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Noscope Flappy Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score and Unlock New Skins

Strangely enough, despite the super-casual nature of Noscope Flappy, it isn’t available on Android – it’s currently available, though, for iPhones and iPads, so download away if you’re on an iOS device. This game from Gordon Vogel is a mix of a “montage parody” and the huge runaway hit of early 2014, Flappy Bird. The game does come with features such as achievements and leaderboards, and it does combine the Flappy Bird experience with the “fun and randomness of our beloved Internet memes.” Beating your score allows you to unlock new skins, or to unlock the pro-pack, which allows you more access to “funny sounds, memes, and skins.”

You may think that a Flappy Bird parody really doesn’t need its own set of tips. However, there are memes, birds, and skins in the game, as well as power-ups that add to the original Flappy Bird mechanics, thus making this more complex, but still safely in the casual gaming category. So join us now as we bring you some Noscope Flappy cheats, tips and hints for a higher score and more unlocked goodies.

1. What Do Those Power-Ups Do?

Like you did when playing Flappy Bird or any one of its myriad clones, you move your bird around through a series of pipes, trying not to hit either the lower or the upper pipe, or to hit the ground. As such, gameplay is very similar, but the differences lie in the power-ups. For example, there are power-ups that allow the background to change, then allowing you to move faster than normal and eliminating all the pipes. For a few seconds, you can take advantage of this, flying around without any obstacles, and racking up the points at a rapid pace.

2. You Can Earn Medals And Bonuses

If you reach 50 points, you’ll earn a bronze medal. 100 points gets you a silver medal, 150 points allows you to collect a gold medal, and 200 points gives you the highest medal possible, a platinum medal. But aside from those points-based medals, there are other achievements out there that you can attain to reach if you’re able to score more than 200 points in a run.

3. Watch Out For The Memes

In Noscope Flappy, it’s not just the pipes you have to be worried about, but also the memes. Yes, that’s right, you do have to watch out for memes in this game, which pop up consistently throughout your entire run. And while they disappear after you get yourself a power-up, they can be very annoying and not at all funny like they’re supposed to be. Try to keep your bird in the middle of your screen, or at least around it to avoid being distracted too much by the pop-up memes.

4. You Only Score By Going Through The Pipes

The good news in Noscope Flappy is that you can fly above the screen to circumvent going through the pipes. The bad news? You won’t earn any points, as the game only awards you points if you fly between the pipes, and not above them.