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Soul of Eden Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Strong Deck and Dominate the Battlefield

Home to quality mobile games that exhibit unique elements, Rayark has just released a brand new strategy title called Soul of Eden. As a PvP-oriented card battler, Soul of Eden is packed with more than 100 cards, opening a plethora of possibilities in a 30-card deck.

Beyond deck creation, strategic planning and execution is critical in every second within a duel. Every deck has a chance to win and every duel promises to be unlike any other. If you are very much into CCGs or enjoy competitive games with deep strategy and near-infinite possibilities, then be sure to check Soul of Eden out!

soul of eden strategies

Duels in Soul of Eden let you dive in straight into the action and is devoid of phases that you need to memorize. Deployed units are basically on auto mode unless they have skills that can be activated, which means that the main decision points on your part rests on the timing of deployment and selecting which cards are placed first. The game’s mechanics and bas concepts are relatively easy to grasp and with the help of the tutorial session, even total beginners to the CCG genre will be able to learn all the basic actions and strategies easily.

As you unlock more cards, edit your deck, and engage in battles against other players, you are bound to learn some additional tricks. In essence, Soul of Eden is easy to learn but challenging to master. If you are looking to improve your battle deck and bag more wins, check out our Soul of Eden beginner’s guide below for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Get To Know Each Card

After the quick tutorial, Soul of Eden lets you dive in straight into battle and, even without doing anything else, you can actually do so. The basic controls and mechanics discussed during the tutorial is sufficient to give you a fighting chance in the battlefield. Win or lose, there is something to gain and beyond the souls, the experience of actual battle should be rewarding enough on its own.

If you want to raise your chances of winning a duel, however, you must be aptly prepared before you jump onto the battlefield. The first step in doing so, is getting to know each card as much as you can. Primarily, your focus should be on the cards you use in your deck. As you will sooner or later earn other components that you can swap into your deck’s composition, you should check them out, too.

Beyond that, you can explore the rest of the factions as you will inevitably encounter those cards in the battlefield. Once you unlock the other factions, it will be a lot easier to build new decks and modify the existing ones if you already have good knowledge of what works well for you.

soul of eden cards

To start off, get to know each of the 4 factions’ strengths and limitations. Although your starter deck will be focused on the Republic, you will eventually earn enough points to unlock the Aliens, Empire, and Beasts factions later on. The Republic specializes in long range attacks and have a balanced roster of deployable units. The Aliens are deemed unpredictable with control and transformation abilities and specialize in populating the battlefield with critters.

Beasts specialize in dropping strong and fast creatures armed with abilities and spells that either speed them up further or slow down the opposition. The Empire holds a variety of abilities that strengthen their troops and debuff enemy units.

Some cards can only be exclusively used by a specific faction and one of the game’s unique lements is that there are cards that can be shared between 2 factions. There are 19 cards shared by the Republic and Alien factions and there are 17 cards shared by the Beasts and Empire faction. As much as each deck can stand on its own exclusive cards, chipping in these shared cards open up near-endless possibilities as far as deck creation and strategy is concerned.

As a beginner, one of the first things to pop up in your mind revolves around choosing which faction to invest in once you unlock all of them. There will often be a concern as to which of the 4 is the best or the strongest. In truth, Rayark did a tremendous job of balancing each faction out and while there may arguably be stronger decks that you will encounter as a result of higher level cards, the strategy behind each play is what contributes more to your performance.

Each card can also be classified under their rarity grade, which may be common, rare, epic, or legendary. Legendary cards are naturally more difficult to obtain but it does not mean that you have less chances of winning if you do not have one in your deck. It would, of course, be better if you have a complete collection of cards especially for your favorite faction but beyond rarity grades, the upgrade level of each component you use and how you use them matters more.

To view each card, you can tap on the deck button at the lower left side of the screen. Cards are grouped by faction and sorted by type but you can tap on the sorter to arrange them in different ways. In any case, take time to tap on each card and read through their details. Some cards only present stats others have unique passive, active, and triggered skills that you should familiarize yourself with. Another important detail to consider is the cost of casting the card.

