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Dune! Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock Everything

French game developer Voodoo has really outdone itself when it created Dune! In just a few months, the game has quickly become one of the most popular games on Android and iOS devices. Dune’s charm lies in its simplicity. You are in charge of controlling a ball, and making it jump over sand dunes. Controls are incredibly easy to understand, but takes hours upon hours of practice to master. You just need to tap and hold on the screen to gain momentum, then release just as the ball rolls up the dune to make it fly. Of course, landing correctly is also part of the deal. If you have been playing the game for a while, you probably already know that there are several balls and backgrounds that are available for you to unlock. We have created this Dune! strategy guide to help you unlock them all. If you need general tips and tricks for succeeding in the game, however, you can read our previous Dune! guide.

1. Complete All Collections

There are three types of collections in the game. The first one is the ball collection, and it has the most number of skins for you to unlock. The second type is the dune collection. It changes the appearance of the floor and dunes in the game. Lastly, you have the background collection. This changes the background image of the stage. Unlocking most of these usually just require reaching certain milestones in the game. Some of them will require a bit of skill and luck, such as those that require you to hit the moon a certain number of times. One of them, however, requires an in-app purchase, so it will be impossible to complete without shelling out a bit of cash.

While there is no reward for completing all the collections, it is fun to actually do so. Since the game is very straightforward, getting new skins add more replay value. Having something to aim for can keep you motivated to continue playing the game. Aside from being able to show off the different skins that you have for balls, dunes, and backgrounds, you can also consider these as in-game trophies. Try to complete them all as much as you can. Whether you are into changing up the look of the game, or just want to get more achievements in the game, unlocking everything adds a level of challenge that can keep things interesting for hours on end.

2. Getting More Balls

There are several balls for you to unlock. The type of ball you use does not have any impact on how you play the game, but it is fun to dress it up once in a while. Also, considering how difficult it is to unlock some of these, you also get major bragging rights for getting them all. We listed below the different balls you can get, and how to unlock them.

Orange Sun: Unlocked after playing 10 games
Basketball: Unlocked after jumping 2,000 times over multiple games
Rainbow Beach Ball: Unlocked after scoring 100 points in a single game
Black Sun: Unlocked after landing smoothly 2,000 times over multiple games
All Black Ball: Reach the Moon 1,000 times over multiple games
Unicorn Cat: Get “And Beyond!” by going over the moon six times in one game
Heart: Unlocked after playing two days in a row
Angel Emoji: Unlocked after reviving five times
Devil Emoji: Unlocked after reviving 20 times
Round Jewel: Buy the ad-free version of the game
Ghost: Die without any points
Alien: Unlocked after getting exactly 51 points
Football: Score without touching the screen
Skull: Keep the ball still for several seconds
Star: Unlocked after reaching outer space for the first time
Record: Go backwards on hills until it gets unlocked
Red Sun: Use five different balls
Green Sun: Use 10 different balls
Blue Sun: Use 15 different balls
Glowing Green Sun: Use all other balls

3. Unlocking More Dunes

Balls aren’t the only things that you can dress up in the game. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can mix and match dunes with the ball you are using? If you agree that it’s a great idea, check out the list below on how you can unlock the other dune designs that are available in the game. Don’t worry about keeping track of the number of points or jumps that you make. The game will notify you once you have unlocked something new.

Green Dune: Unlocked after playing 100 games
Brown Dune: Unlocked after jumping 20 times in a single game
?: Get a total of 10,000 points over multiple games
Cyber Grid: Unlocked after landing smoothly 20 times in a single game
Moonscape: Unlocked after reaching the moon a total of five times in a single game
Icy Landscape: Unlocked after going beyond the moon 300 times over multiple games
Pink: Unlocked after playing for three consecutive days

4. How To Get New Backgrounds

Of course, if you already have matching balls and dunes, you need to get the right background to complete the scene. There are several backgrounds available for you to unlock in the game. As with the previous two, using a different background does not impact your game in any way. Regardless, unlocking everything is still an achievement you can aim for. We have listed the different backgrounds available for your reference.

Darker Background: Simply play two games
Saturn in the Sky: Unlocked after playing a total of 300 games
Volcano and Meteors: Unlocked after jumping 40 times in a single game
Beach: Unlocked after getting 10 points in a single game
Cyber: Unlocked by landing smoothly 10 times in a single game
UFO: Unlocked by reaching the moon 10 times in a single game
Icy World: Get this by going beyond the moon for the first time
Ice Cream World: Unlocked by playing seven days in a row

It’s time to rake in the points and hit milestones in Dune! Make sure you remember everything you learned from our strategy guide above in order to unlock more balls and backgrounds!


Wednesday 27th of December 2017

When they say going backwards on hills does it mean on the backwards challenge or just let the ball roll back