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Echo of Soul RED Coming to Mobile Devices Later This Year

Echo of Soul joins the growing list of PC MMORPGs to make its way to mobile. Blue Potion Games’ upcoming mobile MMORPG titled Echo of Soul RED will be released in the third quarter of this year. The company has confirmed that the game is being developed using the Unity engine. That means players can look forward to console-quality graphics once the game launches.

echo of soul red

Echo of Soul RED follows the original game’s focus on PVE dungeons. Those who are into competitive play, however, can look forward to the unique PK system that will be introduced. The game will also have a free economic system that will require players to think more about their overall strategy in order to gain more resources.

The story of Echo of Soul is about the Soulkeepers who have the divine mission to rid the world of evil. These Soulkeepers are the characters that the players create. What sets the game apart from the rest of MMORPGs from its time is that it does not have locked roles. Players can choose to tank or deal damage. Healing is not relegated to a single support player but is instead a team responsibility.

Blue Potion Games has yet to announce a specific release date for Echo of Soul RED, but more details will be revealed in a media event this summer.