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Errant: Hunter’s Soul Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Hunt Behemoths Successfully and Earn More Rewards

NetEase Games, a company that’s responsible for developing popular mobile games, such as FortCraft, Rules of Survival and Survivor Royale to name a few, has just expanded its roster of massively addictive titles with a next-generation team hunting MMORPG called Errant: Hunter’s Soul. This game has been phenomenally raking in fans since it came out. For fans of the Monster Hunter series, it would seem that Errant: Hunter’s Soul has taken a lot of inspiration from it, but with the latter’s unique mechanics and its hunters’ extraordinary abilities, Errant: Hunter’s Soul gives new breath to an already popular monster hunting formula. On top of battling against oversized behemoths, there’s a lot of farming and item-gathering involved and with quick and easy access to coop multiplayer modes, Errant: Hunter’s Soul further boosts the fun and excitement you get out of each mission.

While Monster Hunter veterans may find the game relatively easier, mobile gamers in search of a great and not overwhelmingly frustrating. The graphics are top-class, the controls and interface are easy to get used to, and the relative grind needed for free players is highly acceptable. If you’re not a fan of the Monster Hunter series, or even if you played it before but found it too difficult, then try and see Errant: Hunter’s Soul for yourself and find out why most of the people who played it has positive reviews.

Errant: Hunter’s Soul takes you to the Kingdom of Errant, where the remaining human survivors, following a massive monster attack, try to reclaim lost portions of the human territory with the help of its rangers. As a new ranger bent on easing down the behemoth population in the wilderness surrounding the civilization, your goal is to hunt down as many of the herculean monsters that roam about. It won’t be a hunt marathon all day through as the essences and materials you gather from your hunts and quests can be used to craft new gears for yourself.

As the hardships continue to mount the farther you progress, you won’t be alone in your journey. Several NPCs can join you in your hunts, and even better, you can pair with other players from around the globe to make the hunts a little easier. There’s plenty of strategy and planning needed in every forthcoming battle and keen observation coupled with fast reflexes are the better half of your fighting tools. Beyond the perks of each set of gears you arm yourself with, advanced rangers must be able to customize each piece and mix and match armor sets depending on the skills and weakness of the target behemoth.

There is a vast amount of information to be learned as you begin to play Errant: Hunter’s Soul. There are plenty of tutorials as well as tips on each new activity and feature to make progress easier for even total beginners. As most travels in the map can be automated, and acquiring mounts even make the travel faster. Simply following the quest line on your first go can take you a long way to understanding everything you need to know. It’s great that the initial set of target behemoths are easy to win against regardless of your weapon of choice and your skill levels. Being able to repeat easy quests for practice as well as for extra materials can help total newbies a great deal. There may still be some simple mechanics and tips we can share to new as well as mildly experienced players in the game. If you are having a bit of trouble progressing your level and moving forward with fiercer hunts, then our Errant: Hunter’s Soul beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can surely bring you up to speed.

1. Try Each Weapon Out And Focus On One Primarily

There are seven unique weapons in Errant: Hunter’s Soul and each one offer distinctive play styles which consequently make one more effective than the other in some situations. Don’t get the wrong idea though, as you can beat any behemoth with any weapon of choice. As it is largely a matter of how you utilize each weapon, be sure to try each one out before deciding on the best one you would like to focus on for the most part of your game. Although you can easily switch from one weapon to the next one, gathering materials to craft variants of each weapon type will take a lot of time and effort most especially when you craft higher level weapons that have tons of rare required materials.

errant hunter's soul guide

Be sure to learn everything you can about your weapon of choice. As there may be plenty of attacks and combinations that can be done with some weapons, knowing the full extent of a weapon’s potential as well as how to time each attack on the field separates beginners from veterans. As you would want to be the type of ranger everyone wants to be paired with, start early on with taking note of how much time each swing, slash, or shot takes and how to squeeze in rolling in-between each attack as it will be much needed in many hunts.

Learn to determine and adjust your play style on behemoths that make it more challenging for you to win against given the weapon that you specialize in. Perhaps, some battles require less aggressiveness and more side and back stabs than others but regardless of how you play, mastering the timing of your weapon should come first before you focus on other stuff to improve on.

2. Prioritize Completion Of The Main Quests

Like many other online RPGs, Main Quests serve as starting point of any game. A lot of side missions and quests will tend to pop up as you progress and there’s an abundant need for farming extra materials for present and future needs as well. Errant: Hunter’s Soul is not devoid of side missions and a multitude of errands, but for you to be able to progress your game faster, you need to focus on the main missions at hand and stop only when you need to gather better equipment to do so. It’s better to unlock as many features as you can early on so the side missions will be a lot easier to accomplish later when you are more powerful.

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There are no delimiting factors like in-game stamina to regulate the rate by which you can progress your game and you can pretty much invest as many hours on the game as you like. As main story missions naturally tend to become more and more challenging, don’t be discouraged by stronger behemoths that stand between you and accomplishing your quest. Like Monster Hunter, which is the most comparable game to Errant: Hunter’s Soul, you can accomplish even much harder battles regardless of your weapon and armor set. What’s more important is a bit of skill, patience, and determination.

