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Dune! Ultimate Guide, Tips & Tricks: Everything You Need to Know

Dune! is Voodoo’s ball-launching arcade game, that’s so addicting that it has a following of epic proportions. The mechanics of the game are simple. You just need to roll a ball over a dune, and have it fly in the air as it reaches the peak. Of course, you also have to make sure the ball lands properly. You will need to launch the ball high enough to go over a line in order to earn points. This seemingly mundane task is surprisingly entertaining, and you will be playing Dune! 24/7 before you realize it. Aside from aiming for points, you can also unlock various customization options such as dune skins, backgrounds, and balls. We initially released a general guide for getting high scores in the game, but with so many things for players to accomplish, we felt that an in-depth Dune! strategy guide is in order! Read on to learn everything you need to know before playing the game!

1. Find The Right Dune

Not all dunes are created equal. If you look closely, you will notice that they have different shapes and sizes. Finding the right dune for your launch is half the battle. Make sure you check out the different options you have before taking flight. Wide and round dunes lead to lower jumps, but they also mean safer landings. Deeper dunes, on the other hand, will give you the height you need. There is the risk, however, that you will have a bad landing. You should also consider the angle of your landing based on the trajectory the ball will take once it flies off the dune. You could end up missing an ideal dune if you overshoot.

2. Fly As High As You Can

While you need to get over the target line in order to score points, going beyond that will get you better scores. Try to aim for the moon and beyond to take in some major points. Pick a dune that has a nice flick that will allow you to launch properly. It should also have plenty of space for you to land safely. The higher you go, the more points you earn, so take time to find the perfect dune for flying over the moon.

3. Nail Your Landing

Going over the moon isn’t the only way to earn bonus points. You also get smooth landing bonuses whenever you manage to get the ball back to the ground correctly. A smooth landing is only worth two points, but you will eventually get a lot if you always land perfectly. That is why you should also pay attention to the landing curve of each dune, not just the peaks. Keep in mind that your ball will crash if it accidentally hits an upward incline as it tries to land.

4. Height Over Distance

When your ball is rolling fast, it will fly off at a greater distance across the screen. This may look cool, but it also increases the chances of the ball crashing. Instead of aiming for distance, you should always prioritize height. You will need a certain amount of speed when launching a ball, but only up to the point that it will help you reach the height you need. There is no reward for covering great distances, so there really is no reason to send your ball far across the map.

5. Use Your Left Thumb

Even though most people are right-handed, and will instinctively use their right thumb for controlling the ball, it is better if you use your left. An important part of the game is seeing where your ball will land to ensure every launch and landing is perfect. If you use your right thumb, you will constantly have to lift it in order to see what is up ahead. This can lead to numerous timing problems. Using your left thumb will allow you to fully view the screen while controlling the ball. It may seem awkward at first if you are right-handed, but after a bit of practice, you should be able to use your left thumb with ease.

6. Hold For Speed

Tapping and holding on the screen will make your ball drop faster and gather speed. This increase in speed will stop as soon as you lift your finger from the screen. Make sure you stop holding when you are almost at the end on the downhill portion of a slope. This will give you the chance to quickly shoot up the uphill side of a dune as soon as you spot one.

7. Unlock The Star Ball

One of the most difficult balls to unlock in Dune! is the Star Ball. It requires that you reach outer space in order to unlock it. You will need to double the distance of your “and beyond” jump in order to hit outer space. It sounds daunting but there is a way to reach this height. First, you must pick the right dune for the job. You need one with a nice wide receiving curve in order to land perfectly. It should also have a slightly steeper flick at the end that will allow you to launch at a good angle. A wide landing curve will allow you to gain just enough momentum to hit the flick at the right speed.

If you are still falling short of outer space despite using the right dune, there are a few more things to consider. Make sure you are not touching the screen while in the air. As mentioned above, you will drop faster if you tap and hold on the screen. You need more air in order to nail your landing before rolling off the right dune. If you keep messing with your screen before you land, you will not have the right speed for launch.

Another thing to consider is when to control your ball. Even though you are not supposed to touch the screen while in the air, there is a right time to do so. Do not let the game decide when and where you will land. Make sure you pay attention to the trajectory of your ball and force it to land when it reaches the optimum spot.

Unlocking the cybernetic background can also help a lot in getting the secret ball. You can get it by simply landing smoothly ten times in a single game. You just need to execute ten quick jumps for easy landings. What is great about this background is that it has indicator lines for the moon, beyond, and outer space, which makes it easier for you to know how much you need to adjust to reach the right height.

The star ball is just one of the many balls you can unlock in the game. If you want to be able to unlock them all, make sure you check out our guide on how to get all the balls, backgrounds, and dunes in the game.

