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Kick the Buddyman: In Soviet Russia Tips, Cheats & Tricks: A Beginners’ Guide to Success

Kick the Buddyman: In Soviet Russia is the latest installment in Alpino’s popular Buddyman series, and for now, it’s only available on iOS. You can try out a variety of special Soviet-themed weapons in this new game, including the nuclear bomb, laser, and more, as you “feel the spirit of (the) Soviet epoch and unleash the chaos” in this third “episode” in the Buddyman series. And just like in the other games, you’ll be using those weapons and more against the Buddyman, attacking him in as violent (but funny) a way as possible.

Veterans of the Buddyman series should have no problem with this game’s Soviet flavor – it adds new weapons and a few more twists, but otherwise, it’s the same old mechanics. Still, we’d like to lend a helping hand to the newbies out there, which is why we suggest you to read our Kick the Buddyman: In Soviet Russia tips and tricks if this is your first time to play a Buddyman game…or your first time to play this game.

1. The Nuclear Bomb Kills Fastest, But There’s A Caveat

There’s a reason why we mentioned the nuclear bomb among the featured Soviet weapons in this new Buddyman game. That weapon kills the Buddyman faster than others, though the catch here is that you won’t earn points for gradually attacking Buddyman. As the nuclear bomb kills the Buddyman in one hit, your opportunities to rack up points are limited, but at least you’ll earn coins faster.

2. How To Earn Free Coins

After you “kick,” or should we say kill the Buddyman, you’ll have the option to watch an ad video and earn free coins. That’s a good way to add to your coin total, as long as you’ve got ads to watch. Alternately, you can collect free coins as a gift when the time interval is zeroed out. For this second method, it’s advisable to set up your notifications so you’re immediately informed when you can collect your free gift.

3. Use One Finger To Grab A Fleeing Buddyman

Sometimes, the Buddyman will run away so quickly and you won’t be able to slow him down. However, you can use one finger to grab him, and another finger to attack him. An alternate way to forcibly slow the Buddyman would be to tilt your phone so that everything in the game is reoriented, making things fall downward.

4. How To ‘Torture’ Buddyman

If you’ve played earlier Buddyman games, you probably know this, but in case you don’t, you can unequip your weapons and repeatedly tap on Buddyman, therefore “torturing” him, but not killing him just yet. It’s also possible to grab him by the limbs and swing him around, or rip his limbs apart if you’re able to stretch them and yank them out far enough.

5. Some Weapons Need To Be Unlocked In Special Ways

There are some weapons in this game that you wouldn’t be able to buy with your coins. You’ll need to rate the game on the Apple App Store in order to unlock them. Additionally, the Matryoshka and a few other premium weapons are only available if you pay real money.

Jerry McGavin

Wednesday 9th of March 2016

Thanks for the info on the Nuke, Matt!

I will let you know if anything comes up when trying out your suggestions :)