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Top Eleven 2019 Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Intermediate to Expert Managers

Nordeus, the company behind the popular Top Eleven series of football management games, is back with Top Eleven 2019 for iOS and Android devices. If you weren’t able to catch our Top Eleven 2019 beginner’s guide, much of the new game’s mechanics have carried over from previous versions, ensuring a familiar experience for those who’ve played Top Eleven titles in the past. Unlike other association football/soccer management games that feature real-life teams and players, Top Eleven has always sold itself as a game where you can compete against other human-controlled teams from all over the world, as you choose your own formations and further test your skills in terms of setting your lineup, tactics, and training drills. This year’s version is no different apart from some “small improvements,” and if you’ve been playing the game previously, you can download this new version and continue where you left off the last time.

Not long ago, we shared with you a Top Eleven 2019 beginner’s guide that focused mainly on the fundamental aspects of the Top Eleven experience as a primer for beginners. But for those who have been playing this year’s version (or other versions) for some time, this Top Eleven 2019 guide covers a range of intermediate and expert tips that could help you progress further from one league to the next. Who knows — you just might learn or re-learn some brand new tips and tricks! So without further ado, let’s move on to our Top Eleven 2019 tips, cheats and strategies!

1. How To Make The Right Pre-Game And In-Game Adjustments

Before any scheduled match against any team in Top Eleven 2019, it’s important that you do your homework and scout the opponent. It’s not enough that you complete those training drills and make sure everyone is playing their listed position. You should also see how you compare against your opponent and make the necessary adjustments. Do they have some high-quality attackers? You can either beef up your defense by lining up five defenders, or try a counter-attacking strategy (under Tactics and Force Counter-Attacks) if your midfielders and attackers are more than competent. On the opposite side of things, you can switch to a more attacking mentality and line up more attackers/attacking midfielders if your opponent’s defense is either especially strong (in order to neutralize that defense) or especially weak (to take advantage of things and hope for a goal-fest). These are simply the basics, but you should get the idea here — especially once you make it to the higher-ranked leagues, it would no longer suffice for you to simply run some drills, use some Morale Boosters/Rests to ensure your team is well-prepared, and hope for the best. Advance scouting is important, and we cannot stress this enough.

top eleven 2019 match preview

Likewise, when you’re actually playing the match, you should constantly be making changes if things aren’t working out for you. Of course, you can let the AI do the managing if you cannot be online at the time the match is taking place — you cannot, after all, be expected to be available for every single match. But if you’re available to manage, you might as well watch the match play out and make changes on the fly. Make sure you have substitutes across several positions to give you more options, and switch your tactics accordingly — similar to what we advised above, you can up the ante on your attack if you’re behind by more than a goal (or if that doesn’t work after about 10 in-game minutes, switch to a counter-attacking or defensive strategy), or get more defensive and more conservative if you’re ahead, especially if you’re protecting a narrow lead about 60 minutes or more into the match.

2. Take Part In The Team Events

Top Eleven 2019 isn’t just about the league play, as you can enter your team in the special events Nordeus has to offer from time to time. For example, the France Tour is the ongoing event at the writing of this article, and it pits your team against a gauntlet of other teams — don’t worry about your players getting fatigued or losing morale after a defeat, because the rules explicitly state that condition, morale, or injuries do not get affected by the matches you play in the event. (This would apply to other team events as well.) Be sure to read the rules before joining an event, and keep your team prepared in order for you to perform well and win all those freebies! It may be tokens (the premium currency), Rests, Morale Boosters, Treatments, or other goodies, but regardless of what they are, you should know by now that you’ll always want to have a lot of these handy.

3. Player Events Are Also Worth Joining

Aside from those team events, Top Eleven also has player events, such as the ongoing Top Scorer Challenge. The only requirement here is that your club has the league’s top goal scorer — for this, you’ll probably want to keep your best striker on the lineup on a regular basis, and save up your Rests/Morale Boosters/Treatments for him in the event he gets too fatigued, demoralized, or gets injured. Winning a player event could also earn you some additional resources like the ones we mentioned above, as well as an attribute boost for a given player/players. For the Top Scorer Challenge, whoever is your league’s top goal scorer will get a 30 percent boost in Finishing, while your club will get 10 free Rests. These events, like the Team Events, could take quite some time to complete, even a few weeks, but they’re worth a shot!

