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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Level Up and Increase Power Fast

Youzu has made a name for itself with the quality of games it has released, most especially in the RPG genre. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac, Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus, and GOT: Winter is Coming M are just some of the company’s top games that we played and enjoyed. If you are an MMORPG fan, particularly those with open-world gameplay, then you will certainly get a blast from Youzu’s Forsaken World: Gods and Demons.

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is an open-world MMORPG that is massive not just in terms of the fantasy world’s in-game map, but also considering the array of content and features it offers.
MMORPG veterans as well as new players who have yet to dive into the genre are guaranteed to find the usual components present in top mobile MMORPGs as well as new mechanics and game modes for them to immerse themselves in.

The graphics, sound, and overall design of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons speaks highly of its quality and the amount of effort invested into it. It’s not all cosmetics and visual appeal, though, as the game’s main attractions lie in its gameplay and content. Like any MMORPG, it can be enjoyed by players who want to adventure on their own, but it offers a lot more content for team play and guild activities.

forsaken world gods and demons guide

The initial dive into Forsaken World: Gods and Demons’ world may seem overwhelming for beginners as tons of icons and buttons can be seen on the screen. The auto mode, however, which makes travelling and even engaging in battles A.I.-controlled is a huge help for beginners and makes the game convenient for experienced and veteran gamers as well. There are no formal tutorial sessions but you will be guided extensively for every first experience on any feature or game mode.

The initial minutes of your adventure, with the help of auto pathing and auto battles, tremendously boost progression until your reach about level 50 but once you experience difficulties in battle, especially against enemy bosses, then it should be time to rely a little less on auto mode. If you need some guidance on how to level up your character and increase your battle power fast, then stay with us and read our Forsaken World: Gods and Demons beginner’s guide. We have compiled a detailed guide, including tips, tricks and strategies to help jumpstart your questing adventure!

1. Choose The Class That Suits Your Play Style

Before starting your adventure in any MMORPG, the first thing to decide on is the character class you would like to take. Even if you have no prior experience in RPGs, you should still have a good enough idea of the type of character you would like to play as, in terms of general play style, strengths, and limitations.

To make it simpler, the dichotomous choices usually play between going for close combat or ranged combat, having better offensive strength or having more defensive prowess, or performing better on your own as against providing better support for a team. Of course, the lines between these choices are not always as clearly defined and there are always class archetypes that do not necessarily fall on the extreme ends of the opposing choices.

Regardless of your considerations, you should know that there is no such thing as a best class in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons and that the best class for you is naturally the one that you feel most comfortable and enjoyable playing as. In the event that you decide to switch to another character later on, Forsaken World: Gods and Demons provides additional slots for you to create another character and makes it easy as well for you to delete characters you are sure to let go.

There are 7 unique character classes in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons and each one serves as an introductory class that can evolve into two distinct classes. In essence, there are 14 different paths to choose from as character development goes and before you dive into the world of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, it is best to have a solid idea of which class suits you the best.

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For starters, the warrior stands to be the most beginner-friendly class in the game as he has the most straightforward set of skills among the classes. As the typical basic melee unit, warriors are a little behind in terms of offensive strength compared to most classes but are top-tier in terms of defensive capabilities. If you prefer manning the frontlines in team battles or being able to hold your own well enough in close combat, then the warrior class is best suited for you.

warrior class in forsaken world gods and demons

A warrior can either become a paladin or a hexblade. The paladin exhibits even more defensive capabilities while the hexblade swerves a little more towards offense. Both secondary classes still have higher defensive strength than other classes. If you are likely to play in parties with friends or guild mates, then the paladin should suit you better. If you prefer being able to rummage through the single player content a little faster, then go with the hexblade.

Mages have always been known to be the proverbial glass cannons in RPGs, typically being all offense, saving very little or none for defense. Mages are a good fit for players who prefer attacking from a safe distance, especially those who enjoy dealing massive damage to groups of enemies with their AoE spells and crowd control effects.

mage class in forsaken world gods and demons

Mages can either evolve into elementalists or arcanists, both still wielding powerful sets of spells. Elementalists further push the boundaries of the mages’ offensive strength in terms of raw damage. Arcanists, on the other hand specialize more in inflicting negative status effects on masses of enemies although still possessing some devastating spells. With this, you can opt for the elementalist if you prefer quicker kills on solo play. If you are more of a team player, the arcanist is the more viable choice.

