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Draw In (SuperTapx) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Beat All Levels

Touch screens have always been great for drawing games. Instead of the usual virtual Pictionary, though, why not try Draw In? It is a unique game created by SuperTapx for Android and iOS devices. In Draw In you are tapping and holding on your screen in order to create a long line. Once you release your hold, the line will wrap itself around the shape for that level. If the line you drew is long enough to complete the shape, you win. If it is a little short, you still complete the level. However, if you drew it too long, even if it’s just a little over, you fail the level. You will need to be good at estimating the length of the line as the shapes will get more complicated as you progress. Fear not, as we have come up with a list of Draw In cheats, tips and tricks to help you beat all the levels!

1. Draw A Little Short

Drawing short in the game is better than drawing too long. As we mentioned above, you will still be able to complete the level even if your line is short. If the line goes over, you will automatically fail. Try to draw a line that is just a little longer than the width of the object you are trying to trace. This should be enough for you to get one or two stars in that level, and you will be able to move on to the next round. You can also hit retry while you still remember how long of a line you made and draw a little longer than that to get the three-star rating.

2. Check The Color Indicators

Knowing how long of a line to draw is easier if you check the color indicators. As you press and hold on the screen, you will notice that the dotted outline of the object is divided into different colors. The black section indicates the failure range. That means if you draw a line that covers only that section, it will be too short, and you will fail. The next section is yellow, and it means drawing until there will let you pass the level with one star. The third section is green. Hitting this section with your line means you get two stars. Finally, you have the red section which indicates your three-star mark. Even if you don’t complete the entire image, you will still get three stars. A Perfect rating, however, means drawing a line that would completely wrap around the image. Doing so will put a crown on that level. You can continue retrying each level, adjusting the length bit by bit until you hit that Perfect mark.

3. Get Rid Of Distractions

At the end of each round you play, you will be greeted by a video advertisement. This can be quite annoying, especially when you are on a roll and want to keep playing. Unfortunately, it will cost you around $4 to get rid of the ads. There is still a way for you to play without ads while still keeping your money, though. Just play the game in airplane mode or ensure there is no way to connect to the internet to remove all the ads.

4. Use A Hint

If you don’t want to keep retrying a level, you could watch an advertisement in order to get a hit. Just tap on the lightbulb icon on the top right of the screen. The hint will put a marker that will indicate the exact length you need to get a Perfect mark. Stopping your line can be a little tricky, though, so you may want to settle for a three-star mark first by drawing just a little short of the marker. After that, you can retry to get that Perfect rating.

5. Prepare For Endless Mode

Playing level by level can feel a bit limiting, especially when you have a lot of time to burn and want to just keep playing without having to dismiss windows in between. The developers have heard our pleas and are working on launching the Endless Mode. That means nonstop drawing for as long as you can keep passing. Make sure you prepare for this mode by practicing hitting that Perfect mark in a single try. There is also a third game mode in the works, so keep practicing so that you will be ready when they go live!

6. Climb The Rankings

When you check out the high score menu, you will see your ranking in terms of score and the number of stars you collected. It is possible to collect more stars by simply playing more levels. Score ranking, however, will require that you hit a Perfect on each level you play. Try to aim for the top of both ladders. It is really just a matter of retrying each level until you hit the Perfect mark. The game won’t even mind if you use hints to get that rating!

It is time to get drawing in Draw In! Be sure you follow our tips and tricks listed above in order to complete all the levels! Also, if you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!