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My Story – Mansion Makeover Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete Puzzles Fast and Give Your Mansion a Much-Needed Face-Lift

From the creators behind smash hits Cooking Madness and My Home – Design Dreams comes a new game which hopes to attract the attention of fans of the classic tap-to-blast puzzle title Toon Blast.

Developer ZenLife is a master at creating new spins on timeless favorites and this is the case with this latest addition as well. The newcomer titled My Story – Mansion Makeover is a puzzle slash home design simulation game where players step into the shoes of the main protagonist who has just submitted her resignation papers.

On the same day she also learns of her aunt April’s passing who, as a letter informs her, has left her an old mansion. With nothing tying her to the big city anymore, the heroine decides to travel back to the scene of her childhood to take possession of her new inheritance. As you might expect the residence is not in the best of shape and find itself in great need of repairs.

my story mansion makeover tricks

As the new heir, it is now your responsibility to begin renovations on the estate so as to return the mansion to its former glory. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it all alone, because as the story unfolds you’ll meet up and get to know various characters who are more than willing to help out (or not), starting with the mansion’s butler Alfred.

To be able to unlock new reparations around the villa, players have to take up and solve a series of puzzles.  These all revolve around matching blocks of the same colors and collecting / removing special elements / obstacles from the board. Naturally, there’s an objective attached to each stage, and a limited number of moves at your disposal which you should make use of to hit each of these targets.

my story mansion makeover alfred

Lots of players might be already familiar with the mechanics underlying games like My Story – Mansion Makeover so learning how to play ZenLife’s latest won’t pose any major problems. Be that as it may, things will progressively start getting more difficult as you make your way to the upper levels and more and more elements are added into the mix.

If you’ve started playing the game and already stumbled upon a level that’s harder to pass, don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a comprehensive My Story – Mansion Makeover guide so that we can provide new and returning players with a series of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you solve trickier puzzles with ease and unlock all the renovations around the mansion in no time.

1. Adopt A Focused Play-Style From The Very Beginning

Your main job when taking on a puzzle is to locate and tap on combos of same colored blocks. While this may seem like a piece of cake at first, you need to go about things in a focused and targeted manner, if you want to score big wins. 

The main thing to remember is to refrain from performing random matches on the board. Make sure that when you actually spend a move it’s for a good purpose, say for example, you’re matching next of one of the special elements that need to be collected by the end of the level. Don’t match just for the sake of matching, as this strategy won’t take you anywhere far in My Story – Mansion Makeover.

Next, be on the lookout for larger matches. This is not difficult to do in My Story – Mansion Makeover because the game marks them with a relevant symbol every time. Big matches create Boosters on the board, and they should always be an integral part of your battle plan. We’ll explain more about Boosters in the next section, but for now, all you need to know that larger matches are your friend, so don’t ignore them when they show up on your board.

creating a bomb my story mansion makeover

Sometimes, it serves to take a more proactive approach. While relying on the randomness factor to get your fix of larger matches is not a bad way to go, you might sometimes want to hasten the emergence of big matches. To achieve this goal, you shall have to think like a chess player – with a few moves ahead.

Ask yourself questions like “What would happen if I remove this cluster of tiles from the board?” and try to visualize the answer in your mind. Would the action lead to the creation of a larger match? If so, go ahead and perform it.

Not rushing things while you play can be vital in My Story – Mansion Makeover, as a large portion of the puzzles will require you do quite a bit of thinking. So, take your time to figure out your next move. The levels aren’t timed, which means you’re under no pressure to move fast.

Don’t forget about the randomness factor in this equation. Sometimes the tiles you get on the board make it easier for you to succeed, while other times that’s not the case at all. The initial tile loudout usually varies in-between multiple attempts at solving a puzzle, but it’s not a general rule.

Now, if you’ve just walked into a new stage that features an initial tile arrangement that is less than favorable, it’s possible to just leave the level straightaway. Then return to the level again, and hopefully this time around the initial tile loudout will be better. Don’t worry, you won’t waste a life if you decide to take this course of action. Just remember that in order for you to try your luck again, you have to abstain from making any moves. It has to be a clean exit.

2. Mix Up Your Boosters As Often As You Can

Boosters are very useful tools on the board, but even more so if you combine them together for a devastating effect. Create your own Molotov cocktails by creating Boosters next to one another and then setting them off together.