The rogue class serves as the offensive counterpart of the warrior. They have much higher mobility but have lower defensive capability, specializing in single target burst damage. Rogues lack support skills and are comparatively straightforward to use as well. If you enjoy dishing out decent damage at close range, then rogues are a good match for you.

rogue class in forsaken world gods and demons

A rogue can either become an assassin or a shadow. The assassin capitalizes more on dealing burst damage and having higher mobility while the shadow balances itself out with increased survivability at the cost of lower offensive strength. While rogues are usually not the top picks for party plays, the assassin can be a designated DPS character in the team. The shadow, on the other hand, can perform better on solo runs.

No RPG is complete without healers to keep the party alive in the direst of endeavors and if you enjoy supporting your team the best way possible, then choosing the priest class is perfect for you. Priests are naturally an essential member of any part with the rest of the team open to any mix of other classes. As a priest, you will never run out of people who would want to have a party with you but on the downside, progressing on your own becomes a little more testing.

priest class in forsaken world gods and demons

Priests are not entirely devoid of abilities to damage enemies. They are just behind everyone else as far as offensive capabilities go. The priest can advance to become either a celestial or an oracle. The celestial goes for even stronger defensive capabilities and support skills while the oracle arms herself with spells to increase her capacity to deal damage better to enemies. Obviously, the better choice for a team-oriented priest is the celestial and going for an oracle means wanting to raise your level and combat power faster on your own.

As awkward as it sounds given that vampires are more of a race instead of a class, vampires are one of the more unconventional classes in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. Vampires have decent attack and defense capabilities but lag behind in terms of support skills and mobility. Vampires are also largely built for soloists who want to peer through the single player content fast.

vampire class in forsaken world gods and demons

Vampires can either change to a flamebringer or a shadowcrafter. While both secondary classes have great offense and defense capabilities, the former is geared more towards dealing damage while the latter is more self-sustaining. As far as choices between which one is more suitable for team adventures or solo plays, it is a tough choice but the flamebringer can be a little more beneficial for the team.

Gunners are ranged combatants that provide a healthy mix of single target attacks as well as powerful AoE skills. They excel in dealing damage, have great mobility, and can provide support for the team as well. Gunners, however lack control abilities and are rather frail. If rangers are the top picks for ranged single target DPS while mages are best for AoE damage and control, then gunners are at the mid point as far as dealing heavy damage to bosses and clearing mobs are concerned.

gunner class in forsaken world gods and demons

Gunners can take a step further into becoming glass cannons as well if they choose to take on the gunslinger as a secondary class. The artificer, on the other hand, can capitalize more on her support skills and be another welcomed treat for any party. Either sub-class does well in team adventures although the latter is more preferable.

Last but not the least is the ranged single target ace in the game, which is the ranger. Rangers are also exemplary DPS units that comes armed with decent crowd control abilities. Rangers in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons are not as mobile as experienced players might expect, but they have higher survivability rate than conventional archers.

ranger class in forsaken world gods and demons

Rangers can push for even greater heights as far as damage capacity is concerned by choosing to become sharpshooters. For a more balanced build that spreads overall strength across survivability and control, then the jungle archer is the more viable option. Either one can do well in single player adventures and team plays but the former is more conventionally apt when a healer is present while the latter will excel more on solo grinds and quests.

2. Prioritize Progression On The Main Quests

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons takes you straight towards full immersion once you dive into the game. While there are a lot of icons and buttons on your screen, the main quest on the left side will surely catch your attention. Clicking on it will enable auto-pathing towards where you need to be and, for the most part, you will only need to tap on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the quest details to make progress.

The first battle you engage in will introduce you to the basic attack and skill icons at the lower right side of the screen but for succeeding battles, auto mode can also be enabled. Manually controlling your hero during battles certainly increases survival and efficiency, even if you are a beginner. For the early quests and game modes, though, fully subscribing to auto mode makes it a lot more convenient and faster.

forsaken world gods and demonds main quest

Main quests do not just serve as your key towards earning experience fast, given that quest rewards help you earn experience points faster than simply killing mobs. Beyond that, quest completions earn you a variety of basic resources you will need to perform various upgrades and enhancements to boost your character’s power.

