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Build A Powerful Team Of Battle-Ready Phantoms In Phantom Chaser

Collect dozens of monsters and explore a rich 3D fantasy world in Phantom Chaser, the latest RPG from FloppyGames. There’s a wealth of things to see and do in this exciting new adventure. Phantom Chaser makes its worldwide debut this week, bringing the game’s addictive Phantom battling to players everywhere.

With your team of Phantoms, you’ll begin your adventure by exploring the game’s Story mode, completing quests and building out your team. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, venture over to the Battlefield, where you can engage in daily dungeons like the River of Fire, the Temporal Rift, and the Scalar Tower. Completing these dungeons is a great way to make your Phantoms stronger, and you’ll get some nice treasure and crafting materials to boot. For those with a competitive streak, pay a visit to the Arena, where you can join in on some seriously tough PVP matches.

When it comes down to it, Phantom Chaser is all about team-building. As you collect a host of your favorite mythological characters, including Nine-Tails, Succubus, and Dracula to name just a few, you’ll need to work on building out a team that suits your own individual strategy. You’ll find new Phantoms by playing through the story, drawing Summon Tickets, and via crafting.

Each Phantom comes to battle with their own unique skillset. Your job is to ensure that each Phantom’s disparate skills come together to create even more powerful combinations on the battlefield. You’ll upgrade your Phantoms over time until they eventually evolve, giving you access to even stronger skills later on.

You can test out potential combos freely thanks to Phantom Chaser’s active combat, which grants you full control of your Phantoms in battle. You’re free to roam about the battlefield at will, dodging attacks and swooping in for the kill.

Phantom Chaser promises an unrivalled monster collecting experience with plenty of room for strategy and skill building. If you’re looking for a deep RPG experience this holiday season, look no further than Phantom Chaser. You can find it on iOS and Android right now.