4. You Can Reschedule Matches, But It Will Cost You

Determined to manage your team and make sure they’ve got absolutely the best chance of winning a big match? The good news is that Top Eleven 2019 allows for you to change the scheduled time of an upcoming match. Simply tap on the pencil icon next to the scheduled date and time and change to whatever time is more convenient for you, provided it’s available. (Some time slots may already be occupied by other matches.) There are, however, some limitations — one, the game does not allow you to shift to an earlier time in the same day, two, you can only move a match no more than one day later, and three, making changes to the schedule will cost you two tokens. It isn’t much, but if you keep rescheduling matches, those two tokens per change could really add up. We suggest saving those two tokens for a schedule change for those matches that truly matter — if you’re facing a weak opponent, you can, in most cases, let the AI do the managing for you (simplistic as the AI strategy may be) if you really cannot be online in order to watch and manage as the match happens.

5. Avoid The ‘Rest Players’ And ‘Quick Training’ Options

The path to success in Top Eleven, in most cases, cannot be taken with shortcuts — that’s all we have to say about this. But since we also need to elaborate on this, we are referring to two options you may have noticed in the Training menu — Rest Players and Quick Training. The former can be found after you tap on Physio Centre, and can be found on the bottom left of that menu. Choosing Rest Players gives you the option to speed up the rest period for your entire squad, though there is obviously a trade-off for this — 10 Rests. We would only recommend this if you’re loaded with Rests and are getting ready for a big game against a tough opponent.

top eleven 2019 rules

The second option we were referring to is Quick Training — this is the button right next to Physio Centre at the bottom of the Training menu. As the game explains, Quick Training allows your assistant to “arrange a good session” for your squad’s fit players and ensures they’ll “feel in good shape” afterward. You can choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard training levels of intensity, but based on our experience with Quick Training, we only recommend choosing Easy or Medium once your assistant tells you your team only needs a few more drills to be well-prepared for a match. The results will likely be solid but unspectacular, and those are not the results you want if you’re scheduling your first training drills of the day.

6. The Transfer Market

In order to improve your team, you’ll need to do more than just take care of the players you already have. You’ll also have to add new players through the transfer market. How does this feature work, and how can you make the most out of it?

Every two days, your assistant will come back with a list of new players, which you can view in the Scouting tab. These are players who are, in many cases, better than the ones you already may have, but keep in mind as well that these players are typically quite expensive and could cost you a ton of tokens. The good thing about buying players through the Scouting tab, however, is that there’s no bidding involved — the price you see in tokens is each player’s buy-now price, which means you won’t need to worry about competition from other managers.

Alternately, you could also go to Negotiations and make an initial bid for a player recently added to the transfer list, though this, as you may surmise, will lead you to the process we will be describing next. The Auctions tab is where you’ll want to go if you’d rather compete against other managers in hopes of buying a better player on the cheap. We normally suggest making a new bid once the clock shows only two seconds or less remaining (preferably one), though once you do that, the clock will go back to 10 seconds in order to give other managers a chance to outbid you, should they be able to afford the player you’re all trying to bid for. If nobody else tops the offer you made before the 10 seconds is up, that player is yours, though you’ll need to manually drag him up to the starting lineup or substitutes list in order to ensure he’s ready for your next match.

Before we forget, bear in mind that we’ve mostly mentioned tokens, but that signing players will also cost you some common currency. Likewise, your cash bid will go up along with the token bid once you place a new bid during a player auction.

