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Jumanji Epic Run Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive the Exciting Treasure Hunt

Crazy Labs by TabTale has just brought us another epic adventure mobile game. This time, the game draws inspiration from a well-known Hollywood blockbuster – Jumanji. As you remember, we have already reviewed some titles from this mobile game studio, such as the exhilarating Charlie’s Angels: The Game, Coin Rush! and Snake VS Colors to name a few. Once again, you’ll be chasing the bad guys, and Jumanji Epic Run is available for iOS and Android devices alike.

The breathtaking design of the game is not the only impressive element of Jumanji Epic Run. On the contrary, this 4D action runner is full of amazing features and gameplay modes. To overcome the challenges, you will need to be on top of your game at all times. In order to help you out we have come up with a detailed Jumanji Epic Run guide, that contains a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies. By applying some of these tips and tricks you will boost the chances of catching the thieves and getting the gold back. So without furter ado, let’s dive into our Jumanji Epic Run guide!

1. Keep Up With The Pace Of The Game

As the name says, Jumanji Epic Run is a mobile game where you’ll be doing a lot of running. And it will be epic, no doubt about it! With a wide range of available characters, players can experience all sorts of adventures. Also, a variety of exotic locations await you in Jumanji Epic Run.

jumanji epic run tips

The goal of the game is to catch the thieves and collect the gold. To do so, you will have to chase them while avoiding all sorts of obstacles. This doesn’t sound too complicated, doesn’t it? Well, the ‘problem’ is that the game will speed up as you run. In other words, the tempo of the game will get faster as you go. On one hand, this will increase the difficulty and reduce the available time for making a move. Likewise, the speed of the game will offer a chance of collecting more points for the so-called Expert Dodge maneuvers.

2. Always Continue Your Run

The colorful world of Jumanji Epic Run will present players with a range of challenges. Sometimes you will have to slide underneath certain objects. In other cases, you will make maneuvers to evade a horde of charging rhinos or hyenas. Even the bloodthirsty vultures will try to get you! On top of that, the game will accelerate as you run, which means that you will need all the help you can get.

Luckily, the game provides a helping hand. To clarify, players of Jumanji Epic Run are able to continue the run thanks to a simple but effective feature. All you have to do is click on the Continue button every time you fail during the run. Admittedly, you will have to spend 5-10 seconds watching an ad. After that, the game will bring you back to the exact spot where you lost a life. So, you can pick up the run where you left off. How cool is that?

3. Focus On The Objectives In Each Run

Every time you go for a run after the bad guys, the game will provide you with a series of small challenges. These objectives will be displayed at the bottom of the playing screen, with a progress bar that shows how close you are to completing the task. In most missions, you will need to complete five of those objectives to open a precious Gift Box. Later on, we’ll explain the importance of these boxes.

jumanji epic run objective

For now, let’s focus on the importance of those tasks. The neat thing about them is that they are often easy to complete. For instance, some of the challenges will ask you to jump over 2 obstacles. Or, you may need to collect 100 gold. Either way, it is important to keep an eye on the task at hand. As soon as you complete one, the new one will appear. In the end, the more of them you complete – the more gold and XP points will go your way.

4. Collect The Power-Ups Along The Way

As we said, any kind of help will be of use when hunting the bad guys in Jumanji Epic Run. The hectic pace of the game will make some missions quite demanding. Therefore, we recommend that players make the most out of power-ups and boosters. Every once in a while, these items will appear on the road. If you manage to collect them, the quest will become much easier all of a sudden.

For example, one of the most impressive power-ups is the Shield. Needless to say, this booster will make you immortal for a couple of seconds. Likewise, the Magnet will attract all collectibles on the road, without the need to go directly over them. Also, the Gold Doubler is a precious booster. As the name implies, this item will let you collect twice as much gold. Last but not least, there is the exhilarating Dune Buggy. For a couple of seconds, your avatar will be behind the steering wheel of this speeding vehicle.

5. Level Up Your Character’s Special Ability

While playing Jumanji Epic Run, players will have a chance to meet all the notable characters from the movie. Thus, the game will let you relive the exciting undertaking one more time. From the muscular Smolder to the lovely-looking Ruby, the avatars in this game will express their emotions and react in a unique way. On top of that, every character comes with a powerful Special Ability. Well, the success of your mission will depend on the “quality” of this attack, so make sure to upgrade it at every opportunity.

how to level up special abilities in jumanji epic run

For instance, Smolder comes equipped with a boomerang. Once he throws it, all hell will break loose on the thieves. In other words, they will be obliterated in the ensuing mayhem. In a similar fashion, Ruby can launch her nunchucks at the enemies. Again, the result will be a bloodbath. Of course, a bunch of gold will be left for the taking. So, level up the Special Ability to earn more gold!

6. Open The Treasure Boxes After Every Run

By now, you could notice that Jumanji Epic Run revolves around gold. We already said that the goal of the game is to grab as much gold as possible. And even though going on a run is a great way to fill up the treasury, it’s not the only one. On the contrary, some methods are super convenient. For example, one such option is the so-called Treasure Box.

jumanji epic run treasure box

Located in the bottom left corner of the lobby, this section can provide you with amazing rewards. As a rule of thumb, three types of boxes are available: Free, Special, and Legendary. The Free boxes appear on a daily basis, and you need to watch an ad to collect the rewards. When it comes to the two other categories, players will have to splash the cash. So, prepare to invest the gold to win even more of it in the end.

7. Claim The Rewards From The Achievements

Another convenient and easy method for boosting the bankroll is located on the right-hand side of the lobby screen. Designed in the shape of a trophy cup, this section is the one you should be visiting on a regular basis. As soon as you notice a red notification, head over to the Achievements section.

As the name implies, this section will provide you with the rewards of completing the Achievements. The range of Achievements is super-wide and it can include all sorts of things. Even so, players would collect the rewards without having second thoughts. More often than not, the reward will be in the shape of precious stones. In other words, you will earn a couple of gems for every milestone you reach. The more you play, the closer you will be to complete the Achievements and collecting all the possible gems.

8. Explore And Complete The Maps

At the start of the game, players will go on a run through the Jungle. The exotic wilderness will provide plenty of challenges and obstacles for Smolder. The big guy will be the only available character in the early stages of Jumanji Epic Run. To unlock the others, you should explore the Maps and complete as many of them as possible.

jumanji epic run map

To clarify, players can find the Maps section at the bottom of the lobby screen. Once there, the players can invest gold or other in-game currency to unlock a new area. Every Map will be divided into several segments. At the bottom of the screen, the meter will tell you how much of the Map is left undiscovered. In a way, every Map in Jumanji Epic Run presents a stage with subtasks. By completing one of them, the next challenge will become available. So, after the Jungle, you could be venturing out into the Dunes, the Oasis, and so on. At the same time, you will unlock new characters and increase the Score Multiplier.

There you have it! A full-blown guide with the best Jumanji Epic Run tips, cheats and strategies. If you think that we missed something or you know any other tips for the game, feel free to reach out via the comment section!

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