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Infinity Kingdom Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Power Up Your Troops and City Efficiently

YOOZOO and GTarcade are back again with another hard-hitting MMO strategy game with the recent launch of Infinity Kingdom. YOOZOO has earned a solid reputation for bringing to life top quality and large-scale games, typically belonging to either the RPG or the strategy game genre. Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, Dynasty Scrolls, and Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac are just some of company’s games that we played and enjoyed.

Despite the overabundance of MMO strategy games out in the mobile gaming market, Infinity Kingdom manages to capture the best elements that experienced and veteran players of the genre love and enjoy as well as mix in its own brand of unique features and aspects. Infinity Kingdom leaves players with a ton of activities to engage in, ensuring hours after hours of strategic gameplay.

infinity kingdom strategies

While the game hosts an array of features and mechanics that may seem overwhelming to new players of the MMO strategy game genre, Infinity Kingdom makes it so that all the fundamentals you need to know will certainly be tackled as you begin your adventure.

There are certainly a lot to take in as you make quick progress in the initial stages of building your camp and army. With heroes called immortals are available as well for you to collect and manage, the multitasking requirement to ensure that everything is running at full efficiency can seem overwhelming as well.

infinity kingdom victory

Just the same, learning the ropes as you go along is a feat that can easily be accomplished with patience and dedication. If you are raring to maximize your army and your camp’s growth and start your journey towards protecting Norheim and dominating everyone that stands in your way, then our Infinity Kingdom beginner’s guide can help you take the right initial steps to do so!

1. Follow The Chapter Missions

Infinity Kingdom holds a vast array of missions and objectives to ensure that you will always be occupied whenever you log in on the game. The tutorial session actually stretches across the first chapter of the story but every new feature and activity you unlock comes with a brief introductory guide when you first engage in it. As more missions and objectives come your way with every bit of progression you make, you should continue to check on the chapter objectives and focus your efforts in accomplishing them over other missions.

infinity kingdom chapter missions

You can see one of the chapter objectives flashed at the lower right side of the screen although if you click on the icon beside it, the entire list of objectives will be revealed. You do not necessarily have to complete the objectives from top to bottom. What is important is that you strive to accomplish each of the listed objectives, claim the chapter rewards at the bottom of the page, and move on to the next chapter.

The chapter objectives actually serve as a basic guide of what you have to follow in order to progress efficiently. The objectives set are typical milestones you need to reach in order to move forward. As MMO strategy base-building games are known to employ dependencies as far as upgrading structures and conducting researches are concerned, having the list of objectives under the main quest will help narrow down the most essential functions.

2. Be Ready To Multitask Extensively

MMO strategy games, especially those centered on building camps, have been known to require multitasking as a core activity. While there are plenty of game genres, even other strategy games, that are viable for casual gamers, Infinity Kingdom, like loosely similar games within the genre, is not so much built for those who cannot dedicate a lot of time and effort into the game.

For one, though, the structures in Infinity Kingdom are build on specific spots with some vacant plots becoming available as you reach higher levels. In this sense, the tedious task of manually organizing your camp’s layout is out of the list of activities you need to regularly tend to.

infinity kingdom training grounds

Although the demand for you to multitask is at its peak during the initial sessions, the ultimate goal for doing so is that you can stay ahead of the pack so that quicker but more frequent visits to your camp will become viable later on. As there will always be chances that other players have started their dive into Infinity Kingdom’s world well ahead of you in your server, the initial sessions will be key to catching up to others and staying ahead of the pack.

Even strictly adhering to the completion of chapter quests will leave plenty of room for you to do on your own. It will be fairly easy to unlock and construct all the basic structures that will lead to the routine production of your basic needs. The chapter objectives serve as your initial guide to get started but as soon as you have all the basic structures covered, then ensuring that each one becomes one of the most basic functions you will have as a commander.

Infinity Kingdom makes it easy enough for you to keep track of some rudimentary functions within your camp. On the left side of your screen provides a quick menu for building management, military management, and troop management. Equal numbers on each icon mean that you are generally fully utilizing the structures and army at your disposal.

infinity kingdom military management

You will basically only have 1 queue for building management. Infinity Kingdom makes it simple enough that merely unlocking new buildings will not take up the queue. The queue only applies to building upgrades, which can be done simultaneously while the structures are operating. There are contract builder items that you can use to temporarily add a second construction queue. You can purchase these items from the shop and there are free ways to obtain them as well thru rewards and achievements.

