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Errant: Hunter’s Soul Advanced Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Breeding, Fishing and Horse Training

NetEase’s Errant: Hunter’s Soul continues to gain popularity as more players discover the vastness of its world the plethora of features it offers. Although often associated with Capcom’s Monster Hunter, Errant: Hunter’s Souls does not simply bank on the former’s popularity and unique gameplay but also works on providing more features and game mechanics that broaden the array of activities players can engage in. The open world set-up where you can see all other players and leaves so many rooms for personal exploration should be more than enough to provide hours after hours of added gameplay on top of the usual behemoth battles, gear crafting, and item farming activities in the game.

If you want to take some time off from all the tense behemoth battles and continuous grinding for some rare materials for all those equipment upgrades, there is plenty of stuff to do in Errant: Hunter’s Soul that is more relaxing yet still contributes to your character’s overall growth. As we also do our share of taking some time off from hunting behemoths, our guide will be closing in on the other aspects of the game that you may have missed or haven’t bothered to try. In any case, our Errant: Hunter’s Soul guide can help you ease down on battles without necessarily lagging behind in terms of game progress as we discuss each activity you can engage in while resting between behemoth-hunting quests.

1. Spend Some Time To Catch Fish

errant hunter's soul fishing

There’s actually a lot more to fishing in Errant: Hunter’s Soul that you might have known. On top of the varieties of fish you can collect for exploration points, there are a lot of items you can get out of the shores you can cast your fishing lines on. Although you do have limited vitality to spend on fishing and similar activities, this is actually a sort of mini game you shouldn’t miss out on. Once you unlock more areas in the game, be sure to check on different fishing areas as each one holds a certain set of unique fishes and materials. You can obtain important ingredients for cooking food for you or for your allies, hard to obtain materials for taming horses, treasure maps, or even items you can use for alchemy that are difficult to acquire elsewhere. There are various baits you can use which can raise the probability of catching different species of fish or different items but if you need to spend money to purchase more expensive bait, understand that you can do very well with the most basic one.

2. Horse Training And Breeding

Horses aren’t just mounts to ride on if you want to travel faster from one spot to the next, each horse you acquire will have unique basic stats and attributes you need to look into as you choose which one to enable. You can see the horses you have in your stable and highlight each one to see their details. You can feed horses to boost their growth. Be sure to click on the exclamation mark just beside the attributes to see more details relative to each attribute they possess.

errant hunter's soul horse hunting and breeding

If you want to obtain more horses, simply click on the Errant Store icon, which looks like an open scroll, at the upper right side of your screen and select Expertise and Horse Training. You can instantly move to where Cassandra is, then select exploration and then click on the Rein tab. You will need incenses for every attempt to capture a horse and these can be crafted through alchemy using ingredients you can obtain from the fishing areas.

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Be sure to master the art of sneaking and get used to lightly tapping your virtual directional pad at the very start of the mission as horses are very sensitive to fast movement and will gallop away when it senses you coming. Feel free to ignore monster mobs and focus on the task at hand. Always stay at the rear end of the horse which is their blind side. Once you successfully get near the horse, tap on the saddle icon to initiate the capture. It’s an easy tap-timing activity and you need to click each time the heart lines up with heart icon, you won’t need go get it all perfectly especially for the easiest mode. In any case, try to only maintain up to a full roster of 4 horses as you will definitely be using one as your trusty mount, while you can utilize the others for some missions you can engage in at the tavern later on. Unlike you and the rest of the living creatures in the game, horse age and will have to be retired at some point.

A horse’s rarity is determined by its generation which comes from 1 to 6 with 1 being the lowest or most common and the least stat bonuses. With horse breeding, you can breed horses all the way up the sixth generation but it does cost some items to do so. Likewise, horses much reach a certain maturity level prior to breeding. As you can also capture third generation horses through horse hunt, you should very well save the breed attempts and breeding items to breed together third generation ones.