2. Keep A Balanced Average Cost For Starters

One of the key elements to banking more wins in the battlefield starts from the deck-building activity itself. In truth, the starting deck is decent enough to help you win a good number of matches without any editing, especially if you paid close attention to the basic strategies within the tutorial and applied a bit of your own tactics in deploying units and casting spells. As you obtain new cards and edit your deck, it is best to keep watch of the changing average cost of cards within the deck as it indicates the general speed of your army.

For the Republic faction, as an example, the lowest card cost is 1 and the highest card cost is 7. You may want to consider keeping the average cost somewhere in the middle of the costs, which is around 3.5. You can work freely anywhere lower first and if you feel that your deck is fast enough, then swap in cards with higher costs later on.

soul of eden starter deck

After tapping on the deck button, you will be able to see the cards you have in your collection as well as the ones you have yet to unlock. To edit your deck, simply tap on the deck button just above the deck menu icon. You will only have one deck for starters, so tap on the pencil icon beside it to start editing.

There are basic rules to follow in deck creation on top of the limited cards per faction and shared cards at the lower side of the list. Every deck must contain 30 cards, no more and no less. Each card can be used up to 4 times but you will not acquire more than 4 copies of each anyway. Other than that, there are no other restrictions to bar you from expressing yourself with the deck you build.

At this point, you should already be familiar with each card in your deck and collection. As a general rule in CCGs, having more copies of cards and less variations lead to higher chances of drawing them, ultimately solidifying your strategies and consistency of draws. Less copies of each card and more card types in the deck may make it more versatile but at the same time more reliant on the luck of draw.

There are no spells or effects in Soul of Eden that revolve around library manipulation or control. As such, it is best to squeeze in as many copies of the cards you need more and less copies of those cards you do not heavily rely on.

3. Experiment And Engage In Training

The roster of cards currently exceeding the 100 mark is actually huge enough but may still seem wanting compared to what other CCGs have. However, you will come to find that even with the seemingly limited number of choices of cards to consider for each deck, it can often still be a challenge to choose from among them. With a 30-card deck limit you will certainly be leaving several cards out of your picks but at the same time recognize their usefulness and the merits they can bring to your deck.

soul of eden training

Some uncertainties as to whether your deck is at its best form given your current collection can naturally arise. While you can always give it a test run on the battlefield against other players, you can also opt to run it a few times through the training mode, and perhaps polish it a bit more before unleashing it on PvP.

You can access the training mode at the deck menu where you can edit your current deck. Instead of tapping on the pencil icon, you can click on the training button to initiate a training session against an A.I. deck. It will certainly offer less of a challenge than most real players but the main goal is to see how well your cards synergize with one another and what combos can you come up with the cards at your disposal. The training battle is the only duel that does not merit any tangible rewards. Just the same, the experience and knowledge you obtain to apply in the battlefield will prove to be worth every minute of it.

4. Upgrade Your Cards With Duplicate Cards

Soul of Eden starts you off with plenty of in-game rewards that can help you earn a lot of cards early on. While you may initially appreciate unlocking new cards to add to your collection, actually obtaining duplicate cards are very important as well. You will continue to receive duplicates of each card until you have 4 copies of them and beyond that, the extra copies serve as resource materials to upgrade the card. As each card reaches new levels, their stats improve and in some cases, the effects of their skills grow stronger as well.

soul of eden card upgrade

As cards reach new levels, you will need more copies to qualify for the next level. In this sense, you will very easily upgrade common cards and will take a long while and some luck to upgrade the higher grade ones. In the absence of extra cards or a lack of it, you can substitute Gaia dust or Eden dust to proceed with the upgrade just the same. Gaia dust can be used to upgrade Republic and Aliens cards while Eden dust is needed to upgrade Empire and Beasts cards.

While you should definitely upgrade cards immediately if you have enough copies of them to do so, you should be very careful in terms of spending your hard-earned dust. As these resources are not as easily obtained, it is best to save them for epic or legendary cards that you need to power up. Note as well that after upgrading some of your cards, you may want to revisit the deck-editing menu as some of the upgraded cards may now be more viable for you to consider in your deck.

5. Remember To Utilize Your Guardian’s Ability

What makes each faction in Soul of Eden unique does not end with the general strategy of the cards and some unique skills and abilities native to each faction. Each faction actually has a unique guardian that has differing stat attributes and an ability that can help you in battle. Although it was mentioned in the tutorial that you can use these guardian abilities, it can be easy to forget about it in the early battles that you engage in. Beyond the skill itself, you should consider it as a staple part of your deck to combo with some units or synergize with some spells.

