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BitLife Euphoria Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Euphoria Challenge

The wait for major BitLife updates has returned, and big things are in store for those who are willing to wait for these major revamps to the game’s overall experience. But in the meantime, Candywriter is doing what they always do to make the wait more bearable, which is to launch new weekly challenges every Saturday afternoon — limited-time events where you are given a few days to complete a series of tasks based on a given theme.

bitlife euphoria challenge requirements

After last week’s “classic” BitLife challenge that eschewed pop culture in favor of a general globetrotting series of tasks, Candywriter is back with another hat-tip to a popular film or TV series. In this case, it’s the controversial teen drama Euphoria that the company is taking on, and for those who aren’t familiar with the show, it features average teenagers with average teen problems…but without the sugarcoating so prevalent in teen-oriented series from years past.

That means pushing the boundaries of what your teenage Bitizens can do, even if it means having to do those things once those Bitizens are already of legal age. So with that in mind, here’s this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we show you how to speed-run the Euphoria Challenge with as little rework as possible.

Some Of The Requirements Are Pretty Straightforward

When starting out BitLife’s Euphoria Challenge, there’s no need to choose a specific gender or birthplace, choose a Special Skill in God Mode, or re-roll until you get a character with high Looks and/or Smarts. The show’s characters may all be attractive, with some, such as the especially troubled Nate, boasting high Smarts and Athleticism in its universe, but you can create any random character and still have a good chance of completing the challenge before reaching the age of 21.

bitlife rumor

As one of the easiest requirements is spreading rumors about at least five friends, all you need to do is to make friends at school at an early age — don’t turn down those random friend requests, and if you still don’t have five, choose classmates you have a good Relationship with and befriend them. Then, once the game allows you to spread rumors about friends (i.e. at 12 years old), you can go nuts on them — just as long as you’re making sure you’re spreading one rumor per friend, and that you have at least five friends at that point.

bitlife hook up

Having at least 20 hookups is something that will have to wait until you’re of legal age, though it is possible to hook up with friends if you’re 16 or 17. Still, the bulk of your hookups will likely take place from age 18 onward — choose the Hook Up option in the Love sub-menu under Activities, make sure you’re doing it safely to avoid STDs and pregnancies that could delay the challenge completion process, rinse and repeat until you reach 20. Nothing to it, really, but that’s not exactly the case with one specific requirement in the challenge.

How To Assault Your Best Friend

Probably the only tricky part of the Euphoria Challenge is the part where you have to assault your best friend. Experienced BitLife players know that there is no option to physically attack, or brawl with friends — the option is available with siblings, but not friends, so the most you can do to annoy your friends is to spread rumors about them, prank them, or insult them, and you won’t be able to fight back if they attack you.

disagreement in bitlife

Fortunately, though, it is possible to initiate a situation where you can physically attack a friend, though it may take some patience before it happens, and you may need to go through multiple best friends before this happens.

In order to do this, you’ll have to start conversations with your best friend, repeating the process until the Agreement bar is at less than 20 percent or thereabouts. Once that happens, you and your friend are simply not agreeing on whatever the topic is, may it be the hierarchy of licorice or who was in the wrong at the Oscars, Will Smith or Chris Rock. Choose the option to attack your best friend during this disagreement, and you’re all set — they will likely unfriend you after you hit on the Age button, but that’s fine, as that won’t nullify the “start rumors about five friends” requirement.

bitlife roundhouse kick

The chances of friends disagreeing during conversations may depend on their Craziness stat, so if you don’t have God Mode to edit Craziness and speed up the process, you may have to move on from your best friend if you keep on agreeing on things, change your relationship with another friend to Best Friend status, then keep repeating until you’re arguing about something.

You May Need Some Sort Of Job In Order To Recover From Addiction And Relapse

The characters in Euphoria are supposed to be teenagers in high school, which means it’s their parents’ money they’re blowing on drugs, or their parents’ money that’s being spent if someone goes to rehab. But since you cannot actually start consuming illegal substances in BitLife until you reach legal adulthood (i.e. 18 years old), chances are you’ll need some money in your bank account if you want to complete the final two requirements — developing an addiction and relapsing.

alcohol addiction in bitlife

Technically, you can still be jobless and go to the club, where you can try an alcoholic beverage or drug and potentially get hooked — you just need to be 18 years old or above. We would definitely discourage any potentially fatal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or oxycodone — instead, accept alcoholic drinks or marijuana, as you cannot overdose on either substance but can get addicted to them in the BitLife universe.

After getting addicted, this is where having a job or some money in the bank account comes in, as you’ll need to check into rehab ($5,000 for standard rehab, $25,000 for luxury) in order to get cured. Alcoholics Anonymous is free, but based on our experience, it doesn’t seem to work as well as rehab in the game’s universe. Still, if you can recover from your alcohol addiction via AA, then well and good!

bitlife rehab

After recovering, simply go back to the clubs, try another drink or non-lethal illegal drug, repeat the process until you get addicted again, and that should complete the Euphoria Challenge. As usual, you will then be prompted to pick one of the four prize chests to get a new piece of headwear or eyewear as your “mystery prize” for challenge completion.