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Knife Hit (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

If you were ever told that playing with knives is not good, they probably have not tried playing Ketchapp’s mobile title Knife Hit. The French developer’s latest game is all about throwing knives at a target. When you start out, you will be continuously throwing knives at a log in order to break it. It’s probably not the most efficient way to make firewood, but it is definitely the most fun! As an added challenge, apples will be stuck on the log, and it will be up to you to slice through those apples to get a bonus. After several levels of log-breaking, you will eventually come face to face with a boss. Bosses are a lot tougher than logs, but if you succeed in conquering them, you will earn exclusive knives! The good news is that you have our Knife Hit strategy guide to help you win boss fights!

1. Tap As Fast As You Can

The target will continue to rotate while you throw knives at it. Once the knife hits, it will stick to the target until it breaks. That means the more knives are stuck on the target, the harder it will be for you to throw new ones. That is why you need to tap quickly when you decide to start throwing knives. Hesitating in between throws will create gaps between the knives. This will make it harder for you later on when there is less space. Tapping rapidly will stick the knives closer together, giving you more space for additional knives later on.

2. Take Your Time With Bosses

The good thing about this game is that there is no time limit. You will realize how valuable this is when you come across the bosses. Bosses appear every five levels, so you will encounter the first one on the fifth level. You will notice that the first boss moves erratically. This makes it more difficult for you to predict where the knife will land. That is why you need to observe the boss carefully before throwing knives. Once you are confident about throwing at the boss, make sure you make fast taps, so that the knives will be close together.

3. How To Unlock New Knives

There are three ways for you to unlock new knives in this game. The first one is to beat a boss. Each boss has a knife associated with it. For example, beating the tomato will reward you with a knife with a tomato sticker on the handle. Aside from defeating bosses, you can also spin for a random knife by paying 250 apples. The last way for you to unlock knives is by watching a certain number of ads. Every five ads you watch will unlock one random knife for you.

Keep in mind that these three methods unlock different sets of knives. That means you will not be able to randomly spin for the Tomato knife mentioned above no matter how many apples you spend. There are 16 knives available for each method, giving you a total of 48 knives to unlock.

4. Watch Ads To Continue

If you hit a knife or a spike, your game will end. You have the option to continue playing where you left by watching an ad. After you lose a round, the game will give you 60 seconds to decide if you want to accept the ad offer or not. If you don’t want to continue, you don’t have to wait for the countdown to end. Just tap on the No Thanks text below the continue button.

Throwing knives can be a lot of fun, especially if you rely on our Knife Hit strategy guide to help you win boss fights! If you know any other tips for this Ketchapp game, let us know below in the comment area!