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Cow Evolution Cheats, Tips & Strategies: 5 Tricks to Breed Those Cows The Right Way

Cow Evolution is a new game developed by Tapps, which is one of the more familiar names in the mobile gaming space. In here, you will be finding out what happens to “an ordinary cattle” when they get mutated. You’ll be combining cows to this end, evolving them, and creating all sorts of wild and crazy breeds. It’s a clicker game in terms of mechanics, and if you consider the above premise, it’s a rather weird clicker. But then again, it’s also a lot of fun playing God in this game, and if you want to send some mutant cows to Mars, we’ve got some Cow Evolution cheats, tips and strategies for effective breeding.

1. Breed Cows To Get More Money

More cows means more coins. It’s an easy enough concept to grasp, as all you have to do to breed is to drag one cow over an identical counterpart. And as you breed more cows, and more advanced breeds of cows, you’ll find yourself earning more coins per second. As an additional tip, be sure you’ve got the cow box drop power-up that would allow you to keep a lot of cows even if you’re not spending any coins.

2. You Can Also Earn Money Through Manure

No bull, but this is possible in a quirky game such as Cow Evolution. If you leave your device on and pay attention to the right part of your display, you’ll see that you can visit the farm, which is the next-highest view, or planet Earth, which is the highest view of them all. By going to the highest view, you can earn more coins through cow dung, though the amount of coins you earn will be dependent on how highly-evolved the cow is.

3. Force Cows To Do Their Business By Clicking On Them

And while we’re still talking about cow poop, we also advise you to click on cows so they can take a dump automatically. You’ll want to click on the most evolved cow you’ve got, and when you’re playing in Mars, your currency will change from coins to rubies. And that’s what brings us to the next tip.

4. Get More Rubies By Giving Cows To Aliens On Earth

Instead of going up to Mars to collect rubies from alien cows, what you can do is give the cows to those aliens who are on Earth. The aliens will ask you for a certain rank of cow, and higher rankings will allow the aliens to give you more rubies as payment.

5. Watch In-Game Ads For Free Diamonds Or Cows

Diamonds are Cow Evolution’s premium currency, and by watching an advertisement video, you can earn free diamonds. Simply click on the “get free diamonds” button or hit the “Ad” option next to one of the bovines in the cow store. Choosing the option will get you diamonds, while choosing the latter will get you the aforementioned cow in the cow store for free.