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Chicken Evolution Cheats, Tips & Hints to Make the Most Out of Your Mutant Chickens

You may be wondering why it took so long for Tapps to come up with something more conventional for its Evolution game series for Android and iOS. While cows and goats were eventually joined by giraffes, platypuses, zebras, and octopuses, Chicken Evolution is a rather late entry in the Evolution series. And the game’s description doesn’t waste time talking about how chickens evolved from dinosaurs, but ended up as birds that “can barely fly.” That doesn’t always have to be the case, as this game allows you to mutate chickens, evolving them and discovering their most curious, exotic, and bizarre forms.

The mechanics of the game should not be anything strange and unfamiliar for veterans of the Evolution series. Just drag and drop similar chickens, and you can create some weird creatures in the process. Chickens poop coins, effectively turning crap into gold, and you can use those coins to buy new chickens. It’s pretty simple if you’re a vet, but just in case you need some help figuring this game out, we’ve prepared a list of Chicken Evolution cheats, tips and tricks for you below.

1. Buy The Tractor Upgrade

The tractor upgrade is one of the first things, if not the absolute first thing you should purchase. It’s also one of the most essential upgrades you need, because you won’t be able to earn coins with it if you’re offline. Buying the tractor, on the other hand, allows you to passively earn coins while you’re away from the game. You’ll also get some new boxes with chickens if you use the tractor to help you make some progress even when the game is off.

2. Buy The Highest-Level Chicken You Can Afford With Your Coins

Although, you still want to be prudent when spending your coins, it’s a good idea to buy the highest-level chicken available when shopping in the chicken store. Keep buying those chickens and adding them to your farm until they become way too expensive to hold any real value. You can then use the chickens you buy to expedite the process of evolving the chickens to the next level. Unlocking a new evolution, as veteran Evolution gamers know, unlocks a higher tier chicken in the store.

3. Keep Tapping Those Highly-Evolved Chickens, Or Use This Other Trick

If you need a lot more extra coins in a pinch, you can go to the highest-evolved chicken you have and keep on tapping it, with hopes of getting a 1,000-coin or 10,000-coin drop. You can also leave the game on, make sure sleep mode is off, and plug your phone to a charger, earning coins through auto-poops that take place while the game is on and you’re just sitting back and relaxing.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Get Free Diamonds

Hit the Free button on the in-app store and you’ll be prompted to watch an advertisement video. This will earn you one free diamond, on top of the diamonds you may have collected randomly while playing the game – diamonds, of course, are Chicken Evolution’s premium currency.

For now, this is our list of tips and tricks for Tapps’ new game, Chicken Evolution. Stay tuned for more updates to this guide, as we may add some more tips in the near future!


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

For the evolution after roosteruff, how do u lvl it up?