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Another Eden Advanced Guide: Boss Battle Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Finish the Story

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Space and Time has been out globally for quite some time and there are still plenty of room to explore beyond its story and climactic battles. After days of grinding and pushing through its quests and dungeons, we have finally made it to the close of the first part of its story. If you are totally new and have just started out playing the game and still looking for basic tips and strategies to help you get started, be sure to check out our Another Eden beginner’s guide. The topics we covered in our previous guide can serve as a foundation of what you want to constantly follow for most parts of the game. Going beyond that, we will now move on to tips, cheats and strategies covering boss battles as well as related topics that can directly help you battle through each story-related boss or even beyond.

Just to sum up and emphasize on what we previously tackled, the importance of healing and switching characters during the battle are key actions you need to always keep tabs on. To add to that, it helps to have an extra healer in the reserve spot when you are in a tight spot as long battles and high damage AoE-casting enemies can really take its toll on any party with only one healer on-board. Riica may have been sufficient for starters, but later on she needs a bit of a helping hand with regard to the healing department. There is an increased rate of getting Mariel from A Healing Light encounter so while the promotion is still up and you have enough Chronos Stones, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity. If you are a little short, try and accomplish more quests and feats to acquire more and try to go for a 10x summon.

another eden boss battle tips

Before we proceed to the actual guide covering each of the bosses you will encounter through the Another Eden’s story, it’s practically a given that there will be spoilers ahead and even with our best effort to conceal as much of it as we would want to, we have to at least provide each of their names but try to avoid spoiling any part of the epic story. In any case, you may want to move forward reading once you have already fought the boss and unfortunately failed to seize victory. So without further ado, here’s our compilation of Another tips, cheats and strategies for defeating those mighty bosses!

1. Beast Valles

As the first winnable boss battle, Beast Valles is actually a pretty straightforward combat. You probably still don’t have a lot of heroes at this point in time in the game but with Aldo potentially still leading your party, it’s going to be relatively easy. Fire elemental attacks work best on Beast Valles and you should consider using Aldo’s Fire Slash as much as you can on him. He is resistant to wind-based attacks so avoid wasting turns on using such attacks and regularly switch in heroes that buff your party and remove debuffs if you have any. Beast Valles mostly does single target attacks but he does possess an AoE attack which can hurt your party if you are under-levelled. In any case, it takes him 3 full turns to charge his AoE attack, so you can spam on some fire attacks before it launches. Simply ready up your healer once he successfully uses it. You should actually be able to win this battle without grinding at all, just remember to update your characters’ ability boards and fully equip the ones you use in battle.

2. Galliard

Galliard is just a little tougher than Valles as he comes early on following the wide roster of bosses to beat in Another Eden. Likewise, you can continue on with the story and only finish a couple of side quests with very little experience grinding required to take on this boss. At this point, you should already be very familiar with your primary team of heroes, their skills, strengths, and perhaps even their elemental affinities. Galliard is strong against earth elemental attacks but weak to wind elements. Luckily for you, one of the newest party member at this point in the story, Amy has wind elemental affinity. If you have additional wind elemental heroes before taking on this boss, feel free to sub them in and replace those that bank on earth elemental skills. Take note though that while Ciel, can still pack some good non-elemental attacks and her Valor Chant which boosts intelligence and speed by 10% is still very useful in this battle.

3. Salamander

As you traverse the map of Nadara Volcano, you probably already feel that a fire elemental enemy lurks towards the end of the journey and if you have that inkling before leaving town, then you probably already prepared well enough for the big, bad Salamander. Salamander is obviously fire-based and heroes with water affinity are your best cards against it. At this point in the story, any water-based hero will work well in your party provided they are, in terms of level and gear, at least at par with your other characters. As fire elemental attacks like Aldo’s Fire Slash and Blaze Sword are pretty useless in battle, work instead towards using non-elemental attacks in the absence of water element skills. You will probably be slapped with Salamander’s AoE spell a couple of times during this battle so be sure to keep Riica or your other healer available to continuously heal and keep each member’s HP above 50 percent. Switching in an out will be crucial and spamming on attacks while Salamander is down is an important opportunity to always grab for a swift victory. This is perhaps the first battle where you would want to consume the free food you acquired from the inn you slept at before the big fight.

