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Toon Blast Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Help You Complete Levels Fast

Developed by Peak, Toon Blast is a puzzle adventure game that has been around for a while, and has proved to be extremely popular among mobile gaming enthusiasts out there. Its premise is a simple one – tap on block clusters of the same colors to collect and clear them off the board to complete the level objective – and it’s what probably makes Toon Blast so fun to play and extremely addictive.

Toon Blast is divided into chapters that group a cluster of 20 levels under a common theme (jungle, deep dive action, desert night etc). There are countless of them to explore, and as players advance they are confronted with increasingly difficult challenges. Fortunately, the game offers various tools to help reach goals easier.

toon blast levels

Levels become a lot harder with the introduction of obstacles and special objects. Players will therefore have to devise clever strategies in order to remove these hurdles using the allotted number of moves and win. Join Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf and Bruno Bear – your furry companions as you pursue the mission to become the number one puzzle solving master out there.

With the game’s popularity still going strong in 2020, we’ve recently taken another look at Toon Blast and have put together a fresh new guide with updated tips and tricks that will help you clear each stage with honors. So without further ado, let’s dive into our Toon Blast guide, as we are going to share with you a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to complete more levels as fast as possible!

1. Practice Self-Control When Using Boosters

Boosters are special items that can help players hit level targets faster, and there are several types available in Toon Blast. The first kind is pre-level Boosters. These are power-ups which you can equip before a level starts, although they won’t be available right from the beginning. New players will need to beat a few levels before unlocking these tools. There are three types of pre-level Boosters including Rockets, Bombs and Disco Balls (their function will be detailed below).

Activating a Booster before a level begins ensures that you can start to play with a Booster (or more) already on the board, which is a big advantage, especially during harder ones.

how to use boosters in toon blast

The second type of Booster in Toon Blast are in-level Boosters that you make yourself on the board by tapping on large cube combos. Levels which combine different kinds of obstacles and special objects that need to be cleared or collected are the hardest to go through, and Booster use is essential during such challenges.

The game makes it easier to recognize when you can make a Booster, as it will mark the blocks that can create one with a relevant symbol. There are several kinds of in-level Boosters you can make in Tune Blast:

Rocket (5 block combo): when five blocks of the same color come together they create a Rocket which can be either a horizontal or vertical. The direction of the Rocket is completely random. You can activate a Rocket – or any Booster for that matter – by tapping on it. When set off, the Rocket will clear horizontal or vertical blocks in the given row or column, depending on its type.

Bomb (7 block combo): Bombs explode and when they do they clear an 8 block surrounding radius.

Disco Ball (9 block combo): The most powerful Booster you have at your disposal in Toon Blast, especially when used in combination with another one. By itself it will clear all blocks of the same color from the board.

In-game Boosters are extremely useful when you find yourself stuck or when you’re looking to clear space fast. But they can be even more so, combined. When the possibility arises, don’t hesitate to use their combine forced, it might be all you need to win a level. Here are all the possible options at your disposal:

toon blast tricks

Rocket + Rocket – bestows a moderate effect. The combo will clear a column and a row in a cross shape;

Rocket + Bomb – is a lot more powerful, as the blast clears 3 lines of tiles vertically and 3 lines horizontally;

Rocket + Disco Ball – one of the best combinations you can make as the Disco Ball will transform all the blocks of a certain colors into Rockets which will then take off in all directions all over the board;

Bomb + Disco Ball – similarly, the Disco Ball replaces tiles of a certain color with Bombs that will explode all over the board and clear the majority of obstacles and cubes;

Bomb + Bomb – crates a mega explosion which annihilates double the area compared to a single Bomb;

Disco Ball + Disco Ball – is a winning combination as it clears most of the cubes on the board in one go.

Finally, there are the extra Boosters called Tools which you collect by opening up chests and redeeming rewards during events (more on that in section 5). These are located in the lower side of the display and include:

Hammer – removes any block on the board;
Boxing glove – removes everything in a row;
Anvil – removes everything in a column;
Dice – shuffles the cubes on the board.

Tools are especially useful if you are drawing near the end of the level, but you still have some blocks or obstacles that you haven’t managed to destroy. If that’s ever the case, quickly employ one of these power-ups to finish off the level with confidence. At the same time, the Dice can get out of a situation where the cubes’ arrangement on the board appears not to be in your favor by re-shuffling them.

Now, it’s important to have a Booster strategy in place. It’s undoubtedly tempting to use these power-ups as soon as you encounter a tougher level, but our recommendation is to abstain as much as possible. Instead, try solving the level on your own for a while. A lot of times winning a level in Toon Blast is just related to sheer luck. For example, a good initial load-out can all but guarantee victory during some levels.

