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Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf Guide: 15 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Winning More Matches and Tournaments

South Korean company Com2Us may be familiar to many mobile gamers out there for titles such as Summoners War, as well as sports games like MLB 9 Innings, Golf Star, and Ace Fishing: Wild Catch. As the first game is an action RPG with anime-style graphics and the latter three are sports titles, their latest release, Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf, seamlessly combines both, providing players with a deep storyline set in a fictional golfing school, a wide range of features, and exciting PvP golfing action with a nice blend of realistic physics, simple, one-tap controls, and fantasy elements. You can also customize your characters and play in several different modes, allowing you various ways to enjoy the game and get the most out of your “fantasy golf” experience!

As Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf is a game with high-end graphics and a plethora of modes and features, this is definitely not a casual gaming experience that you can pick up overnight. Aside from the tutorials in the Lesson Center and all the help pop-ups that appear whenever you explore new features or mechanics, it won’t be that easy to figure everything out right away.

birdie crush fantasy golf tricks

But we’re here to help you figure the game out sooner than most, and even if you’re a more experienced player, there still might be something new for you to learn here. So with that said, here’s our Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf guide, which contains 15 tips, tricks and strategies that can help you win more matches and properly improve your characters, especially if you’re a new or intermediate player.

1. The Basics Of Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

As you may have noticed from the get-go, Birdie Crush is an anime-inspired “fantasy golf” game that comes with a rich, detailed storyline, stunning graphics, and realistic golf mechanics. The first thing you’ll be asked to do when starting the game for the first time is to choose a captain — each of the four characters are rated based on five attributes (Driving Distance, Accuracy, Swing Zone, Mentality, and Putt), and each of them are gaudy in a specific area of their golf game.

These characters will be the first ones you will control in the game, and you’ll also want to pay attention to their Control Difficulty — as such, if you’re a beginner, you’ll likely be better off choosing Erin G. Brid, who has Easy Control Difficulty and stands out for her wide Swing Zone. She also has average Accuracy but is below-average in other areas.

captain birdie crush fantasy golf

The other choices include Kris Lowell, who also has a wide Swing Zone but also has above-average Driving Distance and Accuracy; his Control Difficulty is Normal, which makes him a better choice for intermediate players. Similarly, Lucie de Bei has Normal Control Difficulty, but her skills are below-average save for her excellent Accuracy.

Lastly, Martina Glow has excellent Driving Distance and well above-average Mentality but is below average everywhere else; as such, she is the only possible captain with a Hard Control Difficulty. With all that said, you can switch Captains at any time in the game and you’ll eventually have the chance to control all four of them.

After selecting a captain, you will then be taken to the Lesson Center, where you will meet the first major NPC in the game — Delion freshman golf coach Allen Polite. Here, you will go through the first Trainee Lesson, which talks you through the bare essentials of the in-game mechanics; like everything else in the Lesson Center, you can replay this session at any time, albeit without the one-time coin reward for initial completion.

As you’ll learn when trying out the tee shot for yourself, you’ll need to pay attention to the swing bar on the bottom of the screen, and hit Shot at just the right time — when the indicator is in the middle of the orange bar. This will result in a Perfect Shot, though if you hit Shot when the indicator is in the yellow/orange area, you’ll get a Nice Shot, which is solid and very much acceptable, but not 100 percent ideal. A Good Shot would be whenever you reach the green part of the swing bar.

Before all that, however, you’ll need to set your shot’s distance and power by dragging your finger up, down, left, and right until you spot the desired target. Aside from targeting specific locations on the course, you can target a special object such as a Wormhole, which greatly reduces wind impact while increasing your chances of getting the ball in the hole.

This is just one of several items that you can collect in the game, but it’s the one that is specifically featured in the first Trainee Lesson. There are five Trainee Lessons all in all, and once you complete all of them, you will receive a reward of 200 Crystals (the game’s premium currency). The other lessons will become available eventually as you win more matches and tournaments and increase your rank.

2. Playing Grade Matches

There are five types of matches you can play in Birdie Crush — Grade Matches, which pit you against another human player of the same rank/grade, Single Mode, which allows you to take part in tournaments as a solo player, Team Ranking Matches, which unlock at level 10 and let you team up with other players, Event Mode, which allows you to take part in limited-time tournaments with special prizes and rules, and Goodwill Match, which lets you play no-stakes matches against friends that you may add while playing the game. We’re going to start out by tackling Grade Matches, which you’ll likely be playing most of the time compared to the other modes.

