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Farming Dead Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

It is time to start the end of the world in Farming Dead! This brand new idle clicker title from Rapid Turtle Games humorously brings about a zombie apocalypse just so you can take over the world. In this game, you will begin with just one zombie. You will need to tap and swipe your way towards collecting more viruses and spawning new zombies, with the dream of one day infecting the whole world. You can purchase upgrades in order to create even more zombie hordes. The undead may seem like a bunch of dead bodies, but deep inside, they have unique personalities. Meet the different fun and quirky zombies that will help you on your journey towards world domination. Of course, bringing about the apocalypse isn’t an easy task. You will need the help of our Farming Dead strategy guide to ensure your success!

1. Know Your Upgrades

There are several upgrades in Farming Dead, but knowing which ones to prioritize is key to expanding your zombie empire. The first thing you should invest in is zombie automation. It will take a lot of tapping and swiping for you to earn viruses. It is just a lot easier and more efficient to have the game automatically do this for you. You should also consider cutting your zombie production time in half, or at least double your virus output. Don’t forget to always have popcorn running for your zombies as well. Make sure they have at least four hours’ worth of popcorn to keep them busy.

2. Collect Zombie Heads

It isn’t an idle clicker game if there isn’t some kind of prestige option. Once you unlock plot six, you will be able to trade in your zombie empire in exchange for zombie heads. Each zombie head will give you a 2% bonus. The more viruses you were able to get before trading in, the more zombie heads you will get in return. Try to hold off on trading for as long as you can in order to get the most out of each run.

3. Get Bonuses

There are several bonuses for you to claim in the game. The first one is the chance to spin the wheel for a prize every 12 hours. This means you can spin for a prize up to twice each day. Rewards from the wheel include viruses, gold, and even zombie heads. Another type of bonus you can claim is in Zombiewood. Go there to watch a video advertisement. Watching it will reward you with double the gold you would normally get.

4. Extract Zombie Cells

You have the option to extract cells from zombies to allow you to take over the world. Just go to the infectious cells area in order the secure what is needed. Infecting more will increase your infection level. This, in turn, will increase the amount of free gold you will earn. Make sure to use this opportunity wisely.

5. Level Up By Swiping

If you want to earn more gold, you will need to level up your character. Leveling up requires manually swiping over zombies. Despite the need for automation, make sure you still take time to manually swipe on the zombies. This will allow you to earn experience and level up. Swipe over the first two plots often in order to earn some money and help yourself.

Infecting all the citizens of the world can be a daunting task, but with the help of our Farming Dead strategy guide, you will surely succeed!