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Kuma Sushi Bar Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Restore Kumaki’s Sushi Bar to its Former Glory

HyperBeard is back with yet another app brimming with loads of adorable creatures and sceneries with Kuma Sushi Bar. If you played and enjoyed Adorable Home, Cat Spa, Pocket Love, or any title from HyperBeard, then you will most certainly fall in love with Kuma Sushi Bar. This one is yet another casual game where decorating and designing forms a big part of gameplay.

This time, and as the app’s title implies, you will take the role of Kumaki and be tasked to rebuild and manage a sushi bar, taking over from your grandpa, and keeping the family legacy going. The sushi bar has evidently seen better days and when you start running it, you will quickly notice the numerous areas that needs to be fixed and improved. Fixing and decorating are, of course, not the entirety of what you need to tend to as your will need to prepare and sell sushi to earn money to finance the repairs and decorations.

kuma sushi bar guide

Managing the entire sushi bar can certainly be an overwhelming task if you are completely on your own running the place. Thankfully, you can get help from equally adorable and enthusiastic characters like Kumaki to help around the sushi bar. Beyond customers that come in, there are also visitors who provide generous offers that help improve your business one way or another.

Kuma Sushi Bar, just like all other titles from the company, provides a quick and simple tutorial session at the start of your adventure, making it absolutely easy for just about anyone to dive right in and start enjoying its world. The number and variety of improvements you can do in Kuma Sushi Bar provides a lot of freedom as to which ones you should prioritize over others and earnings are practically guaranteed as well, regardless of how you choose to run your sushi bar.

kuma sushi bar benjiro gramps

However, if you are itching to earn more coins and cash to finish all the repairs and unlock the various display items, then you stumbled upon the right place as our Kuma Sushi Bar beginner’s guide will help you restore your familial heritage back to its former glory and grow even beyond its former self!

1. Keep Attracting Customers

Customers are exclusively your source of income in Kuma Sushi Bar and any customer who comes and dines in will yield you coins and sometimes even cash as tips. Customers, however, hardly ever come in without an effort from you to attract them, making it necessary for you to distribute flyers through its icon on the lower right side of the screen.

It takes more than 1 tap to generate 1 flyer and you will start off with wanting to create 4 as your sushi bar will be able to accommodate 4 customers with its 2 tables after the tutorial. Creating more flyers beyond what your sushi bar can accommodate will yield a line of customers waiting to be seated.

kuma sushi bar ingredient upgrade

Kuma Sushi Bar provides an ad boost that makes it more convenient to attract customers by bulk as well. The TV icon above the flyers can be clicked on to play a short video ad. Afterwards, your sushi bar will have as many customers as there are vacant tables, making it unnecessary to smash tap the flyer icon. It is important to note as well that after creating a certain number of flyers, it will become unavailable for a short period of time.

In such cases, the TV ad will be your only resort to keep attracting customers and earning money. Keep in mind, however, that once a customer has seated and readied his or her order, you have to tend to them as soon as you can as they may leave after some time.

Coins stand as the basic currency in Kuma Sushi Bar and will be what you receive consistently from customers. Coins can be used to purchase different decorations, unlock the staff lounge, purchase different costumes for your staff, and even upgrade the ingredients and recipes in the sushi bar.

Cash are considered as a premium currency and will be a little more challenging to earn than coins. Cash are an essential resource needed to repair different areas in the sushi bar as well as unlock the left side of the bar where sushi is served on a conveyor belt.

kuma sushi bar outfit

Regardless of whether you choose to keep using the flyers or the TV ads to attract customers, the amount of coins and even cash that you can earn over time will largely be dependent on how often you let customers in and serve them.

There are different ways on how customers can be fed in Kuma Sushi Bar: the first is having Kumaki actually prepare sushi for them, which involves the challenging game of sorts where you must prepare the right ingredients in the right order; while the second is where your faithful buddy, Nyanko does all the cooking while Kumaki rests and plays more like an all you need to do is tap on each customer and wait for them to finish eating and leave the bar. While you can earn profits in both instances, more coins can be obtained with the former method, which means that you should consider going for it whenever possible.

2. Strategize Around Making Sushi

Having Kumaki do the sushi preparation himself is key to earning more coins than simply relying on Nyanko to cook automatically on his behalf. Naturally it requires some effort and strategy to make the most out of each run as well and there are also rest periods in-between cooking sessions. The amount of coins you earn after the sushi serving session ends will depend on the number of customers serve as well as the highest combo you can make. When the knife icon pops up above Kumaki, you know he is ready to start rolling.