Grade Matches are real-time games where, as a Trainee, you will be matched against another Trainee, or if you’re a Rookie, your opponent will also be in the Rookie grade — you get the idea. Simply tap on Start Match on the bottom right of the screen and you’ll be paired with an opposing player, upon which you’ll be directed to the golf course for the tee-off.

At that point, you’ll need to apply what you learned during the Trainee Lessons, specifically the process of making a Nice or Perfect Shot and paying close attention to the swing bar while you do so. Each player has 40 seconds to make the shot, and the goal would be to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes, or attempts, as possible.

grade match birdie crush fantasy golf

It won’t just be making a Perfect Shot that you’ll need to take into account. You’ll also need to factor in the influence of wind, and you might need to use the potions you have next to the swing bar, each of which could help you gain a valuable edge over your opponent — we shall get to them a little later in this guide. And even if you pull off a Perfect Shot, there’s always the possibility that the ball will hit the sand, or worse, land in the water! Be sure to evaluate the surfaces ahead of you and set your shot in such a way that you avoid these hazards while getting as close to the hole as possible.

Once you’re in striking distance of the hole, it’s putting time, and once again, the wind may play a role in determining the path of the ball — simply angling the shot to make it head straight to the hole wouldn’t be enough in most cases. Depending on how many strokes it took you to get there, you may be shooting for a par or a birdie, which is good — or you may merely end up with a bogey, which, in layman’s terms, means it took you more strokes than expected to put the ball in the hole.

After the match is completed, you can earn various rewards, including Gold and Power Up Stones, the latter of which is used to power up your equipment. You can also earn Match Coins, though this will depend on how many you currently have at the moment — everyone starts with an initial budget of 100 Match Coins, which refills automatically, and if you emerge victorious, these coins will go toward your Match Box — transfer 100 to your Match Box and you can open it and earn various rewards, including, but not limited to Crystals, Ranking Coins, and Keys, the latter of which are used to upgrade the Match Box for higher-quality rewards.

Last, but not the least, you will earn Trophy Points each time you win a Grade Match. Reach a certain milestone and you can earn specific season rewards (with each season lasting one week), and if you reach a certain number of Trophy Points, you can increase your Grade — the first milestone for the latter would be Rookie, which you can reach once you hit 200 Trophy Points. Doing so will unlock the Rookie Lessons, but keep in mind that you will be pitted against more skillful players each time your Grade increases!

3. You Can Earn Consolation Prizes After Losing A Grade Match

We’ve talked about what will happen if you win a Grade Match. But what happens if you lose the match? For one, you will get fewer Match Coins than you normally should, and if you’re playing in Rookie grade or higher, you will lose some Trophy Points; in Trainee grade, you don’t lose any Trophy Points even if your opponent defeats you.

consolation prize birdie crush fantasy golf

However, you don’t need to fret too much if you aren’t able to beat your opponent — these things happen, and sometimes, it’s simply the breaks of the game. There will always be times when the matchmaking system will pair you up against a far more experienced player of the same grade, or one who has much better equipment or characters with higher stats.

If you lose a Grade Match, Joy, your equipment manager, will inform you that you can still get some rewards — think of these as consolation prizes. These may include Gold, Power Up Stones, or draw tickets, and all of these rewards can be useful when it comes to improving characters or equipment or adding to your inventory. Losing may not be pleasant, especially if it’s just by one stroke or due to some bad luck/poor crunch time performance in the final hole, but as those consolation prizes show, it is far from being the end of the world.

4. What Happens When You Compete In Single Mode?

Compared to Grade Matches, Single Mode is much more time-consuming, as in here, you’re actually playing a tournament against dozens of other players. There are several Leagues to choose from, and you can qualify for these leagues based on your chosen Captain’s Driving Distance — League 1 requires a Driving Distance of 150, League 2 requires this stat be at 160, League 3 requires it to be at 170, and so on, until you reach League 10, where you need to have a Driving Distance of at least 270. You’ll also see the maximum Gold you can earn if you finish at first place at the end of the tournament!

League 1 tournaments are short enough as they last for three rounds, while those in later leagues would last much longer — you can then choose whether you want to enter Full League play, which promises all the possible rewards, Half League, where “less rewards” may be available, or Post League, where you’re automatically qualified for the postseason and only ranking rewards will be available.

