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Traffic Run! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Making It through the Busy Streets

Geisha Tokyo has brought us another exciting mobile game. Traffic Run is available for iOS and Android devices, and you will not regret downloading this new release. The colorful maps and the captivating gameplay make Traffic Run attractive and appealing. In other words, you’ll be spending hours driving down the roads and trying to avoid other reckless drivers.

However, the road to point A to point B in Traffic Run is more challenging than it may seem at first. Busy intersections make the task at hand quite demanding. Because of that, we have come up with an in-depth Traffic Run guide. With the help of these Traffic Run cheats, tips and tricks, you will manage to reach the finish line time after time. So, start your engines and let’s go!

1. Time Your Moves Carefully

Traffic Run is a game that has a simple concept – get from the start to the finish line without causing a car crash. By tapping the screen, your vehicle will move forward. Also, it will gain speed at the same time. Once you release the screen, the car slows down. The brakes on your car are super-strong. As a result, it will look like you can stop moving as soon as you lift your finger off of the screen.

traffic run high score

Mastering the acceleration of your vehicle is the main requirement for becoming successful in the Traffic Run. Therefore, we advise you to time your moves to perfection. The more you play the game the better you will become at determining when to push forward and when to slow down.

In addition to that, we have to warn you that the game does not wait for anyone. What we mean by this is that you cannot spend days pondering your next move. If the bottom of the screen catches up with you – you’ll fail the mission!

2. Keep Your Eyes On The Road

While playing Traffic Run, you will have to cross through different terrain on the road to a finish line. Every new stage will feature a different set of intersections and railway crossings. Of course, as you progress through the game – other drivers will become more and more reckless. Their speed will increase, and that will leave you with little time to react.

Because of that, it is imperative that you always keep your eyes peeled on the road. Just like your driving instructor always told you! By doing so, you will be able to spot the danger and react accordingly. For instance, if a train is about to cross your path, you can see the red lights flashing. If you notice them in time, you can stop and wait for the train composition to pass. By observing the road ahead, you can create a plan of action. Even though Traffic Run is not a strategy game, you can still use tactical thinking to progress through the stages.

3. Earn More Points By Showing Off Your Skills

Even though the next tip is not for beginners, it can still be useful to novice players. What we mean by this is that Near Miss experiences in this game can reward you with extra points. Those points are valuable since they are the only currency in Traffic Run. Therefore, it is vital that you collect as much of them as possible.

traffic run extra points

But, it takes a lot of skill to collect the Near Miss points. As their name implies, these points are rewarded after you evade another vehicle in traffic. We already explained that the roads in Traffic Run are packed with SUVs, sedans, and even buses. In a way, this offers a lot of opportunities for Near Miss points. On the other hand, driving full speed through congested streets is an accident waiting to happen.

To sum up, once you feel ready – try to collect Near Miss points at every opportunity. They are a great way of boosting your bankroll and earning more gold coins.

4. Watch Out For The Train

Traffic Run features many types of vehicles, but there are other obstacles on your way to the finish line as well. Sharp curves and traffic jams are nothing compared to the danger of standing in the way of a speeding train. Yes, Traffic Run also features trains and railroad crossings, as we mentioned a couple of times before. Thus, it is important to learn how to evade these elements and go on your way.

First of all, trains in Traffic Run will arrive in a thunderous and almost violent way. In other words, it may seem that a train will fly by completely out of the blue. But, this is not the case. At least, not entirely. Like every real-life railroad crossing, the ones in Traffic Run use visual signals to warn the drivers about the incoming train.

In short, check if the red lights are flashing when you arrive near the railroads. The lights will tell you all you need to know. After that, it is up to you to decide. You may want to accelerate and pass in front of the train. Or, you can slow down and wait for it to pass.

5. Don’t Allow Your Progress To Go To Waste

The levels in Traffic Run are challenging and they require a bit of skill. Every mistake is expensive when playing this game. But, there is a way to preserve your progress and avoid going back to the starting line.

traffic run tips

To be precise, every time you cause an accident, the game will present you with a Revive offer. In other words, you will have the opportunity of continuing from the place where you made the mistake. For example, you could be on a lucky streak and overcome 90% of the mission, when suddenly – a train comes at you from the right-hand side. During those moments, the option to Revive your progress has immense value.

And yet, you will only have to pay the cost by investing 20 seconds of your life. Once you finish watching the ad, the game will continue and you will have better odds of passing that particular level.

6. Collect As Much Gold As Possible

We already mentioned how gold is the only in-game currency in Traffic Run. Because of that, it is important to collect this resource as much as possible. The game allows you to collect the gold coins in several ways. Luckily, our Traffic Run guide is here to cover all those options.

traffic run cheats

The first method is the easiest one. You simply have to make the turns in the right direction. Meaning, in the direction of the coins. For instance, if you notice that a path leading to the left offers more coins than the one leading straight – the choice is clear. To sum up, the players should always follow the gold coins.

The second option requires more skill and experience. From time to time, the game will throw in a bonus option. To clarify, the cars on the highway will have a gold coin right behind them. Your job will be to approach near enough to grab the coin, without rear-ending the vehicle in front. By performing this maneuver, you could also earn some of those Near Miss points.

7. Visit The Garage And Unlock New Cars

When not on the road, you will have to place your vehicle in a garage. But, the garage in Traffic Run serves for other purposes as well. Needless to say, the most important of those is the option of providing players with new cars. After all, changing a ride from time to time is a good thing. Furthermore, new vehicles come with better characteristics. As a result, you will drive faster while having more control over the ride. As you can see, a visit to the garage is a win-win situation.

how to unlock new cars in traffic run

The icon in the center of the lobby screen clearly indicates the garage. By clicking on this icon you will enter the facility. In a way, you will be presented with a catalog of cars. Of course, not many of them will be unlocked at the initial stages of the game. But, if you collect enough coins – new rides will be within your reach.

8. Pimp Your Ride

Most people will agree that changing a ride every once and a while is a good thing. In a similar way, we react in a positive way to changes in the appearances of our real-life cars. Well, Traffic Run will offer to change the color of your ride. We advise the players to accept this little gift. The only requirement is to watch an ad. Even so, 10-20 seconds of your day will not affect your schedule that much. So, invest the time to watch the video and earn a new color.

Yes, we are aware that the change is purely cosmetic. To be honest, we don’t care. And neither should you. Relax and pimp your ride a bit. The new color will spark new life on the streets. A surge of adrenaline and enthusiasm will help you complete the missions with ease.

This tip wraps up our list of the best Traffic Run tips, cheats and tricks. Of course, if you are familiar with any other helpful trick – leave us a comment down below!


Monday 25th of November 2019

Why why why....don’t the traffic lights work?? Can’t we see at least part of the way right or left so we aren’t just guessing at pulling out? Are there tooooo many ads? I paid the $2.99 because I was going nuts at having to sit thru an ad (literally!) every other turn! And since I suck at this game, I was playing less than 10 seconds, watching a 30-40 second ad, and there we go again!