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Final Blade Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

As a first game released by SkyPeople which is a new entrant in the mobile gaming space, Final Blade has proven to have gone beyond successful just days following its official global launch on both Android and iOS platforms. Easily climbing the charts to become among the top-grossing games in several countries, Final Blade has definitely captured the hearts of Strategy RPG fans everywhere with its wide roster of cleverly-designed characters and stunning visuals. Final Blade basically offers everything RPG lovers would want and hope for in any mobile role-playing game as it exhibits tons of content that includes PvE and PvP game modes and several modes of upgrades and enhancements. There’s plenty to do and tinker around with which totally defeats routine and monotony. If you are an RPG fan looking for some over-the-top strategy RPG or if you are totally new to this genre, Final Blade most definitely has something in store for you to get hooked on.

Final Blade sets you in on a war-torn fantasy world where at the brink of defeat, you must stand your ground and struggle through countless battles in hopes of ending the war. There are plenty of heroes who can join you along the way and careful planning and selection must be done to establish a balanced, well-rounded team that you will take to battle. On top of the experience you gain with each fight, there are various ways to boost the strength of your party. The skills of each hero can be upgraded as each hero can be further enhanced as well. Various items are available and while some are useful for everyone, there are class-restricted gears as well. The initial gameplay of Final Blade sets you in on an adventure that pursues the main story of the game, but as you reach new heights through levelling up, you will uncover several features and game modes to help you earn more experience and enhancement items that will aid you in your adventure. It’s not entirely a game that relies on power as a good strategy leaves you at much better standing on several occasions.

At first glance, the detailed backgrounds topped only by the intricate designs of the characters may give you an instant impression of the game’s complexity. As you stride through the initial minutes of gameplay though, the detailed tutorials will provide you with all you need to know to progress in the game. Several new game modes and features will become available as you reach new levels and a quick tutorial is available every first visit to each one. While strategy RPGs may seem like a constant grind to increase your team’s power levels, strategy plays a key role in raising your chances for victory especially in more challenging battles. If you are in a bit of a crunch and somewhat confused at how to go about engaging Final Blade’s world and its numerous game modes, or if you are progressing fairly enough but looking for more efficient ways of raising your team’s power and winning against the many battles that you engage in, then our Final Blade tips, cheats and strategies can be of great help to you in your journey.

1. Build A Powerful Team Based On Classes And Grades

The most basic necessity every player needs to focus on in strategy RPGs like Final Blade is forming and investing in a good team right from the start of the game. Heroes can be categorized by their classes, which more or less give you an idea of the role they have to play in the team; as well as star grades which banks on their rarity and inherent base power level and stats. While there are no strict rules in Final Blade as to how you can set your team up, utilizing each of the classes will be more efficient and brings about a great blend of offense and defense necessary to survive and win through more challenging ordeals in the game. Warriors and Assassins are your natural frontline heroes. Warriors typically sport higher defense and are the best candidate for tanks while assassins have higher mobility and higher DPS. Mages and Marksmen are your range combat experts with mages utilizing powerful AoE spells and team buffs while Marksmen usually have great ranged physical DPS. Lastly, but most definitely a necessary member of any team are monks who provide heals and some support skills to ensure the team’s survival.

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You will have a 5-star character at the start of your adventure and quickly acquire some 4-star heroes to join you in the initial battles. With tons of events and in-game rewards, you can easily summon more heroes to join your roster. As an important time and resource-saving tactic, you should invest in 5-star or higher quality heroes as soon as you can. Likewise, focus on the top 5 heroes you have following class considerations, leadership skills, and of course, star grades. There’s an abundant supply of sapphires on the first few days of your game so you may want to save them up for a 10x summon which costs 2,000 sapphires. Take note, though, that following the first 10x summon, you can get the second one for any 1,800 sapphires. There are free summons at the shop as well but will mostly get you mostly 1 to 3-star heroes only.

