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Horizon (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Horizon sees players take control of a ship in a tron-esque world as they search for gems in order to purchase new ships to fill their hangar. Horizon is the latest release from French gaming behemoth, Ketchapp. It’s very likely you’ve played one game or another from this veteran developer, just a few titles in their library include 2048 Bricks, Knife Hit, and Rider.

The game takes place in a beautifully simplistic, yet immersive, 3D world where players need to evade a variety of obstacles from slamming gates to falling blocks. Players will need to frantically swipe from left to right in order to stay alive and reach new top scores.

Distance achieved isn’t the only way to show off your ship flying abilities as players level up through continued gameplay allowing them to unlock exclusive ship trails adding that extra level of customisation. Horizon also sees numerous reward systems in place to keep those gems rolling in.

The game mechanics follow that of an endless scroller where players can keep on flying for as long as they’re able to survive. This makes the game extremely competitive between friends, as it requires a high level of skill to reach the upper ends of the leaderboard.

The purpose of our Horizon guide is to give you that little extra boost to get you flying ahead of the competition. Follow our compilation of Horizon cheats, tips and tricks below and you’ll have more gems than you can count!

1. How To Get Those Gems

Gems are Horizons in-game currency and your key to buying some cool new ships to take for a spin. Whilst ships don’t add any game-changing mechanics it’s always nice to nice a rare or secret ship that your friend hasn’t been able to unlock yet.

Gems can be acquired in five different ways:

Daily Rewards: Whilst daily rewards don’t offer a substantial in regards to gems, they do build up. The main benefit appears on day 5 where you’re rewarded with a secret ship to add to your collection.

Free Gifts: These are great and offer a reasonable reward for zero effort. Simply collect your reward at regular intervals and you’ll be adding to your hangar in no time.

Watch Ads: Sporadically throughout Horizon you’ll be offered 50 gems for a brief ad, whilst this is worth it at the beginning as ships are cheaper, it quickly loses its appeal.

Gameplay: Gems are scattered throughout the map and can often be located around the more dangerous obstacles. These are a great source of income on long stretches but don’t get caught up in collecting these gems if it means risking your current challenge.

Challenges: By far the best gem income available. Challenges will see you accomplish set tasks with a gem reward at the end of it. The size of this reward scales with the difficulty of the challenge and with there being 100 challenges to complete, you can be sure you’ll see a lot of gems getting spent on those new ships.

Side Note: Trails are acquired through experience that is attained through gameplay, daily rewards and purchasing ships.

2. Swiping And The Field Of Play

In Horizon players need to swipe left and right to dodge obstacles, however, depending on the size of your device this may prove more difficult than expected. The field of play is just slightly too wide on most mobile phones meaning you can’t hit the edges of the gameplay area in a single swipe.

To combat this you’ll be better off playing Horizon with 2 hands that will allow you to react more quickly when additional swipes are needed. For obstacles that are more tightly grouped you’ll need to keep your finger on the screen at all times often making rapid movements to get by, which leads to our next tip.

3. Look Far Into The Field

Horizons obstacles move in unexpected patterns with surprise obstacles appearing more often than not. To try and stay one step ahead, keep an eye on distant obstacles coming up so that if you suddenly have to change your course then you’ll know which route will less likely result in death afterward.

After playing a good few rounds and gaining some relative distance, you’ll begin to recognise obstacles allowing for more pre-emptive as opposed to reactive movements.

4. How To Avoid Obstacles

There are many variations of obstacles throughout Horizon but we’ll list a few common types and how to best avoid them below.

Falling Rocks: These are commonly found from the second stage onward falling in groups of 3-5. You’ll need to swipe left to right repetitively, these will be micro movements and best completed by holding the phone in 2 hands for added dexterity.

Spinning Discs: These typically take up a large portion of the map with gems running on either side. This purely comes down to recognising which side the blade on the disc most recently visited and adjust your path accordingly.

Gates: These coming in 2 forms, lifting and opening. Opening gates are typically operated through proximity so just aim for the centre and you’ll be fine. Gates that drop down work through a timed mechanism and can typically be avoided although gems usually run underneath.

5. Knowing When To Revive

Get within moments or crushing your old high score but fail to swipe just enough? Don’t worry Horizon offers the chance for a quick revive, through watching a brief ad, from where you left off. This is great when trying to complete certain challenges or beat personal bests otherwise there isn’t much value and is definitely worth skipping.

6. Don’t Forget To Check In With Your Progress Bar

The progress bar will provide you with some useful stats such as your average score, number of challenges completed, and that ever-important leaderboard.

Knowing your average the score throughout the game will help you anticipate when you’re most likely to encounter a more difficult obstacle and plan accordingly.

The number of challenges will help you keep track of how many bigger gem rewards are left until you have to start grinding gems through gameplay.

Hopefully, our guide above will put you in a good position to tackle the never-ending world of Horizon and get you to the top of the leaderboard and ahead of your friends in no time. Good luck flyboy!