts her critical rate with every stack and can stack up to a maximum of 3.

Elegant Cavort deals damage while earning her a Spirit Petal and grants her 2 Spirit Petals if it lands a critical hit. Exquisite Blossom deals huge damage on a single target and attacks will be based on how many Spirit Petals Suzette (AS) has stacked. Suzette’s Valor Chant boosts her own power by 30% for 3 turns and works perfectly for her as she continues to earn Spirit Petals for her ultimate burst damage skill.

Top 5 Best Support Characters

another eden best support characters

Mariel [Element: None / Attack Type: Blunt]

Everyone’s favorite support character and potentially the top staple party member across all types of challenges, Mariel sports the best set of heals and buffs you would want in Another Eden. To start off, her healing skill, Healing Aroma, not just restores medium-level HP outright, it also chips in a good amount of HP regeneration for 3 turns. Refresh Leap is also a valuable party buff as boosts the speed of all allies by 15% and removes all negative status effects as well.

Aurora Force is another excellent defensive buff that increases the type resistance of the entire party by 50% for 2 turns. Like Aurora Force, Mariel’s Valor Chant works almost the same way and can boost type resistance by as much as 35%. Even without any buffs to boost the team’s offensive prowess and without debuffs against enemies, Mariel’s set of skills is enough for us to consider as the top support character in the game.

Yuna [Element: None / Attack Type: Blunt]

Where Mariel is on one side of the full support skill spectrum, Yuna banks more on the other. Although Yuna does not have a healing skill that restores HP outright, she has a wide assortment of health restoration spells like Iridescent Blessing that regenerates the party’s HP for 3 turns while also restoring their statuses. Yuna’s value on any team lies with her powerful debuffs. Vigorous Charm reduces the enemies’ power and physical resistance by 15% for 3 turns while Malign Expulsion reduces enemies’ intelligence and type resistance by 15%.

As a bonus, Yuna also has Divine Utterance which boosts power and intelligence of the whole party by 25%. Both debuffs may not seem as much but are guaranteed hits. Yuna is expectedly not much of a contributor as far as damage-dealing is concerned even though she sports a couple of offensive spells. Even without it, though, the mix of support skills she has in her arsenal is good to keep her on most parties.

Myrus [Element: Earth / Attack Type: Blunt]

As far as defense against physical attacks are concerned, Myrus will be the best one to have in battles against mobs and bosses that deal a lot of physical damage. While Myrus also has admirable damage-dealing magic spells as well as Power Heal, which is always good to have in the absence of another healer, Myrus’ specialty lies in boosting the physical resistance of the entire party as well as reducing that of her enemies.

Although Rock Spread is an AoE earth attack skill, Myrus’ more formidable spells focus more on single targets. Beastly Impact, for example, deals massive earth-based damage on a single enemy and reduces its physical resistance by 20% for 2 turns. Myrus’ Valor Chant is a great plus for her as well as it not only boosts physical resistance by 30% for the whole team but it also raises intelligence by 30%.

Laclair [Element: Water / Attack Type: Piercing]

Armed with a bow, Laclair may initially seem like a better candidate for an attacker and while her damage output may seem descent enough, it pales in comparison with our top damage-dealers in the list above. Laclair’s overall value, however, stems from her innate ability to debuff enemies after attacking them. Aiming Flood, for one, is a water type piercing AoE attack that reduces the enemies’ power by 20%.

Another notable skill is Dragon shot, which deals decent damage on a single target and trims its physical resistance down by 15% and also inflicting it with poison. Last, but not the least, is Dragon Music, which is a stronger version of Dragon Shot and deals greater damage packed with a 20% reduction in the enemy’s physical resistance. Laclair’s Valor Chant is at the very least equally valuable, inflicting a 20% reduction in power and physical resistance of all enemies for 1 turn.

Isuka [Element: Wind / Attack Type: Slash]

Isuka made it to our list not exclusively because of her support skills but because she can dish out decent damage in addition to the good mix of buffs and debuffs on her arsenal. Feeble Dream is our best example of a decent damage-dealing skill that chips in a 20% speed reduction on the enemy for 3 turns as well as inflicting Pain. Butterfly Dream is the stronger version that deals even more damage and a 25% reduction in speed. Hastening Melody is what we consider as her most valuable skill as it boosts both power and speed of the whole team by 20%.

Beyond the great mix of skills that Isuka possesses, her value primarily lies in her Valor Chant which lands an exceptional debuff against all enemies by reducing both their power and intelligence by 20%. While there may be better candidates than Isuka against battles involving mobs of enemies, her Valor Chant definitely puts her on the top choices for boss battles as its 20% reduction in power and intelligence greatly increases the party’s survival.

There are definitely many great characters in Another Eden and choosing the best ones is really a tough task. Perhaps we may eventually come up with an additional list of heroes we love in the game but for now, this is where we will end our top picks for who we consider are the best attackers and support heroes in the game. We know and understand that every other tier list available out there may showcase a slightly or perhaps an even completely different selection of heroes.

Just the same, we hope that we have somehow influenced your top picks as well especially if you are just starting out with the game. Are there heroes you like who did not make it in our list? Be sure to let us know and share your insights on your personal favorites through the comment section!