Essentially, your progression in the main quest and your hero’s level will be the determinant as to which game modes and features will be unlocked. As such, it is important to keep progressing through them as fast as you can so you can engage in as many other activities on day 1.

forsaken world gods and demons quest progress

Progressing through the main quest will naturally lead you to visit new features or game modes that you have just unlocked. In such cases, feel free to proceed to the unlocked feature and make use of it but hop back to progress the main quest as soon as you are able to. In any case, most features can be accessed while quests are progressing and, again, you will only need to click on the “Continue” button at the lower left side of the screen.

The only instances that should prohibit you from continuing on with your main quest involve minimum level requirements. In such cases, you can revel in a wide array of activities to earn experience points fast and get back to pursuing main quest objectives. In addition to numerous side quests, you should be able to unlock several dungeons or events that you can partake in on your own or with other players within the first hour of playing or so.

3. Keep Your Gears And Treasures Upgraded

No MMORPG is complete without characters being able to equip a wide array of gears and equipment to further boost their strength. There may not be as many considerations early on to customize gears but, top some extent, prioritization in terms of upgrades can lead to different builds early on.

As complicated as the gear system in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons looks like, the games is designed to make it as newbie-friendly as possible. For starters, when you obtain better gears for your character, you will be prompted to equip them instantly. The better gear’s icon will appear on your screen and you have 5 seconds to instantly equip it. Otherwise, you will be able to see better items in your bag as indicated by an upwards arrow.

gear system in forsaken world gods and demons

As far as enhancement is concerned, Forsaken World: Gods and Demons makes it easy and convenient as well as. By clicking on the menu icon at the right side of your screen, you will be able to see various icons replacing the usual attack and skill buttons. The “Gear” icon will have a red dot indicator on it whenever upgrades are possible. Ordinarily, players may hesitate to go all in when it comes to upgrading gears as you will certainly obtain much better ones almost every step of your adventure.

Fortunately enough, enhancements are latched on to your gear slots instead of the actual equipment. This means that you can expend all available upgrade resources as gears will retain their upgrade level even when replaced. You need enhance stones and gold for each upgrade and while you may opt to manually upgrade each gear slot, simply tapping the “Enhance All” button makes it faster and more convenient.

Gears also have sockets that you can insert gems on to boost their stats. Each type of gear, however, has slots for specific types of gems. Collecting gems to the point of having extra ones bring more benefits as these gems can be synthesized to create higher level ones.

There are various other upgrade methods relating to gears that can be unlocked as you make progress in your adventure and reach new levels. What we discussed are just the most basic ones. While it may take some time before you can finally unlock all the extra features, the means of enhancement all revolve around having the needed resources to initiate them. In any case, if you are missing any of the resources needed for a specific upgrade or enhancement, you can always tap on the item and see where you can obtain more of them.

treasure in forsaken world gods and demons

In addition to the basic equipment you arm yourself with, there are also treasures that serve as special gears for you to enhance as well. Wings and Arcanias, for starters, will be unlocked early on. Unlike gears, these treasures are not replaced with better ones but can be upgraded to the point of changing their appearance.

Like gears, you also need unique upgrade resources to enhance your treasures and like gears as well, an indicator on its icon will appear whenever you have sufficient resources to make an upgrade. While it is very basic to tend to these upgrades as soon as they become available, it is important to always keep track of it, even as a beginner.

Each new main quest or event will become tougher for your hero to accomplish without maximizing upgrades as much as you can. Be sure to always check for the indicators while auto pathing or auto battling in the field.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As Possible

If you are totally new to MMORPGs or online games, then you should know the value of guilds, alliances, factions, or clans beyond their social aspect. While some online games provide content for players to revel in on their own, being an online game naturally means having interactive features with other players. In contrast with the competitive aspect of some online games, guilds and similar player groupings bank more on the cooperative game modes and activities.

forsaken world gods and demons guild

You can make progress in your adventures as a solo player in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, but it would be comparable to being handicapped without being a member of any guild. Forsaken World: Gods and Demons hosts a wide variety of game modes that require being in a team and as much as you can always pair up with random players, being in a guild makes it easier for you to invite some party members.