8. Aim For Beyond Outer Space

If you are looking for an even more difficult challenge, there is one more height that is greater than outer space. There is currently no reward for it, but so few players have actually accomplished this that the bragging rights practically a prize in its own right. You will know that you have reached the point beyond outer space when you see the edges of the background. Make sure you record your attempts to reach this height, so you can show off to your friends and have proof that you have officially joined the elite few in this game.

9. Keep It Low For Points

Aiming for great heights is great for achievements and showing off. If you are after high scores, however, then the best approach is to keep your jumps low. Try to reach just the right height for getting points and do it repeatedly. Even though you get lower points, there is very little prep time for low jumps, allowing you to do multiple launches within a shorter amount of time. You also have very low risk of crashing, which means you can keep going until you eventually hit the score you want.

10. Salvage A Bad Landing

There are times when you shoot off at a bad angle that you can tell right away from the trajectory that your landing will be poor. When this happens, you can still try to salvage it. Clear your view by lifting your finger from the screen, and watch the ball closely. Wait until it comes close to the ideal landing spot. As soon as it does, tap and hold to force the ball down instead of waiting for it to crash elsewhere.

Another option is to let the ball slow down by letting go of the screen completely. If it slows down enough, it will land with a soft thud. You can then roll around for a bit until you get your bearings back.

11. Watch Video Ads To Continue Your Run

When you lose a round, you can still continue by simply watching a video advertisement. This is especially useful when you have hit a new high score as it will allow you to keep pushing further instead of having to start over. It only takes a few seconds to watch a video, so you can do this after every game. If you haven’t earned any points, however, it will be quicker to just start over instead of watching a video.

12. Get Rid Of Annoying Ads

Since Dune! is free, you can expect a lot of pop up ads as you play. If you want to get rid of them altogether, all you have to do is put your phone in airplane mode. Since the videos are stored online, the game will not be able to launch any ads for as long as you are offline. Keep in mind, though, that revive advertisements will also be inaccessible when you do this.

13. Go Premium

The game has a premium option that has no ads. If you want to get rid of the pop ups without sacrificing your revive option, you can just buy the premium version of the game. It only costs around two dollars, so if you have some spare change, you can easily rid yourself of ads. As an added bonus, you will also get the Pink Jewel ball. Going premium is the only way to get that ball, so you won’t be able to complete the collection unless you do so.

14. How To Get Out Of A Ditch

There will be times when your ball will accidentally land in a ditch. It will be difficult to get out as your ball seems to be stuck no matter which way you try to roll. When this happens, do not lose hope. Just tap and hold on the screen for five seconds. When you release, the ball will shoot off and jump out of the ditch with no problems.

15. Try Different Balls

The balls all look nice, and you are free to choose whichever you fancy. You might want to try out all the balls you unlock, though. You might notice slight differences in how the balls behave. It might be a visual trick, or an actual coded difference in their performance. Regardless, trying out different balls might help you find one that best suits your playstyle.

16. Pick High Contrasts

Once you have unlocked several dunes and backgrounds, you should pick a combination with high contrast. That means you should match light colored dunes with darker backgrounds, and pair darker dunes with lighter backgrounds. This will help you clearly see the height of the dunes, allowing you to pick the perfect one for launching.

17. Follow The Curves

Tapping and holding on the screen in order to aim may be a bit difficult since you will need to rely solely on your observation to gauge whether or not you have reach the appropriate speed and distance. One trick that you can use is to move your finger along with the ball. This will give you a better idea of how long your finger should stay on the screen. Swiping and holding have the same effect on the ball, so feel free to use any motion that you are comfortable with.

Make sure you also take time to play around in the environment. A hands-on feel of how each peak and valley affects your ball’s behavior is crucial to your success. You will need to instinctively know the effect of the different terrain on your ball, so you can make split-second adjustments as you play. Timing is extremely important in the game. Having a good feel for the ball’s physics will allow you to time your launches and landings perfectly. If you have to wait for visual observations, you might miss the perfect opportunity to make your move.

Who knew that making a ball jump around could be so much fun? Whether you are playing for high scores, or completing collections, make sure you rely on our Dune! strategy guide for some help!

Nwa haji

Friday 15th of January 2021

It doesn’t work it doesn’t let me revive when I die the ball keeps going side to side pls let me know when you’ve fixed it and I don’t know if it’s just for me or other players pls fix it plsssss I really want to play it and it never lets me revive I have to restart my game so many times to revive and the revive button never comes up none of the above helped me I tried it all pls heeeeeeeeeeelp I love this game so much!!!!!!???????? Pls helpppp