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4. Cyrus

Well, you can see him on the cover pictures and he sure doesn’t look like a villain. On top of that, he sort of looks very much like Frog from Chrono Trigger so it’s not a spoiler to say that he’ll be joining your party soon enough. Before he does, though, you still need to beat him in battle and clear the little misunderstanding. He is obviously water elemental so it’s best to bank on earth elemental attacks. If you followed our beginner’s guide and nabbed Ciel as your first 4-star encounter hero, then Rock Shots and Crush Arrows will be your best tricks here. Riica’s Crush Stamp can also contribute well but be sure to keep her ready for Healing if she’s the only healer in your party. Watch out for Cyrus’ Nirvana Slash which is an AoE water slash attack as it may deal great damage to you especially if you haven’t grinded that much for levelling and equipment upgrading up to this point. You may also have to switch out more often here as he can easily cut down your characters’ HP. Using other elemental attacks aside from earth elements may be okay too, just don’t bother using water elemental attacks.

5. Visus Embryo

another eden visus embryo

Visus Embryo is a lot more challenging than the usual boss and if you are a beginner at strategy RPGs, this will most likely be your greatest challenge so far. This is perhaps the first boss that should require you to grind a bit since getting to the encounter itself can be a pretty rough ride. If you are taking way too much damage running through the Tower of Time and consumed you food before even getting to the boss fight, then it probably means that you need to grind a bit more to level your heroes up and try to secure better gears for your party. It’s a non-elemental reliant battle in the sense that Visus Embryo doesn’t have specific strengths or weaknesses. This battle has 2 phases though and the second one is where it becomes increasingly difficult. You would want to clear skill locks off if you can and as usual, switch in and out for the valor chants and regeneration. Most importantly, take note of your Another Force prior to facing the boss. You would want the gauge to be at least half full and continue to raise its meter during the first phase of the battle. Once Visus Embryo’s HP drops down to 50 percent, he will begin to grow stronger with his Time Search so feel free to lower his HP down to about 40 percent and finish him down with Another Force.

6. Ogre Rancorem

another eden ogre rancorem

This is another pretty straightforward battle with no elemental strengths and weaknesses to worry about but Ogre Rancorem’s brute physical attack can rain down a lot of pain. You would want to prepare real hard for this fight and ensure that you have a good enough hero level and gears for each member of your party. If you have heroes that can debuff enemies, be sure to bring them along provided that they have levelled up enough for battle. Again, if you have 2 healers in your roster, you may want to reserve a spot for a second healer as your main one will potentially wear out SP following continuous healing. As this is practically a battle of raw strength and defense, failing to accomplish this feat may simply mean that you need to get stronger. As you will unlock Another Dungeon following the completion of Chapter 10, which ends after you defeat Visus Embryo, then be sure to try and farm some materials to obtain better weapons from the dungeons you can complete.

7. Beast King Guildna

another eden beast king guildna

This battle requires a lot of preparation and patience to succeed on. Beast King Guildna has 2 phases and if you are having a lot of trouble keeping your party’s HP at good levels on the first phase, then chances are that you won’t survive the second phase. There are no elemental strengths and weaknesses involved as well so you have to rely on raw power, party buffs, and enemy debuffs to gain a bit of advantage. Save your skills and Another Force for the second phase as that is where you will need to deal a lot of damage fast. Again, despite of the character levels and equipment you have, it would be very much advisable to keep 2 healers in your party switching in and out as there will be occasional mass damage attacks that can almost wipe your entire party out. Like with the previous boss battle, failed attempts to conquer this despite based efforts could simply mean more time grinding for experience points and equipment. As you should have grown a lot stronger after the previous boss battle, you may want to take a look at possibly conquerable areas in Another Dungeon where you can get a good share of experience points and materials.

8. Helena

another eden helena

Asking for Helena’s help at some point in the story would almost make you think that she will be somewhat apprehensive to just join in and increase your roster. In any case, this battle won’t be as difficult as the previous and succeeding boss battles and should probably not even count as a real boss. Wind elemental attacks work best against her and she’s resistant to earth elemental attacks. There’s hardly anything new that you will experience from this battle so it’s pretty much sticking to the usual tricks of switching in and out to activate valor chants and healing consistently throughout the battle.

9. Synth Hydra

You might mistake the Dimensional Cannon as the final boss here but it’s going to seem like a test battle to give you a bit of taste on what’s to come. There are a couple of AoE damage skills to damage you and require mass heals all across both battles but what can make it a lot more challenging is the poison effect which can trim down your whole party’s HP if not immediately remedied. Be sure to take along the newest member of your party if you don’t have other heroes that can remove status effects. It seems that having 2 healers in the team from previous boss battles down to the end will be a good strategy. Both the Dimensional Cannon and Synth Hydra are weak against Earth Elemental attacks and highly resistant to water element, so for your DPS characters, be sure to carry as many earth elementals as you can. Again, Ciel would be a good candidate here.