3. Make Full Use Of Your Monster Soul

Early in the game, you will be made to choose a monster soul that you will utilize for the most part of your game. You can easily acquire a lot of materials to level this up, but what is more important is that you fully know what each and every ability it endows you can do in battle. Take for example God of Warmonger Ares’ Hunter Soul. Titan Heal provides instant 25% heal plus HP regeneration for a period of time. Demon Blood initiates a Life Steal Effect which can sustain your health the moe damage you deal to a monster. Lastly, Victory Rush gives you a 30% damage boost against incapacitated behemoths like when they are paralyzed, stunned, or downed. Reading through the description alone of what each hunter souls skill can do should already give you an idea on when to use it. Each skill has limits per hunt, so make sure you use them wisely.

errant hunter's soul monster soul

You may be inclined to use your hunter souls skills early on to ensure that you won’t waste any of them but for best effects, save them towards the mid part of the battle as things become a little more challenging when the monster becomes enraged up until it’s about to die. BE sure to save the healing skills as much as you can and don’t panic on activating them when your HP is still above 50% unless the behemoth can 1-hit kill you with that much HP. Unless it’s a skill that gives advantage when the behemoth is incapacitated, try to activate skills at a safe point like after dodging or when the behemoth’s aggressiveness is not aimed towards you.

Remember to check on your hunter soul skills, as well as items you can use to enhance it, through the menu button on the upper right of your screen, just below the bag icon.

4. Take Time To Observe The Behemoth’s Behavior

The rest of the normal-sized monsters in the kingdom of Errant are easy pickings and practically mobile training dummies. Every behemoth though sports a multitude of skills and moves that can really hurt you and your companions a lot. When encountering a behemoth for the first time, spend the first moments watching it from a good distance. You will notice that there are always observable gestures before it unleashes an attack or ability. As you watch it battle you’re NPC companion, you should take note of openings before and after each type of attack and of course, depending on the weapon you use, plan how to strike as you engage it.

errant hunter's soul tips

If it’s difficult to read your companion’s message telling you that the monster you are hunting is enraged, it won’t be hard to notice the eerie glow in its eyes that would certainly give you a sign that you need to be more careful. Enraged behemoths tend to use more skills and can deal higher damage than when they are relatively calm. Some behemoths even move a bit faster than before, so keen observation timing adjustments is a must-have to ensure your victory in the hunt. For a more defensive approach, cut down the number of attacks or skills you usually unleash when a behemoth is enraged. Most especially if you have only battled a specific target for only a few times, taking a less aggressive approach is much better even if it takes much longer to defeat your target.

Don’t forget that your ranger can roll. A lot of the enemy’s skills can be avoided with a perfectly timed roll as it leaves a moderate window of invulnerability to avoid damage while you are in the act of rolling. As some types of weapons employ variants of its attack when pressed continuously, learn when and how to roll under any possible circumstance. There will be a lot of instances when you won’t be able to roll as you are in the midst of launching a skill attack or if your weapon’s attack animation is still in play. If you get tail slapped or struck in anyway by any behemoth, spamming on the roll button will also do you good as you will hit ground rolling to safety or to launch an immediate attack instead of laying flat on your back.

5. Gather Resources On The Way To Battle

errant hunter's soul resources

With limitless time allotted on a quest, be sure to go near farming points to collect minerals, herbs, honey and the like. Even the lesser monsters on the field reward you with basic materials that you will be needing for a lot of things throughout the game. As it only takes a few seconds for each attempt to grab additional materials, make sure to take some time collecting early on.

6. Activate Companions To Take With You On Some Battles

errant hunter's soul best team

As you progress through Errant: Hunter’s Soul’s main story line, you will unlock several companions that you can take with you in battle. Although only one of them will be activated from the start, you can unlock two more by clicking on the menu icon and then the companion icon. You can seat the Party (Flag) Icon if you have activated 3 companions and have a full squad for quests where you are allowed to bring all of them. When you unlock more choices for companions as well as means of promoting them, then that would be a point where you would have to be a little more selective on who you would want to keep bringing along. For beginner’s though, just ensuring that you can get the most help on any battle will be enough.

7. Break Behemoth Parts For More Damage And More Rewards

errant hunter's soul rewards

You can defeat any behemoth however you can damage it but the more efficient approach is smashing as many of its breakable parts as you can. For one, breaking a behemoth’s tail or horn for example, may reveal its vulnerable spots. Subsequently targeting that spot with attacks will deal more damage and will make the scuffle a little less time-consuming. As it may be a challenge to ceaselessly pound on a specific part of any behemoth, most especially its head, feel free to target whatever part you know you can break and bash as many as you can. Behemoths that have suffered more of its parts broken and more of its weak spots revealed will become much easier to defeat. On top of the relative ease of hunting following exploitation of a behemoth’s weakness, the chances of acquiring harder to get materials from absorbing essences grows higher the more parts you break.

8. Claim Additional Rewards From Path To Growth And Events

The Path to Growth which can be accessed through Menu and Achievements icon on the upper left of your screen not only gives you a good tracking method of determining your level of progress as well as the next steps to take, there are also plenty of rewards and titles it can offer. Be sure to make it a habit to visit this and claim your rewards as it offers a lot of items that are difficult to obtain otherwise. More importantly, it give you a concrete path to follow as far as main and side missions are concerned.

errant hunter's soul cheats

Relative to this, remember to also set a title by clicking on the icon on the upper left of your screen, which takes you to your profile, and then clicking on the title icon and the “Activate Attributes” Button. Be sure to select an attribute that matches your weapon and play style and although the initial buffs may not be that much, any bit of help should be welcomed as you will need all of it especially against the tougher behemoths.

There are still plenty of topics to cover in Errant: Hunter’s Soul and we will most likely be bringing you more guides for the game but for now, this will be all we will have for our Errant: Hunter’s Soul beginner’s guide. We most certainly hope you found our guide useful and that you enjoyed reading it. As we all dive deeper into the game to discover more of its features and secrets, we hope to be able to find more useful tips and strategies to share with you. If you discovered some additional tips and strategies that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to inform us through the comment section!

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