For best results, do not hesitate to consume a contract builder and hasten your construction capacity in the early hours or days of your game as these are the critical times for you to build and strengthen your camp and your armies. There are also tons of items that can speed up construction times. While there are often inclinations to horde these items and save them for later, you should not hesitate to use them strategically early on.

infinity kingdom attack

There are a total of 5 queues under military management. The first 4 are dedicated to training different types of units like shieldmen, spearmen, cavalry, and bowman. The fifth one is for the hospital that treats wounded soldiers. In some MMO strategy games, it is a viable strategy to hold off on training units early on as you can quickly level up each training structure enough to unlock the next grade of soldiers. As such, you would consider focusing on upgrading these structures first and finally start mass producing armies once the tier 2 soldiers become available.

In Infinity Kingdom, however, the next grade of soldiers become available only after upgrading the training facilities to level 10, which takes a lot longer than usual. With this, you should feel free to start continuously training soldiers as soon as the facility becomes available. Note again that you can continuously train soldiers even if the training facility is being upgraded.

With hospitals only needing to be active whenever soldiers are wounded in battle, you can expect that the numbers on the military management queue should be at max capacity on 4/5. An icon will appear on it whenever new soldiers are ready. You will have to click the structure or queue list to deploy the soldiers and train another batch as well.

One of the basic activities most beginners tend to miss a bit on is the troop management aspect of the game. Assigning immortals to serve as troop leaders come as part of the tutorial and your first adventures off camp and into the world around you forms part of it as well. You will start off with 1 set of troops but ranking up your castle will lead to unlock more until you have the max number of 4 squads to lead into battle.

infinity kingdom lumber mill

Sending troops out consume energy or stamina, which you will likely have an abundant supply of early on. Although some in-game missions require you to hunt down gnomes to a certain degree, you should always aim to keep your available troops active so they may contribute to your camp’s overall productivity.

Beyond the activities that can be easily tracked on the quick menu at the left side of your screen, Infinity Kingdom holds more continuous activities that you need to constantly keep tabs on to ensure your base camp’s maximum efficiency. As such, make it a habit early on to identify these structures as ones that also need regular tending.

You have 4 sets of production buildings each assigned to generate basic resources you will constantly need to support your camp. These are the farms, lumber mills, quarries, and smelters. Although only two of each will be available at the start of your adventure, more will become available for construction as your castle reaches level milestones.

Only one of each is required as well to reach certain upgrade levels as requisites to level up training facilities and the castle itself, but be sure to build as many as you can and upgrade them from time to time as well. Be sure to constantly claim production outputs from these facilities regularly as they will stop producing if their stocks are full.

infinity kingdom technology research

Another basic structure that needs to be constantly productive is the academy. The academy is in charge of conducting research to improve the performance of camp, in general. Initially, you will only be able to conduct research in relation to production. As you reach higher levels of upgrades, research that improves the performance of troops, immortals, and defense become available as well. You can also opt to speed up research using speed up items. Note, however, that availability of research items are locked behind the academy’s upgrade level.

One unique structure in Infinity Kingdom is the dragon cave. This is where you keep and nurture the fifth member of your squad, which is a dragon. You will start off with Glyndwr, who is a water dragon and as you progress through story chapter missions, more dragons will become available. The dragon cave actually only needs to be unlocked and cannot be upgraded. Dragons you have within it need to be upgraded to become stronger. It can also be sped up just like most other processes but as far as queues are concerned, it is best to only consume speed ups exclusive to dragon training for this need.

infinity kingdom dragon cave

Your camp’s wall stands as the first line of defense against incoming invaders. Although NPCs and the gnomes you hunt on the world map poses no real threat when it comes to defending your base camp, what you should constantly be wary of are other players who will try and take your resources when you camp is vulnerable.

In this sense, upgrading the wall whenever possible is not enough. Walls can further be fortified by producing defensive traps as an added layer of protection. You can also garrison troops on your wall and invite allies to provide assistance as well.

infinity kingdom harbor

Last, but not the least, is the harbor, which holds a ship that you can task to sail for random rewards. It takes some time for ships to return back to the harbor but taking not of the time should be done to ensure that the ship takes as many sails as possible. Like the dragon cave, you also do not need to upgrade the harbor.

3. Venture Into The Outside World

Infinity Kingdom provides an overabundance of activities you need to delve into within your camp. There is actually nothing wrong with tending to your camp’s needs above everything else but at some point, most of the activities you are tending to within your camp will be stuck in queue and you will have a generous amount of time to explore the world outside of your camp.

