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Puzzle Fighter Cheats: 11 Tips & Tricks to Build the Ultimate Team of Fighters

Puzzle Fighter is quite possible the most adorable trip down memory lane for a lot of veteran players. It is the sequel to Capcom’s popular Street Fighter parody that was released over two decades ago. Players of all ages will be overjoyed to know that the game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. For those who are not yet familiar with the title, it is a combination of a fighting and a puzzle game. You get to assemble a team of fighters from Capcom’s most popular titles. You will then face off against other teams where you will need to create puzzle matches in order to deal damage. You will be competing against some of the best players from all over the world. You will need to successfully execute epic combos if you want to win. It’s a good thing you have our Puzzle Fighter tips and tricks to help you out!

1. Choose The Right Character

There are several different characters in Puzzle Fighter, each of them has his own set of special attacks. These special attacks require special gems to execute. Some of them are easy to do, requiring only 2×2 combinations. Others, can require as much as 3×3 gems. The difficulty level of each character is determined by how hard it is to execute their special moves. Choose a character that will suit your playstyle and proficiency level in order to deal the most damage.

2. Know Your Character’s Stats

When you check your character’s card on the main screen, you will see his stats ranked from 1 to 5. You can tap on the card in order to view the full details of that character’s stats. This will show the full numbers of their stats, including health and attack. These stats change over time so it is important for you to check on these regularly to ensure you are utilizing your characters properly.

3. Use Gem Affinities Correctly

Every main character in the game has a gem affinity. Creating matches according to your character’s affinity will make them deal more damage. You will earn two support cards later on, after completing your fourth and seventh PVP match. These support cards can add their affinities to your main character. If you match the affinities of the three into one gem color, you will gain a level 3 affinity bonus.

4. Try Your Luck

Honda’s Hundred Hand House allows you to spin for prizes. You can spin a few times before it needs to refresh. You can earn cards from spinning so always try to earn a prize. You can also spend gems on cards and chests. Chests have good rewards, but they are random, so you won’t know if you can actually use the card you will get. If you would rather have a sure thing, you can always take the safe route and just pick one of the available cards for sale.

5. Lose On Purpose

Since your initial team will have limited capabilities, you will eventually come to the point where you will struggle to win matches. When you reach this point, do not despair. What you can do is lose a few games on purpose. This will lower your rank, allowing you to match up against a weaker opponent. Once you win again, you will be able to receive rewards from Honda’s Hundred Hand House. The reward you receive will go a long way towards upgrading your character’s moves.

6. Speed Is Needed

The goal of any fighting game is to deal as much damage as you can to your opponent before he can take you out. The same is true here, even if it is partially a puzzle game. You will need to be quick with your matches, in order to create good combos in a short amount of time. This will be even more difficult once you face opponents who will drop timer blocks on you. These blocks will be unusable until the timer is out. This will give you very limited time to use that block before it is too late!

7. Upgrade Your Character

Upgrading can be very tedious and costly, but it is definitely a worthy investment. Whenever you upgrade your character’s moves, his damage will be stronger, and his experience bar fills up. Once his experience bar is full, he will level up. This will give major boosts to your character’s attack and health stats. You will not be able to advance to higher ranks without having leveled up characters, no matter how skilled you are in matching puzzles. Make sure you invest in your character’s growth in order to succeed in this game.

8. Go On A Mission

Puzzle Fighter gives you the chance to go up against some special characters such as Mega Man. You won’t be facing off against them just for the fan service, though. You will earn mission points when you defeat them. You will be given rewards such as chests whenever you complete a mission. Your MP bar will also fill up in the process. Once it is full, you will receive a Rare Chest, containing even better rewards.

9. Aim For Event Rewards

The game holds events often, giving you the opportunity to earn amazing rewards. When an event begins, you will need to complete missions and earn mission points in order to get these rewards. The minimum amount of mission points you need to earn is 1,600. It may seem intimidating at first, but it is possible to achieve this. You should opt for the more difficult missions as they are worth more points. If you are given only easy missions, you can spend a few gems to reload them. Don’t worry because the prizes you will earn from the events will be worth the work.

10. Check Your Opponent’s Tiles

Once you have played a few games, you will probably notice the large block of tiles beside each character’s name. This block shows the order for dropping timer tiles. You will need to crush tiles and drop combos on those characters in order to drop the timer tiles. The order of the tiles will reset after you have dropped all the tiles on the other player in the correct order. Pay attention to your opponent’s block of tiles and use it to your advantage.

11. Make Good Matches

The characters in Puzzle Fighter have different attacks that correspond to the number of tiles that are matched. The most basic attack is executed when you make a 2×2 match. Better attacks are done when you make 3×2, 3×3, and 4×2 combinations. Since making bigger combinations can be more difficult to accomplish, you can still deal more damage with just a 2×2 match. What you need to do is create two 2×2 matches and pull them off at the same time. This will make your character attack twice, dealing more damage.

Obliterate your opponents and become the ultimate fighter in Puzzle Fighter! Just follow the tips and tricks we listed above and you will rank up in no time!