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Dashy Panda Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 5 Tricks You Should Know

Appsolute Games’ iOS-only title Dashy Panda is a rather casual game that offers one-touch gameplay, a lot of minimalist, no-frills backgrounds and settings, unique obstacles left and right, and a chance to play against gamers from all over the world as you seek to rise up the leaderboard. You’re in control of a hungry panda, and since your Sensei has “left freshly cooked rice bowls to eat,” your goal is to collect as many rice bowls as possible while avoiding the obstacles. In terms of mechanics, there’s a strong Crossy Road influence in there, but just in case you haven’t played such games, we have some Dashy Panda cheats, tips and tricks for a higher score and more rice bowls.

1. Take Your Time

Haste makes waste in this game, and when we say waste, we mean having your character killed by one of the obstacles. Going slow but steady is the way to go here, as you don’t want to run into a spike or get pelted to death by a falling snowball. Some obstacles have the exact same timing, so keep that in mind when trying to avoid them. Also, you’ll want to tweak your strategy as you go along, so as to avoid more obstacles with different timing involved.

2. There Is No Time Limit

In relation to the first tip, we should remind you that none of the stages have time limits. We know you may have been expecting some sort of catch with the first tip, but there isn’t any – you have all the time in the world to plan your moves, so you can push forward at your own pace, without having to worry about the game pressuring you into beating the clock.

3. Be Careful With Momentum

Momentum could be a game changer in Dashy Panda, and that’s not always a good thing. Overestimating things will result in your missing a good number of coins, and maybe even meeting your end when you run into an obstacle. Underestimating isn’t a good thing either, and may also come with its share of obstacle-related risks. It’s what we told you earlier about timing, only this time, you have to take momentum into consideration.

4. Don’t Trust The Leaderboard

If you check the leaderboard in Game Center, you’ll see a lot of results which you’ll want to take with a giant-sized grain of salt. These are hacked scores and are absolutely impossible to achieve if you’re planning to play honest and not resort to any hacks. Move down a bit and you’ll see some very high, yet realistic scores that would be the best to aim for if you’re competing against the rest of the world.

5. Practice Regularly

Practice makes perfect in titles of this kind. Timing is one thing we mentioned a lot earlier, and it plays a part in a lot of aspects of this game. And there’s only one way for you to get that timing right and seriously boost your score – practice, practice, practice. Still, we recommend taking breaks every now and then, especially if you’re frustrated with your performance, or have other tasks to take care of.