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Capital Fun Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Acquiring Mega Fortune

Available exclusively for Android devices and released by Playvision Inc, Capital Fun is a game which will provide players with a lot of entertainment. After all, we all had dreams of becoming a billionaire, and some of us still have such ideas in the back of our heads. By playing this colorful mobile game, those dreams can come true very quickly, and you can enjoy all the perks of being a big shot in a large city.

However, the road to becoming a multimillionaire is paved with hard work and a lot of challenges, and that is why we wanted to provide our readers with a comprehensive Capital Fun guide. If you continue reading, you will discover all the little secrets which can help you on your mission to establish a giant business empire. So let’s not waste any of your time and instead let’s move on to our Capital Fin tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Buy Upgrades To Speed Up The Production

At the very start of the game, Capital Fun leaves you on the streets of New York, and your first venture is a small hot dog stand. Of course, you will ask yourself how can you get from selling hot dogs to becoming a tycoon who owns half the state?! Well, it can be done, and you only need to follow our guidelines since we have played the game extensively and we have tested all possible solutions.

capital fun cheats

For instance, one of your first steps when starting to climb the corporate ladder is to invest some money in buying a bunch of upgrades. Upgrades are useful because they speed up the production of goods, which consequently results in better revenues. Upgrades can first just double the speed, and then they can make it go four times faster, and so on.

When it comes to Capital Fun, the goods are produced in a cyclical pattern, and the faster one cycle is finished – the sooner a new one will begin. Basically, this means that you can sell 10 hot dogs per minute instead of two or three, and these differences are certainly noticeable when you look at the cash position.

2. Hire An Assistant Immediately

As we already said, your career starts off by standing next to a hot dog stand, but in a few moves – this could all change and you could look down on the crowded street from the top of the office building. How? By having somebody to do the work for you, of course. Capital Fun allows you to hire assistants who can do the job for you, and this significantly improves the odds of obtaining a massive fortune.

Luckily, you do not have to possess any people management skills to hire experts to work for you in Capital Fun. However, you do need the money to pay those guys, and you will notice a brown mark with a price tag for a certain assistant slightly to the right of the screen. By collecting enough funds, you can unlock the assistant, and this will automate the production and the cash will flow right to your pocket.

Assistants are valuable since they allow your businesses to be profitable even when you are not playing the game. When you come back, you can just collect the profits from all of your assets, and this system makes Capital Fun highly enjoyable and convenient.

3. Collect The Profits Frequently

Since the money is flowing in even when you are busy doing everyday stuff, Capital Fun allows you to take a break from the game every once and a while. However, we recommend that you visit the game as frequently as possible since this will allow you to collect even more money. In the end, Capital Fun is all about the cash, and if you can double the sum with just one click – why not do it?!

capital fun income

What we mean by this is that the game always informs you about the amount of money your businesses created while you were away. At that moment, the game also provides the players with two options – you can either just take the cash and proceed to the game, or you can double the value by watching an ad. We strongly advise you that you ‘sacrifice’ those 20 seconds of your life to watch a short video, especially when the profits you collected are high.

The more money you double – the more you will have in the end, and that is why watching an ad is definitely worth it. Therefore, come back often and claim those funds just like a real capitalist would do.

4. Use Boosters From The Store

The more businesses you own, the more revenues you will collect, and these simple mathematics are true in life as well as in Capital Fun. Unfortunately, there are just 24 hours in a day, and we cannot purchase any more time, at least not in real life. When it comes to Capital Fun, on the other hand, time management is possible. Also, it is pretty easy to accomplish such a thing, if you know what to look for. Fortunately for you, we are here to guide and help.

capital fun guide

First of all, you need to visit the Store, which is indicated by the second icon on the bottom of the screen looking from the left. The Store is easily recognizable since it actually resembles a grocery shop. Once you click this icon, you will be taken inside, and here you will find valuable Time Boosters, which can substantially improve your affluence.

As their name suggests, these Boosters help you ‘compress’ time, and you can then tap the screen rapidly to accelerate the passing of time. Simultaneously, the money will roll into your account, and that is why your assets will bring much more profits than usual when you decide to use those Boosters.

