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Knights Chronicles Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Knights in the Game

Knights Chronicles is an exciting mobile RPG developed by Netmarble. The game features over 160 unique heroes, each one with their own unique abilities, and this guide aims at shedding light on who are the best heroes. As with every tier list, it is highly subjective, and don’t focus too much on obtaining the best heroes as soon as possible: it’s still a mobile game, and we play mobile games for fun, not to calculate and maximize every single option. The game features a fully-fledged PVP mode called Arena, and it is what we are going to focus on in this guide, since most formations can clear the story mode with enough training.

The heroes in Knights Chronicles are separated in 4 categories: Attack, Defense, Hybrid, and Support, and we are going to analyze the best heroes in each category and why they are strong.
This tier list assumes that the heroes are at their maximum potential, so whenever available, with their costume version, and with all skills enhanced at the absolute maximum. Stick with us and check out our Knights Chronicles tier list for a complete guide to the best knights in the game!

The Best Attack Heroes

Attack heroes specialize in dealing damage, and that’s really all they do. Damage. Sometimes they also buff themselves to deal even more damage.


cain knights chronicles

Off to a great start with an excellent knight: Cain. He’s amazing in Arena, where most teams will have some healing of some sort, and with his first and second skill, Beastly Beast and Dark Beast, he has up to 60% chance to completely nullify healing to the enemies he hits for 2 turns. He also becomes quite tanky thanks to all the passive abilities he gets by leveling up, especially Fortified Armor, Element Suppression, and Gladiator’s Technique. His last ability is called Zap! Zap! Zap! and it gives Cain a strong finisher for weakened enemies, dealing massive penetration damage to the target.


damian knights chronicles

Possibly the strongest hero in the game, Damian becomes insane when you get his costume and max out his skills. Magitech Shot is his first skill, and it has a chance to lower the attack of the target for 2 turns. Gun & Blade has a 80% chance to stun the enemy hit for 2 turns, and Justice Buster deals good damage to 3 targets, and has a decent chance of dealing even more damage to them.

His abilities are nice, especially Gun & Blade with its stun, but that’s not why Damien is so good. The reason lies in his passives, specifically Magitech Barrier, which makes him immune to damage for 1 turn when he evades an enemy attack, which combined with his level 60 passive Invincible Justice turns him into a devastating unit. Damian is also able to raise the attack of all of his allies. All of these abilities combined turn him into a devastating attacker, and you should definitely spend your resources on him if you find him.


verdandi knights chronicles

Verdandi is a powerful anti-meta attacker thanks to her chance of negating the possibility of getting revived to the enemies he hits with a Critical Strike, while also dealing extra damage to those units unable to get revived. She can also guarantee to hit with a Critical Strike, so with some smart targeting you can ensure your enemies die and stay dead. Another great perk of Verdandi is her ability of disabling Resolve through his last skill, Death Penalty, which is definitely one of my favorite skills.

Death Penalty will deal massive damage to the target, and have a very high chance of inflicting Disable Resolve for 3 turns. If the enemy she hits with this ability dies, this ability will deal the same amount of damage to the two targets adjacent to the slain unit. Add the fact that his second ability, Cold Bullet, ensures the next attack Verdandi performs will be a critical hit, and you get an explosive mix of damage and utility.

The Best Defense Heroes

Defense heroes are there to protect their teammates, through taunts (forcing their enemies to attack them) or shields, and generally making sure everyone else survives fights longer. There aren’t as many good defense heroes as with the other categories, but what’s great is that most tanks are good enough to be run, since all they need to do is survive hits and draw attention. Sure, better tanks will support their team through other means, but realistically most of them are fine.


amon knights chronicles

Amon is a great choice for a defense hero on your team. Revelation Signet is an amazing passive ability that gives him evasion and accuracy, plus it increases the damage dealt by allies by 30% when Amon is imprinted with Revelation Signet. The rest of his passive abilities are what you’d expect to find on a great tank: a chance to Taunt enemies or to lower their damage when using certain skills, and a chance to reflect damage taken for 2 turns when it activates.

Both his Purifying Strike and his Sign of Destruction have a good chance of taunting the enemy they hit, and they also imprint Amon with Revelation Signet for a turn. Sign of Destruction also gives his allies a 100% chance to counterattack the next attack they will receive. Drayan’s Judgment is a nice skill that deals massive damage to up to 3 enemies, and it has a very high chance of applying a mark that will explode and kill them if Amon casts Drayan’s Judgment again.


marduk knights chronicles

Marduk might be a defense-focused hero, but there are some quirks to his kit that can turn him into a devastating machine of destruction. He can taunt enemies for 2 and 3 turns by using Full Swing and Taunting Strike respectively, and what’s amazing is that he can strike multiple targets with both these skills, practically ensure you will taunt someone.

And then you have Storm Field, which has a high chance of stunning enemies it for 1 turn if they are taunted. Again, it’s a numbers game, so you will stun someone if you taunted at least 2 enemies, unless you get very unlucky. His passives give him even more survivability, and he even has a chance to become completely immune to damage for 2 turns when he gets attacked, which goes very well with his taunting abilities.