So make sure you give it a few honest shots, before turning to Boosters for help. The more power-ups you accumulate, the better it will be for you once you level up and reach the higher stages, which are pretty complicated.

It’s possible to buy Boosters using in-game currency, but accumulating gold is quite a slow affair. Alternatively, there’s also the option to use real-world money to buy goodie bundles in Toon Blast. However, a lot of players will prefer the F2P course, and if you’re one of them you will want to conserve your Boosters as much as possible.

2. Plan Your Moves In Advance

It helps to have a chess playing mindset in Toon Blast. To be more clear, it would be great if you could plan your moves in advance. Try and visualize the board and imagine what would happen if you tapped on a specific cluster of blocks. For example, clearing a three blue block group that is surrounded by green blocks could result into a larger formation of green cubes that could be subsequently transformed into a power-up.

The basic idea is this – when you start a level, don’t just randomly tap on every cluster of blocks you see. It won’t take you very far and might even do more harm than good. Especially if you are dealing with levels where special tiles need to be cleared, do your best to eye the combos that are available near these obstacles, and ignore the others.

toon blast wally wolf

As explained above, try to plan in advance a little bit. Survey the board and attempt to find ways to create larger combos by destroying the smaller ones that appear in-between. A general good idea, when it’s possible, is to start looking for combos near the bottom of the board. This will allow more cubes to fall from the top, as the ones at the bottom are cleared away. The strategy opens up the possibility of creating spontaneous large combos that can be quickly converted into Boosters.

Slow down a little bit and take your time before making a move. Try to decide first if it’s going to be advantageous for you or not by visualizing the outcome in your mind, and only when you’ve decided it’s the right thing to do make your move.

Another recommendation is to never lose sight of the objectives of the levels and work actively towards achieving them. No matter what you do, don’t overlook them or you risk finding yourself in a position where you have to play the level again. No matter how fun it is to merge blocks and make them disappear, keep in mind you need to hit your target to be able to progress.

3. Equip All Three Pre-Level Boosters During Hard Levels

If you’re having a hard time beating a level and you’ve tried all kinds of different strategies but nothing worked so far, then maybe it’s time to bring out the big guns.

Go into a level with all pre-level Boosters activated, so that you make sure you start the level with some tools to help you clear out a large portion of the board fast and quick. Especially if you’re dealing with a lot of obstacles on the board, being able to clear a bunch of them fast, can be very handy.

toon blast pre-level boosters

In the event that all Boosters will be crammed up in a small space, you can use that to your advantage and maybe make a combo of power-ups for some powerful and explosive action. While this strategy has a high chance of yielding the wanted results, it should be used in moderation, as it will drain your pre-level Booster reserve quite fast.

4. Join A Team And Reap The Benefits

Joining a team is not a necessary component of playing Toon Blast, but we recommend you do so, as soon as the option becomes available. As part of a team you have access to some important perks. For example, you can participate in events and win all kinds of rewards which often includes lives, Boosters and gold – all essential resources in the game.

Lives are a particular essential commodity in Toon Blast, as they tend to drain up quite fast. When that happens you can simply ask for lives in the Team tab from the main menu, and if there are any active players around, they can send you one each. At the same time, you should make sure to always return the favor and send lives to those who request them.

toon blast team

It’s important to join a team which has a larger number of members. This way you increase the chances of joining a group that has active members who will be around enough to jump to your aid whenever you find yourself in need.

Note that any extra lives you acquire above the standard 5 will be collected and stored in the Life tab (the little shaped heart icon) so they won’t go to waste.

Warning: Do not attempt to use the trick where you change the hour on your phone in the hopes of fooling the game into replenishing your life reservoir faster. The action will only have the effect of wiping out your progress, and so you will also end up losing all the Boosters and the gold you’ve accumulated so far. We advise that you to set your device’s time to automatic to avoid any potential issues.

5. Open Chests And Grab The Rewards

Make sure you milk every opportunity to gain extra Boosters. For example, don’t forget to grab the Daily Bonus each time you log into the game for the day. Select one of the nine cards to uncover a hidden reward.

Also, make sure to open chests as soon as they become available. Each time you finish off a level, the game awards you a number of stars based on how many moves you used up during a match. If you exhausted almost all the allotted moves, you will receive one star, but if you used a minimal amount you can get the maximum of 3 stars.

These stars accumulate and once you have enough you will be able to unlock a chest which contains gold, Boosters, and sometimes even lives.

how to earn more rewards in toon blast

Additionally, there’s a second type of chest waiting for you which include loftier rewards. Players will be able to crack those open, once they complete a certain level.

