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Laplace M (Tales of Wind) Character Skills Guide: Everything You Need to Know

With Laplace M, you seemingly have 4 characters to choose from at the start. However, it’s really 8 characters. Each of the main character classes branches into 1 of 2 directions at level 50. With this in mind, you have to choose each character in your account carefully. This is because you only have 4 character slots in total per server to make characters with. So here are the problems. Which characters do you want to use and how do you know those will be the better bets in your account? In this Laplace M character skills guide, you’ll have everything you need to choose the characters that can help gain for you greatly and how they can do so.

1. General Tips And Tricks For All Characters In Laplace M

The first part you’ll most likely find out the hard way is that each level gained by your characters does not give you 1 skill point. You’ll need the Redeem Skill Points feature of Laplace M.

laplace m redeem skill points

You can use this feature as soon as you can set skill points. However, one tactic to this is to build up skill points on the decided level of your character. For example, at level 45, you decided you want to use the Redeem Skill Points feature to trade your character’s EXP for skill points. Stick with that level until you reached 50 skill points and then continue leveling. The other strategy for using Redeem Skill Points is to spread it out all over your character’s levels. When you spread out the Redeem Skill Points use, you do level faster. That first tactic helps ensure that your character is ready for the Class Change at level 50. The second strategy helps your leveling to go a little faster by not spending huge amounts of EXP before gaining the next level. In any case, take advantage of the Redeem Skill Points feature as much as possible. Maximizing skills certainly won’t hurt your feelings!

The Class Change quest is a seriously tough one. There’s 100% no chance you’ll be able to solo it. The good news is that Laplace M added bots to the game! When you make a party, the typical case is that the bots will join fairly quickly. You can spot them easily with the “[A]” at the start of their names. Those bots not only help you get through things, they also make for excellent meat shields! So let them go first and work as the meat shields they were meant to be! And no, they’re not exactly slouching in the damage department. They are based on your level but have a lower BR than yours. Also note that in using the bots to get through tough spots, you’re also gaining EXP you might not have gained while solo. This amounts to more EXP you can trade for skill points.

When you complete the Class Change quest in Laplace M, you’ll quickly notice your new skills list only has 1 extra attack skill. The rest are passives and a pre-selected skill which will be enhanced. This does work to your advantage. The Free Reset constantly gives you, obviously, free skill resets! With the limited number of skill slots, having to make fewer choices in the matter helps! But once the Class Change quest is completed, it’s mostly a matter of getting to the required levels to activate the skills.

In choosing a character to play with, you main focus really should be on the PvE content. No matter which way you look at it, it’s always a matter of gaining the most. It’s the PvE content that offers up the most gains. It’s a constant with fewer limitations compared to the PvP content of Laplace M. As it turns out, this is also true for many MMORPGs. So a character with a high survival rate is what works best. So to help increase your survival rate, look to your cards.

laplace m cards

The Snow Bat and Nympha cards both have a Life Steal boost. This means each hit your character makes will regenerate your character’s HP. That includes the skills you use. A Leaf Boar card has the HP Regen effect. This means that every so often, usually in seconds, your character will automatically regen some HP no matter the situation it’s in. Some of those cards will also have other skills and effects to help you out. For example, check out the Weapon section in the above screen shot. Notice the 4 slots?! This means you can have up to 4 transformations ready to use at any given time. Each transformation starts your character with 100% HP.

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But you also want to increase your character’s damage output as much as possible too. This goes for all characters. Most cards will automatically give you +Attack. But in checking the Ogre Derr card, you’ll notice a hefty Reflect Damage effect. The Bat Familiar and the Snow Wolf cards offer up an extra skill your character can use (only 1 skill can be used). The best bet is to use the cards with the skills you like. Each one has a different effect. Most of the time, the Snow Wolf card works the best since it can freeze just about everything with each use. This helps buy you some time to do whatever you have to (heal up or continue to attack or both).

The very first question when it comes to choosing a character is which is the best character to make? Thankfully, Laplace M has it right and none of them are. It’s called balance. Each character absolutely has its pros and cons. This is the type of thing that prevents the entire game from being filled with one specific character! If you doubt this, ask yourself, why would you purposely choose a character that is known not to be the best in the game? The other fun part in Laplace M is that you can build up characters to do things others wouldn’t even dream of doing! For example, when’s the last time you seen a support character tank better than the tanker character in a MMORPG?! When’s the last time you’ve seen an attack type character heal itself just as much or more than a support type character can?! This game has all kinds of goodies just waiting for you to run smack into!

