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Forge Ahead Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Craft the Best Swords Ever

Forge Ahead is an innovative and exciting mobile game from Lion Studios, the same guys who are also responsible for titles such as Happy Glass and SpeedBall. Once again, Lion Studios decided to go with a simplistic design, but they also incorporated lots of refreshing details into Forge Ahead. As such, this game will provide you with plenty of entertainment if you download the game to your iOS or Android-powered device.

As the name suggests, Forge Ahead will take you back to the medieval period when swordsmanship was a noble and important profession. The importance of a good sword was enormous at the time, and blacksmiths could earn a fortune by crafting high-quality blades. So, your mission in this game is to become a master swordsmith, which is no easy task. Thus, feel free to check out our Forge Ahead guide, as it’s packed with several useful tips, cheats and tricks for inspiration and guidance.

1. Choose The Type Of Metal That Goes Into The Sword

At first glance, Forge Ahead may seem simple and even somewhat dull. Yet, you’ll quickly realize that there is more than meets the eye with this mobile game. For instance, players will have to rely on strategy and tactics a lot more than it may seem at first. After all, the sword-making process is often considered an art form, and there is more to art than just pounding a piece of metal into a sharp blade.

forge ahead strategies

Speaking of metal, the strategy you should employ relates to the quality of the metal that will go into your new swords. At the start of the forging process, you will have to break pieces of rock and extract the minerals. Well, not all types of minerals have the same value, and some are more precious than others. For example, adamantium, Mithril or gold are a better option than steel or iron. So, pay attention to the color of the mineral and use only the ones that will result in an awesome sword.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Power-Ups To Increase The Mining Speed

The quality of minerals is an important element in Forge Ahead, and it has a direct impact on the value of the blade. Needless to say, the more valuable the sword – the more gold you will receive if you manage to sell it. Thus, it is easy to see why players should pay attention to this step of the sword-making process. On top of that, Forge Ahead will provide a range of power-ups that can help with the task at hand.

The power-ups are divided into several categories, and we will go through each of them in the upcoming chapters. First of all, let’s mention the one that will let you boost the Mining Speed and the Mining Power. As the name of the booster implies, these two options will make your pike a powerful weapon. The pieces of rocks will break easily under the blows, revealing the exotic minerals in no time.

3. Increase The Crucible Capacity

When it comes to Forge Ahead, the power-ups will be your most important allies. In other words, it is crucial to upgrade them as much as possible. One of the items that can be upgraded is the crucible, which acts as a melting pot for the minerals and metals. Essentially, the crucible is a large cup that heats up the metal pieces and turns them into the scorching hot liquid.

forge ahead crucible capacity

So, to increase the capacity of the crucible, check the power-up at the bottom of the screen. Before that, switch to the second item from the left on the upper part of the playing screen. The icon depicts the crucible itself, and you should enter this section first. After that, buy the upgrade and increase the capacity. More metal in the crucible will lead to a bigger sword. In the end, the entire process will result in more gold. So, try to upgrade the melting pot whenever you get the chance.

4. Design A New Blade

As we all know, swords are primarily designed for fighting. Whether you attack or defend, swords can slash and tear, injuring or even killing the opponents. With that said, it is easy to see how the endurance of the blade is of the utmost importance. For that reason, the quality of the metal plays a big role in sword-making activities. Yet, the aesthetics can sometimes affect the functionality as well.

Speaking of the design, Forge Ahead allows players to experiment with the shape of the blade and the hilt. In other words, you can change the features of these components by investing in the third power-up. So, click on the third icon from the left on the strip in the upper portion of the screen. Then, tap on the available updates. As long as you have sufficient gold, you could buy a new blade or a new hilt. As a result, your arsenal of swords will become even more extravagant and eye-catching.

5. Boost The Speed And The Power Of The Hammer

When we think of a blacksmith at work, we often think about an image of a powerful man yapping away at the blades with a heavy hammer. Well, the same awaits you at the Forge Ahead. Only this time you will be the one wielding the hammer and landing the blows on the heated pieces of metal. In a way, this is where the real crafting begins, and this stage of the process is the one where swords receive their final shape.

how to boost the speed and power of the hammer in forge ahead

If you want to create admirable blades, the speed and the power of the hammer should be as high as possible. By boosting these two elements, you will reduce the duration of the process as well. One blow of the mighty hammer will be enough to cool down the tip of the blade. Likewise, if you invest in the Speed power-up, the hammer will go down at a faster rate. The higher the frequency, the more blows will land on the shiny metal.

6. Increase Sword Value And The Capacity Of The Armory

The final power-up you can use when playing Forge Ahead will let you increase the individual value of the swords. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that every blade has a price tag displayed below the sword. Well, these prices show how much gold does a blade generates per minute. Therefore, we recommend investing the cash in a power-up which will allow you to boost the value of the swords.

Likewise, the same section contains the option of increasing the capacity of the weaponry. It makes perfect sense to expand the arsenal and store a couple more gold-generating blades. In case you are not satisfied with the value of the sword, you can click on it and remove it from the weaponry. On the other hand, players can also rename their swords. In other words, your favorite blades could bear the names of the famous ones, such as Durandal or Excalibur.

7. Accept Missions And Tasks From The Tax Collector

Every once in a while, a local Tax Collector will pop by and pay a visit to your workshop. To be honest, he’s not interested in a cup of tea. On the contrary, the purpose of his visit is business-related. Namely, he wants to order a sword. Needless to say, the local tax collector is loaded with cash so we recommend that you accept the task at every opportunity.

forg ahead missions

In essence, his requests will be easy to meet. Just forge an exotic blade and finish the process as quickly as possible. As soon as the sword is crafted, he will take it with him on a quest. If the quest ends up a success, a lucrative reward will go your way. Therefore, it is important to create as good of a sword as you can. Try to use the most rear of minerals and the most precious metals when forging the Tax Collector’s blade.

8. Collect Offline Earnings Every Time You Come Back To The Game

The sharp and shiny blades in the armory are an attractive sight. As such, your weaponry will attract visitors from all sides. In the end, this will generate profits that you can later invest to buy power-ups and boosters. For that reason, it is important to expand the armory and to boost the value of every blade on display.

Nonetheless, there is one more trick that can help you collect more gold. Yes, we are talking about offline earnings. As the name implies, these earnings will pour into the treasury even when you are asleep or walking along the beach. In other words, your faithful servants at the armory will work without your direct interference. Once you come back to the game, offline earnings will be ready for the taking. On top of that, Forge Ahead will allow you to double the profits by watching a promotional video. So, click on the ad and double up the earnings!

With the final tip, we wrap up our collection of Forge Ahead tips, cheats and tricks. If you are familiar with any other useful tricks