One important aspect of team creation follows Final Blade’s feature of unlocking and changing battle formations. Depending on the roster of classes in your team, there are a variety of formations to choose from. Additionally, you should also upgrade your preferred team formation or formations as each one can provide additional buffs for your entire team. You can use the formation that provides the stat buffs you mostly need for your team. Sometimes a more offensive approach is recommended while more challenging battles may require more defensive buffs. Like each hero’s max level, formation levels are also capped following the account level.

2. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

There are various ways and means to upgrade and enhance your heroes in Final Blade and most options to do so are easy to do. Despite that, each upgrade costs resources which are limited and as such, you should be selective early on and save every bit of resource to focus on heroes you are certain you will be using for a long time. First of all, switch in higher grade heroes to use in battle as soon as you obtain some as engaging in battles will be your primary means of earning experience points to level up your account and your heroes. You should also consider only levelling up the skills of 5 to 6-star heroes as it will be relatively easy to acquire some 6-star heroes through fusions later on. Once you acquire a new one, consider stopping the upgrades for the switched out heroes. Your new hero which may be behind in terms of level can be trained once you unlock the training facility to catch up on power fast.

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Another important point you constantly need to remember is that removing equipment from heroes cost spirits unless you are okay to lose the previously equipped item for good. Feel free to equip the best ones as they come and only save 3 to 5 star-ranked equipment if you need to change them. Consider upgrading equipment only if you are certain they will stay with the character for a long time as higher class equipment are more expensive to detach from heroes.

Soon enough, you will be able to obtain more 5-star heroes than you need for your team. Enhance the 5-star heroes that you are not using in battle by feeding 4-star heroes to rank them up to a maximum of rank of 7. You can also use 1 to 3-star grade heroes to do so but the probability of success will be low so it will typically result in a waste of those heroes and gold. For best results, just use 4 star heroes for enhancement and simply sell lower ranked ones to gain a little more gold. Although it would appear that you have an abundant supply of gold at the early stages of the game, you will come to find that it drains rather easily with the multitude of upgrade and enhancement options that require gold to use.

Once you max out the enhancement of two 5-star heroes, combine them to get a random 6-star hero. Later on, you may want to keep a good supply of sapphires in case you obtain a 6-star hero that you already have. Much later in the game, you can combine two 6-star heroes plus an Eternal Fox Essence, which is a hard to acquire resource material, to acquire an advent class hero.

3. Progress Through The Adventure Chapters

The main game mode in Final Blade is the Adventure which progresses the story of the game as well as provides you with tons of experience points and rewards to sustain your team’s growth and development needs. Although auto battle is immediately available and makes progress a lot faster in this mode, you still need to tap on the screen occasionally to acquire additional spirits and sapphires. Without spending real cash, you can use the Fairy for an hour each day to automatically pick up the loot that you could miss when you are not tapping on the screen. Once you activate the fairy, you should take advantage of the 1 hour and play through adventure mode as much as you can. Each Chapter in adventure mode is divided into 10 sections. 2 of the sections in each chapter provide you with an additional reward when you successfully complete them. Additionally, earning 3-star ratings for all sections in a chapter earns you 3 more additional rewards. Be sure to remember grabbing these extra rewards by clicking on the scroll icons at the bottom of the chapter screen.

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Difficulty from one stage to the next will definitely increase, but if the challenge is too much in that you are no longer able to secure a 3-star victory or a win at all, then you may want to refrain from utilizing the auto battle feature so you can time the skill usage more precisely. Similarly, you may have gained new levels and gears for some heroes so it may be a good time to opt out and perform some skill and equipment upgrades. Be sure to remember to change the ultimate skills that you equip before heading on to battle. Prior to tapping on the “Battle Start” button, click on the icon just above it to choose the ultimate skill you prefer to use in a particular stage. Unlock all other slots for the ultimate skills as soon as you can. Using these skills in battle gains experience points for that particular skill and you can level them up at the expense of gold in the ultimate menu as well.

Once you have completed a stage in adventure mode with a 3-star rating, you can use your Sweep Tickets to instantly complete them again. As you may be want to save your tickets for later stages with better rewards, though, you can opt for repeat battles instead to continuously farm for items and experience points while leaving auto battle on.