Chests will provide you with the necessary Boosters to shoulder through high complexity levels, so keep an eye on them. Try your best to use as little moves as possible when playing a level in order to get maximum stars, as so expedite the process, although sometimes this is easier said than done.

There are some other avenues for obtaining Boosters. For example, Toon Blast regularly hosts events during which you and your team are automatically enrolled for a chance to win prizes. In others, you’ll compete on your own. For instance, during the Star Tournament players who collect a number of stars through beating levels can unlock amazing rewards consisting in gold coins.

Gold coins are a particular useful in Toon Blast as they can be used as currency in exchange for 5 extra moves at the end of failed levels. Additionally, players can spend gold towards buying extra lives.

Despite its many convenient uses, our advice is to try and hoard your coins for the first few hundred levels or so, at least. Also be as careful as possible not to accidentally press Play on for 100 coins button in situations where you’ve failed to complete a level, in your haste to try again. You’ll spend unnecessary coins on a level you’ll probably be able beat through in few tries anyway. Remember, the coins will be needed more and more as you go along, so conserve them as much as you can.

6. How To Tackle Common Objects And Obstacles

Toon Blast has a massive reserve of levels and, naturally, countless obstacles and objects will gradually make their appearance as you keep playing and winning. In this section we take a look at some the standard objects and obstacles you’ll stumble upon while playing this game and offer you some tips to help you get them out of your way as fast as possible.

toon blast hints


Single-Match Obstacles: these are the most common obstacles you’ll come across in Toon Blast. They can be balloons, bubbles, simple crates and others. These obstacles are destroyed when players simply tap on a cluster of cubes of any color next to them. When playing levels that include single-match obstacles, players should combine the tapping on clusters next to the obstacles to remove them quickly with the matching in the lower part of the display strategy.

Color-Match Obstacles: include balloons, creates and more. These obstacles need to be matched with same-colored cubes in order to break them and make them disappear from the board. During such challenges, make sure you keep your eyes open, and each time you notice an opportunity to match near the obstacles do it. Using Boosters on them is an indicated course of action, as well, especially Rockets.

Multiple Blast Obstacles: include chains, iron crates, light bulbs and more. It’s a bit harder to get rid of these obstacles as you will need to match repeatedly in their vicinity. Make sure you concentrate your efforts around these obstacles as much as possible, as to get them out of the way and release the cubes all over the board thus increasing your chances of creating larger block combos.

Booster-only Obstacles: some obstacles can only be removed by using a Booster to blow them away. For example, during levels containing piñatas you’ll have to do your best to create as much Bombs or Rockets as possible, so you can get rid of them. Fortunately, the latter are quite easy to create as you need to find combos of only five pieces to produce one.


Falling Objects: include ducks (big and small), animals and more – when playing such a level, it’s best to concentrate your efforts at the bottom of the board, so that you can clear the way for the objects to fall at the bottom as quickly as possible. Then you can worry about the other special items on the board that need to be obliterated or collected. Obviously creating and using a Booster such as a horizontal Rocket is encouraged.

Spreading Objects: include pink jelly and ice – spreading objects are extremely tricky to tackle as they spread over cubes engulfing them with each move. Our advice is to do your best to handle the jelly or ice first and tap on clusters in their vicinity as much as possible. A combination of Boosters, especially Bombs would be very welcome in this scenario.

By-product Objects: includes carrots from magician hats, balls from cannons or chickens from incubators etc. During such levels, players need to match in the vicinity of the objects to produce the byproducts needed to complete the objective. In some situations, magic hats or cannons might be hidden behind other obstacles, so you must make sure to clear the way as fast as possible in order to reach them. Once you’ve done that, be prepared to create longer matches (horizontal or vertical depending on the position of the objects) so that you can harvest multiple byproducts in one go.

With the final tip we conclude our Toon Blast 2020 guide. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that you found some useful strategies that you will apply to your future gameplay. If you’re quite familiar with the game yourself and have knowledge of some tips and tricks that you think might be of use to others and haven’t been included in this guide, we invite you to share them in the comment section below.

Sharon Jones

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Still don't know about the 💓 with the sideways 8. I know you can get extra lives.

Nirmala Dindial

Friday 30th of April 2021

How to get rid of the matches?

Fernanda Cordeiro

Sunday 27th of December 2020

I am stucked in level 2170 for several days and I don't know beat it. So frustrating!


Saturday 12th of December 2020

I'm on the game where you have to knock out 100 piñatas. They are not on the board at one time. Is there a way to get them to fall onto the board faster. I run out of turns before many fall.