There are plenty of reasons for you to leave your camp often and venture into the outside world. With every opportunity to do so, make sure you take it and incorporate doing so with your regular multitasking activities.

For starters, searching for and taking down gnomes forms part of many missions and serves as the main activity that drains your in-game stamina. Every group of gnomes you successfully vanquish earns you rewards and every immortal in the squad gains experience points as well to level up and become stronger. Once you click on the search button on the open world, you can check various enemies to take on as well as resource spots to gather materials from.

After beating the lowest level of gnomes, you are usually eligible to take on the higher level one but a prompt will warn you if the targeted enemies are stronger than your squad. In any case, there is no harm in continuously targeting the highest level of enemies you can certainly take out as every bit of resource you gather helps towards progressing faster in the world of Infinity Kingdom.

infinity kingdom battle tactics

Although you generate basic resource materials from production facilities within your base camp, and at the same time receive bundles of resource crates from numerous missions and event rewards, you will never run out of a need for each of them.

As it can be expected that training troops and upgrading various buildings will be a constant activity, farming for basic resources ought to be a constant task as well. Consider as well that resources needed at your base camp exponentially grow as your armies grow bigger and as each building’s level goes up.

Note that while you will have a peace shield up on your base camp for a limited period of time as you start your adventure in Infinity Kingdom, the same immunity from attack does not extend to your troops outside your city. If you can, keep track of deployed troops until after they reach home and constantly explore the immediately surrounding areas for potential hostiles.

One of the key elements you need to be mindful of in MMO strategy games lie in being prepared for what is to come. Naturally, you will be immune to attacks from other players while the immunity shields are up or until you scout and launch an attack against another player. While you can enjoy having a lot less to worry about during the ceasefire period, consider it as a huge opportunity as well to scout the lands to assess your situation.

Naturally, there will be stronger and weaker camps than yours and what you should aim to identify are the ones who may be a threat to you later on as well as the ones who will provide opportunities as well. The combination of information gathered from your surroundings, in general should help you decide if and when it would be a good time to relocate somewhere else.

4. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, factions, clans, and similar player groups have always been an integral part of many online games, most especially in the RPG and strategy game genres. Although some games are built in such a way that joining guilds are beneficial yet optional, Infinity Kingdom, much like any base-building MMO strategy game makes it an utter necessity.

As such, it becomes imperative for any player to find an alliance as soon as possible and join one, not just to reap the numerous benefits that come with it, but to boost their chances of survival in the largely PvP-centric world.

infinity kingdom alliance

You can always start your own alliance if you feel that you have the extra time and dedication to manage it, but a group of 40 players for starters can be a handful to handle if you are inexperienced. As a neophyte in Infinity Kingdom, we highly recommend that you search for alliances with the least vacant slots as possible and settle with them as soon as you are able to.

There are no prior means of determining just how active your chosen alliance will be but with good enough numbers, you can be at least assured that some if not most are active in the game.

One of the biggest perks that come from being a member of an alliance is the assist that can be received and given to fellow alliance members. Construction and research takes time to complete and as you reach higher levels on either one, the period of time it takes to complete an action stretches further. As a member of an alliance, you can ask for assistance from all other members as soon as you initiate a building upgrade or research.

Each alliance member that sends aid cuts down completion time by a minute, which is a huge boost especially since there are no limits as to the number of help you can get per construction, given of course that each member can only help once per aid request. Likewise, you can easily send aid to fellow alliance members through the one-click assistance button that appears at the lower right side of the screen.

infinity kingdom technology donation

You can check and explore all alliance functions and activities by tapping on its icon at the bottom of the screen. In addition to sending assistance to fellow alliance members who need to speed up their production, one perennial task you have as an alliance member is to donate resources on the alliance technology. The alliance technology offers different buffs that apply to the alliance itself as well as each member within it. The priority research perk is usually marked by a top officer so be sure to consider expending donations on the ticked perk.

Alliances also have alliance missions that grants rewards for everyone following the completion of certain feats. Attendance, resource gathering, gnome boss sieges, and technology R&D are examples of metrics that apply to the accomplishments of the alliance members in total.

Even if you do not directly contribute to each objective, you can still claim rewards. Just the same, though, make sure that you stay as active as possible within your alliance as doing so will contribute greatly to your progression and survival.

