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Talking Tom Pool Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Unlock Everything

After seven years of talking, Tom has gone a long way, and is just about due for a vacation! It’s time to make a splash with Tom and his friends in Talking Tom Pool! This game takes all your favorite talking characters from Outfit7’s hit series, and throws them all into a fun pool party. It is a unique puzzle game where your goal is to sling characters into the pool in order to match them with others with the same color. Clearing everyone from the pool means you win! There are over 400 pools to clear, each one with corresponding prizes. You can use the keys and coins you earn for unlocking and upgrading the different attractions in the theme park. Make sure you read our Talking Tom Pool cheats, tips and tricks in order to unlock them all!

1. Time Travel Tricks

Similarly to other games in this genre, the number of times you can play after losing a level in Talking Tom Pool is limited by the number of lives you have. The lives are represented by hearts, and you lose one for every level you fail to complete. It will take 15 minutes for you to regenerate a new heart, so it may take a bit if waiting if you used up all you have. If you don’t feel like waiting, there is a trick you can try. Just exit the game, then go into your device’s time and date settings. Move the time on your device forward for an hour or so in order to trick the game into thinking time has passed. When you log back into the game, you will have your hearts back. You can then go back to your settings to correct the time. You will still have the hearts you regained even if you correct the time.

2. Just Aim To Complete Each Level

While it is impressive if you are able to complete each level in only a few moves, there is no benefit for doing so. The levels in Talking Tom Pool are all pass or fail, so you are free to use up all the available moves. Even if you complete a stage with a lot of moves remaining, you will still get the same reward. There are also no achievements of any sort to be gained from this. That is why you should just focus on completing a level any way you can, instead of risking losing a level just to be able to complete it within a certain number of moves.

3. Choose Your Decoration

There are three options for you to choose from when you are rebuilding the pool areas. The first one is free, and it is the primary option. The second one is unlocked by watching a video advertisement. If you have a bit of free time, it is good to take advantage of this, so you have more decorative options. The third option needs to be purchased using coins. It may not be achievable right away, but if you save up, it would be nice to have these paid options available when decorating.

4. Spend Your Coins Wisely

There are multiple areas that need to be cleaned up and renovated. Once you are able to clean up and decorate one area, you can move on to the next one. You will need to earn more coins and keys in order to clean up and unlock decorations for the new area. That is why you should make sure you always have coins left over from the previous stages. You might have a few things you would like to buy for the new areas that you will be decorating later on.

5. Look For Freebies

There are a few things that could be floating around your screen every now and then. One of them is a hot air balloon. When you see it, make sure you click on it. This will automatically play a video advertisement. After the video ends, you will be able to spin a wheel for a prize. These prizes include coins, lives, as well as in-game boosts such as rockets. Make sure you have internet connection before tapping on the hot air balloon. Otherwise, the advertisement will not play, and you will not be able to get a prize.

6. Master The Bank Shots

Bank shots will be your bread and butter when it comes to completing stages. Since the game uses slingshot mechanics in order to launch characters into the pool, you need to be able to hit multiple characters in one shot. Learn the right angles for launching the floaties. Make them bounce off the walls of the pool if necessary. Mastering bank shots will help you save the limited number of shots that you have for each level. This skill is especially valuable in the more advanced levels.

7. Save A Bad Shot

Once you launch a character into the pool, they will take some time to bounce about until they finally lose momentum and stop. You don’t need to wait for them to stop completely before taking your next shot. In fact, you can take advantage of this and shoot again in order to save a bad shot. If you have a rogue floatie that is bouncing about, you can use another character to collide with it and send it where you want. It takes some practice to master this, but it can save you from having to start over.

8. Watch Out For Other Floaters

Characters are not the only ones floating in the pool. There are several types of other floaters that can influence the way you play the game. The first one is the ice floater. It mostly serves as an obstacle, but it can sometimes contain another floatie. You will need to hit it twice in order to free the floatie inside. The second one is the floating chili pepper. Characters who come in contact with this will catch fire and start zooming all over the pool. Lastly, there is the spinning gizmo floater. This is probably the most dangerous among the three. Any character that touches it will flip over and multiply. That can be disastrous, especially if you end up hitting it with multiple characters by accident.

Playing in the water can be a lot of fun, especially if you use our Talking Tom Pool tips and tricks to unlock and decorate the theme park of your dreams! If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment area!