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MaxiGolf (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Bringing the fairway to your mobile, MaxiGolf requires patience, timing, and even resource management. No more heading out to the green when you can kick back, relax, and hit a few balls in your lunch break.

MaxiGolf is brought to us by French casual gaming giant, Voodoo. Known for popular mobile titles such as Helix Jump, Dune and Idle Balls to name a few, Voodoo famously produce very clean and simply designed games that we absolutely love, this development mantra makes their games incredibly easy to get lost in.

The goal behind MaxiGolf is for players to not only achieve the greatest distance but also the highest score, both of which reward players with those shiny gold coins we’re always after. MaxiGolf is all about timing, aiming for that centre shot it’s important to stop your direction indicator as close to the centre as possible for a ‘Perfect Shot’.

The game mechanics of MaxiGolf are rather straightforward. Players only needing to tap the screen to stop the direction indicator, tap + hold during flight or on the ground to add a little more control over the ball, and purchase a few statistic boosting elements using collected coins.

The aim of our guide is to get you hitting those golf balls further and with greater reward than any of your friends! With our MaxiGolf cheats, tips and tricks below, you’re sure to be at the advantage when stepping up to the tee.

1. Getting That Gold

As with most games; gold rules. Gold will be your in-game currency as serves solely as a stat booster. Gold is acquired by hitting the ball down the field and the greater the distance, the greater the reward.

You’ll also notice flags throughout MaxiGolf, well sink the ball into one of these and you’ll double your reward. This can then be double again through watching a brief ad at the end of your turn.

Watching the ads is a great way to boost income but typically we only recommend doing it when you’ve already hit a x2 multiplier by sinking the ball into a hole resulting in a x4 overall.

2. What Stats To Boost First?

In MaxiGolf there are three direct ways in which you can increase both your earnings and your best score. Strength and Bounciness will directly affect the maximum distance your ball can achieve with any hit.

Achieving a high level in these two statistics will help you reach the top of the leaderboard. Offline Earning is exactly as it describes and lets you earn that precious gold even when you’re not playing the game.

Whilst you may be tempted to invest heavily in both strength and bounciness as early as possible, this isn’t the most effective way to play. The trick is to get your Offline Earning as high as possible to you start making the highest amount of money possible when you’re not playing, especially overnight.

After your first night’s sleep, you’ll wake up to significantly heavier pockets. This is when you should start investing in the other statistics and chasing the number one spot. Once you’ve achieved a relatively high level in each, you’re best off spreading the gold around increasing your stats evenly.

3. Get Rid Of The Ads

The game offers the chance for players to pay, with real currency, to remove ads from the game. In order to get around this, simply disconnect your phone from the Internet and you’ll no longer be interrupted every 2/3 turns with some form of advert.

The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to use the x2 multiply that requires you to watch an ad but you’ll more than make up for this with the number of consecutive shots you’ll now be able to take.

4. Perfect Isn’t Always The Best

Whilst hitting a perfect shot will guarantee a good result and put you on a path to sink the ball into a hole, it doesn’t typically provide the furthest shot. Not only is the tarmac littered with obstacles but after numerous shots, you’ll find that it is less bouncy than other surfaces and will noticeably slow the ball.

For all of those looking to hit a new best distance, you’re best off aiming slightly off-centre. This may require a bit more accuracy on your part but bouncing off of the pavement will help you reach those greater distances each round. You will find it more difficult to hit those x2 flags so really only use this technique when looking to extend your best score and lord your supremacy over your friends.

5. Guide The Ball

With no in-game instructions, it came as a shock to us that you can actually guide the ball whilst it’s flying through the city as well as when it’s on the ground. This adds a whole new element to the game and will make it easier for you to hit those harder to reach holes.

After the ball has left the tee simply tap and hold on either the left or right side of the screen to curve the ball in that direction. Try not to hold it for too long as it can be relatively to come back from a bad flight path and also increase the likeliness of coming into contact with one of the many obstacles Voodoo have placed in our way. Small, incremental movements are the best approach for this technique.

6. Timing Is Everything

Patience really is a virtue in MaxiGolf so make sure you don’t simply hit the ball at every opportunity you get. A straight and direct flight path will reap the most rewards and provide the greatest distance. Take some time and let the needle bounce off each end so you can assess the speed at which it moves and give yourself the best chance of hitting towards the centre.

Hopefully, our tips and tricks above have shone some light on becoming the best golfer on the go. Follow our MaxiGolf guide and we’re sure your pockets will be full of gold in no time. Good luck and happy swinging!