You can create these in-level Boosters yourself by remaining observant and recognizing the larger matches when they appear. There are three types of in-level power-ups you should watch out for:

Drills – created by a cluster of 5 blocks of the same color. They can be either horizontal or vertical, and when set off the power-ups will clear either a row or a column, depending on their orientation.

Bombs – made by combining 6 or 7 blocks. These power-ups can completely clean out a 3×3 tile area with just one tap.

Swirls – created by tapping on 10 adjacent blocks. Swirls can clear all the blocks of a particular color.

In My Story – Mansion Makeover it’s quite easy to create a destructive blend of two or more Boosters. That’s because players are allowed to select the spot where the Booster should be placed. Obviously this extends to the positions within the cluster of blocks that will be turned into a power-up. Tap on a specific block to indicate the location you want it to be poisoned in.

combining boosters my story mansion makeover

Now if you have two adjacent clusters with potential to become Boosters, tap on blocks that are close to each other to create two neighboring power-ups. Next, tap on one of them to set them off and witness their devastating effects. Below you can read all about the combos you can make and the outcome you can expect for each.

Drill + Bomb = creates an explosion that will clear 3 lines of blocks either vertically or horizontally, depending on the direction of the Drill;

Drill + Drill = the combo will clear a column and a row in a cross shape;

Bomb + Bomb = unleashes a large explosion that can destroy a large 6×6 tile area;

Bomb + Swirl = transforms all blocks of the same color as the Swirl into Bombs and explodes them all over the board at the same time;

Drill + Swirl = transforms all blocks of the same color as the Swirl into Drills and explodes them all over the board at the same time;

Swirl + Swirl = is a winning combination every time, so if you spot one, don’t hesitate to set it off. It clears a full layer of blocks from the board in one go.

Additionally, there’s a number of extra tools that come to your aid in-game in case you find yourself in need of extra assistance. You might have noticed them in the right side of the screen.

new booster my story mansion makeover

Hammer – clears a block without spending a move;

Broomstick – makes a cross-clearing (entire row and column) without wasting a move;

Pinwheel – reshuffles the blocks if you’re stuck.

These tools are usually best used as a last resort. In cases where you’re only few steps away from completing your goal, but not there yet, you can employ one (or more) of these power-ups to finish the challenge successfully. Just make sure not to make use of them all the time, because buying more of them is not cheap. For example, 3x Hammers will take you back with 1900 Gems.

3. Preserve The Headstart Boosters For Really Hard Puzzles

In-game Boosters aren’t the only power-ups you can use to increase your chances of success in My Story – Mansion Makeover. Introducing Headstart Boosters – which players can activate before heading into a level.

Your options here are the Drill, Bomb or Swirl, and once you activate one, you’ll be able to start a level with that power-up already waiting for you on the board. It’s possible to have all three activated at the same time, and that’s actually our recommendation for those really hard levels, that often appear hopeless.

If you tried and tried solving a level unaided, but to no avail, you might want to review your strategy. Perhaps try employing the power of the Headstart Boosters combined and see what happens. Usually, this tactic all but guarantees a positive outcome, but not always, as no maneuver is 100% foolproof.

preserving boosters my story mansion makeover

Just bear in mind one thing here, be mindful of how you use Headstart Boosters. If every time you stumble upon a trickier level, you race to turn on one of these helpers, you won’t have them for very long.

Once you run out of Headstart Boosters, it’s possible to get more of them, of course. But you’ll need to spend Diamonds, which is a resource best spend on something else. We’ll discuss this aspect more in depth in section 7.

An additional note here – we don’t recommend activating Headstart Boosters during levels that kick off with a full board of special elements. The simple reason for this recommendation is that there’s not enough room for the Boosters to do their thing and their effects will probably be muffled by the massive amount of obstacles.

If you still want to give it a try, though, activate a Bomb or a Drill, but not a Swirl. Given the limited amount of color blocks, the Swirl’s action will prove minimal. Or you could start clearing the obstacles first and use the Booster later, although it might be a little hard to avoid inadvertently setting it off if you’re working in a limited space.