4. Manage Your Inventory Well

There will be plenty of equipment and items to earn by regularly playing the game and soon enough, you will be notified that you need to free up some space in your bag as it may already be full and you won’t be able to squeeze in any more additional loot. You should sell all lower class equipment that you are not using on your heroes to clear up space in your bag regularly. Once heroes are equipped with at least 2-star gears, you can freely dispose of extra 2-star items and lower for some extra sapphires. Be sure to regularly check the last tab of your bag which contains many consumable items that reward you with heroes and gears once you unlock them. Using these immediately may nab you better equipment for your heroes or additional items for sale.

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With regard to heroes, there is also a limit to the number which you can hold in your roster. As mentioned earlier, use 4-star grade heroes as feeds to enhance 5-star ones for combination later on to acquire 6-star heroes. For heroes that have a grade of 3 stars and below, feel free to sell them regularly to free up more space and earn more gold.

5. Expend Daily Attempts In Battle Mode

As you progress through the adventure mode and reach new levels, you will unlock several new game modes that can offer you plenty of rewards that you won’t normally obtain from the main story. At level 22, all modes in battle will be finally unlocked for you to spend a little more time to grind. As each of these game modes has limited attempts daily, be sure to take every opportunity to earn more rewards from it.

One of the first modes you would want to spend some time on is the Daily Dungeon. As you will never have too many scrolls that launch those ultra-powerful ultimate spells, you would definitely want to grab every opportunity to earn more of them. A different dungeon becomes available each day but you can choose any from the 6 available dungeons every Sunday. The higher difficulty levels for each dungeon require you to meet the required minimum levels to be unlocked but once you do, it’s almost always an easy win for any of these dungeons.

The Black Money Chase is always important to farm since it offers huge sums of gold for easy taking. As higher difficulties in this game mode may become available a little earlier than usual, be sure to take note of the required power level prior to engaging the chase. With the assassin’s high mobility and DPS, they are top candidates in your team for chasing the looter down fast. If you are a bit short on attack power, don’t shy away from using an ultimate attack once you are close to the wagon but not dealing enough damage.

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The Raid Boss is perhaps a more challenging mode in battle but with a chance to obtain an eternal fox essence from it, which you need to obtain an advent class hero, expending attempts and actively helping other players’ raids will be beneficial for you regardless of the results. At random, you can discover rifts when you battle through the adventure mode and once you do, you can summon a raid boss which you will initially do battle with. Failing to defeat the boss makes it available for everyone else to join in. If you are lucky enough to have people joining in and defeating the boss, you will earn rewards. Likewise, you can also join in on any available raid boss battle. Whenever a raid boss you participated in is successfully defeated, there will be rewards for you to claim.

Last but not the least is Destiny which is a unique game mode where you need to have a variety of otherwise useless characters in your roster to partake in. Once you step into it, you will see a list of destiny stories as well as the required combination of characters you need in your roster to enter each short quest. We are sticking with our initial advice to dispose of lower tier heroes, though as 1-4 star heroes are very easy to get so there’s no need to worry if you won’t be able to immediately engage in any of the quests here immediately. Once you unlock this game mode, heroes needed for the quests will be marked in your roster and they won’t be included in auto-select when using heroes as enhancement ingredients or selling. You can already see the rewards you can get from all destiny quests, be sure to open those chests once you acquire them. There’s hardly any worry as well to level up the heroes you need for this game mode as most of the battles here can be successfully accomplished by level 1 heroes with no gears equipped.

6. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

As a staple feature in many online multiplayer games; clans, guilds, and alliances have long since become an integral part of RPGs as well as many varieties of online games that help boost the social aspect and activities of games. Much like in any other game, being a part of a clan in Final Blade offers a lot of advantages with no disadvantages whatsoever. Joining a clan is therefore a necessity for every player to progress as much as possible. As you would naturally want to earn extra benefits from being a member of any clan, be sure to look for and join a clan as soon as it becomes available. Likewise, what you would want is a clan that is powerful enough and has a lot of active members to ensure its success in a variety of clan-related endeavors as well as contribute to each member’s growth. It should be a mutualistic relationship though so be sure to be active and participate in clan activities whenever you can.

