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Zebra Evolution Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Making Those Crazy, Quirky Mutant Zebras

Did you know that Tapps allows you to evolve zebras too? That’s right, Zebra Evolution is one of the many Evolution series games Tapps has to offer, and it’s available for Android and iOS devices. Evolving cows and goats was quirky enough, but what about those “horses in pajamas” we officially know as zebras? You can evolve zebras and make them larger, while also discovering their “most curious, exotic, and bizarre forms.” This is the fifth game in the series after Cow, Platypus, Goat, and Giraffe Evolution, and it plays out similarly to those previous titles. You’ll be combining similar zebras through simple drag-and-drop controls, using coins – zebra poop coins to be exact – to buy new creatures, and tapping the zebras frenetically so that they poop out coins. It sounds weird alright, but not if you’re familiar with the Evolution series.

How can you evolve those zebras into animals you just couldn’t imagine in prehistoric, present, or future times? If you’ve played an Evolution game before, you probably know how to, but just in case you haven’t, we recommend checking out our Zebra Evolution cheats, tips and tricks below.

1. Those Zebras Keep Getting Better As You Evolve

In the game’s main zebra store, you’ll see zebras that are of a higher level than the stock zebras available in the boxes. As you keep increasing your maximum evolution level, the stuff in the stores will keep getting better. So if you’ve got the coins, go spend them on some zebras so you can evolve quicker.

2. That Old Evolution Trick Again

With seven Evolution games in the series and counting, Tapps has yet to nerf this trick/cheat, but while it’s still available, we might as well tell you all about it. If you turn off your phone or tablet’s sleep function, plug your device into a charger, turn on the game, and leave the game on while you’ve got a screen full of zebras, you’ll passively earn a ton of coins, depending on how long you plan to do this. Aside from this, you’ll also be earning coins from zebra poop.

3. Watch Ad Videos To Grab Free Diamonds

The game will allow you to earn diamonds as they randomly pop up while playing. This is the game’s premium currency, and if you want more of it for free, you can go to the in-app store and watch an ad video. All you’ll get is a paltry one diamond per video, but there is no limit to the number of videos you can watch, as long as the game has available videos to serve up.

4. Keep On Tapping High-End Zebras For Coins

Looking to earn even more coins? Simply go to the most-evolved zebra you have – this works better if the zebra is higher than base level. Tap this zebra repeatedly, as quickly as possible. That could give you some significant coin drops, probably worth about 1,000 coins or more. Just remember that your odds of getting big coin drops depends on how high your highest-evolved zebra is!

These would be our tips and tricks for Zebra Evolution. In case you know additional hints for this game, don’t be shy to let us know!