4. How To Get Your Hands On More Boosters

The good news is that there are ways to win extra Boosters (of all types) without spending. The in-game events that are constantly going on in My Story – Mansion Makeover can provide the opportunities needed to grab more power-ups. For instance, one unlocks a Fortune Wheel which allows players to win free Boosters (as well as Gems and Unlimited Lives) once they successfully complete a number of puzzles in a row.

getting boosters my story mansion makeover

In addition, one can get ahold of more power-ups simply by making progress in the game. Use the stars you’ve collected by solving puzzles to unlock renovations and move the story along. Once you’ve completed half-a-day or a full day, you’ll be able to unlock gift packages that contain various goodies including Boosters.

There’s also the option to use your credit card in the Shop and buy more Boosters (or Gems) in exchange for real money, but this alternative will probably not appeal to most players. It’s an option though, and you should be aware it exists.

5. Work From The Bottom Up

While playing My Story – Mansion Makeover, don’t forget to employ the classic Match 3 strategy of matching at the bottom. This should be applied whenever possible, of course. Working from the bottom allows more new blocks to drop from the top, which increases the chances of random Booster clusters forming on the board.

strategies my story mansion makeover

Of course, this might be easier said than done in certain occasions. In cases where the board’s lower part is blocked by special elements that need to be collected, you’ll need to clear away these tiles first. Always make sure you focus your attention on these elements to begin with, so you can open up the lower part of the board.

If it’s not possible to match at the bottom per-se, locate another part of the board and try to clear some space there and do some matching, so as to create a path for new blocks to enter your board.

6. Pay Close Attention To The Level Objective

Each level comes with its unique level objective such as clearing away a number of special elements or collecting a certain amount of blocks of a given color. While playing, it’s important that you keep your eyes on the prize, as they say.

Don’t lose sight of your goal, so that you can target only the elements that correlate to the objective. Otherwise you’ll just be wasting moves on clearing blocks that are irrelevant to your target.

level objective my story mansion makeover

To give you an example, levels where players are expected to collect cats don’t include the tunnels into the level objective. So, don’t concentrate your efforts on destroying every crate on the board. Instead, make sure to trap the cats by destroying (some of) their alternative escape routes.

7. Don’t Blow Your Diamonds

Each completed puzzle yields a reward consisting of Diamonds. This is the main resource in My Story – Mansion Makeover and can be used to acquire extra Boosters, although our advice is to abstain from spending them towards buying power-ups. Instead, go back to section 4 and read all about what you can do to improve your Booster stash.

Where Diamonds really prove their usefulness is at the end of levels you’ve failed to complete. In exchange for 900 Diamonds, you can continue playing with 5 extra moves under your belt. This will hopefully be enough for you to best the challenge.

out of moves my story mansion makeover

Nevertheless, Diamond collection is a slow process in My Story – Mansion Makeover, so you might want to think once or twice before deciding to spend. To this end, you need to try your best to solve puzzles on your own a few times before giving up. Throw in a Booster or two and see if that changes your luck. Remember – paying for extra moves using Diamonds should be your last resort, not your go-to option every time you find yourself struggling to solve a puzzle.

This isn’t to say that you won’t encounter levels that are down-right exasperating, and when you do make sure you have the Diamonds needed to pay for more moves ready.

login rewards my story mansion makeover

It’s possible to win additional Diamonds by logging into the game daily and redeeming the Daily Bonus. This usually consists of Boosters, but once a week will players have access to a free bundle of Diamonds. So, don’t forget to check into the game each day and see what you can get.

In-game events can also be a source for extra Diamonds. Make sure to keep track of all the ongoing events happening in the game and do your best to exploit the benefits they bring as much as possible. For example, during one such event it’s possible to win 100 Diamonds each time you successfully complete a puzzle from the first go.

entrance hall my story mansion makeover

Players can also score generous amounts of Diamonds by making progress in the game. Complete a full chapter by renovating and decorating an entire room and you’ll be able to grab an ample Diamond reward (3000 gems and up).

8. A Few Tricks To Efficiently Deal With Special Elements

My Story – Mansion Makeover boasts a wide range of different-looking special elements that players need to destroy or collect in order to solve puzzles.

Knowing how to effectively tackle these tiles is the key to making fast progress, collecting stars and unlocking renovations in your mansion. In this section we take a look at some of the most common elements you’ll encounter while playing this game, and provide you with ideas regarding how to best approach them as you encounter them during gameplay.