After you’ve entered the league of your choice, tap on the current round and you’ll be allowed to choose one to three characters to play — we would recommend choosing the maximum three, given the varying skillsets for each of them. You can also opt to purchase buffs for 500 Gold each, with each buff corresponding to a specific stat — Driving Distance, Accuracy, Swing Zone, Mentality, and Putt. The buffs you purchase apply to everybody in your team, but are only good for one round — depending on how much Gold you have, you may or may not want to limit your buff purchases and save them for the important rounds. On the bottom left, you can opt to use the League Equipment or not — we would advise doing so only if they come with superior stats to the basic equipment you’re using.

character upgrade birdie crush fantasy golf

The golfing mechanics are exactly the same as the ones you learned in the Trainee Lessons and presumably mastered in Grade Matches, but the main difference here is that you’re controlling three golfers per round instead of just one. Depending on how well you perform, you will earn Glory Points at the end of each round, and the players who have the most Glory Points at the end of regular season play will move on to the postseason.

You will also earn rewards per round depending on your ranking — these may mainly include (but again won’t be limited to) Gold, Power Up Stones, and Training Points. As this mode also allows your characters to level up, you may also get Level Up Boxes if they so happen to level up once the round is completed. You also have the option to choose a different set of three characters before the start of each round!

Unlike Grade Matches, you can complete Single Mode tournaments on your own time — any and all results will be based on how the other players performed during their turns, and it shouldn’t be relevant if you take longer to finish your turn than everyone else, as long as you finish the tournament.

5. Playing The Postseason In Single Mode Tournaments

If you’ve earned enough Glory Points at the end of all regular season rounds in Single Mode, you will then move on to postseason play, which consists of three championship rounds. In here, you’ll need to place at a certain rank in order to qualify for the next championship round, so it’s important to bring your A-game if you make it to the postseason.

season ranking reward birdie crush fantasy golf

Depending on the league you chose, the number of postseason rounds may vary — you’ll only need to complete two of them if you selected League 1. The prizes you can earn after each round will be very similar — expect more Gold, more Power Up Stones, and more Level Up Boxes, with the quality of rewards improving based on your ranking.

You will then receive even more rewards at the very end of the tournament, with regular season and postseason rewards awarded based on your final ranking. You may even earn bonus Gold and/or Power Up Stones if you ranked as the best player based on average score, longest putt, and other categories!

6. To Auto-Play Or Not To Auto-Play?

In tournament play, Birdie Crush will give you the option to toggle Auto Play on and off by tapping on the play icon on the upper part of the screen — if it’s yellow, that means Auto Play is on, and you’ll see those words on the bottom right corner as well. Obviously, this is a nice way to make a lot of progress in the game and go through a lengthy tournament while focusing on other things, but when should you use Auto Play and is it worth it to leave your fate in the hands of the game’s AI?

The easiest way to answer this question would be to take the league you’re joining into account and consider the requirements — if you barely meet them, you’re better off playing most of the way if not all of the way, as such nuanced situations will require a human touch in order to ensure the best chances of success. It seems that special items are not used when the AI is playing on your behalf in Auto Play, so that’s also something that may skew things in favor of manual play.

auto play birdie crush fantasy golf

However, if you comfortably exceed the requirements or if you’re playing in a lower league, you can confidently leave Auto Play on for the entirety of the tournament, as there’s a good chance you can coast to victory. Everything that takes place in Auto Play is predicated on your character and equipment stats, so keep those things in mind when deciding on whether to use this feature or not. Also, we would suggest manually playing for most of the way if you qualify for the postseason, even if you’re playing in a weaker league.

We should also add that Auto Play is not an option when you’re playing a graded, one-on-one match against another human player. This is perfectly understandable, considering that these are quick games where Trophy Points are on the line.

7. Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Stable

Regardless of which mode you’re playing in Birdie Crush, it is imperative that you have a strong internet connection. If your Wi-Fi security is weak of if the connection is simply fickle in general, or if you’re using cellular data while on the road, there’s a possibility that you may be kicked out of the match or tournament you’re currently entered in, and you may also be booted out even before a tournament kicks off.

network connection birdie crush fantasy golf

We did experience the latter, and when that happens, you will effectively lose any gold you spent on buffs — it won’t seem like much, but especially if you’re the type that purchases all the buffs, those 2,500 Gold could add up. (You will, however, be able to re-enter the tournament with the same characters and the same reward you had previously chosen.)