2. The All-Around Warriors

The warriors of Laplace M are as the mention implies. They’re all around characters good at most things. They’re fast enough on the attack, can hit well enough, and can certainly take a hit and keep on going. They’re mostly at melee range but can close the gap in the click of the skill.

laplace m warrior skills

The main downside is that the main AoE skill of the warriors, Bladestorm, is a bit slow on the hits and leaves you vulnerable. You can move while it’s in use to hit more targets but that’s all. Your other warrior skills will be disabled while Bladstorm is in use. Bladestorm does trigger Life Steal but with its slow hit speed, it’s not always easy to play with. The warriors have 2 skills with vampiric effects (different compared to Life Steal). This means the damage done (not the hits done) will determine the amount of HP regenerated. The downside is that you do have to hit something with these skills to get the HP regen. The other downside is that it’s a low HP regen while your damage is low. The upside is that warriors are tough enough to take the hits anyway so it pretty much evens out!

In combination, Savage Jump and then Bladestorm make for a nasty set of hits. Savage Jump has a stun involved and is what closes the gaps very quickly. But in trying to stay alive, Savage Jump and Thunder Clap with Absorb Lightning (the passive) and Protection of Light can really bring back your HP. Once that Class Change is completed, you can add Holy Strike as a Paladin or Sword Strike as a Berserker. This depends on if you want to be extremely hard to kill as a Paladin or attack more as a Berserker. A lot of this will be played using manual controls but don’t forget that the Auto-Play system has customizing!

3. The Destructive Mages

The mages of Laplace M are known for their destructive power. Unfortunately, you still have to build it up just like any other character. The fun part is that the mages can trigger the Life Steal stat fairly quickly. They can also kill targets at range before the targets even get within attack range. With the proper use of Blink, they can survive a hefty amount of damage. This can get clear into situations where your character is 7,000 or more BR below the content. The main downside is that they can be slow on the attack. This holds very true when using Auto-Play. While using Auto-Play, ranged characters in Laplace M tend to move around more. This often puts them out of harm’s way but can also put them directly in harm’s way! So you have to keep an eye on them! All that extra moving around does tend to get them hit a lot.

laplace m mage skills

A lot of what the mages can do is based on the freeze effect. This buys them the time to attack. Using Snow Wolf was not “freeze overkill” since Ice Storm’s freeze effect is by chance. The Firestorm skill can stun just about everything on each use. However, this causes a waste problem. If a target is already frozen, stunning it doesn’t extend the amount of stop time the target(s) suffers. In order to create some type of stun lock, you’d have to manually control your mage all the time. From there, don’t just click on skills at random. You’re trying to keep the targets from doing anything. Don’t just fire at will because the skill was ready and it’s fun to click things!

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In combination, Ice Storm and Blink can really make your mage survive tons of damage. Frostbird is a nice extra pop until you complete the Class Change quest. Unfortunately, the buff skill didn’t do much of anything noticeable. As showing in the above screen shot, it was no longer included. For the most part, the Pyromancer is an attempt for more damage and another stun. The Frostweaver mostly gains another attack with the freeze effect. Again, survival rate has the highest importance. You’re not going to gain if your character is always dead! So keeping the target(s) unable to do anything is the main aim.

4. The Surprising Clerics

Whoever said the support class is boring clearly didn’t play Laplace M! As it turns out, these support type characters are tough as nails! They can solo content which is 9,000+ BR higher than their own (yes, it was tested). The trick to the clerics is to have a proper combination of cards and Guardians. Then have a nice mix of attacking skills and 1 healing skill and you’re good to go!

laplace m cleric skills

Unfortunately, much like the mages, they can be slow on the attack and initially their defense will need boosts. Even with stacking Power of Nature they still need you to work their Attack stats (INT and WIL) as high as you can get it. But once you get it right, it’s all kinds of fun. The other problem is you having to choose which healing skill works better for you. Both can be a bit slow. Song of the Forest gives heal over time compared to the single heal of Nature’s Prayer. Either way, you’ll have at least 1 healing skill. The other problem is getting the passives fast enough to make it more fun for you! Those passives are packing extras which really help.

In combination, Fairy Sanctuary and Power of Nature have a lasting AoE damage effect. Each hit they do triggers Life Steal. So even with just those 2 skills, you’re already hard to kill. Praise of Blossom can be a good and fast hit to help you out. Just remember that Power of Nature only has a 2 second cool down. You can spam it up to 3 at the same time. Try to overlap them! After the Class Change quest is done, you can become a Priest which gives you invulnerability or a Ranger which gives you another attack. All things considered when it comes to clerics, it’s a tougher choice than you think!