5. Manage Your Immortals Effectively

Infinity Kingdom squeezes in a bit of strategy RPG elements in the battle system of the game through the incorporation of its immortals as leaders of your squads, enabling a wider range of strategies to use in combat, particularly PvP conflicts. There are more than 50 unique heroes or immortals to collect and upgrade in Infinity Kingdom and managing the ones you have as far as grouping troops is concerned, is a critical aspect of the game.

To start off, the most basic means of acquiring immortals is through the Hall of Immortals. Uncommon and rare grade immortals or shards can be obtained through normal summoning while rare, elite, and legendary heroes or shards can be obtained through advanced summoning.

You need philosopher’s stones to summon immortals although you get 5 free chances to perform a normal summon and 1 free chance to pull form an advanced one. As far as advanced summoning is concerned, it is best to go for a 10x pull for a 10% discount, which ultimately only costs 9 philosopher’s stones.

infinity kingdom immortals

At some point, you will unlock the market where you can purchase specific immortal soul stones that you need. In addition to spending gems, you can use soul crystals that can be obtained as rewards from missions as well as sailing and dismantling immortal soul crystals.

You can check all the immortals you have unlocked, as well as the ones you have yet to obtain through the immortal icon at the bottom of the screen. Within this menu, you can check details about each immortal. Each immortal holds a unique set of skills, 2 of which can be unlocked as they reach higher star grades.

Each immortal has a specific class much like the troops that you train within your camp. The frontliners are the cavalry, spearmen, and shieldmen while the bowmen are back row units. Frontliners may focus on attack or defense while bowmen may employ ranged attacks or magic.

infinity kingdom troops

Each immortal also belongs to one 7 different elemental affinity groups, namely: water, earth, lightning, wind, fire, holy, and shadow. Water beats fire; fire beats wind; wind beats lightning; lightning beats earth; earth beats water; shadow beats all the basic elements; and holy beats shadow.

These elemental affinities ought to be carefully considered in building a squad not just for their strengths and limitations, but also for elemental buffs that unlock when you have at least 3 units within the squad that have the same elemental affinity.

With 3 immortals that share the same elemental affinity, the entire squad receives 20% more physical and magical defense. With 4 immortals of the same elemental affinity, troops gain 20% increased physical and magical attack. Finally, with a full roster of 5 immortals having the same elemental affinity, HP of each squad member increases by 10%. Note that each squad can only comprise of 4 immortals with 2 for the front row and 2 for the back row. The fifth and final slot is for your dragon.

6. Choose Wisely Among The Immortals You Invest In

It is almost a given that higher grade immortals will always be better as far as skills and power goes. Given the numerous ways to upgrade each one as well as the looming consideration of banding together ones that belong to the same elemental affinity, lower grade immortals are not necessarily without purpose.

Every immortal you take to battle with you earn experience points and reach new levels, boosting their power per new level reached. As switching members on and off the squad will certainly happen as you unlock more suitable immortals for your team, there are exp. rolls you can use on your immortals to instantly imbue additional experience points for them.

infinity kingdom immortal skills

Note that while you can choose to consume these items on the set of immortals you have on your team, it is always a good idea to save some of them for when you will substitute a more viable immortal to your squad.

Each immortal can also be equipped with 4 different gear types: a weapon, a helm, an armor, and boots. These gears are bound by rarity grades as well and have set effects that further provide stat boosts to the immortal. Gears can be enhanced using enchant stones, which you can farm from gnomes you defeat in the world map. Each upgrade comes with an increase in different stats.

As you battle through the Well of Time, you will obtain shards that can be used to boost each immortal’s stats as well. Simply click on the icon at the upper right corner of the immortal’s page and equip the shards available. You can check the stages where you can farm for missing shards as well.

infinity kingdom strengthening immortal

The most challenging upgrade option, but the most important one, is ranking up the star grade of the immortal. To do so, you will need extra soul stones of the immortal as well as a hefty amount of gold. It is important to be very selective when it comes to upgrading immortals as it will be a difficult feat to gather extra soul stones to rank them up.

Relative to immortals, be sure to take advantage of the alchemy lab, which can dismantle extra immortal soul stones you no longer need. Remember that the extracted materials serve as a special currency you can exchange for the immortals you need via the market. Through alchemy as well, you can reset the upgrades invested in an immortal. Extra and unwanted gears can also be sacrificed to obtain additional enchant stones.