At the end of the day, it may not be your fault that you weren’t able to push forward in the match or tournament. But as it is in any game that requires an internet connection, the game will essentially see it that way — it is, after all, your responsibility to check your connection before committing to things and pushing forward.

8. Familiarize Yourself With Each Of The Attributes

Earlier in this guide, we briefly touched on the four main characters in Birdie Crush and gave a simple breakdown of their strong points and weak points. However, it’s also important to know how each attribute works, as this could help you make a more informed decision when choosing your Captain and deciding who to play in your next Grade Match. Granted, it’s best to use all the characters at least once, but if you’re wondering how the stats work, we’ll be breaking them down below and explaining what type of equipment could help you improve them.

The first of the five attributes is Driving Distance, and this shows you how far a golf ball can travel once hit by the player. Characters with high Driving Distance, particularly Kris, excel with long-distance shots, and this attribute can be increased with wood and special golf balls. Accuracy is Lucie’s strong point, and this is self-explanatory — it gauges the accuracy of your shots and determines how close you can reach to your target.

Usually, iron and golf bags can be used to increase the stat, regardless of the player you’re using. Swing Zone affects the chances of hitting a Perfect Shot, and this is exactly the stat that makes Erin such an easy character to control. Increasing Swing Zone, which can be done with wedges and club covers, improves your chances of landing within the yellow/orange zone on the swing bar.

character attributes birdie crush fantasy golf

Mentality is Martina’s most notable strength as a player, and this is a pseudo-intangible attribute that manifests in the speed of the indicator’s movement on the swing bar and the hazard penalties you receive. You can improve Mentality by increasing an item’s grade. Lastly, Putt determines how accurate you are when putting the ball toward the hole for what should be your last shot or two. Higher Putt stats result in a longer guideline, and you can improve the attribute by using putter equipment.

When it comes to improving stats, there are a few schools of thought, but generally, players are advised to prioritize Driving Distance less than the others. We would suggest making Accuracy your first priority, followed by Swing Zone, as long shots won’t be worth it if you aren’t hitting your targets or if you don’t have much of a zone to work with when trying to hit a Perfect, or even a Nice Shot.

Putt could be next, as a good putt can be the difference between a par and a bogey, and you can improve Mentality as your second-to-last priority so you can take advantage of a slower-moving indicator on the swing bar, but we would say these two stats are interchangeable as far as your third/fourth priority is concerned.

9. Save Your Potions And Field Items For When You Really Need Them

As we mentioned earlier, you can collect a variety of potions for your characters, and you can earn them usually as level-up rewards for each of them. These include the Shot Guide (the orange potion), which shows you the exact trajectory of your shot, the Perfect Zone Drink (the purple potion), which increases the width of the Perfect Zone in the swing bar, the Putting Guide, which shows you the path of your shot while putting, the Tee potion, which increases driving distance by ten yards, and the Wind Controller (the blue potion), which decreases wind resistance by one meter per second.

All of these can be very useful, but we would suggest using them only when you need them the most, and if you’re up against a much tougher/more experienced opponent in Grade Matches.

putting guide birdie crush fantasy golf

Additionally, you can acquire Field Items during a match, and you can do this by landing the ball on one of the items, which would normally be a few yards away from your default target. These include Wormholes, which allow you to reduce wind impact and overcome obstacles, Rocket Shots, which allow you to hit a powerful shot and reduce the driving distance, Black Holes, which literally suck the ball in near the hole-cup, and Trouble Master, which allows you to make a shot without incurring a penalty.

These are just some of the items that you can earn, and we would first advise you to only aim for them if you see them during the first two shots — aiming for them any later may be too risky, especially if your opponent is making better shots than you are. Secondly, don’t waste these items by using them willy-nilly — like the potions, it’s best to save Field Items if you’re trying to steal a win from an especially challenging opponent.

10. Level Up And Train Your Characters Whenever You Can!

By tapping on the second button from left on the bottom menu of the main screen, you can access the Characters menu, which will have a notification whenever you have enough resources to train them or redeem your level-up rewards. Leveling up takes place automatically and happens as you use each character in the various game modes — regardless whether you win or lose, that EXP will add up, and once you’ve leveled up, you’ll want to go to the Characters screen and tap on the box next to each character’s level.