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The easiest and one of the most important perks you can obtain from joining a clan is the member training. You can take higher level clan members as mentors and train any of your heroes up to 2 times per day. Be sure to expend your two attempts to partake in clan raids. These are over-the-top boss battles that utilize nine of your best heroes instead of the usual five to take on a very powerful boss that no single player can beat. Despite potentially failing to kill the boss on each attempt, every bit of damage you deal to the boss helps the clan and contributes to its possible defeat. Remember that regardless if you beat the boss or not, you can earn rewards by simply participating. Be sure to also ready and update your formation for clan wars. Although you may not seem to actively participate or engage in actual battles, ensuring that formations are ready will be helpful to the clan.

7. Check Events, Mission, Index And Guide For Extra Rewards

On top of the usual daily login rewards that have become very common in a lot of games, Final Blade perhaps is among the most provident games to shower you with a plethora of rewards just for playing. To make the most out of it, be sure to check on the events icon on the upper left side of the main screen; and the mission, index, and guide icons below. When we mentioned earlier that you will have an abundant supply of sapphires to obtain more heroes than you will probably need, it’s largely because of the rewards you can obtain here. Though most of the objectives can be achieved by simply playing through the various game modes, it would be best to look into each to determine which ones from among the lists can still be achieved with relative ease.

Under the events section, you will earn great rewards for every chapter in adventure that you complete. What you may want to keep an eye on would be the Hero Trail tab which must be accomplished following a certain sequence. Each task enumerated must be completed first before proceeding to the next step. Each objective met will earn you rewards but what you should strive for is the 10x hero summon tickets to earn once you reach 100% progress. There will always be noticeable indicators when you qualify to grab some rewards from the vents so be sure to pay attention to it in-between battles. Spin the roulette as well when you have enough tickets as you would want to nab any of those rewards sooner than later. As Final Blade rewards you as well for actual time spent on the game, even if idle, be sure to claim your play time rewards.

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There are daily and weekly missions to accomplish in Final Blade as well as main missions and achievements which serve as milestones that offer one-time rewards. As you will typically earn tons of rewards from here on a daily basis following regular gameplay, you should still check on the objectives you still need to achieve to ensure that you won’t miss any of tasks that would have been rather easy for you to finish.

The index, which you can access just beside the mission icon, holds a library of all 242 heroes currently available in the game. There are full details you can see not only for the heroes you have already obtained for the rest that you have yet to unlock. Heroes in the index are grouped accordingly and earning a certain number of them will earn you hundreds of sapphires. Early on, when you constantly summon heroes from the shop, or acquire low tier ones from adventure, you will see an indicator on the index which means that there are sapphires for you to grab. Make sure to regularly visit the index when you see the mark to claim your rewards.

Lastly, but not the least, clicking on the guide to revisit or know more about the basic features of the game can also earn you free sapphires. The amounts may not be that much but checking each item on the list out only takes a few seconds. Be sure to spend a little time venturing into this and earn easy sapphires.

Remember to also check your mailbox often as a lot of the rewards you acquire won’t directly be added to your inventory. As the rewards you amass at the mailbox will expire in a few days, be sure to remember claiming all items here regularly.

There are still plenty of things to explore in Final Blade and potentially tons more of secrets to be discovered but for now, this ends our guide for the game. With potentially updates coming in sooner or later for Final Blade, we may come back to cover the game more extensively as well. We sure hope that you learned a lot from our guide and that you enjoyed reading through it. Be sure to explore some of the other features that we have not touched in our topics. Like any strategy RPG, time and dedication will be your best buddy to progress fast in this game. If there are additional tips and strategies you discovered that you would like to share with us, we will be more than happy to hear it from you so feel free to let us know in the comment section!