7. Progress Through The Well Of Time

If everything we have discussed so far has yet to overwhelm you with regard to the amount of content Infinity Kingdom has in store for you, then the Well of Time just might further challenge your ability to multitask and manage your time within the game.

The Well of Time serves like a story campaign in Infinity Kingdom where you battle through different chapters and stages for more rewards as well as unlock additional features. Challenging stages in this game mode consumes SP, which is a separate and distinct stamina of sorts from the energy you use whenever you deploy troops out in the world map. You will have an overabundant supply of SP on your initial sessions, so be sure to expend it as efficiently as you can to jumpstart your army’s growth and base camp’s development.

infinity kingdom well of time

Most stages have battle conditions that impose stars as grades relative to your performance. While it is okay to not secure perfect ratings on your first go, be sure to replay levels where you missed a star as additional rewards from chests below the map can be unlocked based on the total number of stars you have earned.

Beyond the immediate rewards per battle and the treasure chest bonuses, progressing through the Well of Time unlocks additional permanent buffs for your base camp relative to production. You can check these bonuses by tapping on the book icon at the lower left side of the chapter map screen.

8. Accomplish Other Missions For Extra Rewards

While the chapter missions stand as the most important set of quests you need to focus on to speed up your progress, Infinity Kingdom holds a wide array of other missions for you to accomplish for additional rewards. To some extent, some of these missions coincide with ones set in the chapter objectives but while each set of missions grant separate rewards of their own, it is best to consider viewing each list to more easily accomplish the ones well within your reach.

You can access the missions menu through its icon just to the right of the chapter objectives. Missions are divided into 3 distinct tabs: growth missions, daily missions, and alliance missions. Growth missions are like achievements that reflect milestones you accomplished across the different aspects of the game. While some of these milestones naturally coincide with chapter objectives, other feats take a while longer to fulfill.

infinity kingdom missions

Daily missions, on the other hand, are the easiest sets of tasks to accomplish. Daily quest objectives completed earn you important resources as well as activity points. Activity points earned, in turn, unlock more rewards through the chests above the page. You do not necessarily have to accomplish all daily mission objectives but it is best to push for accomplishing them all for the extra rewards.

As we mentioned earlier, the alliance missions will only be available for you if you are currently a member of an alliance. The objectives set are not well within your control as team effort is required to accomplish these missions. Your best bet towards unlocking all guild mission rewards is to find and stay with an active team and contribute as much as you can to your alliance.

9. Check Your Mail And Inventory Regularly

Most of the rewards you earn wind up in your inventory and, for the most basic items and resources, you hardly need to look into your bag of loots to start consuming them. In some cases, however, rewards from events or guild activities may end up in your mail, which is why you need to constantly look into them as well.

Your mail can hold a lot of informative messages as well as rewards waiting to be claimed. It may be a challenge to notice at first but there is a one-click button at the bottom area of your mail that quickly opens all messages and claims rewards instantly for a group of messages. As guild communication may be sent thru the mail on top of the alliance chat as well, be sure to stay connected with the present situation as well as plans of action pertaining to your alliance.

infinity kingdom items

As far as the inventory is concerned, the importance of looking into each item goes well beyond familiarizing yourself with each item you have earned. Some of the rewards come in the form of chests or crates that need to be opened up to receive the real rewards.

There are some unique and valuable items as well that you may have to look into to help you decide when to use them. Extra construction queues, buffs for your camp and armies, as well as items to teleport your camp are just examples of these items.

Relative to all these, be especially wary of using items that grant you additional basic resources. Keep in mind that your warehouse can only hold or protect a certain portions of the resources you have in hand, based on its upgrade level. This means that it is best to keep most extra resources in your inventory to guarantee their safety from potential pillages.

10. Take Advantage Of Special Events

On top of the immediate rewards you can obtain from each battle you engage in as well as the additional rewards from completing various missions, Infinity Kingdom provides even more bonuses through regular freebies as well as the accomplishment of goals from special events. As a lot of these are dependent on the amount of time and dedication you can commit to the game, it is best to push for the most efficient and active play through to get the most out of these events.

infinity kingdom rewards

To start off, additional items and resources can be earned based on the actual time you spend online. You can claim rewards by clicking on the timer icon at the upper right side of the screen. The first set of items can be claimed after being online for 5 minutes.

