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Kiziland Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Evolve Your Kizi the Easy Way

Probably the best way to describe Kiziland would be a cross between traditional clicker games and Tapps’ ever-so-quirky Evolution game series. According to the developer, the game would require you to click and drag two of the same Kizi type and evolve them into a unique and powerful creature. As you keep doing this, you can earn stars and gather coins. Each evolution earns you more gold coins, and you can use your stars and coins to upgrade your existing Kizi into a completely different creature. There are also multiple game locations which you can unlock as you keep on progressing.

Clicker games are one thing – they’re simple, fun, and addictive. And if you combine those simple mechanics with the uniqueness of Tapps’ Evolution titles, you’ve got one interesting Android and iOS game in front of you. But is it easy to play? We think it would be easier if you tried these Kiziland tips and tricks out for yourself.

1. Where It All Begins

At first, you’ll only be able to buy the Kidzi, or the most basic of all the Kizi. But that’s only your starting point, as you’ll be able to buy Kizi of higher and higher levels as you keep on improving your maximum evolution level. This is similar to what Tapps has in Cow Evolution, Chicken Evolution, and other related titles. In order to speed up the evolution process, you should focus on clearing all of the eggs, and acquiring more and more Kizi.

2. How To Replenish Your Coins

The most advisable way to refill your stash of coins is to max out the number of Kizi you can have, and also improve their quality to the highest possible level. Once you’ve done that, you can disable your phone’s sleep function, plug it into a charger, and leave the game on while you’re focusing on work, or better yet, when you’re sleeping. When you’re ready to play the game once again, you can return to a stash full of coins, and purchase more Kizi with the coins you’ve accumulated.

3. Quickly Tap On The Highest Level Kizi

Yes indeed, this game should give you a lot of déjà vu if you’re a Cow Evolution player. Go to your highest level Kizi and repeatedly tap on it so you can earn more and more coins. The longer and faster you tap, the more coins you stand to earn through this technique!

4. Tap On The Present Boxes

Aside from tapping on Kizi, you can also tap on the present boxes, which are all guaranteed to reward you with something. It may be a new Kizi for free, or it may also be free coins. Then again, you may end up with free stars, with stars being the game’s premium form of currency. You can use stars instead of coins when buying new Kizi; the benefit of this is that pricing doesn’t go up as you buy more Kizi, like it does with coins.

For now these would be our tips and tricks for Kiziland. If you happen to know other hints for the game, that we haven’t listed in this guide, be sure to let us know!