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Sea Game: Mega Carrier Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Assembling the Strongest Armada Ever

Naval battles, admirals, and all sorts of battleships await the players who join Sea Game: Mega Carrier – a real-time multiplayer strategy title created by Tap4Fun. The actual plot of the game follows the aftermath of World War II, but in an altered space and time. The Allies are on a mission to stop the evil project named Final Medusa, and this is the place where you fit in.

sea game mega carrier cheats

Your task is to bravely embark on a quest after quest and to destroy the enemy submarines, carriers, and all sorts of other vessels. Of course, naval battles can present a challenge even for an experienced sea wolf, and that is why our Sea Game: Mega Carrier tips, cheats and strategies will help you overcome the opponents and save the day. Godspeed, captain! With that said, let’s move on to our Sea Game: Mega carrier guide for some much-needed tips and tricks!

1. Always Keep An Eye On The Missions Menu

In order for players to know what they should be doing, Sea Game: Mega Carrier has incorporated a useful and convenient feature which displays the missions on a clearly visible spot. Slightly to the upper left corner of the screen, the Missions menu resembles a message board, and in a way – all sorts of helpful messages will be displayed in this box.

However, the players need to always observe this menu since it holds vital in-game information. For instance, Missions and Side Missions of Sea Game: Mega Carrier are highly rewarding, and after every completed mission – the players can collect a relatively valuable prize. An icon of a wrapped present will appear in the Menu, and we advise the players to collect the rewards as soon as they appear in the messages. By claiming the gifts, the players will boost the quantity of gold and oil which they have in stock.

sea game mega carrier missions

After collecting the rewards, the players can invest those resources in various ways. Also, new missions will be clearly displayed, and this will allow you to direct your activities towards accomplishing a new objective.

2. Harvest The Resources Regularly

Like most other strategy games, Sea Game: Mega Carrier is all about the resources, i.e. a steady stream of in-game currency usually presents the difference between success and failure. Typically, resources can be ‘transformed’ into useful items, and this game also will let you trade materials and sell the ones you don’t need at the time. With that being said, Sea Game: Mega Carrier allows the players to collect two types of resources – oil and gold, and that is why we urge the players to build as many gold mines and refineries as possible. By constructing these facilities, the players will lay down a solid groundwork for their upcoming endeavors and adventures.

Unfortunately, the resources in Sea Game: Mega Carrier will not be collected automatically, and you need to harvest them manually. In other words, the players are required to tap on a gold mine or a refinery every once a while to add resources to stock. Since this game constantly moves you into action, a big pile of funds and supplies is more than welcome. If you collect the supplies regularly and if you combine your domestic production with the loot from the naval battles – your base can quickly flourish and become a highly efficient and successful destination.

3. Never Let Construction Workers Be Idle For Long

Since we briefly mentioned the construction of new buildings, let us elaborate on the topic in question. When it comes to Sea Game: Mega Carrier, the players can construct all sorts of facilities, including repair factories, workshops, labs, storehouses, and even markets and radio stations. Of course, you will need to have available funds for all those investments, but our previous tip has explained how you can gather large quantities of resources. Another requirement for construction is a qualified workforce, and construction workers in this strategy game are of extreme importance.

sea game mega carrier tips
By watching a video ad you can add another team of workers, and this move will open up a world of possibilities. That is why we strongly recommend such an action. Two teams can work simultaneously, and this eliminates the waiting time, or to be precise – reduces it significantly.

In the bottom left portion of the screen is the icon which indicated the status of the construction workers. If there is a bunch of Zzzz’s displayed on top of the icon – click on the worker and find him something to build. Your base is full of facilities that need to be upgraded and improved, and that is why the players should frequently check the status of their construction teams.

4. Upgrade The Headquarters

One of the main buildings that you need to upgrade is Headquarters. While playing Sea Game: Mega Carrier we discovered that your entire base depends on the HQ and that you need to develop this building before you can upgrade all the others. Therefore, the focus of your investments should be at the very center of your base, but there are certain requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to upgrade the Headquarters.

By clicking on the green arrow pointing upward when you open the HQ menu, you will see if the building is ready to be upgraded. If some of the requirements are not met – they will be clearly indicated by a blinking red icon, and the players will know what must be done before coming back to the center of the base.

Once all conditions are met – you can proceed with the process of upgrading. This activity is important since it allows you to improve all other services and facilities in your base, and this consequently opens up additional possibilities and opportunities. That is why we suggest that you frequently visit the HQ and check what is going on with the upgrades.

5. Level Up Your Commander

Sea Game: Mega Carrier allows you to upgrade and enhance buildings and vessels, but you can also level up your Commander. Since he is the man in charge of the base, it seems wise to invest some time and resources and improve his characteristics. The admiral of your fleet commands the armada during battle, but he also has an impact on the situation at the base. For instance, he can affect the speed with which the resources are being collected, and all of those details signify the overall importance of the leading officer.

sea game mega carrier guide

There are two different ways by which you can level up your Commander, and we recommend that you use both of those methods. The categories in question are called Talents and Military Rank, and their names pretty much speak for themselves. When it comes to Talents – your admiral can improve his leadership skills, as well as numerous other features. On the other hand, the Military Rank boosts the Commander’s passive skills, and the better the rank – the more respectable your base becomes. Not only that the Rank affects your position in an Alliance, but it also helps with certain mundane tasks, such as harvesting of gold or oil, and so on.