That would be their Level-Up Box, and for each level, you can earn various rewards, including Keys, Power Up Stones, potions, costume items, and other goodies that increase in quality as their level increases. Unfortunately, you cannot redeem those rewards automatically, so you’ll need to tap on the Level-Up Box every now and then and make sure you claim everything you can.

level up birdie crush fantasy golf

In addition, as each character levels up, they earn Skill Points, which can then be used by tapping on the Train button on the bottom right of the screen. This will pull up a skill tree that features the different skills each character can learn as they acquire more experience — for example, the first skill in Kris’ tree is Swing Training, and once you train this thrice, you’ll improve his Driving Distance by 3.

Completing this will unlock High Shot, which requires only one Skill Point, and doing this will unlock two new skills to train — High Shot Training and Mental Training. As you can see, training skills can improve certain character attributes!

The Trait tab next to Train allows you to unlock different player traits that, once again, could improve character attributes. Take note that all Traits that are trained will be chosen at random, and you can only acquire Trait Points once a character reaches level 20, with more points given out in increments of five levels, e.g. level 25, level 30, and so on.

Finally, all characters have three special skills that can be found underneath their attributes, and these can be unlocked once they reach level 10, level 30, and level 50. Sticking with Kris for this example, Heart of the Ice Prince (level 10) increases all his stats by 15 when there’s no wind, Flame of the Ice Prince (level 30) automatically activates Rocket Shot when he hits a perfect High Shot, and Blade of the Ice Prince (level 50) decreases wind resistance by 1 meter per second when he uses his Rocket Shot item.

11. Equip Rarer Items, Level Them Up, And Disassemble The Ones You No Longer Need

Tap on the golf bag-shaped button (fourth from left) on the bottom menu bar and you’ll be directed to the Equipment screen, and this is where you can see an overview of each character’s equipment, may they be currently equipped items or clubs, bags, and the like that are presently reserved in their inventory.

All items earned in the game can be equipped for any character, and you can collect them by opening Equipment Boxes during the various missions and achievements, as well as by using your tickets in the shop for free item draws. The latter method is often a good way to get yourself some especially rare and highly-rated equipment in Birdie Crush.

Once you’ve equipped an item, or even if it’s currently in your inventory, you can use your Power Up Stones to level them up (or power up, as per the game’s terminology) — doing this will increase their stats, as well as their effect on the stats of the character that’s using them! We would certainly suggest that you focus on upgrading the rarer items, though bear in mind that the rarer the item, the more Gold and Power Up Stones will be required to level them up!

equipment birdie crush fantasy golf

These values will NOT increase progressively the more you power up an item, so if you’re upgrading a common item — Basic Wood, for instance — you will consistently be paying 40 Power Up Stones and 500 Gold from level 1 to 5. After you reach the maximum level, you will then have to upgrade their rarity so you can level them up further — this would require Promotion Stones, which are crafting materials that are among the many items you can receive as rewards for mission completion or match/tournament play.

Although it’s pretty easy to acquire Power Up Stones in Birdie Crush, you can earn more of them by choosing the Dismantle option for items you no longer need. Usually, it’ll be the more common (“Normal”) equipment that you can sacrifice in exchange for Power Up Stones, though if you’ve got more than enough ultra-rare (“Premium”) stuff, you might as well sacrifice Rare grade equipment if you can afford to do so.

12. Earn More Goodies By Completing The Missions And Achievements

While playing Birdie Crush, you can earn free rewards by completing Missions and Achievements, and these can primarily be found on the Challenge screen — tap on the medal button on the extreme left of the menu bar on the bottom of the main screen, and you can view a list of Daily and Weekly missions, Achievements, and Event-specific missions.

The Daily Mission section refers to missions you would need to complete within 24 hours, with each day cutting off at 11:59 pm, South Korea time. These may include entering any least one Grade Match, playing at least one Single Mode tournament, powering up equipment at least once, etc., and rewards may range from Crystals to Keys to Caddie Food such as Melons. Regardless of the section, you can opt to individually collect rewards corresponding to a single mission, or better yet, tap on Collect All to automatically redeem everything.

daily missions birdie crush fantasy golf

Weekly Missions, on the other hand, give you one week to complete them, with the cutoff day/time being Sunday, 11:59 pm, South Korea time. The nature of the missions are similar, but this time, you’ll need to complete more Grade Matches, Single Mode tourneys, equipment power-ups, etc. in order to redeem the rewards. Likewise, the rewards will be more plentiful — for example, one equipment power-up in the dailies will earn you five Melons, while doing this thrice for the weekly reward will earn you 15 Melons.