There are some game modes open to solo players as well but becomes exponentially easier when working with other people. Beyond the various game modes, there are various perks to easily obtain just by joining a guild. One of the more common ones you will regularly get are the red envelopes that contain gold or diamonds. Whenever any member of the guild achieves something, they can share these envelopes to everyone else.

forsaken world gods and demons guild red

Once the guild feature is unlocked, you can instantly apply to all guilds with vacancies. Some guilds also recruit actively so joining one is very easy. It is important to consider joining an active guild, especially one with an active guild leader. You can quickly determine a guild’s level of activity by checking the number of online members from time to time. Once accepted, make sure to stay as active as you can as guilds prosper based on how each member contributes to the guild and its quests and activities.

On the guild info page, be sure to make it a habit to check the guild red envelope. These envelopes will flash on your screen for you to claim rewards but chances are that you will miss more of them if you are actively questing. As a lot of players will achieve more at a faster rate at the early stages of their adventure, you can expect red envelopes to flood in every once in a while.

5. Regularly Tend To Your Skills

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons provides each class a wide range of skills and abilities. Skills can be upgraded once you reach the required level but the unique aspect in the game leads you to complete challenges before unlocking certain skills. There is no real harm in failing to complete the challenges so attempt each one as they become available.

character skills in forsaken world gods and demons

It is important to read through what each active and passive skill can do, especially relative to your character’s chosen class. Although auto battle in combat makes it convenient to peer through some content, you will have to battle manually to get through tougher challenges. In this sense, it is best to know which skills should be triggered when and how long it will take for you to use them again.

In relation to being a member of a guild, the guild contribution you earn becomes a very important resource as you will need it to level up your guild skills. Guild skills are passive skills that boost different stat attributes or provide other effects for your character. In essence, this feature can be a means for you to further customize your character’s build as some stats are more important for some classes than others.

6. Enhance Your Pets And Mount

Even in solo missions, you will not be entirely alone as you traverse the lands of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. You will quickly be accompanied by pets and a trusty mount early on. Although the former is an excellent aesthetic and the latter makes traveling easier, both actually contribute to increasing your hero’s overall power.

how to enhance pets in forsaken world gods and demons

A mount’s stats can be enhanced using hearts and can be upgraded using mount souls that can be obtained from the world boss. Considering everything that can be upgraded with a click of a button, be careful with the mount feature as you might accidentally spend your hard-earned crystals to purchase the resources you are lacking. Upgrade only when you see the red dot indicator.

Pets can help deal damage to enemies and provide support skills as well and also have passive skills that can help boost your stats. Although pets earn experience in combat, you can speed their levelling up more using pet potions. There is also a pet paradise feature within the guilds where you can leave your pet at a foster to earn experience points automatically or send them to explore as well.

7. Expend All Attempts In Events

The availability of numerous events or dungeons in mobile MMORPGs have become a common feature. Although it can be said that some games offer as many game modes as what is available for you in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, few will probably be at par with the variety of what the game has in store for willing adventurers.

Although some of these events will be touched as you make progress through the main quests, the best way to ensure that you go through each available one is by clicking on the events icon at the upper part of the screen.

events in forsaken world gods and demons

Events are divided across different tabs and each event within the different tabs are all worth peeking into. Engaging in these events can quickly earn you experience points to catch up to the minimum level requirements to proceed with main quests or earn you various resources to perform the different upgrades and enhancements that can boost your power further.

As there are too many of these game modes to discuss in detail, it is enough for you to know that each one holds unique game mechanics and are rather easy to pick up even for complete beginners.

You may want to expend your attempts on the daily dungeons first but if you are playing within the period of time that limited dungeons are available, you should take on those first. Note that not all events or game modes relate to duking it out in battle, which is what makes a lot of it fun and exciting.

The Basic Alchemy Trial, for one, is a quiz bee of sorts that asks different general knowledge questions most of which you can easily answer. It is best to have a browser ready on another device, though, for a guaranteed perfect score.

basic alchemy trial in forsaken world gods and demons

Another uniquely exciting event is the dungeon treasure where players turn to goblins and each one must obtain 10 treasures from the dungeon within the time limit. There are common treasures and rare treasures scattered everywhere for you to grab. Ogre guards abound as well, though, and if you get caught, you will have to revive to continue your escapade.

