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Om Nom: Merge Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Save the Magic Forest

Om Nom: Merge is a hyper-casual mobile game developed by ZeptoLab, a famous mobile game development studio known for titles such as CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, Cut the Rope and King of Thieves to name a few. The company’s latest title is an idle type of game, where you deploy your units and they will earn resources for you, while you watch over them. You can use your special powers to bolster their resource gathering, and combine them to turn them into other Nommies able to gather resources even faster.

The goal of this Om Nom: Merge guide is to help people who are just starting out to make sure their progression goes as smoothly as possible, and to give pointers to help them progress as fast as possible. With that said, let’s move on to our Om Nom: Merge guide, as we present you loads of useful tips, cheats and tricks to save the magic forest!

1. Keep Combining Your Nommies

This is what you will be doing most of the time. You can combine two Nommies of the same type: this gives you a higher-level Nom, and frees up a space in your inventory, which is very important after the first few levels. To combine your Nommies, simply drag one of them on top of the other, and you will get the higher level one.

Nommies have families, and if you keep combining Nommies you will eventually discover all the species who belong to the same family, this will earn you more Nommies as a special reward, another reason to keep combining your Nommies.

how to combine noms in om nom merge

The more Nommies you combine, the faster you’ll be able to collect gold, which in turn lets you buy more Nommies, and so on. This makes progressing through the game much faster, and is the thing you will have to do the most, especially early in the game, where you get plenty of low level Nommies to combine.

To put it into perspective: A Boo (level 7 Nom) collects 75 gold per second, whereas a Totty (level 14 Nom) gathers 13.757 gold per second. The numbers grow exponentially with the Noms’ levels, so always make sure to combine as many of them as you can.

If you are stuck with a low-level Nom and can’t seem to find another one to combine him with, head to the Nommies shop, and purchase another copy of the Nom you are looking for. This is better than straight up purchasing the higher level Nommies, as it is much cheaper to upgrade them this way, and it eventually lets you combine the resulting Nommies even more and keep the ball rolling.

You can get more Nommies in many ways:

– You can purchase them in the Nommies shop. The cost of the Nommies you purchase increases for each unit you buy, so you can’t just indefinitely purchase level 1 Nommies to get the higher-level ones.

– You can drop them as a free gift while you play, there is a progress bar that indicates you when you will get your next drop. These Nommies usually are lower-level ones.

– You can get them in the golden gifts, which you get randomly while you play, but to open them you will have to either spend gems (the premium resource of the game), or watch a short 30-seconds ad.

– Sometimes you get a special chest that contains 2 specific Noms, and you can watch an ad to get the higher-level one, or you can just get the lower-level one without doing anything.

As you can see, purchasing Nommies is the best and fastest way to progress through the various level, earn gold to buy Nommies, combine them, earn even more gold to purchase better Nommies, and so on. The random gifts are nice, but you can’t rely on them due to their random nature.

Since the gold cost of each Nom goes up with every purchase, you get to a point where you can’t just purchase the next level of Nom that easily. When that happens, start purchasing the lower-level Nommies and keep combining them, you will find yourself going back to quickly combining lots of Nommies and exponentially increase your earnings.

2. Use Your Powers To Your Advantage

There are various powers you have access to that make your job of clearing the forest from the fruits much easier. Most of these powers will require you to watch a short 30 seconds ad to use, but the rewards they give out are worth it.

how to double your coins in om nom merge

You can summon rain, which makes even more fruit grow ripe. This doesn’t really affect gameplay, but it makes clearing the level faster, which in turn means progressing faster through the game, since the higher the level, the better the potential rewards from chests and gifts will be. This power can be used freely whenever it is ready, and it takes about 30 seconds to recharge.

Next to the rain there’s another button for a power that can be unlocked by spending 15 gems. This power makes your Nommies much hungrier, which means they will move towards fruit faster and eat it much more quickly. This power is best used in conjunction with rain, as the extra rate at which fruits will grow makes the hungry power much more valuable.