The Republic’s guardian, Federation, consumes 3 Soul Power to drop a pod on any location in the battlefield that contains 4 marine corps units. The pod itself will cause 110 damage to enemies it drops on and will knock them back. From a tactical standpoint, you can use this as a surprise recruitment that can pin enemies between the summoned marine corps and the ones you deploy within your side of the field. This skill can only be used once every 60 seconds.

how to use the guardian's ability in soul of eden

Aliens, as unpredictable as they are, have X’inn as their guardian and she can use 2 soul power to stun enemy units for 4 seconds within the range of the skill. This skill likewise has a cooldown period of 60 seconds and can be used both as an offensive blow or as a defensive tactic. Stunning enemies as you siege their guardian can help you squeeze in more damage to it while stunning enemies when you are at a disadvantage works great as well.

Beasts have White Horn, the King of Beasts, as their guardian and he only needs 1 soul power to heal allied units in the skill range worth 50 HP per second that can last for 6 seconds. Though this may not be as tactically versatile as the other guardian skills, it can certainly be a big help to any Beasts deck. Mass heals, especially over time can turn the tide of battle in many ways and this skill’s cooldown period is 15 seconds shorter as well.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Empire’s Titan, who can consume 2 soul power to award allied units within a huge skill range with an extra 60 more damage for 12 seconds. This skill can be used once every 50 seconds and in combination with the Empire’s numerous buffs and debuffs, your deployed units can instantly trample the opposition.

While the most important part of knowing what each guardian can do is to more effectively utilize your deck’s potential across all battles, it is important to know what each guardian is capable of as you will encounter each one of them in the battlefield. Depending on the faction you are facing in the duel, you can more or less predict some of the opponent’s tactics based on the deployment of troops and how aggressive or defensive they play.

6. Accomplish Missions And Achievements

Every battle you engage in as you make your progress in Soul of Eden earns you rewards. Whether it be experience for your account, experience for the guardian, or cards and other resources, your activities will bear its own fruits. Beyond the immediate rewards you earn, however, more can be claimed if you align each activity with the missions and achievements in the game.

To start off, you should browse through the list of objectives set in the daily missions and achievements, which you can access through the flag icon at the upper left side of the battle page. There are 5 daily missions to complete each day and you can even spend 15 soulstones to instantly open a new set of objectives.

how to complete more missions in soul of eden

The daily quests are very easy to accomplish given that each one is aligned with the usual activities you should engage in. The achievements, on the other hand, are basically milestones of your overall progress in various aspects of the game and may take some time to complete. Achievements, however, grant bigger rewards that can certainly boost your progress.

There is also a puzzle mission that you should aim to accomplish as soon as you can. The puzzle mission, which you can access just below the daily missions and achievements, can earn you some extra cards and soulstones. Each task you complete earns you a puzzle piece and a reward and collecting all 9 puzzle pieces grants you an extra reward.

Relative to activity earnings, you should also pay attention to the tower of honor, which you can access at the top middle banner of the battle screen. This is where your overall score is lodged and will be key to unlocking unique rewards as well as the other factions that you can play with.

7. Claim Extra Daily Rewards

Soul of Eden is a type of game where your progress will depend on how much time you spend on it regardless of how many wins you actually rack up. Well, progress will be faster if you score more wins but for starters, spending time engaging in a series of battles and exploring its features should suffice. Eventually, you will have the exact deck that you want to have and will also perform better in the duels but until then, it will be a great help to your card battling career if you exercise a lot of patience and stay active.

how to earn more rewards in soul of eden

At the battle screen, the land of souls fills up with every battle you partake in. Each win earns you 10 souls and a lose or a draw earns you 5. You can claim 150 coins and 3 random cards every time you manage to fill up the land of souls and you can do so 5 times per day. The first one requires 10 souls and the next 3 claims will require 10 more souls each time. The fifth and last one will require 60 souls and chances are that if you are hooked on the game, you will continue duking it out with other players way past the expiration of chances. Note that the random cards can include epic and legendary rarity cards so be sure to take advantage of this feature.

