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Upcoming Fantasy MMORPG ‘Dark Domain’ Available for Pre-Registration

Eyougame’s upcoming fantasy MMORPG called Dark Domain is now available for pre-registration. Dark Domain sets itself apart from the usually bright and shiny MMO by focusing on the dark side of things. The game boasts of impressive character designs as well as stunning skill visual effects that give players an immersive combat experience.

dark domain pre-registration

Dark Domain goes out of its way to change the way MMORPGs are played. It introduces multiple systems that players need to master in order to become stronger. The Spirit System, for example, allows players to use different spirits in battle. These spirits are actually gods from various mythology, like Thor, Athena, and Aphodite. Each spirit has unique skills that can help turn the tides of battle.

Dark Domain has four basic classes: Warrior, Mage, Assassin, and Ranger. It also has a Class Switch system that is not just about choosing an advanced class. There are four Class Switches in the game, with the first one is triggered at level 120. Players gain access to stronger skills that they can weave into their existing battle strategies.

Players who pre-register to Dark Domain will receive rewards when the game launches. Additional rewards will be given depending on the registration milestones reached. The list of milestone rewards are as follows:

20,000 Registrations

50 Bound Diamonds
10 Mount Soul
3 Treasure Map
500k Gold

40,000 Registrations

3 Lv 1 Gem Giftbox
1 Intermediate EXP Potion
10 Pet Soul
1M Gold

70,000 Registrations

100 Bound Diamonds
5 Offline Botting Card
15 Spirit Soul
99 Flowers

100,000 Registrations

3 Lv 2 Gem Giftbox
3 Challenge Ticket
20 Wing Soul
1M Gold

150,000 Registrations

1 Hades Treasure Map
15 Rune Shard
20 Wing Soul
3 Shop Key

200,000 Registrations

300 Bound Diamonds
10 Gear Star-up Gem
10 Common Artifact Soul
2 Random Raid Potion Giftbox

Dark Domain will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. Those who want to sign up may do so through the game’s official website. Rewards will be given out three days after the game’s launch.