You can double the amount of gold you earn every second for 2 minutes by watching a 30 seconds ad, or by spending 3 gems. Using this feature multiple times will earn you additional rewards, for example using it 4 times in a row will get you 4 golden gifts, and activating it 6 times in a row gets you a premium gift. Double gold isn’t all that useful early in the game, so don’t waste your time or gems on it unless you feel like you absolutely need the extra rewards like the golden gifts from it. Your ad-watching time is better spent on other powers early into the game. You can use this as many times as you want.

om nom merge tricks

Another power you can use is the 10x gifts one. When you activate this power, you receive many more gifts for 60 seconds while you play compared to when the power isn’t active. This is a great power to quickly build up some lower-level Nommies, and is especially great early game when all you need is just more Nommies. It’s also nice later in the game, as that’s when the lower-level Nommies start becoming way too expensive. To use this power you will have to watch a 30 seconds ad, or you can spend 4 gems on it.

3. How To Earn More Gems And How To Spend Them

Gems are the premium currency of the game, but you can get them for free every now and then, depending on how much you play the game. There are various ways to earn gems, and also some best practices when it comes to using them to purchase in-game goods.

You get gems by completing the achievements, small tasks that you complete just by playing the game. You can see all the achievements by tapping on the “Goals” button on the main screen. Examples of such achievements include collecting a certain number of 15 levels Nommies, or just find your first level 6-7-8-9-10 Nom, or using your powers a certain number of times. As we have already said, you will unlock most of these just by playing the game regularly.

how to earn more gems in om nom merge

You also enter tournaments every day. These tournaments are simply a challenge to see who will have the most gold per second earned at the end of the day among the 10 players. If you end up first in these tournaments, you can earn up to 12 gems, while second place gets you 8 golden gifts, getting third place earns you some coins. These tournaments happen automatically and just encourage you to play normally and increase your earnings, so don’t worry too much about them, keep up with your gameplay and you will win most of them easily.

The random chests that will appear on the screen might also contain gems, although most of the times they will contain gold. To unlock these chests and get their content, you will have to watch a 30 seconds ad. The amount of gem in these chests depends on the level you are currently at. It’s a nice boost to your gem income, so you should take the chance whenever it appears.

You get 3 guaranteed gems per day for free, just head to the shop and click on “Claim” to get them. In the shop you can also see the timer to learn when you will be able to claim your next free gems.

Naturally, you can also buy gems with real money if you’d like to support the game. Just head to the shop’s screen and you will be able to see all the different gem packages you can purchase. When it comes to spending gems, you have a lot of options, but two things take the absolute priority: unlocking the hunger power, and unlocking more inventory slots, although you could make a case for the occasional high-level Nom purchase over an extra inventory slot. It depends on how actively you plan to play the game, go for extra inventory slot if you will spend a lot of time on the game, while you should go for the high-level Nommies if you are looking to stay idle most of the time and just check the game occasionally, as in that case inventory slot won’t help you out much.

om nom merge strategies

The hunger power is nice because it makes progressing through the levels faster, which is especially important early game, where higher levels mean more rewards, especially in the random gold and gem chests. Use it together with the rain power to make some serious gains.

Inventory slot aren’t strictly necessary per se, especially early in the game, but they make the whole process of purchasing and combining your Nommies much quicker when you get to the point where you have to buy lower level Nommies in bulk to combine them.

Aside from these two activities, your surplus gems should be spent on buying high-level Nommies, since that yields the best return for your investment. Do not spend gems to unlock the random gold chests, it never makes sense economically, just buy the rarer Nommies and they will repay you tenfold compared to the chests, especially if you can combine them, since every combined Nom exponentially grows your income compared to 2 lower level ones. It’s always worth it to purchase a Nom with gems if you can then combine it.

You can also buy a x2 gold boost, but much like the chests, it’s rarely worth it, just watch a 30 seconds ad instead to unlock the same exact bonus! 3 gems aren’t worth 30 seconds anyway.

And that would be all for now as far as our Om Nom: Merge tips and tricks are concerned. The game is very relaxing and you can play it how much or how little you want, depending on how quickly you want to progress through the levels of the game. The Nommies are cute, and discovering all of them will take a lot of time, but it is absolutely worth it! In case you are aware of other tips or strategies fo the game, make sure to let us know in the comments below! Until then, happy nomming!


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