6. Constantly Produce New Units

Sea Game: Mega Carrier features an intuitive battle system, and with the help of excellent 3D graphics – you will witness some seriously epic naval warfare when playing this mobile game. At the early stages of the game, the players will need to beat opponents under the class Scylla. Of course, higher levels of the game will bring on more challenging enemies, and you will need to assemble a powerful fleet in order to emerge victorious from those encounters in the open sea.

Aside from Megacarriers, which are a powerful unit on their own, your fleet will consist of several other types of vessels. Admittedly, they do not have the power of a Megacarrier, but what they lack in size – they make up for in quantity! The volume of the units that you can produce is remarkable, but according to our experience – you should always produce new units.
No matter if you are creating destroyers, submarines, carriers, or battleships – just keep ’em coming. Once you need to assemble a squadron, having more ships means more firepower, and that is why you should invest the resources in the development of new vessels.

7. Benefit From Joining An Alliance

The plot of Sea Game: Mega Carrier revolves around the conflict between the everlasting enemies – good and evil. Your task is to defend the Allies and to prevent Project Medusa from altering space and time. However, this is easier said than done, and you will require a lot of help if you are planning to take down an entire army of ships.

Even though the early stages of the game may trick you into thinking that your armada is invincible, you will quickly realize that a lone wolf out in the open sea is destined to drown. Luckily, there is a simple and convenient solution for all these problems, and it comes in the form of an alliance.

sea game mega carrier strategy

By deciding to join a group of players who are on the same mission, your burden will become much easier. In a practical sense, you will experience a boost in various ways. For instance, the alliances give out wages, and these funds can help your overall balance. Other than that, you can receive help in construction workers, materials, and so on. Of course, you will be asked, in return, to help out your fellow members from time to time.

8. Collect Online Rewards

Alliances can be powerful and they can substantially improve your odds of surviving the harsh battles, but you will need all the help you can get if you want to come out victorious in the end. Just like most other games, Sea Game: Mega Carrier provides players with all sorts of ‘freebies’, and these gifts can entice the players and motivate them to continue fighting for the righteous cause.

Daily and Weekly Logins are a norm when it comes to the world of mobile games, and Sea Game: Mega Carrier delivers abundantly on this front. On top of all that, there is a highly convenient feature which rewards the players every five minutes, and this is one of the reasons why we urge you to visit the game frequently. A small landing pad will indicate the place where the package should arrive, and this lovely gift is called Online Rewards.

Once you click on this facility, a hot-air balloon will deliver a package, and this reward will improve your balances of gold, oil, and so on. The best thing about this feature is that it comes with no strings attached, and you can receive completely free gifts every five minutes!

9. Exchange Items And Resources

As we explained in some of the previous tips in our 9-point guide, Sea Game: Mega Carrier provides players with sufficient rewards and incentives. However, your base needs to be a sustainable and self-sufficient territory, and that is why trading on the Market and visiting a Merchant ship are good ideas. During our playing sessions, we noticed that Speedups are often more valuable than money, and you can only acquire those boosts by exchanging gold and oil for different types of Speedups.

sea game mega carrier tricks

In case you decide to visit the Store, you will be presented with a range of available options for trading. Furthermore, some items will be on sale, and we advise the players to check into that and see if anything interesting is available. At the store, players can exchange diamonds for gold and oil, or vice versa, but there are also all sorts of buffs available in this section.

Every once and a while, your base will be visited by a Merchant ship. The wise old merchant will offer you even better deals than the ones at the store, and players should always hop on board his vessel and explore what he has to offer.

This advice concludes our Sea Game: Mega Carrier guide, and we hope that these strategies and tactics can help players on their adventures. If you happen to know any other useful tips, tricks or cheats, feel free to leave us a comment below!


Wednesday 9th of September 2020

Can we get an update on this article? The game has changed a bit since it was written. Still does have some usefulness to it.

Bobby Perdue

Friday 15th of November 2019

My megacarrer weapons are full is says I have 200 I can't make new ones I thank orange is the strongest ones how do I clear off the white ones


Saturday 30th of May 2020

By upgrading the older ones in the same shipyard you created them in.


Wednesday 18th of September 2019

How am I reducing the time for the mascot (s). what is the best strategy to arrive at the fastest 200 currency required to complete the quest and be in the top of the ranking.


Sunday 2nd of June 2019

What is the best recommended equipment to be intalled on each mega carrier? Thanks


Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

I have my gold prod at 70k and my upkeep at 36, but i am losing gold by the hour, i do not undestand why. Every gold farm is at max lvl..

Please help


Wednesday 17th of July 2019

Your fleet requires gold every hour. Its a maintenance fee.

Joshua Skrzynski

Thursday 13th of June 2019

Your gold qill drain automatically while your gold per hour is manually clicked. Even after u click your gold it still drains