As far as number of customers to serve is concerned, you will start off with 2 tables, having a maximum of 4 seated customers. Once the other tables have been repaired, you can have 8 tables for a total of 16 seated customers to serve in one run. It is best to fill out every seat before you tap on Kumaki’s knife and play the sushi preparing game. Repetition and practice will be your best pals here and keeping a calm, focused mind will help you het the correct orders fast and efficiently.

making sushi in kuma sushi bar

In essence, there are no time limits within which you should start or finish an order. However, once you finish assembling any of the orders, you will need to finish the next one within the time limit to register it as a combo.

This is indicated by the decreasing bar bordering the number in the upper left side of the screen. The highest combo you achieve will have an impact on the total amount of coins you can earn. Do not worry much if you slip up anywhere as you will still earn coins and there will be plenty of opportunities to try for perfect combos again.

You will start off with merely 3 different ingredients but as your sushi bar continues to grow and expand, various ingredients will be added to the mix, making the preparation session a little more challenging with each run. One of the key mechanics to keep in mind here is that the combo timer will not start until you start preparing an order, which means there is a limitless amount of time for you to mentally prepare and strategize for the first 3 orders you receive.

kuma sushi bar fast cooking

Additionally, You will have more help from staff you can recruit as your sushi bar gets better. Starting off with Nyanko, making a mistake in the preparation of Sushi gives you a fast and convenient way of disposing it. Once you make a mess with what you are trying to assemble, you can simply click on Nyanko and he will chow down on it instantly.

As you make progress, the big but sweet bear, Kumo, will join your staff. As he is an expert with the knife, Kumo can tremendously help you with sushi preparation. Once you play the sushi preparation game with Kumo in your crew, you can click on him anytime and all orders on screen will be completed.

He will fall asleep right after, though so it may take a while before he can assist you within the same around again. It is best to go for the easy orders first with him around, and then simply tap on him when orders having lots of ingredients are present.

kuma sushi bar ingredients

Kitsu is yet another staff you will have later who can help make sushi preparation easier for you. Kitsu will stand as a waitress and once you start preparing sushi for the customers, she will take the place of one order slot so you will only have 2 available at a time. Clicking on her will have her move and be replaced by an order, giving you more flexibility as to how fast or slow orders come in, and can help you maintain long combos for the best coin rewards at the end of the run.

3. Prioritize Repairs That Earn You More Money

Consistently catering to a growing population of customers is basically half of main objective you have in Kuma Sushi Bar as you most certainly have to repair and re-decorate your family’s legacy in line with the goal of bringing it back to its former glory. The main dining area is just the start of the long journey towards fully restoring the sushi bar as two more areas will also be unlocked once you have earned enough fame and money to do so.

kuma sushi bar repair

You can switch to repair and decorate mode by tapping the mallet icon at the lower left side of the screen. You will need to spend varying amounts of cash for each repair and can only have 3 pending repairs consecutively, each with a 20-minute completion time regardless of its price.

Despite having a somewhat overwhelming initial count of stuff to repair, however, you can basically divide all items across 2 different categories. The first type of repairs can lead to you earning more income while the rest are areas you can decorate and do not have an impact on your earnings.

The only ones we can consider as items that earn you income are the tables in the main dining hall and the sushi conveyor belt in the room to the left of the dining hall. Everything else to spend your cash on are locations where you can put up decorations and can be considered as second priority once you have invested cash into maximizing your earning potential.

repairing a spot in kuma sushi bar

Given these considerations, the best way to spend cash on repairs is to unlock the tables first. There are 6 more tables to unlock in the main dining hall in addition to the 2 you already have after the tutorial. Considering that more tables can mean more customers entertained, prioritizing them and getting more coins as well as higher chances of obtaining cash from tips will consequently lead to having an easier time to have more cash for the other repairs as well as more coins to purchase numerous decorations.

4. More Ratings Mean More Perks As Well

While the amount of coins and cash that you earn somehow reflect just how much progress you are making in terms of growing your sushi bar, your sushi bar’s rating as indicated by a star grade in the upper right side of the screen is a more solid indicator of just how close you have come to bringing it back to its former glory. You need to earn a certain number of stars to raise the star grade and each coin investment you make earns you stars to fill up the numbers and reach a new level.

