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Neocraft Launches Action MMORPG Laplace M as Tales of Wind in Western Markets

After a successful release in select regions, Laplace M has finally made it to its global release, with the western title changing to Tales of Wind. The game was launched globally last April 30 and is available in eight languages, including EN, ES, FR, DE, PT, RU, TR, and CN. A special event has also been opened where players have the chance to win real prizes like an iPhone Xs MAX, Nintendo Switch consoles, Amazon gift cards, and more.

tales of wind

The story of Tales of Wind is set in Arlesdore. Players must band together in order to fight off the Calamity Lieges and uncover the reason for their sudden appearance. Upon creating their characters, players must choose one of the four basic classes: Warrior, Mage, Assassin, and Cleric. These basic classes then branch out to advanced classes with additional skills that suit different playstyles.

One of the major draws of Tales of Wind is the pet system. Not only do players get to capture cute monsters to help boost their combat ability, they also get to transform into those monsters. This transformation adds a new dynamic to the battle system as players will have to manage their time in each monster form in order to maximize their combat potential.

Tales of Wind also has several MMORPG staple features, including a guild system, PVE dungeons, PVP, Guild battles, timed events, and more. It also has a farm system that can really stand alone as a farm simulation game. Players can easily spend hours planting crops and selling them to the NPCs in exchange for various rewards.

tales of wind

Those who want to take a break from battles can explore the 20 different activities available in the game. These include racing, shooting, quizzes, fishing, and a lot more. There are also a variety of outfits that players can collect. The more outfits a player has, the higher his fashion score will be, giving him access to better stats and further customization.

We have published several useful guides for Laplace M (Tales of Wind) in the past. Be sure to read our beginner’s guide if you are starting out. We also have a detailed farm guide, a class guide as well as tips on how to catch guardians and increase your character’s survival rate.

Tales of Wind is available for download through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For updates, and for those who want to join the Grand Lotto, players may check out the game’s official Facebook page.