5. Level Up Whenever You Get The Chance

Another convenient method for increasing your profits is to level up, and this option is great because all of your corporations will be affected at the same time. In the upper left portion of the playing screen, the players will notice a sign that invites them to level up when certain conditions are met. Also, the upper portion of the screen contains a scale or a gauge which indicates how close you are to the next level. This gauge is also useful since it provides information about incoming rewards, simply because Capital Fun rewards their players once they reach certain levels.

When it comes to leveling up, the actual procedure is pretty straightforward. You only need to collect the required amount of money! Once the required sum is available on your account, the brown badge will become active. Also, you will be informed about the improvements that await you once you level up, i.e. the players can see how much higher will their income be in the future, percentage-wise. In other words, the game boosts your earnings with an additional amount, and this lovely gift is definitely something you should collect at every opportunity.

6. Buy Businesses In Bulk

Once you gain some experience playing Capital Fun, your business acumen will expand and you will notice that buying one enterprise after the other just does not satisfy you anymore. On the contrary, your abundance of funds allows you to buy 50 or even more hotdog stands at once! To be honest, it would be a bit tedious tapping the same button a hundred times over, and that is why Capital Fun provided a highly useful feature – buying in bulk.

capital fun tips

In order to buy several ventures at once, you need to change the buying scale, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. In the beginning, this scale is set to x1, which means that all of your purchasing will acquire only one business in question. For instance, one advertising company, one media house, and so on. However, if you change the scale to x10, or x100, you will be able to obtain 10 or 100 french fries shops with only one tap of the button.

In addition to all that, Capital Fun lets you buy a maximum amount of a certain type of corporations, depending on your available funds. In other words, if you set the buying scale to Max, you will purchase the maximum number of those particular ventures.

7. Attract New Investors

Once you start making some serious money, you will notice that people around you want to hang out with you a bit more than they used to when you were just an ordinary, struggling entrepreneur. This ‘phenomenon’ is true both in real life and in Capital Fun, and you can use this occurrence to your advantage. During gameplay of Capital Fun, the more investors you attract – the more profits you will make, i.e. the higher the percentage of earnings you will have.

capital fun investors

Investors are no fools, and they will only reach out to you if they see that you are doing well and that you are making smart choices. That is why the players will need to reach a certain level of fortune before any of the investors will come knocking on their doors. However, as you grow your business empire, the word will spread, and slowly but surely – the oligarchs and the moguls will want to invest in your ventures.

Besides attracting the investors with affluence and lavish lifestyle, you can also double the number of investors by watching an ad. We suggest that you make the most of this opportunity as well since it provides a convenient way to boost your profits and make more money in the end.

8. Sell Your Businesses At The Right Time

When playing Capital Fun, most of the time you will be buying stuff, and you will become pretty good at it as time goes by. However, experts in economics and corporate management will tell you that selling is also a part of the yin and yang. In other words, you need to balance purchase and sales in an appropriate manner if you want to have a portfolio full of success stories. That is why we are here to advise you on when and how to sell all of your businesses and start from zero.

Even though such a scenario may sound dramatic, the decision to sell your business to investors is something that needs to be done. Of course, you will earn from the sale, and the points you obtain will allow you to level up, in most cases. Other than that, you will start from scratch, but with certain differences. What this means is that your new hotdog stand will be more profitable than before, i.e. every business you acquire in the new round will yield higher revenues.

Once more, watching an ad can speed up the process, and we suggest that you do so because the process of selling a multimillionaire enterprise can last for up to eight hours!

9. Participate In The Tournaments

Capital Fun is a simulation which will probably activate your competitive spirits, and that is why the Tournament feature is a great option for the vast majority of players. After all, why not compare your fortune with others since you have been working so hard to establish your business empire?

capital fun tricks

The tournaments will start once your business earns $10T, which may seem like a hefty sum. However, most players will reach this goal within a couple of days of casual playing of the game. Of course, active players will get there much faster. Either way, once you reach this milestone, a new feature will be unlocked and you will be able to participate in the competitions.

The rules of the tournaments are pretty simple: the one who makes the most money – wins! The duration of the competition is limited, and the players are divided into groups, i.e. cities. If you want to become the most powerful capitalist in New York, you will have to earn massive amounts of dollars.

With the final tip in our 9-point Capital Fun guide, we conclude the review, and we also hope that these strategies and tactics will help the players on their mission to obtain the biggest fortune ever. If you are familiar with any other useful tips or tricks for the game, leave us a message in the comment area!


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Do you have to play tournaments. It took me to it and I can't get back to the regular game