Achievements differ from missions in the sense that they aren’t time-bound — these refer to feats you have accomplished from the time you first started playing Birdie Crush up to the present. Expect tons of Gold, Crystals, and Power Up Stones once you reach certain milestones, such as getting 10 Birdies or 15 Par across your entire career, advancing to a certain league in Single Mode, winning seven Grade Matches, etc. Each time you complete an achievement, the targets will reset — so once you’ve collected the reward for winning two Grade Matches, your next reward will come once you win your seventh Grade Match, and so on.

Lastly, Event Missions are active only for the duration of limited-time events, and the rewards you may earn may include Caddie Food, Promotion Stones, Costume Boxes, and Power Up Stones, though this may also vary depending on the event that’s currently active at the time you’re playing.

13. Complete The Missions On Flo’s Trip

One of the most basic ways to acquire quick rewards is by completing the missions in Flo’s Trip — you will be introduced to this section early on while playing Birdie Crush, and you can access it at any time by tapping on the second button from the top on the left side of the main screen. Here, you will control Flo’s movements on the map as you move her around by rolling a dice — some squares come with rewards (Gold, tickets, etc.) that you can earn when she lands on those squares, even if it’s not the final one she lands on.

flo's trip birdie crush fantasy golf

However, once Flo is finished moving around, the last square she lands on will correspond to a certain mission, such as completing one lesson, completing one Grade Match, getting Par or better in a Grade Match at least once, etc.

In addition to the rewards (Gold, Power Up Stones, tickets, and more) you can get for mission completion, you will earn bonus rewards once Flo circles the map a certain number of times — for her first go-around, you will earn a Costume Slot Machine Ticket, for the fifth, you will unlock the Caddie called Brainy Raccoon, and for the tenth, you will get a Legendary Equipment Box, which, as its name suggests, comes with an item of Legendary rarity inside!

14. Choose The Right Caddy And Make Sure To Level Them Up With Food And EXP

Given that this is an anime-inspired game with a lot of RPG elements present, it’s no surprise that Birdie Crush has its own equivalent of pets that accompany heroes to battle. These “pets,” of course, are referred to as Caddies in this game, and just like RPG pets, you’ll need to feed them in order to give them more experience and help them level up. And much like pets typically offer valuable buffs to heroes on the battlefield, Caddies come in handy by advising you on the wind speed and direction and the terrain on the golf course, or increasing the chance of acquiring field items.

caddy birdie crush fantasy golf

You can view the Caddies by tapping on the cat-shape button — the fifth to the left — on the bottom of the main screen. So far, there are three available Caddies — Sherlock Puss, Fairy Donkey, and Brainy Raccoon — and each of them have their own specific basic skills, respectively helping players improve their chances of acquiring items, increasing the swing zone by 10 points, and increasing character EXP by 5 percent.

The manner in which you can acquire these Caddies will also vary, with Sherlock Puss available if you reach a certain level of Costume Book completion, Fairy Donkey unlocked if you purchase certain items to get a Birdie Stamp, and Brainy Raccoon available once you complete five rounds of Flo’s Trip. Caddie Food can be acquired from the Glory Test Field, though you can also level Caddies up once they gather enough EXP while playing alongside your characters.

15. Costumes Can Be Purely Aesthetic – Unless You Collect A Set

It’s often been said that costumes in Birdie Crush are not only there for aesthetic purposes, as they often are in more casual titles. That indeed is true, although the common costumes you acquire as standalone items — generally by using Costume Draw Tickets, paying Crystals, or winning as match/mission rewards — only change the appearance of your characters.

In order to make those costumes really useful in terms of your characters’ stats, you’ll need to collect an entire costume set. It’s possible to get an entire set all at once, plus some other freebies as well as part of the package, though you’ll need to pay a premium amount of real-life currency in order to do that.

costume birdie crush fantasy golf

Additionally, you can tap the Costume Book on the bottom left of the Costumes/Boutique menu (the shirt-shaped button on the bottom menu bar, third from left) in order to view each character’s available sets. You can also tap on the magnifying glass on the upper right, next to the book level, to see the special effects/benefits of leveling up the book by acquiring enough costumes — for example, getting Erin’s Costume Book to level 1 reduces her Bunker Swing Bar Speed Penalty by 10 percent.

There you have it! This ends our detailed guide for Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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