5. The Tricky Assassins

The assassins of Laplace M are based on speed, Crit Rate and dodge. But don’t start thinking they hit like wet noodles! With the speedy attacks, the Crit Rate comes into effect more. More attacks means more chances for a critical hit to come out. With more dodge and invisibility, you get hit fewer times so there’s a lower need for healing services. Basically, they don’t rely on Life Steal and/or vamp skills but they have them anyway! They are a bit faster on the attack compared to warriors.

laplace m assassin skills

The main problem is that the Cross Cleave and Assassination Art skills are basically disabled until you have enough Combo points to use it. You won’t have enough Combo points to use them both one after the other. Also, they are melee ranged so anything attacking you at range has some advantage. Another downside is that Shadow Strike also relies on you hitting the target(s) and with lots of damage. Otherwise, the HP regen won’t be so high (or none at all) and you’ll gain no Combo points. The upside to the assassins is that the passives can boost the skills lots. When used together, you could really crush your target(s)!

You have several combinations to choose from with assassins! Laplace M didn’t leave you without on this one! That’s the fun part to assassins. For example with 5 Combo points in place, Assassination Art, Blade Assault, and Cross Cleave can be devastating. You have to activate Psychology for Blade Assault to have a stun just like Assassination Art does. But once you use Blade Assault, you’ll have the extra Combo points for Cross Cleave to be ready. Otherwise, you could use Assassination Art, Shadow Strike, Void Phantom, and Cross Cleave. Whatever you use next for a skill should hit a ton and you should be very hard to hit or kill! Also note that these combos only work if you have their associated passives. After the Class Change quest, of you’re up for just attack, go for Asura. If you want more tactics to have to deal with, go for Ninja.

6. The Very Important Guardians

The guardians are a surprisingly tricky part to Laplace M. For the most part, having a guardian with summons (note the “s”) is the better bet. This will increase your destructive power by each summon. It’s a “no brainer”, right?! However, you could get away with a lot and more depending on which guardian you have deployed. There’s quite a variety of skills the guardians have and they do play a sizeable role in keeping your characters alive. Now it’s a matter of which character you’re using. Some guardians can be a huge help to some characters but not all. That’s the main downside to the guardians. The other downside is trying to get the exact guardian you’d want for your characters. Yes, there is a way to get at least a 2 star guardian. But if it’s pretty much useless deployed on your specific character, you can consider it as food for your other guardians.

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Take the example of the Fairy guardian. You’d think that deploying this guardian on a cleric makes it a “healing overkill” situation. The truth is that you can use it as a replacement to the healing skill you didn’t choose. Since that healing skill is under the guardian’s control, think of it as always being on Auto-Play! You can also use it in combination with the other 2 healing skills. As a typical support type character, having lots of healing capabilities is what has the highest concern. But if you’re playing mostly while solo, you need destructive power. So a guardian with lots of summons works better. It works far better compared to the single hit skills of some guardians anyway.

After checking other guardian skills, you’ll notice one of them can put a shield on your character. That shield is based on the guardian’s HP. So crank up the guardian’s HP! When this particular guardian is deployed on an assassin, that assassin’s survival rate just jumped up quite nicely! Now imagine what this same guardian can do when it’s deployed on a mage. The mages are known for being able to regen their HP pretty quick (Ice Storm + Blink). It’s when they’re doing so with a shield that absorbs all damage, they become nearly unstoppable. Did you think a guardian like this would be lousy on a Paladin?! In any case, it’s always a matter of seeing the guardian’s skills for what they can really do. Hopefully you did so before using that guardian as food!

This ends our Laplace M character skills guide. If you happen to know additional information regarding character skills in the game, be sure to let us know in the comments!


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

The only way currently to find out something like that is to class change each character. That's 8 class changes if you're attempting such an idea. Otherwise, IF you're in a good enough / active guild with all the different character types, that would be the place to ask.

The problem isn't that it's unknown. It's that the info is all locked away until the class change is done. There might be a passive which has that. For example, how many players KNEW the Rangers have a passive which poisons the targets with the normal attacks before they did the class change?!! Most would think the Paladins might have it being the "tankers" in the game. The Assassins look to be mostly for dodge rather than aggro pulling but you never know!!


Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Do you guys know if there's any specific aggro pulling skills in Laplace M?