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Universal Studios Interactive has recently released, a multiplayer arena game in which players are challenged to impersonate one of the boats from the famous franchise JAWS. The goal of the game is to fish everything you can – including objects – and capture the shark. Once you catch it, you will become the shark yourself and you will have to eat everything that comes your way. You will be able to earn shark points, climb the leaderboard, and unlock new amazing skins. Are you ready to become the biggest shark around? If this sounds like a challenge you might enjoy, keep reading for a lapful of useful cheats, tips and tricks below!

1. Eat And Earn Points

In, the more you eat, the more points you will win and the bigger you will grow. However, you should avoid eating larger ships and sharks or you might get destroyed.

2. Run Into Things To Win Points cheats

When you play as a ship, it suffices to run into things to absorb them: other smaller ships, helicopters, docks, swimmers, whales etc. Docks will only earn you 2 points, so it’s not really worth it running into them. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to kill the shark by simply running into it.

3. Stay On The Outskirts

This might be a good strategy because most players tend to play in the middle of the arena. This way you will get to eat lots of objects with little to no competition.

4. Use Super Shots To Kill The Shark

Once you get close to the shark, you will automatically shoot at it. Once the super shot is full, you should double tap on the screen to fire. If you manage to kill the shark, you will be the new shark. This means you will have a feast on other ships, even though they will fire at you. If you want to make a dash attack, wait for the dash meter to be full and then double tap.

5. Save Your Super Shot Until You See The Shark Is On Low Health tips

The super shot gets unlocked gradually. Make sure to save this shot for the moment the shark is on low health. This way you will manage to take advantage of other players’ shots and kill the shark.

6. Becoming The Shark Will Win You More Points

You can, of course, play as a ship and collect objects and other ships. But that won’t help you climb the leaderboard. Becoming the shark will allow you to eat more things and win more points.

7. Watch Ads To Earn Points And Boosts

Though the game can be played without an Internet connection, it is advisable to be able to watch ads, especially at the beginning. Watching ads will win you important boosts towards unlocking new skins. Moreover, when you start playing the game, it will win you some crucial points that will allow you to start playing a little bigger.

8. Earn Shark Points To Climb The Rankings high score

Only the first three will win points! If you finish first, you will earn 20 points. A second place will earn you 10 points. And a third one will grant you 5 points. The more points you gather, the more boat and shark skins you will unlock.

9. Unlock Boats And Sharks Skins

In, there are two ways to unlock new skins: you either pay or you complete tasks. Here’s what you need to do to unlock skins:

Shark skins

Battle Scarred Jaws: finish the game in 1st place
Whale Shark: Play for 3 days in a row
Hammerhead Shark: Watch 15 ads
Basking Shark: You must reach 50 Shark Points
Bull Shark: You must reach 450 Shark Points
Thresher Shark: You must reach 1250 Shark Points
Goblin Shark: You must reach 2450 Shark Points
Tiger Shark: You must reach 4050 Shark Points
Mecha Jaws: You must reach 6050 Shark Points
Jawsdroid: You must reach 7200 Shark Points

Boat skins

Sailboat: Play again tomorrow
Yacht: Watch 5 ads
Orca: Watch 30 ads
Submarine: Play for 7 days in a row
Hooper’s Boat: You must reach 200 Shark Points
Amity Police Boat: You must reach 800 Shark Points
Islander Boat: You must reach 1800 Shark Points
Racing Boat: Reach 3200 SP
Shark Hunter: Reach 5000 SP

We hope you have found our JAWS.IO cheats, tips and tricks useful. If there are any other tips or cheats you are aware of and would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!