3. Spend Time To Cook And Eat For Buffs

Upgrading weapons and armor comes first when it comes to preparing yourself for the battles ahead but on top of having the best gear equipped, being the best you can be before each challenge requires snacking on the best grubs in the game, which is food you cook on your own, of course. Cooking is one of the activities you should definitely make a habit of as consuming food can provide you huge buffs for an important battle. A lot of the basic ingredients you need to make cuisines can be found in maps that you explore but some can also be initially bought from the market if immediately needed.

errant hunter's soul cooking

To initiate cooking, simply click on the errant stores icon and expertise, and choose cooking to go immediately to Avril. You can purchase cooked meals from her as well as some spices, but what you should rather do is to choose to make cuisines yourself to earn gourmet experience points. Earning enough gourmet experience points will level up your skills and after reaching a certain level, you can unlock more food to cook which can provide more buffs and earn you more experience points. Consuming food will grant you the stat boost for the next battle so use it wisely.

To unlock more food items, be sure to check on the menu icon and click on the skill button, select the Expertise and Gourmet tabs and click “Learn Expertise”. You need to spend 10,000 silver for each new food item you need to unlock but each one is surely worth it.

4. Increase Your Friends’ Affection Levels

There are plenty of characters you will meet in your adventure as you explore the world of Errant: Hunter’s Soul. On top of the companions whom you can take with you in certain quests and missions, most NPCs you meet along the way have a certain affection level relative to the things you do and accomplish in the game. Simply enough, mere quests and mission completions may not be enough to please everyone and in many instances where you need to choose a response from multiple choices, you will most likely not be able to always increase the correct person’s affection level. As higher affection levels provide great boosts, not just in combat where your companions’ efficiency in battle and skill level can be enhanced. You may receive new skills as well as unlock additional features when some NPCs reach a certain affection level and as such, you should do your best to raise them fast through gifting. You can gift as many times as you can afford per day and there are a variety of items you can give each character although some will most definitely raise their level of affection much faster.

errant hunter's soul affection level

To identify the best gifts you can send to each ally in your adventure, you can visit Milton at the Prancing Pub in Nightwatch Fort and pay at least a thousand silver pieces to hear a rumor about some of your allies. These rumors will always involve an item to get, and once it activates you need to be able to gift it to the specific character within 3 days. As you may have a hard time investing in every bit of rumor as well as the needed items to boost all your friend NPCs’ affection level, you may want to focus first on the ones that help you the most like the companions you take with you in battle.

5. Engage In Prayers And Meditations

Whether its weapon mastery experience, additional materials from behemoths, or extra silver to earn per battle, prayers are as essential as the food you consume to be used before heading out to battle. The candles you need to spend to be able to pray can be crafted through Alchemy so if you don’t have one at the altar, feel free to choose to synthesize and be walked automatically to Leah the alchemist so you can craft some for your usage. All the materials you need are not that hard to acquire and if you explore a lot and gather shrubs and minerals, you should have a steady supply of the basic ingredients.

As the buffs to be received, which depend on the candle use, can easily be seen at the altar, make sure to determine what you would need the most before spending any candles. If you need more behemoth materials, then go for the Gratitude Prayer and so on.

errant hunter's soul prayers and meditation

With each behemoth battle you engage in and hunter soul you obtain comes with a dire penalty that comes in the form of corruption. This continues to pile up after each behemoth battle and soon enough, your chest will start to earn a red glow. Later on, an intense corruption will no longer make you unable to partake in any quest or mission and that would be the time for you to meditate.

The meditation option can be accessed through the arrow icon on the lower left portion of your screen. You need to craft and consume soothing incense which can be easily obtained by paying another little visit to Leah the alchemist. Because of the consumable item, you may want to wait for the actual corruption to be at its peak before you meditate.

There are plenty more of things to explore and discover in the world of Errant: Hunter’s Soul so be sure to not limit yourself to what you can instantly see or travel to using the map. If you are off quests and missions, spend the time to visit each icon especially the ones with exclamation marks for additional side quests. Explore icons you can click on top read through some of the information that can help you further enhance your hero or progress your game. As Errant: Hunter’s Souls isn’t as linear as other MMORPGs are, there are plenty of optional activities to delve into if you have the time. Again, this is one of those games where the more time and dedication invested reaps you the better rewards, so if you are loving what the game has to offer, remember that practically anything you do in-game counts towards your progress.

This is the end of our advanced guide for Errant: Hunter’s Soul and we hope you learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared. As we continuously dig deeper into the game ourselves, we hope to discover more things that we can share with you. If there are additional tips and strategies that we may have missed relative to the topics we discussed, feel free to share them with us and let us know through the comment section below!