The next set of minutes will not run until after you have claimed the present rewards so be sure to keep tabs on this feature as you can easily claim all rewards daily if you make a habit of claiming rewards as soon as they become available.

infinity kingdom event

Clicking on the calendar icon, at the upper right side of the screen as well, takes you to the calendar of events mapped out for the week. There are various tabs that showcase time-limited events such as the power challenge, as well as long term ones like the path to glory.

Although chances are that you will be able to clear several objectives laid out in these events, given that they are largely tied up to the missions and usual activities you engage in, it is best to look into each list of objectives to more efficiently be guided on the metrics you need to achieve.

11. Prepare Well Before Considering To Attack

The initial stages of building up your army and developing your base camp in Infinity Kingdom can certainly a demanding stretch of dedication and commitment. The importance of pushing for speed and efficiency as far as amassing resources and power early on all boil down towards ensuring that you can defend yourself from others as well as successfully launch your own attacks.

Although gnomes and their mechanize monstrosities may appear as the main protagonists of the story, the more vicious threat you will constantly face moving forward, are the other players outside of your alliance.

We discussed earlier that one of the basic strategies you need to perform early on is to scout the immediate surroundings of your base camp. Resource spots and NPC mobs are relatively consistent in density across the entire world map but what you need to pay close attention to, are the player camps close to where your base camp is situated.

The base camp’s level, which is the same as the castle’s level can be vividly seen on the lower left side of the camp. While a camp’s level may be indicative of its power in general, you should never assume that it stands consistent across all camps. It can happen that a camp with a lower level than yours actually have more powerful immortals and troops while a camp with higher level may not have enough troops to defend it. What is more important to consider is the camp’s activity and alliance.

Although you may be itching to test your power and army’s strength against another camp early on, a lot of final preparations need to be set first before you do so. Note that knowing whether or not a player belongs to an alliance is of utmost importance is because an attack on that players camp is effectively considered as an attack on the alliance itself, which will surely generate a counterattack against you as well as your fellow alliance members.

For starters, always be ready for an attack and as the probability of being attacked by a stronger player is possible as well, be ready for chances of losing a defensive battle. Note that you will lose your immunity shield once you attack or even scout an enemy player’s camp. Putting on a new one is an option after launching an attack, but that is an expensive measure best saved for the direst of situations.

infinity kingdom attacking strategy

One of the prime motivators for other players or alliance to attack or even target your camp is resources, provided that you did not attack them first. This is the main reason why it is best to keep resource items in your inventory as they are and ensure that all basic resources out are well within what your warehouse can keep. In any case that you lack the resources needed for an upgrade or training, you can simply consume what you need from your inventory.

In some cases, even having no resources to show will still entice other players to launch an attack against your camp once the immunity shield drops down. Battle wins, practice, fun… it could be any or all of those reasons. As you ensure to keep your losses to a minimum, you should be ready as well to fortify your defenses through your base camp’s wall.

We mentioned earlier that the wall can manufacture defensive traps to help deter incoming assailants. There is a limit to the capacity it can hold based on its upgrade level. Beyond that, it should be a basic necessity to garrison some troops on your wall for added defense. If your alliance can afford to do so, you can request for them to garrison their troops on your wall temporarily as well. These tactics, however are best done when an attack is approaching while you are online.

Finally, another basic tactic that alliance members do is to have everyone relocate to a common location. Once you have found an alliance to stay with, the leader or an office will most likely initiate the tactic and mark a location where alliance members can all teleport to.

There is a natural option of moving through marching but it does take a lot longer to do so. Note that relocating will also remove your immunity barrier. If it is close to expiring anyway and given that fellow alliance members can help you out as far as defense is concerned anyway, relocating to where everyone is stands as the best course of action.

One other practical benefit of staying close to where your fellow alliance members are is cooperative and coordinated attacks through rallies. Attacking another player’s base camp on your own carries with it its own set of risks but when done with fellow alliance members, it will most certainly yield more favorable results.

Infinity Kingdom certainly holds a lot more in store for players but for now, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide. Numerous advanced strategies are certainly up for personal discovery, which you likewise find with the help of your fellow alliance members. We are confident that the collection of tips and strategies we shared with you should be able to effectively jumpstart your base-building and army-strengthening activities and we hope that you learned a lot and enjoyed what we provided.

If you have spent a lot of time in Infinity Kingdom and have stumbled upon new discoveries that we have not included in our guide, we welcome you to share them with us in the comments!


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how do we make the lord's talent work? Like safe and sound etc

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How do we build alliance castle?