The Waterfall of Time requires no activity at all and you can simply log in, claim rewards from it and wait for it to become available again. You can claim rewards 4 times each day although the cooldown period grows each time you claim rewards. The first set of rewards include a common card, 25 Eden Dust, and 25 Gaia Dust. The subsequent rewards will increase the cards by 1 and double the amount of dusts you can claim so be sure to visit it, at the very least, 4 times daily.

You can also earn 150 coins with every win you bag and the limit per day is 3,000 coins from battles. This means that you can win 60 times per day before engaging battles with no coin rewards.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Most online games come with its very own social feature to help you gain virtual friends and sometimes even unlock extra activities and game modes to help with your progression in the game. Although there are no coop contents in Soul of Eden, its guild feature can help you in a number of ways.

soul of eden guild

To start off, joining a guild unlocks guild missions that you can accomplish to earn guild contributions and other rewards. Although contribution points cannot be exchanged for resources, your fellow members in the guild itself can be very helpful to boost your progress. For one, it is highly likely that there are guildmates who started playing ahead of you and if you have some noob questions or concerns, simply asking around thru the guild chat can help you get the info you need with much less hassle.

You can also engage in a friendly match with a fellow guild members and while it may not offer as much quantifiable benefits as other duels do, it is much better practice than what the training session can offer you. There may not be much perks tied up to guilds in Soul of Eden for now but chances are that will improve over the course of upcoming updates.

9. Spend Your Soulstones Wisely

The in-game store, which you can readily access through its icon at the lower left side of the screen comes packed with a ton of items for sale. A lot of it can be purchased using soulstones, but given that these are premium currency much harder to obtain than coins, it is best to spend it wisely and only on deals that are worth every bit of it.

how to spend soulstones in soul of eden

You can use it to purchase resources like Gaia Dust and Eden Dust but it is best to spend it on extra cards. There are various card packs available at the shop, but some are notably more worth spending on than others. One of the card packs you should save your soulstones for is the Race Legendary Pack that costs 500 soulstones. It will only give you as many cards as the basic Shiny Star that costs only 300 soulstones but the eleventh card is a guaranteed legendary rarity instead of just the rare card that comes with the latter. You can only purchase this once per race, giving a hint of its value.

If you are going to save and spend on Shiny Stars, you should always go for the most expensive deal. For 1,500 Soulstones, you can get a 5x Shiny Star that contains 52 random cards that guarantees 5 rare cards and 2 epic cards.

10. Timing And Positioning Is Critical

One of the intrinsic features of the gameplay in Soul of Eden is the continuous earning of soul power and a near instant replenishment of cards in your hand once you cast one. At the start of each battle, your soul power is charged at 6, giving you much freedom to summon or cast practically 90 to 100% of the cards in your hand.

While you can freely do so, it is often best to exercise patience in summoning units and casting spells. One of the most basic strategies you can learn from the tutorial is to actually wait for enemy units to get close enough to your guardian so that your guardian, along with your own summoned troops, can work together to eliminate them.

soul of eden timing and positioning tips

Likewise, summoning units with little gap in deployment may leave them open to a one-time sweep like when you are dueling against Republic deck and an AP Strafing spell wipes out your legion. Spreading your Marine Corps horizontally is a basic counter to this scenario and the same mindset should be applied to other troops you deploy.

Beyond timing your deployments and spellcasting, strategizing around how you position your troops is likewise a critical factor to consider. For a Republic deck for example, a Pulse Tank is best deployed after other troops so that they will benefit from its battlecry skill. Medi-bots are basically deployed after and behind other units and best suited behind “tanky” minions like defenders and pulse tanks.

There are many such other strategies that you can discover and employ and to learn more means you have to engage in as many battles as you can. Soul of Eden is not at all restrictive in terms of how much time you can spend playing the game so if you really are in a rush to make progress and start dominating the battlefield, then you can take steps closer to achieving that by continuously playing and learning as you go.

This is where we wrap up our Soul of Eden beginner’s guide and we certainly hope that you learned a lot from our compilation of tips and strategies. If you dived into the game extensively enough and have discovered additional tips beyond what we have already discussed, be sure to drop us a line via the comment section!