Although coins in Kuma Sushi Bar are a lot easier to earn, you will find yourself consistently running out of it. However, every bit of expenses attributable to its decrease actually earns you stars, and the more stars you earn basically makes it better considering the added perks attached to each new star grade reached.

kuma sushi bar ratings

For starters, you need to reach star grade 1 to unlock the staff’s lounge at the right side of the dining area. This not only leaves you with more spaces to decorate but also allows you to interact with staff members of the sushi bar during their breaks.

While you may have visitors that will actually offer to provide new costumes for the employees of the sushi bar, some interactions with the staff will also yield you new outfits for them. New outfits are just unlocked this way but you will still need to spend 100 coins to own and use them. In any case, spending coins for outfits also earn you stars so do not hesitate to dress your crew up.

Kuma Sushi Bar works in such a way that decorations are not just there to make your sushi bar more appealing for you. Each new décor you purchase also earns you stars with more stars earned based on the cost of the item.

The twist is that owning a particular item does not necessarily mean you can place them anywhere you want as you will need to purchase a different set of items for each available spot to decorate. While seemingly more inviting for a grind for coins, keep in mind that this set up also enables you to earn more stars in the process.

kuma sushi bar perks

Knowing that each décor you purchase with coins leads to more stars that can level up your sushi bar’s grade, you might be inclined to spend cash for repairs of areas that do not necessarily lead to earning more profits. However, this is not entirely the case as you can always invest your coins to purchase multiple items to decorate the same spot. As such, there really is no rush to repair all other decoration areas unless you are out of things to purchase with coins.

Reaching star grade 2 gives you access to unlock the sushi belt room to the left of the main dining area. You will need to invest 20 cash to unlock the room and a little more to actually fix the conveyor belt. This is a very important investment as the sushi belt is an excellent feature that can earn you coins and cash over time.

When customers come into the sushi bar, some of them will head into the sushi belt room and dine there. You do not need to tend to them and they will come and go on their own. Customers in the sushi belt will slowly fill up the 200 coins and 5 cash that you can pick up. Relating back to our initial tip of always attracting customers, you have even more reason to keep customers coming in once the sushi belt becomes operational.

5. Consistently Keep Watch Of Your Sushi Bar

Kuma Sushi Bar is a simple, casual game in almost every respect but that does not mean you can expect a consistent routine spanning across both repair and decorations as well as attracting and serving customers. Especially for the latter, there are some random elements involved relative to the guests that enter your sushi bar and regardless of the case at hand, it is best to keep a close eye on operations from time to time.

kuma sushi bar operation

For starters, there are different customers to unlock and cater to and you will meet new customers from time to time. Customers may not have observably different behaviors attributable to them but the what they leave behind after eating has some random elements built into it. While most customers will leave coins, some will leave you cash as well.

On the down side, some customers can be a bit messy when they eat and you would need to clean up after them so new customers will take their place immediately. Sometimes, you may easily notice this as there are vacant tables in your sushi bar and yet customers will not take their seats on a particular table. The only reason for this is that the area needs to be cleaning.

kuma sushi bar new employee

You simply need to tap on a mess to clean it up. Trash around the dining area can be disposed of in one click, while table mess usually require multiple clicks to clean up. Once you recruit Chyutan the handy woman as part of your crew, she will help you clean up random messes inside the dining hall. Just the same, however, you should still help her out.

There are special visitors who do not necessarily dine at the sushi bar but instead offer you some help. Beyond Kumaki and Nyanko, you can expect 4 more characters to just come in like all other guests and offer themselves to be part of your crew. There are also 4 unique guests who will occasionally pay you a visit offering different perks. Hayami will offer to unlock a random outfit for any of the 6 employees.

kuma sushi bar michiko

Kachi-Kachi can help you unlock more furniture to decorate your sushi bar with. Genki drops by to add unlock more ingredients for your sushi. Michiko will frequently show up to give you free coins. You can always reject their offer or pay 5 cash for the first 3 for what they bring. Alternatively, you can simply choose to play a 15 to 30-second ad to claim what they are offering for free.

6. Remember To Upgrade Ingredients And Dishes

As you continue to make progress in growing your sushi bar, you will have more and more ingredients to work with, thanks to Genki. Although more ingredients mean more types of dishes to be served and makes the sushi preparation game more challenging, it naturally comes with more opportunities to boost your earning with each run.

kuma sushi bar ingredients list

Both ingredients and dishes can be upgraded using coins. You can check the list of ingredients and dishes you have, as well as their details, via the fish and sushi icons on the expandable menu at the upper left side of the screen. For the ingredients, you can see how much time it takes for the supply of the item to be replenished once you empty them amount as well as the number of units you start with when you are actually preparing sushi.