The Best Hybrid Heroes

Hybrid heroes are a mix of attack and defense heroes. They provide additional utility compared to attack heroes, at the cost of lower overall damage. You are trading power for utility when you run hybrid heroes.


ramu knights chronicles

Ramu is a nice Hybrid hero with some excellent utility, starting from her passive Healing Wind, which heals all of her allies by 10% of their max health at the end of the turn. Her level 60 passive revives her fully when she dies (only once per battle), so focusing her doesn’t really work…but if you don’t focus her you risk having to go through major headaches to kill her teammates. Ramu’s first skill, Sword Rush, has a decent chance of stunning the enemy it hits for 1 turn, while her second skill, Second Wind, heals all of her allies by 20% of their max health, and also reduces the duration of all debuffs by 1 turn. Star of Hope is what sets her apart from other units, as it allows her to revive 3 allies and heal them by 70% of their health.

Despite her kit looking very much like one focused on supporting, her passives are what allow her to deal respectable damage, earning her the Hybrid category. She has increased critical strike chance, and she also has a chance of poisoning an enemy when she casts Second Wind. She also has a chance to lower the cooldown of her own skills by 1 turn whenever she gets attacked, and to increase her chance of scoring a Critical Chance. Attacking her repeatedly makes her stronger, and yet she can revive herself. Very annoying to face.


janus knights chronicles

Unlike Remu, Janus is a bit more offensively oriented. Janus is all about killing supports, and he seems to have a deep hatred for debuffs, since his level 60 passive Leave Me Alone! Activates Telekinetic Rage, a buff that increases the damage Janus deals by 80% and lowers the damage taken by 50%. Leave Me Alone! Always activates when Janus’ buff is removed or when he skips a turn because of immobilization.

Janus’s skills keep with the anti-buffs / debuffs theme: Telekinetic Blast deals extra damage if the target it hits has any debuffs on them, Mind Control deals massive damage to a single enemy and inflicts Madness to them, which stuns the target and deals extra damage to them when Madness ends. This works extremely well with Telekinetic Blast, and makes Janus hit really hard. Lastly, Telekinetic Explosion is a powerful nuke that inflicts very heavy damage to the target, and deals double damage when used on a Support hero. Janus is an excellent addition to any team thanks to how strong he is against supports.


kali knights chronicles

Kali is all about hiding and striking from the shadows. She starts fights hidden, and she can also hide herself every time she uses a skill. She also has a chance of poisoning 3 enemies for 2 turns whenever she starts the turn hidden. Her level 60 passive, Regeneration Magic, activates when she takes fatal damage, recovering all of her health, giving her resolve, and blinding enemies for 1 turn; furthermore, it increases the damage she deals to targets affected by damage over time effects, such as the poison she inflicts while hidden.

Shadow Dagger lowers the duration of the debuffs on the hit target by 1 turn if Kali strikes them while hidden, whereas Moonlight Shuriken strikes an enemy with a powerful hit and can cause bleed for 3 turns; if she is hidden when she uses this skill she will hit 2 more targets and cause them to blood as well. Dark Moonlight Strike deals increased damage to Attack-type heroes and raises her attack by 40% for 2 turns if it kills the target, very likely considered how much damage it deals.

The Best Support Heroes

Support heroes specialize in what support heroes have been doing in videogames since the dawn of gaming: healing their teammates, reviving them, removing debuffs, and more in general offering buffs to support their allies.


deimos knights chronicles

Deimos is a good healer, especially when paired with other Dark-element heroes. He heals his weakest allies when he strikes with his Pitch-Black Light, and also removes a buff from the target. His Abyssal Evergreen increases the attack of an ally for 3 turns while also removing all debuffs from them, while also turning them into a Dark Warrior and making them immune to abnormal statuses for 2 turns. Finally, Dark Fog restores the health of all allies and also gives them the Veil of Phantasm buff, granting them a 100% chance of evading all attacks for 2 turns.

All of this makes for a very nice supporting kit, and then this ability is augmented by his passive skills: Hidden Darkness revives a dead ally as a Dead Warrior with 70% health, and also boosts their attack for 2 turns. He has a chance to heal his allies whenever he gets attacked, and he has further chances of healing his allies through Black Prayer, which is a unique skill that gives him a chance of obtaining a Black Prayer every time he uses a skill, and when he has 3 or more at the end of the turn he consumes them all to heal all allies by 20% of their health, and also decrease by 1 turn the duration of buffs duration to 2 random enemies.


karen knights chronicles

Karen is focused on giving herself and her allies extra turns, and also provides some nice healing to them. She gets an extra turn as soon as an ally falls below 30% HP thanks to her passive Abundant Moonshine. She can also revive a dead ally and can even ensure a second one is revived as soon as they die, as long as they don’t die to burn damage.

Her first and third skills are pretty boring, as they only strike enemies and heal her allies (though Welcome to the Abundant Moonshine! is very good, just…boring), Service with a Smile is what sets her apart. She heals the target ally by 60% and causes their turn to come more quickly. If all of this wasn’t enough, she decreases all skills’ cooldowns by 1 turn.

This concludes our guide about the best heroes in Knights Chronicles. As with every list of this kind, there is subjectivity involved in picking which heroes to talk about, and we don’t have enough space to talk about any more heroes. There are other amazing heroes in this game, so make sure to try out all of them before setting on a team.