Yarn balls – Yarn balls are the most common special elements in My Story – Mansion Makeover. Players can collect them by matching in their vicinity. Moreover, Yarn balls can be cleared by using Boosters such as Drills and Bombs, but not Swirls.

yarn balls my story mansion makeover

Yarn balls can also show up in Baskets on the board, in which case you’ll need to match twice in order to first release the Yarn ball and then to collect it. Using Boosters can considerably simplify your efforts by removing multiple Yarn balls at a time.

Wooden boxes – Wooden boxes can be removed from the board just like Yarn balls, by matching next to them. Sometimes these elements require you to match twice or thrice to be destroyed completely.

When playing a level that features wooden boxes, you should tackle them first because, depending on their position, they might prevent the flow of new blocks coming in. If you can create some Boosters or use some pre-made ones, then all the better, you will get rid of them a lot faster.

Bubbles – Bubbles are an element that usually appear on top of blocks. Think of them as another layer. To remove them you’ll need to create matches using the bubble blocks. Boosters can destory this element quite efficiently, so they are recommended for use, especially when you’re dealing with Bubbles that are hard to reach, tucked into the corners of the board.

Cat Tunnels – Tunnels are continuous elements that contain cute kitty cats. Players should start by matching next to a tunnel to clear it, but as you do so the cat will move to the next tunnel. In order to catch the animal and collect it, you will need to ensure the cat has no tunnels left to flee into.

cat tunnels my story mansion makeover

Cutting off the connection between a tunnel and the next is the most efficient strategy here. This needs to be combined with finding and performing larger matches so as to annihilate a group of tunnel blocks in one go, thus leaving no place to hide for the cat.

Some cat tunnels might be double or triple sealed which means players will need to perform several matches before releasing the cat through the adjacent tunnels. As is to be expected, when dealing with Cat Tunnels, Boosters can be quite effective, so if you have any, you’re encouraged to use them to collect the kitties.

Toasters – Toasters are fixed elements which usually line the sides of the board. Often times, they are blocked by other elements, so you’ll need to get rid of them before interacting with the Toasters.

toasters my story mansion makeover

Once you match next to a Toaster, it produces Toast which is the element that needs to be collected in order to hit the level objective. To ensure you can collect Toast fast, create larger matches next to a row or column of Toasters, so you can complete the puzzle faster.

Buttons – These represent a unique type of element, which can be removed fairly painlessly if you use a certain trick. Buttons are positioned in rows or columns and each have two stiches keeping them in place.

If you can manage to destroy the stiches of a single button the whole row or column will be removed. You can damage the stitching by matching next to the Buttons. If you can throw in a Drill or two, even better, as you’ll be done a lot faster.

Colorful Cups – Cups are color-coded elements which means you can only remove them from the board by matching blocks of the exact same color next to them. This makes them a bit hard to get rid of than the average obstacle, but don’t be intimidated. Make sure you use plenty of Boosters on them, and also keep an eye out for any appropriate matches that might appear.

Raspberries – These red forest berries usually appear encased in ice cubes and can only be removed by using Boosters. During such challenges, it’s important to find a way to clear some space in a part of the board, so you can allow larger clusters of same-colored blocks to form. Aim to combine Boosters as much as possible to get rid of as many Raspberries from one go.

raspberries my story mansion makeover

There you have it! This concludes our My Story – Mansion Makeover guide. We certainly hope you found some useful information in this article that will help you take your gameplay to the next level. If you’ve been playing the game for a while and know of any strategies we haven’t outlined in this guide, please let us know in the comment section below!


Monday 10th of October 2022

Can't get out of Master Challenge it's so frustrating. I've passed several stages and getting nothing I can't even build


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

Why won't it let me go any further. Stopped at level 501 saying more is coming but didn't even let me finish the room I was in. It's been weeks


Monday 10th of January 2022

Okay, so I played so far until level 422 and the story game part stopped to build my rooms. I have 52 stars so far, that I can’t use because the story stopped. When are y’all going to build more rooms? Im on level 471 now?

Eithne hanson

Sunday 19th of December 2021

How do I get out of the master game and back to the levels.

Lynelle Laurel Westwood

Saturday 4th of December 2021

Its not showing what level I am on. Why?