7. Be Careful Not To Overpay For New Players

When bidding for players or buying them straight-up, it’s important to take into account the player’s quality in relation to their price in tokens — the percentage refers to how skilled a player is in relation to other players in your league, while the number after that is their raw overall quality rating. That means someone with a quality of 92% (43) is in the top eight percent of players in your league, while someone with a quality of 30% (15) is in the bottom 30 percent. You don’t want to be spending 20-plus tokens on someone whose quality isn’t at Excellent level or better, so you’ll be best advised to withdraw from a player auction if you realize you could be overpaying for that player. Age is also an important consideration — don’t be fooled into bidding or paying a ton of tokens for that 100%-or-better quality guy who’s pushing his mid-30s, especially if you plan to play multiple seasons of Top Eleven. Younger high-quality players will always be better than older ones with a similar quality percentage, though if you were to ask us, we suggest limiting your purchases to players who are younger than 30.

8. Why Should You Join An Association?

Now if you’re trying to maximize the social aspect of playing Top Eleven 2019, you may be thinking of joining an association, or creating one. How do associations work, and what’s in it for you?

As the game points out, associations are all about testing your pure managerial skills and interacting more directly with other managers. Your squad’s quality will be based exclusively on that of your players, and not your manager level, and that means a “level playing field” for all members of the association you join or create. Association tournaments are played on weekends, and you don’t need to worry about your players’ condition getting in the way of those regular league matches — they’ll recover instantly after the association matches. And as we said earlier, all this points to a greater focus on your ability to choose the right tactics and make the right decisions. No longer could you rely on your manager level to exert dominance over most of the other teams in your league, as everyone’s on relatively even footing here. That may be a challenge for some, but the rewards will be worth it if you perform well in the tournaments — just think about the resources you could win and how you can use them to keep your team prepared for those league matches!

As a bonus tip, it’s always advisable to join an association from your own home country — this makes for better interactions, after all! The game will automatically display associations from home when you’re joining a new one, so you won’t need to venture far if you’re shopping around for the best association to join.

9. Share Your Milestones In Social Media For More Tokens

This isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you’re having a hard time earning more tokens, or if you’ve run through your supply of tokens after making a huge purchase, you might want to try this out in order to get an instant five-token injection per pop. Once you sign a new player, renew your sponsorship contract, start work on a new upgrade or addition on your grounds, or see any notification for a recently completed milestone, the game will ask you if you want to share those milestones to Facebook. Choosing “yes” will, of course, post that milestone to your Facebook account, but you will get five tokens for doing so — it’s a small sacrifice, and if you’re worried about looking like one of those Facebook users who spams their contacts with game notifications, updates, and other mobile gaming-related stuff, you could always delete the post from Top Eleven once you’ve claimed your freebies!

10. Don’t Forget Your Grounds

Last, but not the least, here’s something you should not neglect as part of your duties as a manager, but all too many managers neglect nonetheless. As time passes, you’ll need more common currency (cash) for those player bids and purchases if you want to stay competitive in the higher leagues. Those sponsorships won’t be enough to fill your coffers and give you more than enough cash for a rainy day, so with that in mind, you should also access the Grounds menu from time to time and make some changes to your facilities in order to earn more cash.

top eleven 2019 ground

Naturally, making changes to your Stadium, Parking Lot, Medical Center, Youth Center, and other buildings will cost you some cash. And you could only perform one upgrade at a time. However, if you’re patient enough, you’ll find yourself earning more cash on a daily basis as you attract more fans to your matches! It’s not exciting, but updating the Grounds is still an important part of achieving success in Top Eleven 2019.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Top Eleven 2019! In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment area below!


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Tried sharing but doesn't give me any token...

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if i buy a player from.scouting will he lose a star after the season ?

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Does the energy of the players restore automatically?

Brandon Grams

Sunday 21st of July 2019

Jimmy 6% every 3 hours. For me it's 1:10 am, 4:10 am, 7:10 am, etc. all day, so when factoring in how much I can train my players and how much fitness they'll recover by the time of the match I go by that rule. Go to the training home screen and in the bottom left should be a tab called Physio Center. Click it and you'll see a screen where it tells you how much time is remaining until the next 6% recovery. The next one will be 3 hours after that and so on. Hope this helps.


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