10. King Palsifal

another eden king palsifal

One of the most difficult bosses you will ever encounter in Another Eden’s story mode is King Palsifal and beyond the actual battle, going through the Tower of Stars is a huge challenge as well. While there are typically some puzzles involved in a lot of dungeons in the game, solving them is actually a cakewalk compared to surviving through a series of high level mobs and spending a lot of time going back and forth through the dungeon. As a standard strategic approach, be sure to try and go through the tower with an end in mind having food for consumption prior to engaging the final boss. If you can go that far, then you probably have a standing chance of being able to go toe-to-toe with King Faisal. Again, there are no elemental affinities to take advantage of nor elemental strengths tpo watch out for. King Faisal has a lot of strong single target and AoE skills that can practically scar your heroes good which requires a lot of constant healing. There are stun status effects that you, may want to rid off fast as it puts your party in a difficult position, especially if the healer gets stunned. The usual constant switch in and out of heroes from the reserve spots are as important as they can be and having 2 healers as well is the best way to go. The peculiarly annoying unique skill of this boss is when he puts his shield down in from of him which makes him harder to damage as he can also begin to heal himself. Likewise, be ready for when he returns back to normal mode as he will deal great damage that can heavily impact your whole party.

Have 2 healers as well as someone who can restore statuses to normal. Switching in and out and constantly healing will take you a long way. Instead of attacking, save your top damage-dealing skills for when he’s not shielding and focus on buffs, heals, and debuffs when he’s shielding up. You should have a good level of Another Force and use it when his HP drops to below 50 percent and he’s in normal mode or when you are certain you can finish the job.

11. Beast Angel Geo Anguirus

another eden beast angel geo anguirus

The second to final boss will be another one of those tough ones that may require several attempts to finish. It’s arguably the most challenging battle in the game for now. If you are up for grinding for experience points and gears, it would be best to spend some time on those activities before even attempting to take on this boss. There are the usual healers, buffers, and debuffers you would want to bring with you. If you want to avoid taking in a lot of damage from his AoE spells, limit fire and water element heroes that you bring along. There’s plenty of debuffs to go around and you would want to sustain keeping your party’s status as close to normal as possible for the most part of the battle. Be sure to have a high enough level of Another Force and save it again towards the end of the battle. This enemy’s spells grow more formidable as his HP drops closer to zero so when you activate Another Force, be certain that you can finish the Beast Angel off.

12. Chronos Menas

another eden chronos menas

Like any boss battle so far, the standard strategy of keeping your party members’ HP at good levels, along with regularly buffing defences and debuffing the enemy works well for this battle. The path to travel will be a very challenging one and it may take several travels back and forth just to gain more experience points and hope to have your food intact for consumption before the final battle. There’s hardly any significance in strategizing relative to elemental affinities as this is the a boss who can whose strengths and weaknesses in battle seem to vary from time to time. As such, following the most basic team composition that we suggested in our beginner’s guide of having a party with diverse elemental affinities will still work well. Chronos Menas possesses a variety of mass damaging spells but there are no instant deaths that will happen in battle, unless your level is way lower than what it should be. Just pay attention to the element you are utilizing that deals the most damage and bank on it until Chronos Menas drops its HP down to 40 percent or less. Again, it’s Another Force for the dramatic finishing blow. There will be a quick final boss that we won’t reveal after Chronos Menas but it’s an easy picking and practically just forms part of the finale.

And that finally ends our Another Eden boss guide. Be sure to patiently wait for the ending credits to roll before leaving the game. Finishing the story takes you to Chapter 26 which is the supposed start of the second part of Aldo’s adventures. In any case, there should still be plenty of things to explore and discover after finishing the story mode in preparation for what’s to come while we wait for future updates. If you still haven’t tried the harder difficulties in Another Dungeon, which unlocks when you reach Chapter 25 of the story, it may still be a good place to test your party off and farm for even better materials for top-tier weapons and armor.

If you also miss certain parts of the stories that you won’t normally be able to visit on the map after you finished the story, feel free to hop into the records room which you can find at the upper left side of the Spacetime Rift so you can access previously completed events and places you may have explored a little less than you wanted to. We hope you enjoyed reading both our Another Eden guides and if we missed out on any details that you have known or discovered relative to what we shared above, be sure to leave us a comment below!


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