Naturally, if you have plenty of time, you should go for the rare treasure chests and test your wits and evasion skills against other players and the guards. Else, you can just settle for the common chests that players typically ignore to collect the 10 treasures and end your run.

goblin thief in forsaken world gods and demons

Note that there are various time-limited events available exclusively for members of a guild. This is yet another reason why you should join an active guild as well. Beyond the massive amounts of experience points and resources you can earn by partaking in the events, you also earn activity points that can earn you extra rewards at the bottom of the window.

Securing the maximum number of 240 activity points can be achieved even if you do not successfully engage in each event. For maximum efficiency, though, it is recommended to at least go for the 240 points as all the extra rewards, especially the last one, can help push your progression faster.

8. Check On Achievements And Decorations

The outright rewards you earn from completing quests and engaging in various dungeons and activities are just about half of the plethora of incentives to help you progress fast in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. It may be a little difficult to notice early on, but your character profile holds even more means to earn you rewards and strengthen your character.

You can check your profile via your avatar at the upper left corner of the screen. The page does not just show you your overall character status and details but also houses the achievements as well as other features. The achievements serve as your guide to determine milestones you have accomplished on several aspects of your adventure.

forsaken world gods and demons achievements

Each objective met comes with diamonds as rewards if not something more valuable, like personal decorations. Instead of simply visiting and viewing the list of achievements whenever an indicator pops up, you should instead look into each of the objectives to check which ones can be relatively easy to accomplish as earning those rewards sooner is better.

The avatar, avatar frame, and bubble can be customized and the effects are not exclusively aesthetics either. Decorations tend to give out stat bonuses depending on the rarity of the type you equipped. Be sure to check it whenever an indicator appears on it but feel free to explore each one as well, in relation to how you can obtain them. Like achievements, you can also check the means and the level up cost to upgrade each decoration.

forsaken world gods and demons decoration

Relative to this, one of the best guides to direct your focus on what you need to do to become stronger lies within the strengthen feature of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. You can tap on it at top of your screen and it will show you the different ratings you have on the various aspects that contribute to the strength of your character.

Ratings go from C to S and you will have to pay more attention to C ratings and make an effort to improve them. In any case, available upgrades for each item will also be indicated by a red dot and you can instantly navigate to the related feature by clicking the “strengthen” button.

9. Take Advantage Of Special Events

In addition to the events in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, which relate to various dungeons and a host of other activities, there are also special events that provide a ton of rewards to further boost your advancement. Like achievements, these events come with objectives that you need to accomplish to earn resources and other valuable commodities. You can check these special events via the new server icon at the top of the screen.

In essence, the event objectives are simple enough in the sense that each one relates to your basic goals in the game. The new server carnival requires accomplishing certain feats that you naturally go through like participation in specific events, hunting bosses of a certain level, or performing some upgrades.

The power reward is more linear as it provides valuable resources once you meet a certain power level. Much like the power reward, the new server rush lays out objectives that relate to different aspects of the game that cause for an increase in your power like your mount, pets, gears, and so on.

Although you are likely to accomplish a lot of these feats without even checking the objectives beforehand, it is best to look at each of the targets. In some cases, you may just be a pinch short of accomplishing something and earning the rewards, an in such events it is always best to earn those items sooner than later.

forsaken world gods and demons special events

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is bound to provide a lot more events in time and like the special events available now, the rewards you can earn here are typically better than the usual rewards you can anywhere else. Even if the amount or rarity of such rewards are comparable any and all free items and resources you can earn from your efforts is a good one.

There are still tons of content and features in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons that we cannot discuss in detail in one guide especially considering how much the game has to offer. Nothing is left out for players who enjoy exploring by nature and, again, the same is made easier since you can hop to different features and windows even while auto mode does its thing.

You will also have friends and guild mates that can help you with some questions on certain aspects of the game you are unfamiliar with so do not shy away from socializing with other players through the various chat channels.

That sums up all the tips and strategies we have come up for Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. Although we left out a lot of details relating to more advanced upgrade features and details on each dungeon, we are confident you can breeze through each one of them as long as you fully grasp the more basic ones.

Keep in mind that Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is a kind of MMORPG that equates progression to effort, and that there is nothing to limit the amount of time you can spend on its world each day. If you have played it extensively enough and have stumbled upon unique tips, tricks, or strategies, we hope you will share your discoveries with us and your fellow readers through the comment area!

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