Almost certainly, you will actually get to experience running out of ingredients while preparing different orders and it may take a while before it gets restocked. Upgrading specific ingredients can give you more of them as well as reduce the time it would take for you replenish your supply in the sushi preparing game. Ultimately, upgrading all ingredients speeds up the preparation process and raises the possibility for you to secure perfect combos with each run.

kuma sushi bar recipes

With regard to the variety of dishes you serve in the sushi bar, the initial prices you sell them for are pretty decent. However, progressing the sushi bar will enable you to upgrade them as well, increasing each one’s price per unit. The amount of coins to invest may seem much for small increments in price but it will eventually go back to your earnings.

7. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

Tending to the sushi bar and following the usual cycle of activities will already yield you benefits that will most certainly leave an observable rate of progression in your adventure. However, Kuma Sushi Bar provides an extra means to receive even more rewards to claim through its mission feature.

kuma sushi bar rewards

Missions will appear at the top center of your screen once you are through with the tutorials and you will have to click on the scroll to see the list of objectives you need to accomplish for the surprise reward. These goals do not actually entail extra work or effort as each objective directly coincides with the usual activities you will be doing in the natural course of managing the sushi bar.

For best results, we actually recommend using the missions list to serve as your guide towards progression. This means only doing repairs consistent with the mission objectives and so on. Once you have completed all 5 tasks and claim the surprise reward. You will receive another set of missions to complete after 30 minutes.

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Ads in mobile games have been around for quite some time and should always be expected especially from free games. While some players may still be appalled or discouraged by the existence of any form of ads, it is important to understand that these ads exist for the purpose of sustaining the game’s existence and continued development or everyone to enjoy for free. While ads that randomly pop up during gameplay can be a bit of a nuisance at times, there are no such ads in Kuma Sushi Bar.

kuma sushi bar ad boost

The only video ads you will see in Kuma Sushi Bar are those that fall within the ad boost category. For the most part, you would willingly want to take advantage of these ads’ existence as they serve as keys to help boost your progression in Kuma Sushi Bar tremendously. We mentioned earlier that launching TV campaigns that attract customers by bulk is one of the most important ad boosts to take advantage of. The same goes for the special guests we listed who always come bearing gifts that are very difficult to say no to.

While the above ad boosts are certainly hard to resist, the rest of the ad boosts available in Kuma Sushi Bar are equally enticing, to say the least. One of the ad boosts you will consistently notice pops up just at the front door of the sushi bar. There is an ad boost that speeds up cooking time.

Once activated, this will enable a much faster turnover of customers provided you keep pulling them in and serving them fast. The time it takes for them to order and eat will be shortened so new customers will be able to take their place at a much faster rate.

kuma sushi bar chef's special

Another handy ad boost appears whenever you initiate repairs in the sushi bar. As we mentioned earlier, each repair has a consistent completion time of 20 minutes and while you may not always necessarily want them completed at a faster time, watching a short video at any time will instantly finish the repairs. Whetehr the timer is still at 19 minutes or 5 minutes; the waiting time will completely be eliminated by simply spending 15 to 30 seconds to play a video ad.

Finally, there is a shop you can through the “+” sign besides your cash and coins or the bag icon at the upper right side of the screen with a “free” label on it. There are daily rewards to claim as well as some additional rewards you can get if you play some more video ads. You can watch 5 ads to claim 150 coins as well as 5 ads to nab 4 cash.

kuma sushi bar free cash

More offers to earn free cash can be seen if you tap on the “Get Free Dollars” offer inside the shop. This will, however, require you to download, install, and play other games as well as reach milestones in them to fully earn the offered rewards.

We have certainly spent a lot of time in Kuma Sushi Bar but have yet to unlock all costumes, customers, and especially all available furniture and decorations. We are most certainly looking forward as well to more content in future updates. As we end our Kuma Sushi Bar beginner’s guide, we hope that you learned a great deal from the simple tips and strategies we shared and that you have enjoyed reading through it as well.

If you have delved into Kuma Sushi Bar extensively enough as well and perhaps stumbled upon some other secrets we have not uncovered, we welcome you to share your experiences and discoveries with us and our readers down in the comments!